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									The steps on how to build an email list

Many amateur internet entrepreneurs have heard about the advantages of list-building in online
businesses and they wonder how to build an email list. For starters, list-building is a skill of
collecting people’s email addresses and sending them promotional materials about a certain
product for sale.

Unlike the advertising campaign of big companies that takes time and money, list-building will
cost a very minimal fee and is quick to deliver results. A lot of people’s businesses have
flourished due to this marketing strategy. If you are one of those who are starting an online
business, you should make use of list-building.

The internet plays a major role how to build an email list. Research first on what kind of
people would be interested on your product and they will be your niche. If the product you are
selling is a water purifier, your niche would be everybody who drinks purified drinking water.
Restaurants and hospitals would like to serve clean water to their customers and patients for
safety reasons and they are the ones who have the tendency to be interested in your item. You
have to know how many other offices, institutions and people drink purified water and the
internet can help provide you with such data.

After you have done your research and identified your niche, you then create a squeeze page.
The squeeze page is the main attraction in how to build an email list because it is the
mechanism that will create your list. This page has information about the advantages of your
product and a content or sign-up box that will entice and invite your viewers to key in their email
addresses and names. Make your you give something away for FREE to enable you get collect
your prospective customers emails (A free report, video or software!)

The more people will land in your squeeze page and sign up, the bigger your list becomes. Your
autoresponder, a system that will collect all the keyed in email addresses, will then automatically
send information regarding your product to the email addresses acquired.

Next step on how to build an email list would be to create a simple website that contains data
and articles on clean water. Post much information about the advantage of drinking purified
water instead of plain tap water. Your squeeze page should be conspicuously placed on your site
so that your viewers will go to it. The challenge actually is to get as many people as you can to
your squeeze page because when they are there, they either sign up or leave the page. Offer them
a free gift like an ebook, a newsletter, statistical data or discount coupons should they sign in.

In order to get more people to visit your website, you can advertise it in social networking sites,
blog posts, and online forums. You can also pay a web host a minimal fee for advertising your
site. You can use the CPM method where you pay your host for every thousand times your ad is
displayed. Or you can also use the PPC strategy where you pay your host every time somebody
clicks onto your site. Everything begins with learning how to build that list, so with that in
mind, check out for a FREE DVD!

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