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									                                 PDF- Basics of the File Structure

PDF supports many fonts, text search hyperlinks, images, bookmarks and vector graphics too.
Along with this, it lends support to interactive page components, compression, encryption, and a
lot more than that. It is because of the advanced level security features that a user can feel safe
when sending confidential information to another person over the Net. A user’s task is made
more flexible and easy because of the abilities that format contains. PDF is a two-dimensional
file format and also a non-editable format and it is possible to edit pdf files only when you have
the right utility to do so. The computer application that is used to convert pdf file to word also lets
users exchange data and also create electronic documents. Do you know why this format had
been introduced at all?

All about Portable Document Format- The initial edition of the format had been introduced in
the year 1993 by Adobe systems. Over the years, the format underwent various alterations and
now we have the most modern version of it that surely works really well to assist users in their
tasks. The versions that came later were only developed for the better since they supported
advanced color features, multimedia components, image masking and smooth shading
techniques, digital signatures, web captures and other high-end trapping abilities.

Structure of PDF- Talking about it, mainly this comprises four parts which are one-liner, body,
table and trailer. In the header of such a file, the first line specifies about the edition of the file.
This is that part of the document which remains at the top as the name goes. Customization of
text and fonts here is possible. Body is the main part where main objects in a file are maintained.
These could comprise image data, annotations, text streams, fonts and a lot more than that. Other
invisible objects could as well be integrated by users of the format. The objects come embedded
with amazing interactive features in a document such as graphics and animation. A user could as
well implement logical structure in the file. It is with the security features that you can improve
the security of matter. You could block unauthorized editing, viewing, printing and modifying in
the documents. The body as well supports two numbers that are known as real numbers and
integers. Even there is password protection feature that could be activated. Cross-reference table
feature lets users to navigate to other pages. Tracing updates in the table is easy. As far as trailer
is concerned, it lets you navigate to the subsequent page without having to click on the provided

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