payment by niusheng11


									                                IMPORTANT NOTICE
                       Payment must be one of the following methods:
A. Check or Draft – drawn in U.S. Dollars on a bank located in the United States or
   Canada (usually one can obtain such a check or draft from a local bank).
B. Direct Bank Transfer – To arrange a bank transfer please contact AAPG at +1 800
   364-2274 (toll free U.S. & Canada) or +1 918 584-2555
C. International Postal Money Order.
D. Credit Card
                            TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD
If you want to pay by credit card, please check the appropriate card, provide your card
number, card expiration date, amount of payment, your signature, and date.
Select your card type
Name of Cardholder:

Card Nu mber:                                                         Exp iration Date:

Amount of Pay ment in U.S. Dollars: $

Signature: ______________________________________                       Date:
If you wish to send this form as an email attachment please type your name in the authorization field
provided below to serve as your approving electronic signature.

Authorize This Card:                                                    Date:

To pay by credit card, complete the information above and return to AAPG by mail, Fax
or email attachment.
1. Mail
    Attn: Office of Divisions
    P O Box 979
    Tulsa, OK 74101-0979 USA
2. Fax: +1 918 560-2694
3. Email attachment to

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