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									Corporate Social Responsibility
in the Jewellery Industry:
What jewellery professionals need to learn
and do to commit themselves to follow best
practices with regard to ethics and social

Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri
CIBJO President

Rapaport Fair Trade Jewelry Conference
BaselWorld, Basel, Switzerland, March 30, 2009
Corporate Social Responsibility:
  the jewellery industry’s role

As a business sector, we need to
play a role in advancing the
sustainable social and economic
development of under-privileged
people. In our case, these people
most often live in regions where
our raw materials are produced
and processed.
The Jewellery Community

                           A new understanding
                          of CSR. Ten years ago
                          we were concentrating
                          less on doing the right
                          thing, and more on not
                          doing the wrong thing.
     Conflict Diamonds
In the year 2000, our industry awakened to
the possibility that a humanitarian crisis
could impact very significantly on our
business. It became clear then that not
only must we act to eradicate conflict
diamonds, but also the world should see
our dedication and decisiveness in dealing
with the problem. This resulted in the
creation of the World Diamond Council
and the Kimberley Process system.
We deal in non-essential, luxury
products and to be successful our
customers      must      be    absolutely
confident in the integrity of our gems
and jewellery, as well in as our business
community. This requires total
transparency on our part.
In 2006, at the CIBJO Congress in
Vancouver,     Canada,    it   was
announced CIBJO had become the
first and only non-governmental
organization in the international
jewellery business to be accredited
by the United Nations, though
membership in the UN’s Economic
and Social Council, or ECOSOC.        DR. HANIFA MEZOUI. HEAD OF THE NGO
                                      DIVISION AT ECOSOC, FORMALLY
                                      WELCOMING CIBJO INTO THE UN
                                      ORGANISATION. VANCOUVER, CANADA,
The significance of the partnership
between our industry and the UN
means that CIBJO represents not
only a potential to bring the private
sector to work on its social
responsibility, but it must become
the engine driving the different
players in our industry to initiate
projects that will provide concrete
solutions to social and economic
       End Goals Defined
       by United Nations
The 8 Millennium Development Goals,
which range from halving extreme
poverty to halting the spread of
HIV/AIDS and providing universal
primary education, all by the target
date of 2015.
  The Cape Town Declaration

“The jewellery industry, as a member
of the international business
community, shares a responsibility
toward the greater society in seeking
practical solutions towards the
eradication of extreme poverty and
hunger, as well as to developing a
global partnership for development.”
“Let the word go out from Cape
Town that, while jewellery may
described as a luxury product, the
industry that produces it is an
essential item—certainly when it
comes to economic development.
When consumers buy jewellery, they
should know that not only is it an
expression of value, beauty and
emotion, but they have contributed
to making a better life for people
who need it most dearly.”
 Cooperation with United Nations
Since Cape Town, we have dedicated
ourselves    to   transforming    our
statement of intent into facts on the
ground. Much of what has been
achieved has been done in cooperation
with the United Nations, and with a     CIBJO OFFICIALS MEETING WITH THE UN
                                          SECRETARY-GENERAL, BAN KI MOON.
dedicated team of professionals.           GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, JULY 2007.

    In 2007, CIBJO
    unveiled a website
    dedicated to
    informing the
    jewellery industry
    about sustainable
The goal of WJCEF is to establish a
programme that will educate
members of the diamond, gemstone
and jewellery industries, all over the
world and in all sectors, from mine
to market, about the principles of       WJCEF
Corporate Social Responsibility, and         WORLD
how they may implement these               JEWELLERY
principles in their businesses.            EDUCATION
           WJCEF Milestones
1. Formulation of CSR Impact Assessment
   Models for each of the various sectors of the
   diamond, gemstone and jewellery industries.
2. Production of about 10 CSR training modules,
   for the different sectors of the jewellery
   industry.                                       WJCEF
3. Creation of the “Centre of Excellence,” which       WORLD
   is the city in which the programme will be        JEWELLERY
   administered, with a qualified institute of     CONFEDERATION
   higher education.

   To learn about these
   programmes, please
   go to the case
   studies section of
   our website
At our 2009 CIBJO Congress, which
will take place in Istanbul, Turkey,
from May 3 to May 5, the WJCEF
programme      for the      jewellery
industry will be formally outlined by
the United Nation’s CSR Team that
has been working on the project for
more than a year.
I look forward to welcoming
you all to the 2009 CIBJO
Congress in Istanbul, May 3-
5, 2009.
     Gaetano Cavalieri,

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