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									                                                                             November 18, 2008

                                   AGENDA ITEM 6




       On November 7, 2008, the City received a letter from Altamont Motorsports Park
       (attached) requesting that the City consider the development of a motorsports and bike
       park on the City-owned property (Holly Sugar property). Staff requests that Council
       consider the proposal and authorize staff to begin negotiations with the proposers for the
       purchase or lease of property for proposed development.


       The City of Tracy received a proposal letter from Altamont Motorsports Park on
       November 7, 2008 requesting the use of City-owned property to develop a motorsports
       and bike park. The conceptual motorsports park could include:

           •   A 3.7 mile road course for stockcars, sports cars, open wheel cars, kart and
               endurance racing.
           •   A one-half mile dirt motocross course for motorcycle racing.
           •   A one mile Dirt Rallycross course for off-road and 4 x 4 trucks and cars,
               motorcycles and buggies.
           •   A 1/6 mile dirt bicycle motocross course for BMX events.

       Staff is requesting authorization from the City Council to negotiate with Altamont
       Motorsports for sale or lease of City-owned property. During negotiations, the project’s
       compatibility with the City’s General Plan, surrounding uses and other potential uses will
       be determined.


       Staff recommends the City Council authorize City staff to begin negotiations with
       Altamont Motorsports Park for use of City-owned property for a motorsports and bike
       park and return to Council with terms for an agreement for Council consideration.


       There is no impact to the General Fund for this action.

Attachment:    Letter from Altamont Motorsports Park

Prepared by: Rod Buchanan, Interim Director of Parks and Community Services Department

Approved by: Leon Churchill, Jr., City Manager
                                                                                    Attachment to
                                                                                     Staff Report

                                               November 7, 2008

Mr. Rod Buchanan
Director of Parks & Community Services
City of Tracy
333 Civic Center Plaza
Tracy, California

Dear Mr. Buchanan:

               On behalf of Mr. Jeff Macey and Mr. Melvin Andrews I want to thank you for
your gracious hospitality and for the time spent meeting with us to discuss our ideas for a multi-
venue recreational motorsports facility in the City of Tracy. Attached hereto is a brief summary
of and description of our concept for the Tracy Motorsports & Bike Park.

                While the opportunity exists to host large spectator events, the facility is primarily
conceived towards meeting the recreational needs of local, non-professional motorsports
enthusiasts. For that reason, proposed seating is limited at each of the venues. It is contemplated
that for higher attendance events, temporary seating will be installed.

              Please note that paving is contemplated on only the road course and that the other
venues will not be paved. Concession and restroom facilities will be centralized so that the areas
devoted to their use will be minimized. Finally, while referred to as a “motorsports park” we
want to point out the inclusion of a BMX track, which is of course, utilized by pedal powered

               In addition, we are retaining an architectural firm to design the freeway
monument that will not only publicize the motorsports facility but also provide exposure and use
by the City and local merchants.

              Please do not hesitate to call me directly with all questions and comments from
you and your associates.


                                               Stephen R. Nasser
                                               415.277.2297 direct
                             Tracy Motorsports & Bike Park

Road Course – Planned as a 3.7 mile traditional road course with multiple left and right hand
corners across light uphill and downhill contours for stockcars, sports cars, open-wheel, kart and
endurance racing. The variable length track will feature more than a dozen different racing
configurations and also allow three (3) road racing events to occur simultaneously. Additionally,
the straight-away will provide a 1/8th mile drag strip for street legal racing. Situated at various
strategic points around the course will be up to eighty (120) garages with rooftop viewing
accommodations. There will be viewing accommodations for up to 1,500 persons dispersed at
multiple locations around the course.

Dirt Motocross - Planned as a ½ mile all-dirt motocross course with steep-banked turns,
multiple height jumps and a rhythm section providing airborne, shoulder-to-shoulder two-
wheeled individual and dual racing. Storage for up to sixty (60) users will be provided adjacent
to the course. Limited viewing is planned for not more than 500 persons in a single location.
Restrooms and concessions will be provided from a central location within the park.

Dirt Rallycross – Planned as a 1.0 mile rallycross, off-road and 4x4 for trucks, cars, bikes, four-
wheelers and all types of buggies offering the excitement of desert and dirt racing, the finesse
and style of international rallying and the strategic demands of 4x4 stage runs. Limited viewing
areas for spectators.

Dirt BMX – Planned as a 1/6th mile dirt BMX track for non-motorized two-wheelers and
younger participants offering steep-banked turns, multiple height jumps and a rhythm section
providing airborne, shoulder-to-shoulder racing action for small group. This course will attract
primarily families with children ages 6-18. Spectator viewing for up to 300 persons will be
provided along with centralized restrooms and concessions. Track lighting provided.

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