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Sheet1 College of The Arts University of South Florida (Excel)


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									                                                                                   CVPA Committees

Acquisition Committee       (3-yr. term)               Distinguished Professor (Sr. Faculty)                           USF Faculty Senate Standing
Peter Foe                   Convenor/Chr.              Wallace Wilson               A                                  Committee & Councils
TBA                       Art Hist. 2006-09            Robert Summer                M                                  Commencement & Convocation
TBA                       Art Studio 2006-09           Denis Calandra               T/D                                Michael Robinson        M                2004/07
Chris Steele              Perf. Art 2004-07                                                                            Educational Policy
Karla Davis Salazar       CAS Rep 2004-07                                                                              Sang-Hie Lee            M                2004/07
Sil Gaggi                 CAS Rep 2004-07              Library Committee                                               Faculty Comm on Student Admissions
Susan Uiterwyk            Community 2005-08            Linda McRae - Lib. Coun. Rep. A                                 David K. Williams       T/D              2004/07
Norma Roth                Community 2005-08            John Robison                 M                                  Faculty Evaluation & Standards
Wally Wilson              Art & Art History Director   John Parks                   T/D                                TBA
Faculty Advisory Council                               Noel Smith                   CAM                                General Education Council
Lou Marcus                A 2005-07                    Noel Smith                   GS                                 TBA
Julie Weitz               A2006-08                                                                                     Graduate Council
David A. Williams (Chair) M 2005-07                    Research Committee ( 3yr. Appt.)                                David A. Williams       M                2004/07
Michael Timpson           M2006-08                     Wendy Babcox                 A 2005-08                          Victor Fung             M                2005/08
Chris Steele              T/D 2005-07                  Helena Szepe                 A 2004-07                          Honors & Awards Council
Lynne Wimmer              T/D2006-08                   Paul Reller                  M 2006-09                          Warren Jaworski         M                2005/08
                                                       Lynne Gackle, Vice Chair     M 2004-07                          Instructional Technology Council
Computer Advisory Committee                            Bill Brewer, Chair           T/D 2005-08                        TBA
Administrative Work Group(Staff)                       Michael Foley                T/D 2006-09                        Library Council
Steve Ringo            Convenor                                          non-voting IRA(04-07)                         Patrick Finelli                          2004/07
Greg Madison           A                                               non-voting IRA (06-09)
David A. Williams      M                               Brad Shanks                  CVPA Rep USF Research Council      Publications Council
TBA                    T/D                             David A. Williams            CVPA Rep USF Graduate Council      Denis Calandra          T/D              2005/08
Don Fuller             IRA                             Barton Lee (mem at large)    Assoc. Dean
Beau Edwardson         Production                                                                                      Research Council
Heddie Sumpter         Personnel/Budg                  Teaching Committee ( 3yr. Appts)                                Bradlee Shanks          A                2006/09
Mary Kuka              SSA                             Neil Bender (V. Chair)    A 2004-07
                                                       Anat Pollack              A 2006-09                             Undergraduate Council
Curriculum Committee                                   Paul Reller               M 2006-09                             Tom Brantley            M                2006/09
Barton Lee (mem at large)  Convenor                    Carolyn Stuart            M 2005-08                             University Honors Program
John Byrd                  A&AH(grad)                  Fanni Green (Chair)       T/D 2004-07                           Brian Moorhead          M
Richard Olinger            A&AH(undergrad)             Jeanne Travers            T/D 2005-08                           Chris Steele            T/D
Bill Hayden                M(grad)                     Barton Lee                Assoc. Dean                           Faculty Senate
Kim McCormick              M(undergrad)                                                                                Lynne Gackle            M                2006/07
Patrick Finelli            T/D(grad)               Tenure & Promotion                                                  Kim McCormick           M                2004/07
Lynne Wimmer               T/D(undergrad)          (appt. 10/1/06-9/30/07)
David A. Williams (voting) Council Rep (grad)      Lou Marcus, Chair                A     Tenured Full Professor
Tom Brantley (voting)      Council Rep (undergrad) Elisabeth Fraser                 A     Tenured Assoc or Full Prof
                                                   Robert Lawrence                  A     Tenured Assoc or Full Prof
Diversity Advisory Workgroup                       Victoria Hirt                    A     Alternate Tenure Full Prof
Barton Lee                 Convenor                Bob McCormick                    M     Tenured Full Professor
Elisabeth Condon           A&AH                    Paul Reller                      M     Tenured Assoc or Full Prof
Ethan Kruszka              A&AH                    Victor Fung                      M     Tenured Assoc or Full Prof
Scott Kluksdahl            M                       Bob Summer                       M     Alternate Tenure Full Prof
Amy Fletcher               M                       Gretchen Warren                  T/D   Tenured Full Professor
Fanni Green                T/D                     Fanni Green                      T/D   Tenured Assoc or Full Prof
John Parks                 T/D                     Sandra Robinson                  T/D   Tenured Assoc or Full Prof
Sarah Howard               IRA                     Denis Calandra                   T/D   Alternate Tenure Full Prof
Nicole Kruszka             IRA
Reginald Joseph            College Office

Note: All members appointed by
                                                                                                                                                     MAK: MDoc:Faculty Committees:4658dffa-f41f-4b92-897e-742de5d75f2d.xls
director unless noted otherwise.                                                                                                                                                                     Last Updated: 4/8/2011

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