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Virginia’s Employee Wellness Program
Training Goal
   To provide you with the tools and resources
    needed to provide an engaging and
    successful CommonHealth program at your
   Together, we will work to make Virginia’s
    workforce the healthiest in the nation!
CommonHealth’s Mission

   Improve the health of state employees by;
       Integrating wellness into the workplace culture
       Providing an environment that promotes and
        supports changes in health behavior
       Building trustworthy partnerships between
        employer, employee and our wellness partners
Who Can Participate?

   All state employees at participating agencies,
    including wage, hourly and part-time workers

   Covered dependents (over the age of 18)

   Retirees and their covered dependents
Getting Started
 Gather management support
     Agency administrators and supervisors

  Form an advisory committee
     many hands make light work

     look for diverse skills

     represent various departments
The Nuts and Bolts (duties cont.)
   Schedule programs with your Regional
   Schedule Health Check every 2 years
   Program promotion -get the word out to all
   Collect and maintain participation information
   Distribute CommonHealth Compass
    (electronic newsletter)
Timely health topics like……

      Home Safe Home – vital topics for home safety

      D.R.I.V.E. -Drive Responsibly in Virginia Every time

      Winter Survival Guide– don’t let cold weather keep you from your
       nutrition and fitness goals

                                                       …..and more!
Program Options to Meet Your Needs

   Traditional Presentation 15 - 45 minutes
   Learning Station -high traffic area (e.g. break room)
   Coupon - paper or electronic
   DVD – hard copy or web link

    Contact Your Regional Coordinator to schedule
Delivered to Meet Your Needs

   Formats delivered by your Regional Coordinator
       Express or Long Program
       Learning Station
       Desk-to-Desk

   Electronic Formats
       At your desk at your convenience
       DVD or website video
       CoVA Knowledge Center video
       Coupon
   FREE Health Check Screening every 2 years

       Total and HDL Cholesterol
       Blood Pressure
       Height/Weight and Body Mass Index
       Diabetes Risk Assessment
       For all employees and their adult dependents who are
        covered by a state health insurance plan.

    Contact Your Regional Coordinator to schedule
                                Quit for Life
                         Tobacco Cessation Program

   FREE to health plan participants 18 and older

   Individualized program includes a personal Quit Coach

   May include free nicotine replacement or covered medications

   Confidential

   The support you need when you’re ready

   Enroll online or by phone
                    Future Moms
Healthy pregnancies reduce risk of premature birth

    Unlimited access to experienced nurses

    Excellent information on pregnancy and childcare

    Support and guidance in areas like breastfeeding.

   Enroll in the first trimester and the hospital co-pay for
   delivery is waived (Approx. $300 value)

   CALL 1-800-828-5891
Weight Watchers
Reach your weight management goals with

    At work programs, community programs, online
    Special pricing for Commonwealth employees
    50% reimbursement for employees enrolled in
     state health benefit program who meet eligibility
CommonHealth Compass

    Electronic Newsletter
      Program Highlights

      Success Stories

      Information on support
      Recipes
CommonHealth Web Site

  •   Coordinator Tools
  •   Program Videos
  •   Tips and Links
  •   Recipes
  •   Challenges
  •   Share Your Story
                  …and much more!

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What’s Next

   Contact your Regional Coordinator
       Contact information at
       Click Coordinators
       Click Regional Coordinators
       Regional Coordinators are listed by cities/counties
Rose O’Toole, CommonHealth Program Manager

We Look forward to working with you!

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