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					                                                 ROCKY MOUNTAIN MUSEUM
                                                   OF MILITARY HISTORY
              2003                                              RMMMH NEWSLETTER
           Vol 1 Issue3                           A non-profit Museum located in the Fort Missoula Historic District
    Published May and October

                                                 MUSEUM TO DEDICATE BUILDING ON MEMORIAL DAY
PO Box 7263                                                              SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
Missoula MT 59807                                                  Commencing at 2:00 p.m., Memorial Day
(406) 549-5346                                     Master of Ceremonies……….……………… William R Schwanke
website:                                           Color Guard …………………… American Legion Post 27, Missoula                    Invocation……………………….. Sam A Roberts Col. USAF (Ret.)
                                                   Welcome………………… ……. M.Y. Foster Brig. Gen. AUS (Ret)
E-mail:                                            Presentation of Building………….………………. John E Prendergast
                                                   ……….………. Montana Army National Guard, Maj. Gen. U.S.Army
                                                   Keynote Speaker………………..………………. Michael L. Halligan
Winter-Spring - Sundays 12-5                       Dedication of T/4 Laverne Parrish Building …….. Dennis D. Gordon
June 1 thru Labor day- daily 12-5                  Reflections ……………………..…………… Dean Robert E Sullivan
         Other times by appointment.               Flag Raising…………………………. John C Moe/Edward E. Mosier
                                                   Ribbon Cutting …………………..…….…..……... Pauline A. Gordon
                                                   Concluding Remarks……………………….…....…... Robert F. Burke

          RMMMH Officers 2003
President; Chairman                         On Memorial Day, May 26, at 2:00, the                The building was later used as an artillery
Brig. Gen. M Y (Bo) Foster AUS(Ret.)        Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History            group headquarters for the Montana Army
   (406) 543-6806                           will formally open its main display facility to      National Guard by General Bo Foster AUS,
                                            the public.                                          (Ret.), who is now the RMMMH President.
                                                                                                 Use of the facility is licensed from the
Maj. Gary Lancaster USAR Ret.
                                            The building, also known as Building T-316,          Montana Army National Guard in exchange
Secretary-Treasurer                         will be dedicated in the name of T/4 Laverne         for continued maintenance.
Lt. Col. Glenn Parmeter USA Ret.            Parrish, USA, of Ronan. T/4 Parrish was
    (406) 543-5002                          posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor              Dedicated RMMMH volunteers, led by
                                            for his actions as a medic during the                Dennis Gordon and Ted Kirschmann, began
Exec. Director: Tate Jones                  Philippine Campaign of World War II.                 restoration work on the structure in the
   (406) 549-5346                                                                                spring of 2000. About a quarter of the
                                            Dedication ceremonies will commence at               building's lower level is finished and is now
Newsletter Editor: Marcia Porter
                                            2:00. Grizzly sports announcer Bill Schwanke         ready for year-round use. This includes the
   (406) 728-0594
                                            will be master of ceremonies, former state           main gallery, the Director's Office, and the
                                            senator and Vietnam veteran Mike Halligan            forward portion of the entry Hallway. New
Inside this Issue:                     Pg   will be the keynote speaker, and three               carpet has been laid, and the furnace should
                                            representatives of agencies that used the Fort       be installed by the opening date.
T/4 Laverne Parrish Bldg Dedication     1   in the past will raise the flag for the first time
Memorial Day at Southgate Mall          2   over the Museum's new display center.       Among other improvements a new roof and
T/4 Laverne Parrish Bldg. displays      2                                               porch were added, new wiring, sheetrock,
Book reviews                            2   The building, constructed on the Fort       and insulation installed, Additional display
Raffle 1894 Winchester Rifle            2   Missoula campus ca. 1936 by the U.S. Fourth galleries will be opened as restoration of the
Memorial Window form                    3   Infantry Regiment and the Civilian          remainder of the building progresses. These
Membership application                  3
Exhibits & Programs                     4
                                            Conservation Corps, served as District      volunteers have done an exceptional job!
July 4th 2003 Collectors Sale           4   Headquarters for the CCC. Nearly 25,000     Thanks to all of you who have worked so
                                            CCC corpsmen were processed at the Fort and hard on this building.
                                            sent on to public works projects throughout
                                            Montana.                                    Bring family and friends and join us for a
                                                                                        memorable day!
                                              T/4 Laverne Parrish Building To               DONATIONS ACCEPTED
Museum Opens New Exhibit On                                                              The Museum accepts donations of
                                             Feature Notable Weapons Display
   Montanans Who Served                                                                  Military Artifacts from any era, for our
                                                The Museum has long sought to            permanent collection. If you have
The first exhibit in the T/4 Laverne        provide a suitable space to display the      items you would like to donate, call us
Parrish Building will be "The Ultimate      vehicle and weapons collections of the       at 549-5346 or 549-6280. Or e-mail us
Sacrifice: Montanans in Battle".            Northwest National Military Foundation.      at:
                                            The opening of the T/4 Laverne Parrish
The exhibit will use period and personal    Building on May 26 will mark the first       We will arrange to pick them up.
items as well as selections from the        permanent progress toward that goal.
Museum's art collection to provide an           On display in the former drill hall          Sept 18, 1947 US Air Force
overview of Montana's participation in      will be, as planned at press time, several              Established
America's wars, with an emphasis on         weapons systems and accessories. These
                                                                                                   Book reviews
Treasure State residents who were           will include:
                                                                                         Looking for a special gift for someone?
killed in service as a result.               An 1840's mountain howitzer and
                                                                                         These make great gifts!
                                                limber similar to that used at the
Among the stories featured will be              1877 Battle of the Big Hole.
                                                                                         "The General and the Texas" (1999,
those of:                                    A machine gun cart that was used by
                                                                                         154 pgs., $17.95) Stan Cohen presents
 Louis Charlo of Evaro, who helped             the Fort's 4th Infantry garrison.
                                                                                         another work in his Civil War series
   raised the first U.S. flag over Iwo       A 37 mm naval landing party gun,
                                                                                         from Pictorial Histories Inc. This
   Jima. Killed there one week later.        A WW II USMC ammunition cart.
                                                                                         overview of the 1862 Andrews Raid
 Laverne Parrish: see page 1                A .50 caliber anti-aircraft gun and
                                                                                         tells the story of a group of Union
 Raymond Saunders of Billings,                 searchlight.
                                                                                         Army spies who stole a Confederate
   shot down over France.                    A pack howitzer from the World
                                                                                         locomotive in Georgia and used it to
 Dave Stelling of Missoula, killed in          War II and Korean War eras.
                                                                                         disrupt Rebel rail lines and operations.
   an air attack over Tokyo Bay.             These items are provided courtesy of
                                                                                         Many period photos and maps, and as a
 Kris Stonesifer of Missoula, the          Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Otoupalik.
                                                                                         bonus material from the 1956 Walt
   first operational casualty of the U.S.                                                Disney movie about the raid that
   War on Terrorism.                                                                     starred Fess Parker. Color plates show
 Norman Streit of Missoula, killed            July 2, 1926 US Army Air Corps            the raid scenes as they appear today.
   during the Battle of the Bulge                      Established 1926
 David Sullivan of Missoula, killed                                                     "Rise of the Ironclads" (1988, 80 pgs.,
   in action in Viet Nam                               Fort Missoula                     $9.95). Another Civil War entry from
                                                    Commemoration Rifle                  Pictorial Histories. George F. Amadon
The Museum will be continuing its                          Raffle                        provides a concise introduction to the
exhibits in Building T-310 on the Civil                                                  March 1862 battle off Norfolk, Va.
War and the Civilian Conservation                We’re continuing to sell raffle         between the Union ironclad ship U.S.S.
Corps.                                      tickets for the Winchester Model 1894        Monitor and the Confederate ironclad
                                            .32 caliber rifle, Hayes Otoupalik           C.S.S. Virginia. This was the first
Oct 13, 1775, US Navy Established           donated to the Museum.                       battle in naval history between iron
                                            A brass plaque affixed to stock reads:       warships, and a turning point in the
 Museum Display at Southgate                         “Fort Missoula, Montana,            development of naval technology.
                                                 125th Anniversary, 1877-2002".          Many period photos and engravings are
Mall on Memorial Day Weekend.
                                                                                         included, as well as a color foldout
                                                 The raffle is a year long event, and    graphic of both ships' designs.
The RMMMH will again have a display
at Southgate Mall on the weekend on         the drawing will be at the 48th Annual
                                            Missoula Gun Show, Aug 10th. You do          Both from Pictorial Histories
May 24-25-26 at Clock Court. On
                                            not need to be present to win.               Publishing, and available at the
display will be numerous items from the
                                                  Raffle tickets are available at the    RMMMH. Plus a $5.00 shipping and
Museum's collection, information on
local veterans, and a special display on    Museum, or any of the functions              handling fee.
American military campaigns of 1863,        presented by the Museum. All proceeds
1943, and 2003.                             go to the Museum Building restoration                 August 4, 1790
                                            fund. Tickets are $1.00 each, or 6 for           US Coast Guard Established
        June 14th is Flag Day,              $5.00.
       US Army founded 1775

 If you are interested in dedicating a window in this building for a friend or loved one, there are still some windows available!
 The new windows that have been installed look great! A 2x3 brass nametag will be placed on the window or an oak plaque
                            with the name of the person you are dedicating the window in honor of.

                                         T/4 LAVERNE PARRISH BUILDING

         Please make checks payable to: RMMMH
         Enter the following information for your family member or friend, to be placed on the brass name tag

         In Honor of: Name: ________________________________________________

         Branch of Service: (if app.) _______________________________

         Rank: (if app.) _______________________________________
         Your Name: ___________________________________________

         Address: ______________________________________________

         Phone number: _________________________________________

         E-mail address : ________________________________________

    The RMMMH is a private 501 (c)3 non-profit Institution. Contributions are tax-deductible to the amount
              allowed by law. Your continued support for our exhibits and programs are most welcome.

                                  The Museum offers memberships on several levels.
                      Membership are renewable on an annual basis, on Veterans Day, November 11.


 _____Youth-under age 18--- $10.00                   Address:________________________________________________
                                                     City ___________________________________________________
 _____ Family-------------------$50.00
                                                     State________________ Zip ______________________________
 _____ Business---------------$100.00
 _____ Lifetime -------------$500.00                 e-mail address: __________________________________________
If you are renewing your membership,                 Please make checks payable to:
please check your address for accuracy,              RMMMH
and note any corrections on the form.                PO Box 7263
                                                     Missoula MT 59807
                                      YOUR SUPPORT IS SINCERELY APPRECIATED
                                                                                                                NONPROFIT ORG
          RMMMH                                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
Rocky Mountain Museum of Military History                                                                             PAID
PO Box 7263                                                                                                      Permit NO. 536
Missoula MT 59807                                                                                               Missoula MT 59801

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A private non-profit museum promoting the commemoration
and study of the U.S. armed services from the Frontier
Period to the War on Terrorism.


               *************************                                     Spring and Summer Programs at RMMMH
                DONATIONS NEEDED!!
  We are accepting donations for our 4th Annual COLLECTORS                All programs at 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, Building T-310,
                                                                                            unless otherwise noted.
  sale!! We would appreciate any antiques, collectibles, or good
quality items that you no longer want. All proceeds from the sale of   May 18: Armed Forces Day Weekend - Battle of Chancellorsville,
 the items will go toward building restoration. We can arrange to                Summer 1863
                 have items picked up if necessary.                    May 24-26: Memorial Day Weekend RMMMH Booth and
                                                                                             display at Southgate Mall
              Give us a call at 549-5346, or 549-6280                  May 26: GRAND OPENING of the T/4 Laverne Parrish Building,
                                                                                 2:00 p.m. "The Ultimate Sacrifice; Montanans in Battle"
                                                                       June 15: Battle of Louisbourg, Summer 1758
         **********************************                            June 22: Battle of Monmouth, Summer 1778
         WE WILL NOT ACCEPT MILITARY ITEMS                             June 29: Battle of New Georgia, Pacific Theater, Summer 1943
                   FOR THIS SALE.                                      July 4: Independence Day Celebration at Fort Missoula; RMMMH
       ************************************                                         Collector's Sale and Revolutionary War display
                                                                       July 6: Red Army Resurgent: The Battle of Kursk, Eastern Front,
                                                                                    Summer 1943
       ANNUAL JULY 4TH CELEBRATION                                     July 12: Airshow, Missoula Intl. Airport; Korean War Display and
           COLLECTORS SALE!                                            July 27: George Rogers Clark and Revolutionary
        At the T/4 Laverne Parrish Building at Fort Missoula                        War Battles in the West
Join us between 8-5, on the 4th and see what bargains are available!   August 3: Lewis & Clark Traveling Trunk presentation, RMMMH
                                                                       August 8-10: Missoula Gun Show, Adams Center; RMMMH
                       BARBECUE!!!                                                  Booth and Raffle Drawing
  We’ll also have our annual barbecue, on the 4th, so shop till you    August 17: Strategy and Tactics of the Nez Perce War
drop, and grab a dog or burger while you are there. Come and enjoy     August 24: Allied Invasion of Sicily, Summer 1943
                             the fun!!
               ***GRAND OPENING OF T/4 LAVERNE PARRISH BUILDING MAY 26TH 2:00 p.m.***