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									Metoprolol tartrate. Eat hypertension

Metoprolol tartrate. Eat hypertension


Doctor: hello, I early in the morning, because after that hospital diagnosed
dizzy, hypertension, 186/120 mmHg the injection pressure after taking time to
between 145/92 to now, I sometimes eat half piece or 1/4 slices. Metoprolol
tartrate Excuse me to take this medicine long-term health? Thank you! 62 years
old, I was working in the office.

Netizen answer

Hello, the drug has these adverse reaction: 1.the cardiovascular system: slow
heart, conduction block, lower blood pressure, heart failure, peripheral
vascular spasms in cold or pulse cannot reach limbs, Renault phenomenon. 2
because of fat-soluble and easily penetrate into the central nervous system,
the system of adverse reactions. Fatigue and vertigo 10%, depression, and
other 5% of headache, dream, insomnia, etc. I saw an illusion. 3 the digestive
system, nausea, stomach, and constipation<1%、腹泻占 5%,但不严重,很少影响用
药。       4. 其他:气急、关节痛、瘙痒、腹膜后腔纤维变性、耳聋、眼痛等。
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