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                                            At St. John the Apostle & Evangelist 

                             The With Grateful Hearts campaign at our parish is coming to a close. Already, 
BY THE NUMBERS               St. John the Apostle & Evangelist has raised 89% of our goal of $1,045,000. From 
                             this campaign, 25% of everything raised up to our goal is returned to the parish. 
Parish Goal: $1,045,000      After we reach our goal, 50% of every new pledge comes back to the parish to 
                             reduce our debt and begin saving for a new building.                         
Raised to Date: $930,820 
                             This weekend is Commitment Weekend! This will be our largest effort to 
Number of Pledges: 141       reach out to all of our parishioners for the With Grateful Hearts 
                             Campaign. During Mass, I would like each and every family to take a 
Average Pledge: $6,601 
                             pledge card being handed out by the ushers, even if you have already 
Percent of Goal: 89%         made a pledge. There is an option for EVERYONE, no matter your decision. 
In recognition of their sacrifices and generosity, we would like to thank our With Grateful Hearts donors 
                                                As of 5‐28‐09  

 Charles and Yong Cha Daigle                                   Cary Steven and Heidi Katrina Sparks
 Scott and Mary Smart *(and William D. Heagney)                          James and Delores Toledo
 John and Mildred Loggins                                                        Kim and Kaeo Daly
 John Patu Telesia Atonio                                               Dennis and Lynette Hansen
 David Hartzel                                                     Wayne and Charlene Matsumoto
 Isabelle Ronolo                                                          Wallace and Gwen Mitsui
 Kelli Buenconsejo                                                             Lin and Marcie Wong
 Roberto and Mel Knott                                                Juanito and Priscilla Ambrosio
 Rose McNorton                                                               Susanne Beauchemin
 J.E. and Mike Culkin                                                   Patrick and Catherine Calio
 Clifford and Linda Tom                                                   Gerardo and Aurora Deliz
 Gerard and Bernadette Mae Cypriano                                 Channing and Elizabeth Fukuda
 Judy and Kenneth Muranaka                                                     Soot and Marilyn Jew
 Sharon Lau Aldueso                                                        James and Connie Kurtz
 Frank and Madeline Apel                                                 Jennifer and Lester Murata
 Albert and Patricia Perez                                                       Eric and Jennie Oh
 John and Elaine Gibson                                                               Enedina Sales
 Rowena Ahakuelo                                                          Benjamin and Edith Suga
 Darin and Sue Dureg                                                     Mario and Rosalia Argones
 Andrew and Donna Ng                                                             Linda and B.Y. Han
 Mercedes Bugarin                                                        Andriano and Betty Callejo
 Raymond Guerrerro                                                                Geraldine Olivares
 Juan Achaval                                                                    Paciencia Nazareth
 Ray and Jane Beauchemin                                                       Luis Eugenio Campo
 Carolina Davide                                                           Nathan and Diane Kotch
 Robert and Cynthia Geiling                                                              Jerry Reyes
 Patricia Merideth                                                       David and Isabella Abellira
 John and Julie Ann Quinn                                                 Clyde and Elizabeth Higa

                                                                      Continued on back… 
Clyde and Julita Sauget                                              Juan Achaval
Wil and Zeny Arengo                              Feliciano and Evangeline Dona
Rowena Carvalho                                                   Lionel Levesque
Francisco and Josephine Gipaya                            Neal and Linda Takase
Alfredo and Marian Mariano                             Richard and Maria Amaral
Warren and Violeta Pak                            Wayne and Ischyria Matsuura
Dennis and Lorna Tulang                                           Lynette Tanaka
Abad and Ernesta Tolentino                                John and Tamra Blewitt
Mark and Mariese Smith                             Michael and Cecilia Carvalho
Reef Development of Hawaii                               Steven and Jamie Kema
PatrickBonam                                                    Fay Molina-Sagon
William and Margaret Castro                   Alexander and Luri-Imari Sanchez
Robert and Dolores Mandap                                           Conchita Uson
Bernard and Wilhelmina Rash                                       Judy Ann Dirita
Bennett and Rosalie Shelton                                    Rev. Manuel Hewe
Gervacio and Corazon Buenconsejo                                     Linda Armant
Reynolds and Margaret Higa                             Sylvia and Claude Phillips
Francisco and Nenita Hing                                       Adrienne Gregory
Jesse and Jolly Tano                                Theodore and Armi Aldueso
Melvin and Ruth Ancheta                                   Julian and John Esdicul
Dinicia Ariz                                      Robert and Erlinda Nishimura
Modesto and Nydia Aileen Cordero                                     Edna Corniel
Lamberto and Salve-Regina Galman                 Benjamin and Fortunata Gozun
Lise Goga                                          Stephen and Helen Uyehara
Joy and Benjamin Yacapin Molina-Yacapin               Paul and Cheryl Olszewski
Primo and Josephine Pablo                             Jeffrey and May Callangan
Anthony and Mary Jane Panganiban                          Tom and Pauline Lynch
Gerry and Cora Vea                                      John and Mariko Szlosek
Ray and Ann Swider                                  Ryan and Mary Anne Sawai
Agreda Acebo                                     Everette and Frances Flanders
Allan and Liane Castro                                   Peter and Marietta Kaeo
John and Ellen Cleghorn                                   David and Jeanne Tam
Linda (Fritz) McKenzie                          James and Ann Rachani Walsh
Vernon and Terry Silva                              Vincent and Joyce Medeiros
Joseph and Bernardine Conant                      Jesus and Monica Pangelinan
Carol and Pat Hughes                                        Edward Cabacungan
Paul and Elsie Thames                                  Abelardo and Lolita Camit
Guy and Vilma Atiburcio                                    Eric and Debra Kimura
Linda Cordova                                                  Herminia Madayag
Roger and Bernadette Grace                                       Conchita Stewart
James and Rosa Mormad                                Henry and Marilyn Tabudlo
Charlie and Evelyn Quinata                                         Rommel Ofalsa
Maria and Victoria Achaval                                         Martha Scheller
Conception and Connie Aruda

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