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Interpretation of China_6953 by yan198555


									Interpretation of China

In the past 10 to 15 years, thought the purpose of the treatment of exhaust
from the weak to improve hemodynamics, secreted into the body block the
excessive activation of neural and improve cardiac remodeling and improve the
quality of life and prolong survival of life. To meet the medical advances,
doctors at all levels of the times our country, our thoughts officially
released expert weak exhaust the 2007 edition of “diagnosis and treatment of
chronic exhaustion Guide weak mind” (“Guide”). This article is only focused
on the “Guide “The new addition or modification of the Department for a
brief introduction.

▲ highlight the crucial role of drug treatment

in treatment, the” Guide “is still the focus of drug therapy. on vascular
tension factor Ⅱ receptor blocker (ARB) and aldosterone receptor antagonist
application, the larger changes.

▲ based heart failure treatment: admitted to urinating agent

“Guide” re- stressed the voiding agent admitted to treatment in mind the
weak foundation and exhaustive vital role in heart failure admitted to relieve
symptoms of urinary control agent “immediate” is any other effective
“biological treatment” basis. While in chronic heart failure must be
combined with inhibition of the sympathetic and renin – angiotensin –
aldosterone system (RAAS) in the drug, because the agent can only be admitted
to moderate urinary symptoms and fluid retention, and can not improve cardiac
remodeling and preservation rates.

▲ crucial treatment of heart failure: inhibition of sympathetic and RAAS

ACE inhibitor, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEI) is the
cornerstone of treatment of exhaust weak mind, in the guide are the class IA

β-blockers “Guide” clear once again affirmed the β-blocker therapy in
chronic heart failure in the first line of not a substitute location for the
class IA recommendation.

β-blocker therapy can not only improve the long-term clinical conditions,
left ventricular function and ventricular remodeling, in the standard
treatment (admitted to the voiding agent, ACEI, etc.) can be saved based on
the rate of 34% to 35%, and reduce the rate of violent death is the only
effective drug.

three landmark studies have confirmed that in addition to the three agents:
carvedilol, metoprolol succinate controlled-release tablets or sustained-
release tablets, and the peso Laure addition, according to the concrete
practice of China

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