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									SeNuke X Software Offers a Single SEO and Marketing Solution

P12 Enterprises is proud to announce the launch of its newest website,, in preparation for the imminent release of the much
anticipated all in one SEO solution called SeNuke X.

San Francisco, CA, March 31, 2011 -- P12 Enterprises launches
(, the one stop shop web portal for everything related to
the upcoming SEO automation program SeNuke X. Developed by Areeb Bajwa
and Joe Russel, SeNuke X will provide a complete SEO and Internet
marketing solution in a single software package. It includes modules for
video marketing, social media marketing and Web 2.0 backlinks.

“SeNuke is simply the best SEO tool available today and with the
additions and big improvements in the new version, SeNuke X, it has
become unbelievably powerful,” said William Bogg, CEO of P12 Enterprises.
“No competitor comes even close.”

Due to launch in March of 2011, the software will include a variety of
features that businesses and marketers can use to increase traffic and
improve the return on their investment. You can get an idea of some of
the SEO techniques available to SeNuke X users at .

The latest version has a new user interface that provides drag and drop
capabilities, addressing one of the main complaints of the original
SeNuke program. For SeNuke novices, there are a variety of SeNuke
tutorials available. To see some of the instructional videos, please
visit .

SeNuke X now also includes a project calendar and submission schedule
module, allowing SEO campaigns and link building activities to be
scheduled and set. The software automatically executes user commands at
the appropriate time. A central database keeps track of projects in a
single location without the need for hundreds of files and folders,
providing for efficiency and organization.

P12 Enterprises, founded in 2010, is a new media company that designs and
creates value added gateways to the world wide web. Using technologies
such as streaming video, audio, social networking, mobile web, and the
written word, we strive to create a rich, platform independent, and user
friendly experience that allows one 24/7 access from anywhere in the

For more information or to read a SeNuke X review, visit the website at

William Bogg
P12 Enterprises
3301 3rd St.
San Francisco, CA 94124

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