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                                                                                           October   I,   1921

    It was a speech that few who heard it will forget.      When we have fully tested Zomogen we shall
    The occasion was taken to make a presentation        report further upon its efficacy ; in the meanwlGle,
t o Miss Deane, the League Secretary‘,asking her t o     it can be obtdned in bottles direct from
accept a deed-box and cheque, which had been
        ‘ I
                                                         Zomogen Food Products, Ltd., 63, York Place,
subscribed to by past and present members of the         Edinburgh. We are informed that Zomogen is in
Nursing Staff, whose names were inscribed on an          daily use in the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh,
accompanying scroll, as a small token of their love      in the Child Welfare Department of tlie City ;
 and esteem, and with. best wishes for much happi-       and thak medical men under whose instructions
ness in the future.”                                     it is administered have assured the manufacturers
    Miss Deane, who was much overcome, thanked           that the results obtained are excellent.
 those present, after which tlie meeting adjourned                         _ I _ _ _ .
 t o tea.
   We have received some charming “ snapshots ”                                  MATRON.
from Greece and Asia Minor, where the Sisters               Isolation and Tuberculosis Hospitals, Derby.--Rlrs.
are very busy attending to the convoys of very           Sarah Christina Cowan has been appointed Matron.
seriously wounded after the recent hard fighting.        She was trained in general nursing at the Royal Infirm-
We gather from these “ snaps ” that everything           ary, Edinburgh, and in Fever nursing at Belvedere
Is entirely entente cordiale between the Sisters and     Hospital, Glasgow. She has held the appointment of
                                                         Matron to Dean’s Hospital, South Shields.
their fellow-workers. The orderlies appear a
very refined type of man.                                   Exhall Temporary Sanatorium, Coventry,--Miss Jcnily
   As a lover of historical romance one “ snap ”         Dick Murray has been appointed Matron. She was
talten at Tatoi-where the lady with the ltodak           trained at Warneford Hospital, Leamington, Heathcote
was a guest of the Queen interested us immensely.        Sanatorium, and the Simpson Memorial Hospital,
                                                         Edinburgh, and has since been Sister and Night Sister
It presents a perfectly sweet little baby girl in        at the Warneford Hospital, and Staff Nurse and
the arms of her nurse, the little daughter of            Charge Sister, T.F.N.S., at Birmingham and at Salon-
the late King Alexander and of Madame                    ika. She has also acted as locum tenens for the Matron
Manos, his morganatic wife. We surmise, there-           of the Nuneaton Fever Hospital.
fore, that the offspring of this romantic
marriage, after the tragic death of lier father, t o                    ASSISTANT MATRON.
whom Queen Sophie was devotedly attached, and               Glasgow Royal Asylum, Gartnavel.--l\liss Mary A.
whom she was forbidden to visit during his fatal         Lumsden has been appointed Assistant Matron. She
illness, is now included in the Royal circle. It is      trained at St. George’s Hospital, London, and at the
                                                         Crichton Royal Institution, Dumfries ; and has been
a happy solution of the relationship, as this little     Sister at the West Herts Hospital, Hemel Hempstead.
lady is a great, great grandchild of Queen Victoria,
of Williarn I, the Emperor of Germany, of Christian                        SISTER-TUTOR.
IX, King of Denmark, and great great great                 Mile End Hospital, Bancroft Road, € Ms
                                                                                              + is  Mary J.
grandchild of an Emperor of All the Russias;             Eagle has been appointed Sister-Tutor and Home
not forgetting lier pure Greek descent from              Sister. She was trained at Guy’s Hospital, and has
her mother. “ Some ” ancestry, as our American           been. Sister at Lewisham Hospital, and done private
friends would say.                                       nursmg.
   The Unit is coming into touch with vastly                                     SISTER.
interesting experiences.                                   South Shields Union.-Miss    Edith J. Anderson has
                           - -                           been appointed Sister. She was trained at the Bag-
                                                         thorpe Infirmary, Nottingham, and has been Sister
                    ZOMOGEN.                             there. A t present she holds the appointment of Health
                                                         Visitor and Inspector of Midwives, St. Helen’s Cor-
      THE NEW RESTORATIVE FOOD.                          poration.
  Zomogen Food Products are widely known                                    -.
throughout Scotland, and the firm manufacturing
them are issuing literature for the information                    AMERICANS GO HOME.
of the medical and nursing professions, and for
the public. A boolrlet, giving “ Some Facts about          We learn that Mrs. Breckinridge, who has been
Zomogen,” is addressed to doctors, and will,             working so devotedly with the American Committee
                                                         for the Devastated Regions in France, and whosc
therefore, interest nurses. A leaflet draws the          charming pcrsonality became known to us through
attention of the public to the advantages of             Miss Breay’s visit to France last year, i s returning to
this Tonic Food.                                         the United States. Mrs. Breckinridge will be a great
  From the former we learn that Zomogen is a             loss to the work and we sympathise with France-
concentrated food containing Proteids, Hmmo-             where she i s so popular-on losing her,
globin, Lecithin, Cholesterine, Potassium Salts,            Miss Alice Fitzgerald, Chief of Division o Nursing,
Pllosphates and Vitamines, and that it acts              League of Red Cross Societies, has also, after doing
                                                         fine organkation work for the League, returned to
directly on the spleen, and stimiilates its activities   the States. Another Johns Hopkins graduate i s carry-
in the production of Red Blood Corpuscles.               ing on the work.
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