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                              Editor: Linda Applin

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                                               Page 11 ARRIVE ALIVE

                        Dates for your Diary
           Monthly Meetings                                 Other Dates
                                                         SURA Study Days
                                               January 27th Middle East Update
 February 21st The History and Work of                            Dr Brian Beesley
 the War Graves Commission
                        Ian Small              February 10th Victorian Popular
                                               Culture—The Amusements of the People
 March 21st Archaeology at Shippams                               Dr Ruth Cowl
                       Joanne Taylor
                                               February 17th An Introduction to the
                                               Practice of Art & Design
 April 18th Chichester Planetarium
                                               March 10th Giacomo Puccini and his
                                               Operas           Gowan Hewlett
 May 16th The Chaplaincy to the Police &
 the Role of the Special Constabulary          March 31st Landscape Image & reality—
                      Rev Clive Jenkins        Sussex c1700—1940
                                                                 Dr Sue Barry

Dear Members

A Happy New Year to One and All

2006 was probably most notable for a record-breaking summer, but I suggest it was also a good year for
Chichester U3A. Membership up, new groups to add to those existing, fresh travel opportunities, monthly
meetings with a range of speakers and a chance to socialise with a cup of tea.

Add to these SURA Study Days, an informative Newsletter four times a year and a regularly updated Website,
a Palm Court Tea and a Christmas Lunch. A huge vote of thanks to all those who made this varied programme
a reality.

In the Summer Newsletter I appealed for members to think seriously about joining the committee at the October
AGM. Nobody came forward, but fortunately this did not create a problem as with the rule change the existing
committee agreed to carry on until the next AGM on 16th May 2007.
However the next AGM will be crunch time; under the 3 year rule, 3 committee members are due to retire and
we would be pleased to hear from anybody who might be interested in joining the committee.

Our monthly meetings usually attract about a quarter of our membership and with that approaching 500, we are
near comfortable capacity of the Newell Centre, which we put at 130. In the circumstances we need to consider
an alternative venue in Chichester, for the 07/08 programme.
We will keep you posted.

We regret to record the death of Genifer Riley on December 13th 2006. Genifer was a group leader and a past
Secretary of Chichester U3A and will be sadly missed. A number of friends from Chichester and Arun U3As
attended her funeral on December 21st. Our sincere condolences to John and his family.

                                                                                                                                                 Don Hope

Third Age Trust News
Third Age Trust News

The U3A National Office in Bromley is currently closed due to a fire in early December. However,
communication with the National Office is still possible as the staff have been able to set up interim
Information on the following has been put in our Current Events file:-
    1) A report on discussion groups at the 2006 Annual Conference.
    2) Details for the U3A meetings at DANA on 12.03.07, at the Royal Institution on 03.04.07 and the
       National Summer Schools at Chester, 9 – 12 July and Cirencester, 20 – 23 August 2007.
    3) The National U3A 25th Anniversary Conference Cruise, plus AGM in Falmouth, 15 – 18 September
    4) Folk Dance Network Holidays, 30 April – 4 May and 24 – 29 September 2007 and the Modern
       Languages Newsletter.
    5) The European Project for the use of computers by 60+ adults – eLiLL (eLearning in Later Life).
    6) A notice about 5% reduction in home and motor insurance with special protection for U3A members,
       with Norwich Union.
                                                                                               Brian Walton.

               South East Area Summer School at the University of Chichester
                         Tuesday 19th June – Friday 22nd June 2007
Subjects on offer are
    - A Brief History of Opera
    - Art History - The „Pallant House‟, Chichester Collection
 - Chichester Harbour (East Side) Conservancy – an area of outstanding natural beauty -bird watching,
walking and wildlife
     - Drama - "Words, words, words” said Hamlet. Together we shall create a programme including verse,
     prose and dramatic extracts
- Drawing - Learn how to draw
    -Earth and Life - The Succession Through Geological Time
    -Geology and Landscape of the Weald of Kent, Surrey and Sussex
    -Health and Well Being - adding life to your years
    -Landscapes, History and Conservation of Three Beautiful Nature Reserves
   -Poetry of Robert Frost and Edward Thomas
   -Roman Chichester
    -Story Telling
Cost             Residential in en-suite accommodation                                 £230.00
                 Residential in standard accommodation                                 £205.00
                 Complete course - non-residential with evening meal                   £125.00
                 Complete course - non-residential but no evening meal                 £ 95.00

Some courses will have an additional charge of £10.00 to cover a guide and entrance fees.

For further information and application forms (Stamped Self Addressed Envelope please) contact Linda
Study Days
Some very interesting subjects are on the 2007 programme. If you would like to attend a Study Day please
send a Stamped Self Addressed Envelope to Linda Applin who will forward an application form to you as
soon as they are available.
If necessary Linda will also put members in touch with each other to arrange car sharing.


Information for Interest Group Leaders

As the Third Age Trust (TAT) increases in size & involves many more members there is a need to provide
some notes for good practice to avoid individual U3A‟s making mistakes that have probably already been made
elsewhere. The most recent document on good practice has guidance on handling money & payments in the
U3As. Here are some extracts that affect our operation.
    1. Interest Groups in Halls. – The group must be self-supporting & a levy over & above the standard 50p
       imposed to cover the cost of the hall hire. This payment should be levied in advance to save a low
       meeting attendance not covering the hall hire. The payment for the hall to be made to the Main
       Committee Treasurer as the hall hire is on behalf of the U3A.

    2. It is important that membership records are kept up to date, even at group level, to check that all
        participants of the group are also members of the U3A that organises that group. An individual non
        member may attend the group by invitation for a taster session but repeated visits would automatically
        disqualify such an individual for U3A Insurance & any claim that might arise from that visitor‟s
        attendance would also be uninsured, leaving a risk for other legitimate members. In effect this could
        mean that the actual U3A members become uninsured because of the presence of non members.
If you have any queries over the administration of these points do not hesitate to contact me.
                                                                                                   Ernie Piper
Group Leaders
We shall be putting up displays for Chichester U3A in Chichester Library, 26 Feb. – 10 March and Bognor
Library, 10 – 24 March 2007. Can you please supply me with short descriptions, maximum one side of A4, of
your Group‟s current activities, which I could use for the displays? If you happen to have a recent photograph I
might be able to use that as well. Information for new and proposed Groups would be very welcome.
Material will need to be given to me by our Monthly Meeting on 14 February, at the latest. Thank you.
                                                                                                   Brian Walton
News from the Interest Groups
All the groups that started in September are going well and we now have offers from old and new members to
start nine new groups in early 2007,
These will be in addition to the Film Appreciation (Brenda Gifford ) and Musical Theatre (Veronica Soskin)
both of which are already flourishing.

Musical Theatre Group
Fridays At 10am - if you are unable to attend please be kind enough to let Veronica know as there is a waiting
list. There may be second group so if you are interested please telephone
                                                                          Musical Theatre Group
Friday January 12th - „Fiddler On The Roof‟
Friday February 9th - „Singing In The Rain‟
Friday March 9th    - „Oklahoma‟

New groups are as follows:
Colloquial Spanish
Group Leader: Jodie Cudlipp
Fortnightly from Wednesday 24th January 10.30am to 12md
Close to Westgate roundabout. Parking either in Avenue de Chartres car park or other city car parks
Simple conversational Spanish

Computing for beginners
Group Leader: Beatrice Mitchell
Fourth Wednesday each month from January 2007 10am to 12md
Venue: Swanfield Community Centre, Swanfield Drive Chichester
55 bus and plenty of off-road parking
This course is for beginners and will be very basic, relaxed and unhurried. It will include getting to know the
keyboard, the mouse and Windows and perhaps being introduced to the Internet. There will be a small charge
for the use of the room

Craft Workshop
Group Leader Sue Hanscombe
Monthly from Monday 8th January 2007 10am to 12md
Venue: 61 Langdale Avenue Chichester
Easy parking or No 51 bus
Participants will bring along any craft being worked on.

French (easy)
Group leader: Connie Michael
Fortnightly from Tuesday 9th January 2007 11.30am 1.00pm
Venue: 51 Bishopsgate Walk, Chichester
Some parking available, otherwise theatre car park
Easy French for not-quite- beginners

History (oral)
Group leader; Jeff Stanniforth and Brenda Fitzpatrick
Will meet fortnightly alternating between Middleton and Chichester commencing Chichester on 30th January
10am to 12md
Venues: 6 Green Way, Elmer, Middleton-on-Sea and 26 Gordon Avenue, Stockbridge, Chichester
To choose and work on various topics from a shortlist of ideas with the aim of ultimately publishing the results
and also liaising with other U3A oral History groups

History – Living and Dying in the 18th Century
Hostess; Barbara Partridge
Fortnightly from Friday 19th January 2007 10am to 12md
Venue 35 Priors Acre, Boxgrove, Chichester
Cul-de-sac parking or 55 bus
This will be a repeat of the previous course for new participants. It will be led by Joan Greenhill and will study
social history in West Sussex 1701 – 1830 with special reference to the local area

History – local history in the 17th to early 19th Centuries
Group leader: Viviane Dutton
Fortnightly commencing Friday 9th March 10am to 12md
Venue: Clayton Cottage, 57 Fishbourne Road West, Fishbourne (A259)
Bus 77 to Woolpack Inn, parking in drive or Church car park
Will follow various themes such as religion, education, housing etc.

Walk and Sketch
Group leader: Martin Gale
Four dates only: Thursdays 15th March, 29th March, 12th April and 26th April 10am to 1.00pm approx
This is a follow-on from Roger Rose’s group

Wine Appreciation
Group leader: Richard Wilby
Monthly from Thursday 25th January 6pm to 8pm
Venue: rotating in members‟ houses
Learning to enjoy and appreciate wine by holding tastings; it is also hoped to arrange trips and special events.
Members will need to make a contribution to the cost of the tastings

Bridge Group
Group leader; Don Hope
Wednesday 2pm to 5pm except 3rd in month
The Bridge Group has increased its numbers and now meets in Felpham Village Hall.

Please ring the Group Leader direct if you wish to join any of these groups - we are really spoilt for choice! All
good wishes for happy meetings in 2007

                                                                          Barbara Partridge Groups coordinator

Christmas Lunch 2007

After a very successful lunch at the Chichester College, Westgate Fields on Thursday December 14th 2006 we
have already obtained a provisional date for Christmas Lunch 2007. It will be held on Thursday December 13 th
at 12.30pm. Please put this date into your new diaries. Further information will not become available until
September 2007.
                                                                                                 Ernie Piper


With this edition we will be sending some newsletters out by e-mail. If you have Broadband & wish to join the
scheme please e-mail me I will always do a separate test sending before you need to switch
from the paper version. With the postage rates increasing again in April & the saving in paper it is very cost
effective for this organisation.
                                                                                                       Ernie Piper

                     THE EARLY UNIVERSE
                                           Professor Peter Kalmus

                         Simon Lecture Theatre - Bedales School, Petersfield
                                2pm Tuesday 27th February 2007
                             Free Admission by Numbered Reservation
                                  A M Thompson 01730 300574

                                          OUTINGS AND TRAVEL GROUP

Barbara Hope     Chairperson/Organiser         Sylvia Arden-Brown     Vice-Chairperson/Organiser
Leslie Ellis     Minutes Secretary             Charlotte Murgatroyd   Travel News
Valerie Ripley   Organiser                     Pam Ripley             Organiser
Prue Gamble      Organiser                     Michael Reynell        Organiser/Main Committee Liaison

The Programme listed below is available to ALL Chichester U3A members. Events are advertised on
clipboards at monthly meetings on our table in the hall, these are also circulated on coach trips.
Booking a trip is easy.
     Choose where you would like to go
     Add your name to the relevant clipboard. Please print.
     Give or send a payment in full or a deposit, whichever is required to the organiser. Payments should be
       by cheque, payable to Chichester U3A. On the back of your cheque, please add in pencil the event and
       your membership number. The only way of ensuring that you are booked on an event is to send the
       payment in full or deposit if required. If the event becomes fully booked or cancelled by us, your
       cheque will be refunded to you.
     For holidays and short breaks, everyone must be insured. Non-U3A members are not covered by U3A
       Indemnity Insurance for Day trips.
     Look forward to the trip and then enjoy it! The Outings & Travel Committee unanimously confirm that
       to avoid embarrassment No collection for the Organiser should be made on an event. Travel Group
       Organisers like the rest of U3A, give their services freely, your appreciation is reward enough.
Wednesday 31st January 2007
             Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical Matinee 2.30pm
             A special group rate of £39 (To include Coach & Driver Gratuities)
             Tickets will be distributed on the bus.
We will be staying in London after the show for the “rush hour” traffic to clear and have time for an evening
meal (not included) before returning to our coach.
Richardsons Coach will depart Oaklands Way 9.45 am arriving in London Approx 12.30 allowing time to have
a bite to eat before settling into our seats for the Matinee. Depart London 7.30 pm, arriving back in Chichester
9.30 pm approx.. There is now a short waiting list
Organiser. Barbara Hope.
Thursday 8th March 2007
           ROYAL WINDSOR
           Windsor Castle with City & Village Tours
           Cost approx. £30 p.p. (depending on numbers) based on 35 going. Deposit £10
Richardson Coach departing Oaklands Way 8.30 am We meet the Guide at the Saville Gardens Refreshment
Room for coffee at 10.30 then a. coach tour, driving through Windsor Great Park, and see Queens Ride and
enjoy stunning views of the Castle. You will also see the Lodge House, the summer home of the late Queen
Mother from where the abdication telephone call was made. A drive through beautiful Virginia Water and
Runnymede where the Magna Carta was signed We stay in Windsor for lunch and have time to get the feel of
this handsome town.. After lunch we walk up to the castle and meet our Guide. We will see St, Georges
Chapel where you can sit and listen to our guide, and then we will see the magnificent State Apartments, with
some of the finest works of art, and see the wonderfully intimate photographs exhibited here, in the home where
the Queen spends most of her private weekends. We round off our visit with a cuppa tea on our way down to
the coach park, before departure at 4.30pm arriving in Chichester approx 6.30 pm.
Organiser: Prue Gamble:

Thursday 7th June 2007
             Approx cost £28. to non-NT members and £20 to NT members. This includes the cost of the
             coach and gratuity to driver and entrance fees for Long Barn. £10 deposit secures your place
Leaving Chichester at 8.30 a.m. and arriving back at approximately 6.00 p.m. We will have a coffee and
comfort stop before arriving at Long Barn (refreshments not included in price).
LONG BARN was the first garden created by Harold Nicholson and Vita Sackville West (of Sissinghurst
fame), extensively renovated in 1986 to include Rose Walk, Spring Grove, Parterres, Herb Garden, Oak Walk
etc. This garden is not generally open to the public. We shall be visiting this in the morning and then on to
IGHTHAM MOTE for lunch and the rest of the afternoon. This is a 14th century moated manor house now
owned by the National Trust and when the U3A visited it a few years ago the south wing had been completely
gutted so it will be nice to see the result of the rebuilding.
Organiser: Sylvia Arden-Brown

Thursday 12th July 2007
            Chitty Chitty Bang Bang !!
           Matinee 2.30 Mayflower Theatre Southampton
           Deposit £23 to cover booking Fee. Cost seats £21.40 (Normal Price £42.50) Coach Cost T.B.A.
Spinnaker Tower/Gunwarf Quays can be included in morning if members would be interested?
Organiser: Barbara Hope.
??August 2007
Lunch Cruise on The Solent
Organisers: Pam & Val Ripley
Tuesday 1st May – Tuesday 8th May 2007
            Hidden Gems of Eastern Crete
             Half Board Cost £674. Single room supplement £115 (limited number)
             Deposit £75 Insurance: (Under 70 £30) (70 plus £40)
Overlooking the spectacular bay of Mirabello near Elounda in the fabulous 5* Istron Bay Hotel. All rooms
have balconies and look out to sea , the Restaurant also overlooks the sea.
Included in the price: Entrance fees. Return charter flights from Gatwick to Heraklion. 7 nights H.B. Full
touring itinerary including a tour of the famous Knossos Palace & Archaeological Museum.
Tour Manager throughout. Further details and Booking Form from the organiser.
Organiser. Barbara Hope.
Friday July 20th – Wednesday 25th 2007
            Vale of Llangollen, North Wales.
            Staying at the Wild Pheasant Spa Hotel (AA 3-Star), set in magnificent scenery.
            Cost is £393 includes Dinner Bed & Breakfast, coach and driver, RHS ticket and guided tours
            of Chester and Liverpool and gratuity to driver. Other entrance fees extra. Plus £8 extra
            optional cancellation cover
Includes Full day at The Royal Horticultural Flower Show at Tatton Park, said to be better than Chelsea (also a
lovely NT property with gardens) , some time in Llangollen itself, followed by a visit to Plas Newydd, the
home of the famous Ladies of Llangollen then a drive through the magnificent scenery of North Wales to Sir
William Clough-Ellis's Port Merion. Another full day in Chester with a short guided tour with a Blue Badge
Guide with the rest of the day tree for you to explore this lovely little city. A full day in Liverpool approaching
the City by ferry across the famous Mersey river. a short Blue Badge Guide tour on the coach then you are tree
to explore whatever you wish be it the Tate Gallery, Walker Art Gallery, Maritime Museum, Liverpool Life
Museum, the Beatles Museum, not to forget the two Cathedrals and St. George's Hall or even visit the shops!
On the journey up we will be have a two hour stop at Charlcote Park (NT) in Warwickshire for lunch and the
house and at Shrugborough(NT) on the way home.
Organiser: Sylvia Arden-Brown. In conjunction with Airedale Tours.

                                           Isle of Wight Tour - Tuesday 22nd August 2006
                                  We couldn't believe our luck as we boarded our coach in Chichester. The sun
                                  was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky. .
                                  At Portsmouth we met our Blue Badge Guide, David Parker. He stayed with us
                                  throughout the day, proving to be informative and knowledgeable on every
                                  aspect of the island.
                                  After the 40 minute ferry crossing from Portsmouth to Fishbourne our morning
     Enjoying The Crossing
                                  drive started with a scenic tour of the island and en route we saw the old
capital and castle at Carisbrooke and many picturesque villages including the island's most beautiful house at
Mottistone .
Following the coastline with it's breathtaking views, we arrived at the historic and. compact little port of
Yarmouth where we stopped for our scheduled lunch break, giving us an opportunity to try out the various
places to eat in this charming little town. We continued by coach through the often very narrow and winding
lanes, negotiated with great expertise by our driver Tom.
   Enjoying The Crossing
We arrived at Osborne House once the home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, it remains a treasure house
of Victorian a and has been preserved almost unaltered since the Queen's death in 1901. Our Tour of the
sumptuous Royal apartments, taking in a glimpse of family life included a visit to the nursery and Queen's
bedroom. We strolled around the gardens, and finally, the icing on the cake, or should I say the cream on the
scone, was enjoyed by many of us as we had tea in the elegant Terrace Restaurant.
We headed back to Fishbourne to catch the ferry.. We all enjoyed a perfect day out, good company and lovely
weather. The Isle of Wight never looked more beautiful. Grateful thanks were expressed by all to Pam and Val
Ripley for planning and organising such an enjoyable trip.
Molly Pringle
                        A Visit To Penshurst Place – Tuesday 19th September 2006
On a beautiful late summer day we arrived at Penshurst Place in the Weald of Kent, surrounded by ancient
parkland, built of local sandstone and described as one the _best preserved examples of a fortified manor house
in the whole of England. Home to the Sidney family since 1552, when it was gifted by Edward VI to Sir
William Sidney, and although medieval in origin having been built in 1341, this house retains the character of a
family home as lived in and cared for by the present generation, Viscount De L'Isle and his family.
We were met by our Guide and taken through the great wooden door where Henry VIII had passed when
visiting Penshurst while courting Anne Boleyn at nearby Hever Then we came into the Baron's Hall, with its
imposing chestnut beamed ceiling, minstrels' gallery and life size wooden figures, and regarded as the best
example of medieval domestic architecture in the country. Next we were shown the adjoining staterooms,
including the Solar or state dining room, with its interesting portraits and long dining table laid in gold and
silver as for a banquet.
Then we came to the beautiful Queen Elizabeth room where the Queen would have held audience on her visits
here, and the Tapestry Room with its beautiful 16th century tapestries. We were then guided through the Page's
Room into the Long Gallery, with its ornate plaster ceiling and many wonderful family portraits. After the
panelled bedroom, we passed into the Nether Gallery or armoury where the centrepiece of the formidable
collection of Armour and weaponry was Sir Philip Sidney's funeral helm surmounted by a porcupine, the
Sidney family crest.
After lunch we had a long and relaxing stroll around the magnificent gardens a large part of these remain as
originally constructed in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I We walked across the south lawn to the Italian garden
with its parterres and stone fountain and water lily basin in the centre. Then we walked around the various
garden "rooms" including the rose garden, the magnolia garden, the grey garden, the stage garden, Diana's bath,
the orchard and the Union Flag garden, all these separated by clipped yew hedges.
Finally we visited the intriguing Toy Museum, with its collection of and three fully furnished dolls' houses
representing three different eras, as well as early wooden rocking horses, a Noah's Ark with all its animals, a
mechanical drinking bear and a toy theatre showing scenes of Sleeping Beauty.
Thank you Michael Reynell for organising such an interesting visit.
Prue Gamble

                                    MUSIC ON SUNDAYS
                                              in Chichester
                   at the Oxmarket Centre of Arts off East Street or Little London car park
                                             at 2.30 promptly

  28 Jan. JONATHAN HINDEN: (ex Senior Coach at Glyndebourne Festival Opera)
          with piano and voice illustrations narrating Mozart’s magic flute
                                          Visitors £7 Students half price

  25 Feb. hilser trio, Rachel Smith, flute, Rachel Firmager, cello
          and Rachel Fryer, piano, performing music by Mendelssohn, Hummel, etc.
                                         Visitors £7 Students half price

  25 Mar. piano recital by NADIA GILIOVA performing Russian + European classics
                           Visitors £7 Students half price

Further details of 2007 presentations: / / Tel. 01243 839585

                                       Recycle for Guide Dogs
 At the November U3A meeting, it was agreed that members would like to save used postage stamps to pass on
 to Guide Dogs for the Blind.
 The Charity accepts all types of stamps including foreign ones & they should be torn or cut off the envelopes
 leaving a small border around them. These stamps are sold to dealers, mainly abroad, as a means of fundraising
 for the organisation. 1kg of stamps feeds a puppy for a day.
 There will be a collection box for the stamps on the registration table at each U3A monthly meeting. I will then
 pass the stamps on to Guide Dogs.
 Used Inkjet printer cartridges can also be recycled to help the same charity & these could be brought to the
 meetings in the same way. 10 cartridges pay for a Guide Dog for a day.
 I am also happy to accept either stamps or cartridges at any time.
                                                                                                   Yvonne Piper

 Notes from the Editor
 Copy date for the next newsletter will be April 1st.

 If sending by email it would help if the copy is set up in the same format as the newsletter:
 Margins 1cm all round, normally Times New Roman Font 12pt justified with headings 14pt

 Thank you

We have recently received information on the opportunity to brush up on our knowledge of road skills & safety.
This is something that will affect anyone you currently drives on our roads. No matter how long you have been
driving there is always something to learn. A lot of us have been driving a long time, perhaps never even taken a
driving test

The committee have organised an „Arrive Alive Classic‟ presentation in conjunction with the Driving Standards
Agency (DSA) at Oving Village Hall on Thursday February 23rd to give two identical presentations, one in the
morning at 11am & one in the afternoon at 2pm. So if you have a group in the morning you can attend in the
afternoon or vice versa.

                     The presentation will cost 50p per member or £1 for non-members.
                                    Hopefully with a cup of tea included.

                            Please let Ernie Piper know if you wish to come

 P.S. We have kitchen facilities available, have we any members willing to do Tea/Coffee on the day? It would
  mean making the refreshment & washing up afterwards. I need two teams of say, 4 people for each session.

       This is an extract from some of the literature provided with the invitation to Chichester U3A

                                 About the Arrive Alive Classic Scheme
As part of the government‟s Road Safety Strategy, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) launched a programme
of presentations specifically aimed at those drivers aged 50 plus, with a particular focus on the retired age group.
                                                 The Primary Aim
Based on the successful award-winning Arrive Alive scheme, which promotes safe driving among school
children and newly qualified drivers, the primary aim of the presentation is to encourage road safety by
highlighting awareness of various issues which are relevant to the more mature driver, most notably:

      rising traffic volumes
      more complex road systems
      licensing requirements at the age of 70
      eyesight requirements
      the effects of medication
      driving when tired
      the penalty point system
      road signs

On a more general note, information regarding recent changes to legislation and The Highway Code will be
highlighted. The presentation will also provide tips and reminders about general good driving practice,
something that is appropriate to drivers of all ages!

                      For further information please see website:
                 Our aim is to keep older drivers on the road – safely – for as long as possible

                                                           Classical Guitar Recitals
                                             Come and enjoy the inimitable sound of the guitar and relax with a glass
                                                                  of wine during the interval

17 February    Irina Kulikova        Irina is an outstanding Russian guitarist who has won many international prizes. She has
                                     already dazzled audiences at the West Dean International Guitar Festival and WSGC with her
                                     virtuosity, and has matured into a performer of enormous warmth and vitality.

29 April       Fabio Zanon           Fabio is recognized as one the most all-embracing talents in the international guitar scene. His
                                     total command of a vast repertoire that includes all the major works written for the guitar,
                                     together with his profound musical understanding, virtuoso technique and engaging personality
                                     have made him a firm favourite of WSGC audiences for more than ten years.
30 June        Aquarelle Guitar
               Quartet                Michael Baker, Vasilis Bessas, James Jervis and Rory Russell. They are one of the most
                                     original and active guitar ensembles in the UK. Since their formation in 1999 the Aquarelle
                                     Guitar Quartet have toured extensively in the UK, Ireland and Greece. In their programmes the
                                     quartet are dedicated to presenting works from around the globe with a particular focus on the
                                     music of Latin America.

Admission: Members £6, non-members £10, half price for full time students, children under 16 free.
All concerts start at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) and are held at The Regis Recital Hall, 46 Sudley Road, Bognor Regis, PO21 1ER.
Tickets & Information 01243 866462 or

                                  Taster sessions
                                 for U3A Members
                                   February 2007
                                                                  February 2007
Canon‟s Health & Fitness Club in Chichester are inviting Chichester U3A members (and a
guest) to a FREE taster session during the month of February
Just take your new membership card as a means of identification and you and a guest will
 be able to use the facilities for a day including a quiet indoor heated pool ideal for relaxing
 and gentle swimming plus the gym, studio, steam and sauna.
If you then decide to join the normal administration and banking fee will be waived –saving £25

          For further information please contact Linda Applin 01243 789618


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