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iplink Managed VPN Routers


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									                                                              IP Access Products

                                                       IPLink Managed VPN Routers
                                                       Model 2802 & 2805

Patton IPLink Managed VPN Routers promote business/dual use of broadband access networks
by applying VPN encryption AND QoS/CoS traffic management to traffic flows.

VPN Tunnels                                                    atton’s IPLink Managed VPN Routers        Likewise, PPPoE protocols include support
Standard IPSec with AH and ESP ensures maxi-                   are a family of next generation appli-    for PAP and CHAP authentication.
mum protection when traversing                                 ances that address both the security
unsecured networks.                                                                                      QoS features include
                                                       and the traffic prioritization needs of enter-
                                                       prises. VPN routers enable the secure com-        ToS/DiffServ marking and
Strong Encryption
DES, 3DES, and AES offer standards based               munication of remote offices, home offices,       the configuration of eight
encryption algorithms from 56 to 256 bits.             and mobile users across insecure IP net-          service class tags per
                                                       works such as the Internet. IPLink VPN            IEEE 802.1p/Q. With traf-          Special Rates
QoS/CoS Profiles                                                                                         fic scheduling and shap-              Available
                                                       Routers take it one step further and integrate
Configurable burst tolerance, bandwidth guaran-                                                          ing, create dedicated              Call for Details
                                                       quality of service (QoS) to optimize business
tees plus reduce per flow traffic jitter as required                                                     bandwidth guarantees, configurable burst
by the application.                                    traffic flows, allowing dual use (business and
                                                                                                         tolerance, and policing to include excess traf-
                                                       leisure) of broadband connections without
                                                                                                         fic discard. IP fragmentation is configurable
Configurable Security Profiles                         impacting the quality of business communi-
                                                                                                         to help minimize jitter in traffic flows.
Built-in IP address and IP port filtering, ACLs and    cations.
DoS attack detection creates a comprehensive
                                                                                                         Advanced IP features include RIPv1 & RIPv2
security environment.                                  IPLink VPN Routers implement a compre-
                                                                                                         routing and static route configuration. Static
                                                       hensive security environment. It all starts       and dynamic NAT, NAPT, DNS resolver and
Enhanced IP Services                                   with IPSec. By supporting ESP as well as AH,
DNS resolver and relay, NAT/NAPT, dynamic                                                                relay, dynamic DNS, and DHCP server further
DNS, and DHCP server, eases integration.
                                                       IPLink VPN Routers provide data integrity,        add to the capabilities of the IPLink VPN
                                                       authentication, anti-replay and data confiden-    Router. All IPLink VPN routers can be man-
10/100 Ethernet                                        tiality to any traffic flow. DES, 3DES, and AES   aged via a web browser (HTTP), command
Dual 10/100 Ethernet and 5 port Ethernet switch.       provide standard encryption up to 256 bits.       line interface (Telnet), or an SNMP manage-
                                                       Firewall capabilities of the IPLink VPN           ment platform.
SNMP/HTTP Management                                   Routers include Access Control Lists (ACLs),
Easily manage the IPLink VPN Routers via a sim-        IP address and port filtering, and protection     For more information, visit us at
ple web browser interface.
                                                       against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.          www.patton.com.

                                                                  Proven Patton design
                                                                                                                  VPN & QoS software comes standard
                               and AC/DC

                                                                                                                                    10/100 LAN Ethernet
                                                                                                                                      switch with full-
                                                                                                                                      duplex and auto
                         Front panel LEDs
                         show operational
                         status at a glance
                                                                                                                                   10/100 Ethernet WAN
                                                                                                                                    with full-duplex and
                                                                                                                                     auto MDI/MDI-X
✔ VPN tunneling secures IP network tra-                            IPLink VPN Routers are next-generation security appliances that address the needs of business
  versal.                                                          users by integrating QoS into a one-box solution. By including QoS, broadband connections
    • IPSec encryption supporting AH and ESP                       can be put to dual-use without impacting the quality of business data flows.
      provides data integrity, authentication,
      anti-replay and data confidentiality.

✔ 256-bit encryption protects data.
    • With support for DES, 3DES, and AES,
      data can be encrypted using 56 to 256-
      bit algorithms, right-sizing security to
✔ QoS/CoS profiles
    • QoS/CoS guarantees traffic priority.
    • ToS/DiffServ labeling
    • Eight service class tags per IEEE
    • Per flow bandwidth guarantees
    • Hierarchical traffic classes
    • Configurable burst tolerance
    • Excess traffic discard
    • Configurable packet and frame frag-
      mentation to minimize jitter.

WAN Ethernet port                                    Management                                           Security                                    units are US NRTL Listed; EMC
                                                     CLI via Telnet; TFTP for Software                    IPSec including AH and ESP. DES, 3DES,      Emissions: FCC Part 15 Class A;
2802 & 2805: 10/100BaseT (RJ-45 con-
                                                                                                          and AES encryption. Access Control          EN55022 Class A; EMC Immunity:
nector); auto-negotiating; half/full duplex          upgrade and configuration upload;
                                                                                                          Lists (ACLs). IP port and address filter-   EN55024
operation with automatic MDI/MDI-X                   SNMPv1; HTTP/web browser                             ing both by source and destination. DoS
                                                                                                          Detection. Password protected system        Environment
LAN Ethernet Ports                                   Protocols                                            management with a username/password         Operating temperature: 0-40°C (32-104
                                                     IP (RFC 741), TCP (RFC 793), UDP (RFC                for console and virtual terminal.           °F); Humidity: 5-80% non-condensing
2802: 10/100BaseT (RJ-45 connector);
                                                     768), ICMP & ICMP Redirect (RFC 792),
auto-negotiating; half or full duplex oper-                                                               Power Supplies
                                                     ARP (RFC 826). IP Router with RIPv1                  External universal 90–260 VAC input or
ation with automatic MDI/MDI-X                                                                                                                        Dimensions & Weight
                                                     (RFC 1058), RIPv2 (RFC 2453), pro-                   48 VDC input. (Optional Internal univer-    7.3W x 1.6H x 6.1D in.
2805: 4 port 10/100BaseT switch (RJ-45               grammable static routes. Integrated                  sal 90–260 VAC input.)                      (18.5H x 4.1W x 15.5D cm)
connector); auto-negotiating; half/full              DHCP Server (RFC 2131), DNS Relay                    Compliance                                  30.5 oz./500g (models with internal
duplex operation with automatic                      (RFC 1631), IEEE 802.1p VLAN Tagging,                CE Mark; Safety: UL60950-1, CSA 22.2        power); 24.4 oz./400g (models with
MDI/MDI-X                                            NAT/NAPT (RFC 1631/2391)                             6095001, IEC/EN60950-1. Universal AC        external power; no power supply)

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

Order Information
 2802/UI                                                              2805/UI
 2802/EUI                                                             2805/EUI

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