Uniform Policy and Dress Code

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					                                                Saint Hyacinth Academy
                                Uniform Policy and Dress Code

St. Hyacinth Academy has an established uniform policy and dress code. All students are required to be in uniform during
school hours and adhere to the Dress Code for all extra-curricular activities, e.g.: graduation, school dances, and other school
sponsored activities. The Uniform Policy is divided into three categories: Dress Uniform (required), Casual Uniform
(optional), and Physical Education Uniform (required). Additional optional wear may be purchased from the outlined uniform
list. All uniforms must be purchased from True Grits Uniform Company (see purchase guidelines on reverse).

Special Note: All uniforms must be from True Grit Uniform Company for 2010-2011.
        GIRLS - Grades K-5
             Dress Uniform (required)
             Jumper (#JP10) with Grey or White School Polo Shirt (#SH10).

        GIRLS - Grades 6-8
             Dress Uniform (required)
             Multi pleat Skirt (#SK40) with Grey or White School Polo Shirt (#SH10).

        GIRLS - Grades K-8
             Casual Uniform (optional)
             Walking Shorts (GS15) or Twill Pants (#GP95) with Grey or White School Polo Shirt (#SH10)

        BOYS - Grades K-8
             Dress Uniform (required)
             Twill Pants (BP20/25) with Grey or White School Polo Shirt (#SH10).

        BOYS - Grades K-8
             Casual Uniform (optional)
             Bermuda Shorts (#BS20/25) with Grey or White School Polo Shirt (#SH10).

        GIRLS and BOYS - Grades 1-8
             Physical Education Uniform (required)
             *Purchase thru St. Hyacinth Academy School office see attached order form
             Gray School P.E. T-Shirt and Royal Blue Gym, shorts mesh
             Royal blue sweat pants
             Tennis Shoes or appropriate rubber soled shoes.

        Optional Uniform Wear - Grades K-8
              Royal Blue Zip Hooded Sweatshirt (#PE70)
              Royal Blue Cardigan Sweater (#SW20)
              Royal Blue Sweat Shirt (#PE60)
              (Girls) Bike Shorts May be worn under jumper/skirt.
              Jacket, Nylon Fleece Lined Hooded (#JK50)

  All students must be in Dress Uniform for weekly Mass (Tuesdays) and other designated days throughout the year.
                                     General Uniform / Dress Code Guidelines on Reverse
                                   General Uniform/Dress Code Guidelines
Additional Uniform Policy
   In addition to the above uniforms, all students must wear appropriate undergarments.
   A WHITE T-shirt may be worn under the Polo Shirt.
   Socks must be a Standard WHITE Crew Sock. Top of sock may be no lower than 1 inch from the top of the
       shoe. Girls may wear WHITE or NAVY tights with a skirt/Jumper.
   Appropriate non uniform jackets or sweaters may be worn for outside wear over SCHOOL SWEATSHIRT
   Only closed toe and heel shoes may be worn on campus. It is strongly suggested that students wear tennis
       shoes or athletic shoes, no slip on shoes. No Boots or Uggs boots are allowed. Shoes should be
       appropriate size and tied or secured properly.

Free Dress
    Periodically throughout the year, students will be allowed free dress. Free dress refers to dress that is
      appropriate and in keeping with the philosophy and standards of Saint Hyacinth Academy. General dress
      code policies apply. Girls are not allowed to wear spaghetti strap shirts of any kind.

General Appearance
    Girls may not wear makeup or fingernail polish. Clear nail polish is acceptable.
    Girls may wear small earrings, a small chain, and/or wrist watch.
    Boys may wear a small chain and/or wrist watch. Boys may not wear earrings.
    Boys’ hair is not permitted to be below the neck line or covering the eyes.
    No unusual hair styles are allowed which include but are not limited to cuts, bleaches, tints and dyes.
    Shirts must be tucked in pants, shorts or skirts.
    Uniforms must be in good condition; clean with no holes, tears, missing buttons, etc.
    If belts are worn, they must be simple, black and the proper waist length. No unusual styles.

Size Regulations
     Pants are to be the appropriate size.
     Pants and shorts are to be worn at the student’s natural waist line.
     No baggy pants will be allowed.
     Shorts are to be no longer than the knee and no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
     Polo, sweat, and t-shirts are to be the appropriate size for the student.
     Skirts and Jumpers are to be knee length.
Please Note: Because something in the Uniform Policy / Dress Code is not specifically prohibited, it does not mean it is acceptable. The
Uniform Policy / Dress Code should be followed as written. Contact the school office if there is a question.
                                                        Purchasing Information
    All School Uniforms must be purchased from True Grits School Uniform Company. Uniforms may be
   purchased by phone, internet or by direct purchase at the store. A link to True Grits internet purchasing can
                 be found on the school website. The True Grits Uniform Store is located at;
                                          True Grits School Uniforms
                                        11750 Sterling Avenue, Suite A
                                              Riverside, CA 92503
                      (91 Freeway, exit at Magnolia Ave, Store is left of the Freeway)
                             www.truegrits.com Order by Phone: (951) 343-0411
                See True Grits Order Form available in the School Office for more information.
                   *Physical Education Uniforms must be purchased thru school office.