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					               Trinity Christian Academy Training Center Schedule for Fall 2007                                             4/18/2007
Room/Time                9:00 a.m.                10:00 a.m.                 11:00 a.m.                   1:00 p.m.                  2:00 p.m.
                      Sign Language                    Art                      Art
                         1st. –5th              3rd-6th (30.00 )          K-2nd (30.00)                      Massey-Durham Unit Studies
Fellowship A          Jan Henderson            Melissa Wholford          Melissa Wholford                        1-5 (20.00 Monthly)
                                             Tennessee State History                                         Cheryl Massey/ LorrieDurham
                      Math Test Prep                                         Geography
                          5th-8th                  4th-8th (5.00)               3rd-5th
Fellowship B          Shannen Herrell              Terra Goosie              Kim Hayes
                        Lego Class                  Art Survey         Literature Unit Studies          Logic Building            Jr. Achievement
                        K-3rd. (15.00)       6th-12 (5.00 per class)           5th-8th                      5th-8th                 5th-8th (5.00
Fellowship C          Mary Williams               Janice Fancher           Laurie Hanley                Laurie Hanley              Laurie Hanley
                     Reading Strategies                           Physics                             Pilgrims Progress           Wood Carving
                            4th-8th                           4th-8th (15.00)                           4th-8th (5.00)          10 yrs. & up (20.00)
Fellowship D         Alicia Defenderfer                     Alicia Defenderfer                        Alicia Defenderfer           Andy Heneise
                    Feast of Old Testament      Physical Science               Silk 11                  Hip Hop Dance                    Staff
                      3rd-12th (7.50)           7th-8th (25.00)             3-12 (25.00)                3rd-12 (10.00)           3rd. – 12th (19.00)
Praisin’ Station
                         Joe Olivio             C.J. Linebarger            C.J. Linebarger              C.J. Linebarger           C. J. Linebarger
                        Character                American Girl                  Bible                  English/Writing            Jr. Achievement
                         6th-12th               3rd. –up (10.00)               4th-12th                 6th-8th (25.00)             4th-6th (5.00)
Heir Force            Suzanne Riffey            Suzanne Riffey                Chris Ellis                Cu Peterson                 Tony Lieser

Room H                    Stomp                 Worship Dance             States & Capitals           States and Capitals                Dance
(5 K)               5th-up (20.00 year)         K-3rd. (15.00)              K-2nd (5.00)                3rd.-5th (5.00)         3rd.-8th (5.00 a class)
                       Angie Jefferies          Angie Jeffries              Laura Graner                 Laura Graner                Cu Peterson

Room G                    Phonics                  Science                      Legos                    Calligraphy                      PE
(Candyland)         41/2 –51/2 (10.00)               K-1                     3rd-5th (15.00)            4th-6th (5.00)            1st. –5th (10.00)
                      Lisa Thompson               Kim Hayes                   Rob Ellis                Nicole Simpson             Mary Williams
                      Math Enrichment          Math Enrichment         Math Enrichment               Chronicles of Narnia          Nature Study
Room F                  1st-2rd. (5.00)        Pre-K –K (5.00)         3rd. –5th. (5.00)                     3rd-6th                   K-2
(Jambulani)            Kim Craddock             Kim Craddock            Kim Craddock                   Debbie Forrester          Debbie Forrester
                            Chess                            Beg. Sewing                                              Sewing 1 & 2
Hospitality            10 years & up               7th-12th (25.00 maintenance fee)                         8th-12th (25.00 maintenance fee)
Room                     Red Jeffries                        Nancy Evans                                              Nancy Evans
Room A                   Bible Study               Science            All Gods Creatures                Classical Guitar         Classical Guitar
(Lambs)               Jr. High (5th -8th)          2nd-3rd.            2nd. –4th (10.00)            6-12 years (45.00 mth.) 12th –up (50.00 mth)
                       Dave Campbell           Nicole Simpson          Nicole Simpson                   Caleb Shepard             Caleb Shepard
                        Kindermisik              Five in a Row            Creative Writing               Kids Praise            International Dance
Nursery C              5yrs. To 7 yrs.               K-2nd.                    2nd-4th                   5 and 6 yrs.               7yrs. And up
                   (280.00 per semester)         Robin Wright              Robin Wright                 Karen Sumner               Karen Sumner
                       Susie Waddell
                           Karate                     Karate                     Karate                 Beginner Flags                   PE
                   5 yrs. & up (20mth)        5 yrs & up (20 mth)        5 yrs. & up (20 mth.)           5 yrs. and up                4th – 8th
                       Caleb Shepard             Caleb Shepard               Caleb Shepard              Mary Williams               Gina Hefner
Foyer                60.00 registration        60.00 registration          60.00 registration
                                                                   Cooking                                   Cooking                   Cooking
                                                        7th-12th (50.00 per semester)               4th-6th (30.00 per sem.)   4th-6th(30.00 per sem.)
Kitchen                                                      Sally Montgomery                          Sally Montgomery          Sally Montgomery
                       Adv. Comp.                 Adv. Comp.              Intro. To Computer            Basic Computer
Library                 6th and up                  6th and up                   2nd-3rd.                     6th-up
                       Scott Atchley             Scott Atchley              Shannen Herrell                Adam Lutts
                                                                             Worship Guitar
Adam Lutts                                                              10 yrs & up ($8/lesson)
Office                                                                     Adam Lutts
Sanctuary                                          Drums                      Drums                        Drums                      Drums
                                             8 & up (35.00 mth)         8 & up (35.00 mth)           8 & up (35.00 mth)         8 & up (35.00 mth)
                                                Enda Verez                 Enda Verez                   Enda Verez                   Enda Verez
                      Career Choices            Financial Peace        Thinking Like a Christian                            Art
Sanctuary #1            9-12 grade                  9th-12th                   9th-12th                         9th-12th (120.00 all year)
                   people of professions          Sarah Lutts               Mark Medley                              Caroline Garriott
                     Writing Skills 1           Writiing Skills 3        American History                  Spanish
                          9th-12th                  9th-12th             9th-12th (25.00) (10.00)          9th-12th
Sanctuary #2                                                                                             Andy Heneise
                       Brian Durfee              Brian Durfee                Cu Peterson
                         Algebra 1                Algebra 11                   Biology                     Chemistry              Marine Biology
Sanctuary #3           9th-12th (50.00)        10th-12th (50.00)           9th-12th (50.00)             10th-12th (50.00)         10th-12th (50.00)
                         Liz Pierce               Liz Pierce                  Liz Pierce                   Liz Pierce               Liz Pierce

                            4-H is available after school at 3:30 p.m. Schedule to be announced.
                Trinity Christian Academy Training Center Schedule for Fall 2007                          4/18/2007

All Gods Creatures: study of classes/families/phyla of all types of creatures. Will care for small animal @ home. Homework
American Girl Doll: Thematic Units: Crafts and History Homework required
American History: Christopher Columbus to 1900’s. Puritans, Colonization, war of Independence, Constitution, Homework
Algebra 1& 11: 1 Math Credit, Saxon curriculum supplies: scientific calculator, graph paper, compass, protractor
Art: Elementary & Middle School :craft activities, print making, paper making, etc
Art: Intro. to art periods and artists. Experience with drawing, pastels, watercolors, acrylics, etc..
Art Survey: Basic and advanced compostion & design skills taught in a variety of medium. Homework rewuired
Basic Cooking Skills: New Jr. Cookbook/Amish Cooking for kids: notebook, recipe box, abc division cards, blank ruled cards
Beginner Sewing& Sewing 11: learn to follow a pattern & construct simple projects: Must have instructors approval
Bible : Picture This: New Testament survey. Homework required
Biology: 1 Science Credit Apologia curriculum
Chemistry: 1 Science Credit, Prerequisite Biology Apologia Curriculum
Character Development: Scripture Memorization, character topics discussed
Chess: needs to have a chess set
Classical Guitar: Must have guitar, case, music stand, tuner. Homework required
Dance: Learning worship dance. Attitude, diligence, thinking, righteousness & more. Taught by Katie M. & Rachel H. Homework
Drums: techniques along with fundimental snare drum playing. Read music, notation, developing a good ear.
English Writing Skills: Working through Sourcebook & Write Source to improve skills.
Feast of the Old Testament: Visual, Drama, Flags, Banners
Five in a Row: Childrens Literature Unit Studies Reading childs story, doing activities to reinforce the story.
Flags: Curriculum: Blank video tape, flags ( $45.00 at ), band-aids, & gloves.
Geography: Learning about other countries, cultures, religions, & needs (missionary minded) will be praying for other countries
Hip Hop: Dance class
Intro. To Computer: Learning basic computer skills
International Dance & Pageantry: International folk & praise dance (Israeli/Hebrew dance)nd pageantry. Classroom prayer.
Junior Achievement: Business concepts include local, reqional, and global market. Learn to put together a business plan
Karate: Aikigutso Self- Defense Teaching: Godly character, belt testing optional.
Kindermusik (Young Child) Sem.1& 2; 1st. sem. fee: 180.00; 10.00 discount if paid in full the first month. Sibling rates avail.
Kids Praise: Basic movement, rhythm, and simple dance steps to children’s praise songs. Classroom prayer time.
Lego Class: Work as a team to build different objects.
Literatrure Unit Studies: YWAM missionaries: Read and study characters
Literature: “Further Up Further In”. Unit study on “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Need The Chronicles of Narnia books Homework
Logic: Building thinking skills: figural/spatial & verbal activies that will improve students analysis, reading, writing, vocab, etc.
Math & Math Enrichment: Learning basic math fundamentals .
Math Test Prep: Harcourt test prep. Word problems, problem solving, fractions, decimals .
Nature Study: Ambleslide: Handbook of Nature Study; Need to have a 3 ring notebook with 4 dividers .                                  .
Pilgrims Progress: Interactive Literature Read ad discuss Christian characters. Have in dept discussions.
Pre-K & K Phonics: letter recognition and sounds needs a 3 ring binder.
Physical Science: Apologia Curriculum.
Physics: God’s design for Life. Homework required
Reading Strategies: Rod & Staff; Using games, workbook, flash cards, & manipulatives to learn better reading skills. Homework.
Science: Landmark Curriculum Will be studying Science according to God’s design.
Silk Painting: Hand dying silk flags, banners, scarves, etc.
Spanish: Beginner level, basic grammar & vocabulary. More advanced tutoring also available
Staff: make a prayer staff & Bible study on the staff of the Lord
States & Capitals: Memorize all 50 states and capitals by the end of school year
Stomp: Dance class, must have rhythm and endurance. Will be doing a lot of moving and stepping together
Tennessee Facts & History: Studying Tennessee history, geography, fun facts, people, etc.
Unit Studies: 2 Hour unit study with a monthly theme. Touch on science, history, biography, arts, & crafts. Supplies included.
Wood Carving: Learning techniques & practicing different types of carving, whittling, chip carving, sculpture, & relief carving
Worship Dance : Learn body movements, dance steps, etc. Dance to worship music. Call teacher for more information
Worship Guitar: Beginners learning to play guitar. Learn worship skills: Will also do private lessons 10.00 a lesson
Writing Skills: written assignments, outside research, research papers, compare & contrast book reports. Weekly assignments
Private Piano Lessons: Given by Susie Waddell: 45.00 per month