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					                            VOGEL & NOOT

U nd e rf lo or h e ating

02    Underfloor heating

With natural perfection.
Hardly any system is as rich in finding unique ideas and as perfect in inventing brilliant solutions than Nature itself. Thinking and
acting with the natural strive for innovation also forms the basis for our progressive solutions in technology and design of our under-
floor heating systems. Solutions that efficiently combine ecology and economy and meet all heating needs of the future.
                                                                                                      Underfloor heating            03

heatingthroughinnovation. – Discover with us a completely new world of warmth. Our current selection of underfloor heating
systems not only combines innovative designs with first class technology, it also offers the advantages you expect from us through
our unique service offering. You receive optimal solutions for classic home installations as well as for special applications. Thanks to
the freedom to select any flooring surface and the excellent coordination of all components, there are no limits to creativity. Choose
from among our innovative underfloor heating systems.

                                                                              More technology. More service.

Entdecken Sie mit uns gemeinsam eine völlig neue Welt der Wärme. Unser aktuelles Fußbodenheizungsprogramm
kombiniert innovative Konstruktionen mit erstklassiger Technik und bietet optimale Lösungen für den klassischen
Wohnbereich sowie zur Bewältigung besonderer Aufgaben. Durch die freie Wahl des Oberflächenbodens und die hervorragende
Abstimmung alle Komponenten sind auch der Kreativität keine Grenzen gesetzt. Wählen Sie aus unserer innovativen Fußboden-
heizungsserie F LO O RT E C .
                                                                                    Mehr Technik. Mehr Design.
04   Contents

                FLOORTEC stapled system.
                The heating pipes are mounted onto the defined installation grids of the insulation roll quickly
                and accurately with a stapler.

                FLOORTEC preformed plate system.
                Laying the heating tubes in plates with preformed piles in only four steps is perfectly easy and
                requires no tools.

                FLOORTEC grid mat system.
                The grid mat system is installed and fastened independently of the insulation structure beneath it.

                FLOORTEC rail-mounting system.
                The system impresses through its simple use and unique “endless” extension via the “click”
                                               Contents   05

                                                               S tap l e d sy ste m
FLOORTEC stapled system                   06

                                                               Prefor m ed p l ate sy ste m
FLOORTEC preformed plate system           08

                                                               Grid m at s y s t em
FLOORTEC grid mat system                  10

                                                               R ail-mount ing system

FLOORTEC rail-mounting system             12

FLOORTEC stainless steel manifold         14
Product description & scope of supplies   15
                                                               Infor ma tion
06   FLOOR TEC stapled system

F L OORT E C st apled syst em.

     Product advantage
     The components of the FL O O RTEC
     s t apled syst em are specially
     coordinated and guarantee standards-
     compliant, perfectly fitting installation with
     a stapler.

                                                      perfectly fitting, simple.
                                      FLOOR TEC stapled system                   07

                                                                                      Tre n de & sye si g n
                                                                                      S tap l d D ste m
FLO O RTEC s t a p led s y s t em.
The FLOORTEC stapled system offers a particularly flexible system
for underfloor heating. It consists of defined installation grids in 50 mm
steps and is stapled onto the sound insulation of the floor quickly and
precisely using U-clips.

                                      F L O O RT E C Re-Xa tubing or aluminium
                                      composite tubing attached by stapler.
08   FLOOR TEC prefor med plate system

F L O ORTEC prefor med pla t e s y s t e m .

                                                        fast, reliable, easy.

          Product advantage
          The system has an exact installation shape
          with 50 mm grid, ensuring optimal heat
          distribution according to the calculations.
                                                                 FLOOR TEC prefor med plate system               09

                                                                                                                      Prefor m ed p l ate sy ste m
FLOORTEC prefor me d p l a t e s y s t e m .
There is no simpler or more reliable way to install underfloor heating.
With the FLOORTEC prefor med plate system, your underfloor
heating system will be finished in just four steps, without the need for any

                                                                               F L O O RT E C preformed plate.
10   FLOOR TEC grid mat system

                Product advantage
                The innovative mat connection technology and
                the two grid mat designs with grids of 100 x
                100 mm and 150 x 150 mm allow for all typical
                installation distances.

F L O ORTEC grid mat syste m .

                                                                         FLOOR TEC grid mat system   11

FL OORTEC grid m a t s y s t e m .
The FLOORTEC grid mat system is installed independently of the
insulation structure beneath it. The grid mat is laid atop the covering sheet
and the tubing is fastened with grid mat clips.

                                                                                                          Gr id m at s y s t em

                                        F L O O RT E C grid mat with clip.
12   FLOOR TEC rail-mounting system

         endless, functional.               Product advantage
                                            The F L O O RT E C ra i l - m o u n ti n g
                                            sy ste m is independent of the underlying
                                            insulation structure, perfectly suited for
                                            large areas and heavy loads and can be
                                            extended endlessly in 50 mm steps.

F L OORT E C r ail-m ount ing s y s t em.
                                                                FLOOR TEC rail-mounting system                13

F LOO RTEC r ail-m ount ing s y s t em.
The FLOORTEC rail-mounting system impresses with its simple
handling thanks to 1 m long elements that can be “endlessly” extended
via the “click” system. The mounting rail itself is affixed to the substrate
through the covering sheet with retaining pins.

                                                                               F L O O RT E C mounting rail
                                                                               with retaining pin.

                                                                                                                   Ra il-mount ing s yst em
14   FLOOR TEC stainless steel manifold

                                          FLOORT E C s t a i n l e s s s t e e l m a n i f o l d .
                                          Aesthetics and intelligent technology are combined in the FLOORTEC
                                          stainless steel manifold. It represents the fine art of heat
                                          distribution. It is delivered as a complete unit – ready for connection and

                                                                           refined, artistic,
                                          Top image:
                                          FL O O RTEC stainless steel manifold
                                          with control drive.

                                          Bottom image:
                                          FL O O RTEC flow rate metre.

             Product advantage
             The FL O O RT E C s t a i n l e s s s t e e l
             m anifold is easy to connect and is
             compatible with typical underfloor heating
             systems found on the market thanks to the
             3/4” Euro-cone connection.

F L O ORTEC stainless steel m a n i f o l d .
                                              Product description & scope of supplies                      15

Pro duc t desc r ip t io n & s c o p e o f s up p lies

F L O O RT E C pre-formed plate heating system         perties of the aluminium plate, heat is distributed
The base on which the pipes are laid is equipped       evenly over the surface. The heat is then transfer-
with firm, supporting, foam filled nodules. You        red through the floor surface into the room. The
simply press in the pipe between the nodules with      V OGEL & N OOT range of FL OORTEC pipe in
your foot. Of course even small areas can be laid      sizes 14 mm and 17 mm is fully compatible with
out as easily as child‘s play. Each pre-formed Plate   the two different F L O O RT E C heat diffusion
1500 x 800 mm (1.2 m2) consists of a plastic foam      plates for those pipe diameters.
filled extrusion for strength and has precise 50 mm
spaced nodules. The wide range of accessories          FLOORTEC stainless steel manifold
that are available means that the installation of      The FL OORTEC stainless steel manifold repre-
your underfloor heating can be completed with          sents the heart of any underfloor heating. Thanks
the greatest of ease.                                  to its compact design, it is suitable for all systems.
                                                       With its integrated flow-rate meter ("topmeter")
F L OORT E C stapled underfloor heating system         the relation between heating energy and actu-
The fixing matt on which the FL OORTEC stapled         al room temperature is optimised. When our
underfloor heating system is laid also serves as       F L O O RT E C stainless steel manifold is used
excellent impact and sound insulation (delivered       together with our FL OORTEC control pack, we
in 10 m2 rolls.). Because of the integrated ribbon     give a warranty of 5 years from date of purchase,
fabric the fixing mat material is very robust and      which exceeds the normal warranty. Excluded
creates a firm base that you can walk on during        from this warranty are all faults and damages
installation. Using a F L O O RT E C stapler, the      brought about by wear and tear, bad mainte-
pipe is secured onto the fixing mat with special       nance, faulty treatment, failure to follow instal-
barbed U-clips that are firmly fixed by becoming       lation and/or operation instructions, excessive
densely entangled with the ribbon fabric of the        operational demands, as well as other factors
fixing mat.                                            V OGEL & N OOT is not responsible for.

F L O O RT E C clip-rail system                        Operating Conditions
This system ensures that uniform circuit patterns      Using FL OORTEC underfloor heating in combi-
are easily achieved and simplifies the installation    nation with the FL OORTEC peroxide cross-lin-
process in larger areas. The main function of the      ked tubing, the maximum operating temperature
rail is to secure the underfloor heating circuits      is 95 ° C, the maximum operating pressure is 6
in the planned pattern prior to screeding. The         bars (or with alloy tubing 10 bars).
underfloor heating circuits can be laid in the dou-
ble meander pattern, which gives an even spread        Strong brands with highest quality standards
of heat by alternating the flow and return pipes.      Beside their great expertise and innovative spirit,
The V O G E L & N O O T range of F L O O RT E C        V OGEL & N OOT Wärmetechnik offers its custo-
pipe in sizes 14 mm to 17 mm is fully compatible       mers strong brands that meet highest quality
with the F L OORT E C clip-rail system.                standards. The quality and performance speci-
                                                       fications of the underfloor heating systems are
F L O O RT E C heat diffusion plate system             constantly being verified by recognised European
The F L OORT E C heat diffusion plate is desi-         institutions.
gned for underfloor heating installation in a joist
floor application. The plates are manufactured in
a thickness of 0,8 mm, in a length of 1 m and a
width of 0,39 m. All plates have 2 channels with
distances of 200 mm for flow and return. The
pipes are tightly gripped with the plates ensuring
maximum heat transfer. Due to the thermal pro-
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