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					                                                            Claremont McKenna College

Computing at CMC
Academic Year 2009-2010

      Student Technology Services Resources

W       elcome to CMC! Claremont McKenna College places a great importance on
        student computing. Technology is well integrated into the curriculum; our
dorms are among the most wired in the country; we have great wireless coverage; and
we have some of the nicest labs, both academic and residential, anywhere around.
Your technology experience on campus is extremely important to us!

This booklet is designed to help you decide what computer to bring, what software to
have ready, and what other little things you should come with - and just as impor-
tantly, what things not to bring and what software not to use. We’ve even included a
removable insert to help you if you are in the process of buying a new computer. See
you soon!
       Student Technology Services Resources
Claremont McKenna College

            Infrastructure                                            Services
Poppa Computer Lab,                                                       Connectivity: CMC is both
named for alumnus Ryal                                                    a wired and wireless campus.
Poppa (‘57), has 29                                                       Our wired connection is 100
PC’s, 4 Macs, 4 scan-                                                     Mbps in classrooms, labs,
ners, 2 video editing                                                     and all dorm dooms. Wireless
stations, free color and                                                  covers over 95% of the
high-speed black & white                                                  campus, including bath-
laser printing, as well as                                                rooms!
poster printing for a fee.
                                                                          Network: Students are each
Ryal Residential Lab,                                                     given 1 GB of free network
also named for CMC Alum-                                                  storage space, called the
                                     Above: South Lab at Stark Hall
nus Ryal Poppa (‘57),                                                     “U drive.” This amount can
has 17 workstations and                                                   be increased upon request
free laser printing. It fea-                                              and is backed up and virus-
ture an outdoor courtyard                                                 scanned every night.
with high-speed wireless
as well as power outlets                                                  Printing: Students are
for laptops, and is shown                                                 granted free printing rights on
below. This residential lab                                               campus, with no quota. This
is located at the geo-                                                    includes black and white, as
graphic center of CMC’s                                                   well as color printing and can
campus and is designed for                                                be done from computer labs
group work.                                                               and dorm rooms. Double-
                                                                          sided printing is advised.
South Lab at Stark                                                        Abuse of free printing can
                                 Below: Ryal Residential Lab Courtyard    result in loss of the privilege.
Hall has 14 PC’s and
free high-capacity black &
white laser printing. It is                                               Support: The Student Tech-
located centrally to all Mid                                              nology Assistance Team
and South-quad dorms                                                      (STAT) is responsible for both
on the ground floor of                                                    dorm and lab support, as well
Stark Hall.                                                               as classroom functionality
                                                                          and instructional workshops.
Bauer Technology                                                          STAT is a sub-division of
Classroom has 20 PC’s                                                     Instructional Technology and
and a black & white laser                                                 Client Services (ITCS), a divi-
printer. It is the home of our                                            sion of Information Technol-
software-specific technol-                                                ogy Services (ITS) that also
ogy workshops.                                                            contains Information Systems
                                                                          and Network Services (ISNS).
      Computer and Accessory Questions
Claremont McKenna College

What Computer?                                                     What else should I bring?
                                                                   Aside from your computer,
 W      hat computer should you bring? That’s probably the
        most common question asked by both students and
 parents. There is no easy answer - really just a series of
                                                                   there are a few things you
                                                                   should have:
 questions:                                                        1. Surge Protector - give
                                                                      yourself a few extra places
 •   Get a laptop with a removable
                                                                      to plug in as well as a little
     battery! This is very important!                                 protection.
     It’s not uncommon for liquids to
     get spilled on laptops. If you can-                           2. Network cable - while
     not remove the battery, there’s a                                CMC is almost completely
     lot more damage that will occur                                  wireless, those speeds are
                                                                      limited because of usage.
     as fluids cause a short circuit and
                                                                      We recommend you use
     overheat the battery.
                                                                      wired network when you
 •   Are you a Mac person or are you a Windows person?                can - bring a 20 foot Cat-5
     Have you always worked on Mac or PCs? Whichever                  cable.
     you have used, we recommend that you stay with that           3. Security cable - this is for
     unless you have some significant reason to switch. Both          laptops- if you have to
     work just fine.                                                  leave your laptop some-
 •   What does your budget look like? Remember, you can               where, get a Kensington
     use some Financial Aid to assist with a computer pur-            type lock to keep it secure.
     chase (check with the FinAid office for details). With this   4. Laptop case - don’t
     in mind, remember that Macs are generally more                   bother with the ones that
     expensive. Also remember that laptops tend to be more            come with your laptop. Go
     expensive than desktops.                                         to some place like REI and
                                                                      get one you really like.
 Here are two other things to keep in mind:
                                                                   5. Laptop mouse - this one
 •   Remember that laptop computers do not bounce. Yes,               is more of a suggestion.
     this sounds facetious but even the most solidly built            Using a track-pad all day
     computer will not withstand a 3’                                 can be a drag. Microsoft
     drop well.                                                       and Logitech make
                                                                      outstanding and inexpen-
 •   Laptops tend to go bad all at once.                              sive mice just for laptops.
     If you (or your roommate) spill
     something on your laptop, it will
     likely affect the entire computer, not                         DO NOT bring a Wireless
     just your keyboard. If you have a                              Access Point - your dorm is
     desktop, you can replace just the                              already covered. You will not
     keyboard for $20; not so with a laptop.                        be allowed to use a personal
                                       CMC-Recommended Tech Spec
 Claremont McKenna College

Do you want fries with that?

B    uying a computer can be difficult, especially when
     salespeople are quick to tell you what you “need.”
Several important computing hardware and software
issues are outlined below and should help you if you
decide to purchase a new computer for use at CMC. Please
keep in mind that these recommendations are based on
suggestions for your primary computer.

Processor: Intel and AMD both make excellent processors            Video Card: No specific requirements, in-
at any speed. Specifically, Intel’s Core 2 or i7 processors will   cluded graphics card is recommended.
likely leave you happy with your purchase.
                                                                   Netbooks: are not meant to be used as a
RAM: We recommend 4 GB for your primary computer, but              primary computer. Simply put, the screen
3 GB will also suffice.                                            is too small for extended use and function-
                                                                   ality is limited. The power minimization
Hard disk: Most new computers will not come with less
than a 160 GB hard drive. If any additional space is needed,       utilized by netbooks does not allow for
an external hard drive can always be added.                        functionality that we suggest for a primary
                                                                   computer. Additionally, a MacBook Air
Operating System:                                                  falls into this category. The lack of expand-
         For Windows, we suggest Vista Home Premium.               ability and ports for the MBA limit the ma-
         Vista is stable in its current form (after SP1) and       chine’s computing power and gives you an
         we find that both Ultimate and Professional are           overall smaller bang for a big buck.
         more than college students need. Windows 7 is
                                                                   Manufacturers: Although we do not
         acceptable, but is not yet fully supported, because
                                                                   endorse these vendors, these are some of
         of its beta status.
                                                                   the most popular makes among our stu-
         For Mac, we suggest OSX Leopard (10.5). This will         dents. Please note that there are other good
         come standard on new Macs. We do not suggest              computer vendors.
         using Windows on your Mac.
Software: Microsoft Windows Office Suite is a must for
                                                                       (Claremont discount)
academic purposes at CMC. The student edition is a great
deal (only $60) , and offers the same power as the full ver-       •
sion. Please note- Microsoft Works is NOT an acceptable            •
The Ultimate Steal:                                                •                   (Education Store discount available)
ch Specs and Purchasing Checklist

                   Computing Checklist
                                    Intel or AMD Processor (any speed)
                                                              160 GB HD
                                                               4 GB RAM
                                     Vista Home Premium or Mac OSX
                           Bundled Microsoft Office (from manufacturer)
               Minimum Screen Size: 15” for laptops,17-19” for desktops
                                                    Warranty (four years)
                                           Removable battery (if a laptop)
                  The Ultimate Steal (Microsoft Office 2007 for Students)
                  Printer (optional)

                            PLEASE DO NOT BRING THE FOLLOWING:
                         Wireless Access Point
                         Microsoft Works
              Antivirus and Security Policies
    Claremont McKenna College

     Security and You!

W        herever you are, whatever
         you’re doing, computer se-
curity is your responsibility. If
                                                              A      nti-Virus: CMC requires that
                                                                     all computers connected to
                                                               our network have an approved
you leave your laptop unat-                                    anti-virus program running at all
tended, you need to make sure it                                times. We do not provide one, in-
is secured to something; if                                      stead we have a list of approved
you’re browsing the web, you                                      programs:
need to make sure you don’t
                                                                    For Macintosh (yes it is
click on something that will
cause damage. Here are some
tips to keep your computer                                     •    ClamXAv
safe:                                                               (

U     pdates: make sure to run all updates
      for your system! This is important, both
for Windows and for Macs.
                                                  For Windows:

                                                  •     AVG (
                                                  •     Avira (
•     For Windows computers, open Internet
      Explorer, click on the “Tools” menu and     •     McAfee (
      choose “Windows Update”. Make sure to       •     Microsoft Security Essentials
      get all high priority updates.                    (
                                                  •     Nod32 (
•     For Macintosh computers, click on the Ap-
      ple in the top left and choose “Software    •     Norton (
      Update”.                                    •     PC-Cillin
Both should be set to automatically update.
                                                  •     Sophos (

P     asswords: use a strong password both for
      your network and email password as
well as for your computer! “password” is bad;
                                               All anti-virus programs must be full version
                                               (not a demo), must be up to date, and must be
“P1zzaisg00d” is much better.
                                               set to auto-update daily!
•     Make it something you can remember, and
      then scramble it up!
                                                      Keeping your computer clean and safe is
                                                              YOUR responsibility!
               Emergency On-Campus Support
    Claremont McKenna College

C     MC’s staff of 17 Resident Technology
      Assistants (RTA) will be your go-to
 contact with technology needs at CMC after new
                                                    Resident Technology
                                                    Assistant (2009-2010)
                                                                                 Dorm         QUAD

student orientation. These students are trained     Max Chambers (’12)           Appleby      NORTH
and give free tech support for all on-campus stu-   Roger Valdez (’10)           Green
dents. RTAs will help you get your computer
connected to the network and the Internet, as       Chris Jones (‘11)            Wohlford
well as help you fix things when they inevitably    Natalia Klishina (’10)       Boswell
go wrong.                                           Johnny Ko (’10)              Benson       MID
RTAs won’t do everything, however. They are         Elliot Godzich (’12)         Berger
there to get you connected, and to keep you con-    Prashant Fonseka (’12)       Beckett
nected to the CMC network.
                                                    Kyu-Tae Shim (’10)           Phillips
What can you expect your RTA to help with?          Katie Oi (’10)               Claremont

•     Help you set up a new computer.               Kim Munoz (’10)              Claremont

•     Connect you to the network.                   Katie Punsly (’12)           Auen         SOUTH
                                                    Julie Smith (’10)            Fawcett
•     Address emergencies.
                                                    Supallav Baksi-Lahiri(’12)   Marks
•     Help contact a manufacturer.
                                                  George Posner (’12)            Stark
•     Help restore a lost paper (or at least give
      you a shoulder to cry on if they can’t find Max Mautner (’10)              Apartments   APTS
      it).                                        Ying Han Cheng (’10)           Apartments
RTAs are trained to do the best they can. If they Daniel Black (’11)             Lead RTA     ALL
cannot solve a problem directly, they will help
you contact someone who can, whether that
be a staff person or a manufacturer’s warranty

     Computer Lab Locations and Hours
Claremont McKenna College

                            BTC - 7pm-1am, Sun-Wed
Poppa Lab - open 24/7,       open only when staffed
 Staffed 9am-12am M-Th       available for reservation through
 Staffed 9am-5pm F                 Story House
 Staffed noon-5pm Sat
 Staffed noon-12am Sun      South Lab and Ryal Lab - open 24/7,

                                               Contact Us
                                                           Micheal Malsed
                            Asst. Director for Student Technology Services
                                                               Adams 202
                                                           Revised 5.26.09

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