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					December 3, 2010                                                            THE TRIANGLE                                                                          Feature • 11

 Triangle Tech Presents:

                                                                  TC EVO 4G
                      Keith Hobin
     The holiday season is finally here, and for most
   people that usually means one thing: it’s time for                 HTC’s EVO runs Google’s Android operating
   a new cell phone! As college students, we find the            system and is the size of a brick (relatively). But what a pow-
   need to remain connected to the world at large               erful brick it is! The vibrant 4.3” touch screen gives plenty of
   while on the go — after all, it helps to instantly           room to use any of the various apps from the Android Market
   access e-mail to see if a class has been canceled,           place and having true multitasking (unlike the iPhone) is a god-
   and it’s fun to waste time on Facebook while                 send, so users can run apps in the background and be notified of
   waiting for a professor to show up. It’s a pain              events in real time. The EVO is skinned with HTC’s “Sense UI”
   to pull out your laptop in these situations, and             which adds a few additional features to the standard Android
   Dragonfly can be pretty flaky, so sometimes it’s               OS and gives the home screens a different look.
   best to bring your own data connection. With all                The EVO also has a 8-megapixel auto focus camera that can
   this in mind, smart phones are the perfect an-               record 720P video, a front-facing camera for self portraits and
   swer, and there are so many on the market. To                video calls, and a kickstand — and it was the first smart phone
   help make your selection a bit easier, here are              to have built-in 4G WiMax service (with a mandatory extra
   the ones that rock.                                          charge of $10 per month). Luckily for us Drexelites, 4G service
                                                                is available in Philly, so the extra fee won’t go to waste.
                                                                   The problem that most users will encounter is that the bat-
                                                                tery life isn’t great, lasting only a day and requiring recharging
                                                                every night. If you’re a heavy user of your smart phone, you may
                                                                even need to charge it during the day. However, the raw power
                                                                that the EVO has makes it worth the small setback.
                                                                   The HTC EVO 4G is available on Sprint for $199.99 after $100
                                                                mail-in rebate with a new two-year contract.

                                           When you ask about smart phones, most people will men-
                                        tion the iPhone first. This is not a surprise; the iPhone has
                                        about 25 percent of the U.S. market share. It’s what made the
                                        smart phone hip. The iPhone is known for two things: its wide
                                        array of different applications and its built in iPod with seam-
                                        less iTunes integration. Add in a 5-megapixel auto-focus cam-
                                        era and a crisp “Retina Display” touch screen and you have
                                        an awesome smart phone that will please almost anyone. The
                                        iPhone 4 also adds a front-facing camera for self portraits and
                                        use with Apple’s “FaceTime” service.
                                           The biggest drag? The iPhone 4 is only available on AT&T,
                                        which is infamous for its spotty service and dropped calls. Also,
                                        though the iPhone has a great user experience and is simple to
                                        use, this comes at the cost of being locked down and not having
                                        as much flexibility as an Android phone provides.
                                           The iPhone 4 is available on AT&T and at Apple stores for
                                        $199 for the 16GB model or $299 for the 32GB model with a
                                        new two-year contract.

                                         Motorola’s Droid is another 4.3” touch screen Android                        Also running Android,
                                       phone, this time with the “MotoBlur” interface instead of                    but with the stock Android interface instead
                                       “HTC Sense” and on Verizon’s network. The other main dif-                    of “HTC Sense” or MotoBlur, the HTC G2
                                       ference from the EVO is that it does not have access to a 4G                 is one of the best phones on the T-Mobile
                                       network such as WiMax or LTE.                                                network. It’s also T-Mobile’s first phone that
                                         Don’t get me wrong, the X is still a great phone, with its                 can take advantage of their HSPA+ 4G net-
                                       responsible battery life, 8-megapixel camera that can also                   work. Top off its blazing fast speeds with a
                                       take 720P video and decent call quality. I loved the fact that               3.7” touch screen, a 5-megapixel camera and
                                       the X has a dedicated camera button so you don’t have to                     a really nice slide out QWERTY keyboard for
                                       touch the phone’s screen and thus shake it while taking a                    easy web browsing and text messaging, and
                                       picture. The X is also a DLNA-compliant device, meaning                      you’ve got a phone that you can sink your
                                       you can easily stream media from your phone to another                       teeth into. The stock Android interface is
                                       DLNA device such as an XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3. It is                      clean and easy to use, and for the true Google
                                       also a bit thinner than the EVO, and it fits in the hand nicely.              power users it comes preloaded with all the
                                         The Motorola Droid X is available on Verizon for $199.99                   Google apps.
                                       after $100 mail-in rebate and new two year contact.                            The T-Mobile G2 is available on T-Mobile
                                         Ed. Note: Verizon Wireless provided a review unit of the Droid             for $199.99 with a new two-year contract.
                                       X for this article.

         BlackBerrys may not be the most bleeding edge
   smart phone, but some people swear by their crackber-
   rys, so I would be remiss not to include one on this list.                                                          These smart phones may be the latest
   Out of all the BlackBerrys, this has to be my favorite                                                            and greatest, but there are many smart
   model. It can take advantage of the BlackBerry App                                                                phones on the market that still pack a
   World and install apps to expand the functionality of                                                             punch. Take a look at the Samsung In-
   the phone. It also has an optical track pad, instead of                                                           tercept on Sprint ($99.99), the origi-
   the classic scroll ball, so you no longer have to worry                                                           nal Motorola Droid on Verizon ($99.99),
   about it gunking up and becoming unusable. Most of                                                                the T-Mobile myTouch 3G on T-Mobile
   all, BlackBerry fans will appreciate that it retains the                                                          ($99.99), and the HTC Aria on AT&T
   classic “chiclet” keyboard, for speedy texting, e-mail,                                                           ($129.99). You should also take a look
   and BBM sending. The only low point of this phone                                                                 at refurbished models, and if Internet
   is that it only has a 2-megapixel single focus camera.                                                            browsing isn’t a big deal to you but you
   This model may even get better in the future, as it can                                                           still want to be able to check your e-mail
   be upgraded to BlackBerry 6 OS when it is released to                                                             and social networks, take a look at fea-
   models other than the BlackBerry Torch.                                                                           ture phones.
      The BlackBerry Curve 9300 is available on all four
   major networks for between $49.99 and $99.99 after
   various mail-in rebates or online discounts, as well as a                                                                                           iPhone Photo Courtesy Apple Inc
   new two-year contract.                                                                                                                   Other Photos: Sarah Michelson The Triangle