revised CPIOs_AAs detailed list as on 18.02.11 by nuhman10


									                                                   F. No.17-1/2007-O&M
                                                    Government of India
                                              Ministry of Communications & IT
                                             Department of Telecommunications

                                                                                New Delhi, dated the 15th February, 2011

                                                           O RD E R

       In super-session of all earlier orders with regard to amendments issued on the designation of CPIOs and AAs in terms
of Right to Information Act, 2005, based on the present incumbency position, the following officers of Department of
Telecommunications, with the approval of competent authority are hereby designated as Central Public Information Officers
and their Appellate Authorities in respect of the updated specific subject matters mentioned against their names, with
immediate effect:

 S.No.    Name of the Central        Designation                                                               Name of Appellate
          Public Information         & Tele.No. &                               Subject matter                 Authority       with
          Officer                    Room No. in           Sanchar                                             Designation/Tele.No.

                                               Access Services Division(AS)

 1.       Sh. R.K. Gupta             Director (AS I)                      Policy matters relating to Unified Shri A.K. Mittal
                                     Tel.: 011 23710596                    Access Services License (UASL) DDG (TERM)/AS)
                                           011 2303 6284                   Policy.                            Tel.:011 23716874
                                     Room No.1203                                                             Room No.1004
                                     Sanchar Bhawan                       Grant of new UAS Licences / Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                           Dual Technology        Spectrum

                                                                          Recommendations of TRAI on
                                                                           UAS/CMTS       licensing/spectrum
                                                                           issues and pricing.

                                                                          Formulation of UASL Policy on
S.No.   Name of the Central   Designation                                                            Name of Appellate
        Public Information    & Tele.No. &                             Subject matter                Authority       with
        Officer               Room No. in       Sanchar                                              Designation/Tele.No.
                                                              following issues:

                                                              (i)        Licence fee
                                                              (ii)      Spectrum charges
                                                              (iii)     Spectrum allocation
                                                              (iv)       Definition of AGR,
                                                              (v)        Uniform Licence Fee
                                                              (vi)      Merger/de-merger        of
                                                                        licence/licence company
                                                              (vii)     Lock-in-period for sale of
                                                              (viii)    Substantial equity
                                                              (ix)      3G/BWA/EVDO
                                                              (x)       4G

2.      Shri Vinod Kumar      Director (AS II)               Policy matters relating to:      Shri A.K. Mittal
                              Tel.: 011 23718054                                               DDG (TERM)/AS)
                                    011 2303 6869            Mobile      Virtual      Network Tel.:011 23716874
                              Room No.1202                    Operators (MVNO).                Room No.1004
                              Sanchar Bhawan                                                   Sanchar Bhawan
                                                             Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

                                                             National Integrated Telephone
                                                              Directory    Enquiry   Service
                                                              (NIDQS) .

                                                             Subscribers Verification, prepaid
                                                              service in J&K, Assam and North-

                                                             Policy matters relating to Mobile
                                                              Services    near      international

S.No.   Name of the Central        Designation                                                             Name of Appellate
        Public Information         & Tele.No. &                            Subject matter                  Authority       with
        Officer                    Room No. in          Sanchar                                            Designation/Tele.No.

3.      Shri Rajiv Kumar           Director (AS III)                 Operationalisation           and     Shri A.K. Mittal
                                   Tel.: 011 23711909                 Implementation issues of M/s         DDG (TERM)/AS)
                                   Room No.907                        Reliance, Tata, Sistema, Unitech,    Tel.:011 23716874
                                   Sanchar Bhawan                     Aircel,  Shyam,      HFCL    and     Room No.1004
                                                                      Videocon,.                           Sanchar Bhawan

                                                                     Administration   of      National
                                                                      Numbering Plan-2003.

                                                                     LOC/POK Cross border trade
                                                                      related issues.

                                                                     LIM/LIS testing. VAS related and
                                                                      Interception & Monitoring (minus
                                                                      the administration of 419 A rule
                                                                      for interception and monitoring
                                                                      and Indian Telegraphic Act)
                                                                      issues of above operators.

                                                                     Security    Clearance      of
                                                                      procurement of equipment etc.
                                                                      related to Access Services‟

4.      Shri Sunil Kumar Singhal   Director (AS IV)                  Operational and Implementation       Shri A.K. Mittal
                                   Tel.: 011 23372063                 issues of M/s Idea, BSNL, MTNL,      DDG (TERM)/AS)
                                   Room No.1103                       Bharti Airtel, Loop Mobile (India)   Tel.:011 23716874
                                   Sanchar Bhawan                     Ltd. Loop Telecom Ltd., STEL,        Room No.1004
                                                                      SPICE, Etisalat, Allianz and         Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                      Vodafone (CMTS / UAS/Basic
                                                                      Service Licenses.

S.No.   Name of the Central   Designation                                                        Name of Appellate
        Public Information    & Tele.No. &                      Subject matter                   Authority       with
        Officer               Room No. in    Sanchar                                             Designation/Tele.No.

                                                          Monitoring     of     Roll     Out

                                                          Imposition of penalty against the
                                                           violation of BTS in Buffer Zone
                                                           cases of all the service providers.

                                                          Security related issues with
                                                           regard to J&K, North East and
                                                           Assam Service areas.

                                                          Value Added Services testing
                                                           and permission related works of
                                                           above mentioned operators.

                                                          FDI compliances and remote
                                                           monitoring related issues of
                                                           above mentioned operators.

                                                          IMEI No. (matters relating to
                                                           Chinese mobile without IMEI No.)

                                                          Mobile money transfer

                                                          Proof of Identity and Address of

           Administration Division (Establishment Matters – CSS, CSCS, CSSS & GCS)

5.   Dr. Anil Kumar.     Director (Admn.)                All service matters of Members        Ms. Sudha Shrotria
                         Tel. 011 23372316                TC,     Administrator   (USOF),       JS(Admn.)
                         Room No. 303                     Officers of Central Staffing          Tel. 011 23372399
                         Sanchar Bhawan                   Scheme, CSS officers (SOs &           Room No. 309
                                                          above), CSSS all cadres, officers     Sanchar Bhawan
                                                          of Indian Economic Services
                                                          (JAG/SAG & HAG level) posted          .
                                                          in         Department          of

                                                         All service matters relating to
                                                          Group       “D”   officials/canteen
                                                          staff/staff car drivers posted in
                                                          DoT, Sanchar Bhawan.

                                                         Matters relating to meetings of
                                                          Telecom Commission.

                                                         Sections under control -
                                                          Admn.-I Section, TCO Section,
                                                          US Admn.III Section

6.   Ms. Shyama Kutty    Deputy Secretary (Admn.II)      All service matters –CSS Staff        Ms. Sudha Shrotria
                         Tel. 011 23372316                (Assistant, UDCs & LDCs) OL           JS(Admn.)
                         Room No. 308                     Services,    Indian     Statistics    Tel. 011 23372399
                         Sanchar Bhawan                   Service, General Central Service      Room No. 309
                                                          and other misc. posts, periodical     Sanchar Bhawan
                                                          statements    regarding     court
                                                          cases, JCM matters, Screening
                                                          Committee, matters pertaining to
                                                          absorption in BSNL (CSS and

                                                             All service matters of Group „A‟ &
                                                              „B‟ personnel in WPC/WMO wing.

                                                             Loan & advances to DoT

7.   Shri L.N. Anchal        Director (PSA)                  All work pertaining to Public Shri Malay
                             Tel. 011 23372590                Sector Appointments (PSA).        Shrivastava,
                             Room No. 306                                                       Joint Secretary(T)
                             Sanchar Bhawan                  Work pertaining to Absorption     Tel: 011 23036716
                                                              Cell (All court cases relating to 011-23717411
                                                              absorption are also being looked Fax No. 23372049
                                                              after by Absorption Cell.)
                                                                                                Room No. 316
                                                                                                Sanchar Bhawan

8.   Shri S. Chandrasekhar   Director (RB)                   Administration of TRAI Act and Shri Malay
                             Tel.:011 23036086                other     administrative matters Shrivastava,
                             Tele:     011 23372283           relating to TRAI and TDSAT.      Joint Secretary(T)
                             Fax: 23372499                                                     Tel: 011 23036716
                             Room No. 304                    Convergence Bill                 011-23717411
                             Sanchar Bhawan                                                    Fax No. 23372049
                                                                                               Room No. 316
                                                                                               Sanchar Bhawan

9.   Ashok Kumar Nakra       Director (T)                    Rural Telephony                      Shri Malay
                             Tel.: 011 23372575                                                    Shrivastava,
                                   011 23036544              Policy Section                       Joint Secretary(T)
                             Fax: 011 23723588                                                     Tel: 011 23036716
                             Room No. 501                    Telecom Centre of Excellence         011-23717411
                             Sanchar Bhawan                                                        Fax No. 23372049
                                                             Coordination with USO Fund 
                                                                                                   Room No. 316

       Policy (convergence, Broadband)   Sanchar Bhawan

       EIP (Exhibition & Investment

       Telecom Commission Secretariat

       National Telecom Policy

                          Administration & Coordination Division

10.   Shri S.L. Negi   Director (Coord.)           All matter concerning CIC except      Shri S.C. Sharma
                       Tel:11 23036225              second appeals.                       DDG(C&A)
                       Room No.507                                                        Tel: 011 23372446
                       Sanchar Bhawan              RTI MIS matter with DoPT/NIC               011 23036881
                                                                                          Room No. 315
                                                   Circulation of guidelines issued      Sanchar Bhawan
                                                    by DoP&T/CIC

                                                   RTI Annual/monthly returns to be
                                                    submitted online in the website of
                                                    CIC in respect of DoT/PSUs and
                                                    other bodies under DoT.

                                                   Compilation/Submission          of
                                                    information/data relating to RTI
                                                    applications for inclusion in the
                                                    Annual Report of DoT.

                                                   Time to time finalization / regular
                                                    updation of CPIOs/Appellate
                                                    authority and work allocation etc.

                                                   Disposal by way of transferring
                                                    applications to respective CPIO
                                                    addressed as CPIO, DoT without
                                                    mentioning the name of designated

11.   M.K.Vimal        Director(IT)                Procurement of computers, its Shri S.C. Sharma
                       Tel. 011-23372502            peripherals, consumable items DDG(C&A)
                            011-23036509            and other IT accessories and its Tel: 011 23372446
                       Room No. 1005                maintenance.                          011 23036881
                       Sanchar Bhawan                                                Room No. 315
                                                                                     Sanchar Bhawan
                                                           Cases of inter-ministerial transfer
                                                            of IT Assets.

                                                           Timely       updation  and
                                                            management of DoT‟s website

                                                           Maintenance of local site of DoT.

                                                           Maintenance and upgradation of
                                                            LAN network including Internet proxy
                                                            and MRTG servers ands switches.

                                                           Activities related with software
                                                            developments        for    DoT i.e.
                                                            development of e-payment system,
                                                            file tracking systems etc.

                                                           Security of LAN and websites of
                                                            the department.

                                                           Management of leased lines from
                                                            BSNL and ADSL Broadband of

                                                           Technical        support         for

                                                           Upkeep of database of IT items
                                                            issued to various officers and issue
                                                            of NO Objection Certificates.

12.   Shri    Ashok   Kumar Dy. Secretary (Parl.)          All matters relating to house Shri S.C. Sharma
      Tarvadi               Tel. 011 23372598               keeping of Sanchar Bhavan.         DDG(C&A)
                            Tel. 011 23036730                                                  Tel: 011 23372446
                            Room No. 305                   Maintenance         of       Govt.      011 23036881
                            Sanchar Bhawan                  Vehicles/staff cars matters.       Room No. 315
                                                                                               Sanchar Bhawan
                                                           Welfare matters of the Deptt.
         consisting of CGHS, meritorious
         scholarship, liaisoning work and

        Parliamentary matters

                       Budget & Planning Division (B&P) & Finance Division

                                  Budget & Planning Division (B&P)

13.   Shri  Rakesh   Kumar Director(Audit Coord.)    &   (a) Audit Matters                      Shri Md. Shahbaz Ali
      Gupta                Budget                                                               DDG        (TPF      &
                           Tel.:011 23737713                Work relating to Draft Audit Paras Accounts)
                                011 23036185                                                    Tel.: 011 23036861
                                Room No. 702                Work relating to scrutiny of C&AG        011 23715145
                                Sanchar Bhawan               reports (P&T and Commercial.       Room No.704
                                                                                                Sanchar Bhawan
                                                            Budget & Plan Audit Coordination

                                                            ATNs, PAC

                                                         (b) Budget

                                                            Processing co-ordination and
                                                             finalization of RE/BE under
                                                             Revenue and Capital Expenditure
                                                             from various Units.

                                                            Preparation of statement of BE
                                                             for pre-budget discussion.

                                                            Preparation of SBE (Final)
                                                             alongwith notes for Union Budget
                                                             and compiling the material for
                                                             demands for Grants.

                                                            Standing Committee.

                                                            Preparation of Supplementary
                                                             Grants and Re-appropriation and
         surrender of savings in respect of
         Excess / Savings.

        Matters relating to ATN on
         C&AG‟s report, PAC report
         pertaining to Budget Section.

        Calling of RE/BE under Revenue
         Receipts from various Units and
         PSUs      and   submission    of
         estimates to MoF.

        Preparation of Receipt Budget
         Estimates for inclusion in Union
         Budget and Giving Budget para
         on expenditure sanction.

        Submission of monthly IEBR
         Statement in respect of PSUs to

     (c) Plan

        Processing of Annual Plan
         proposals of Telecom Sector for
         its approvals.

        Coordination work with Planning
         Commission with reference to
         Annual Plan.

        Half Yearly Performance Review
         Report of Annual Plan sent to
         Planning Commission.

        Processing of Five Year Plan -
         Proposals of Telecom Sector for
         its approvals.

                                                                Processing Mid-Term Appraisal
                                                                 of Five Year Plan.

                                                                Constitution of gender budgeting
                                                                 cell in DoT.

                                                 Finance Division

                                       Telecom Accounts Division(TA)

14.   Ms. D. Sai Amutha Devi   Dir. (A/cs-I)                    Framing of new accounting Shri Md. Shahbaz Ali
                               Tel.: 011 23036511                rules/interpretation            and DDG         (TPF    &
                               Fax: 011 23372268                 clarification to field units.        Accounts)
                               Room No.                                                               Tel.: 011 23036861
                            Creation/abolition       of   Circle       011 23715145
                                                                 Accounts Codes in consultation Room No.704
                                                                 with Ministry of Finance.            Sanchar Bhawan

                                                                Review of accounts, detection for .
                                                                 misclassification     and      its
                                                                 rectification in concerned DOT
                                                                 accounting circles, (CCA Offices
                                                                 and other offices).

                                                                Liaison with the Controller
                                                                 General of Accounts Office and
                                                                 DG Audit P&T Office on
                                                                 accounting issue.

                                                                Creation of computer code of
                                                                 Head       of Account    and
                                                                 maintenance of computer code

                                                                Compilation,   preparation   and
                                                      submission of accounts of DoT
                                                      and its related work like
                                                      appropriation Accounts, Finance

                                                     Cases relating to payment of
                                                      interest of GPF account beyond
                                                      one year referred by field units.

                                                     Settlement of accounts between
                                                      DoT, MTNL, and TCL (VSNL)

                                                     Accounting adjustment relating to
                                                      transfer of assets and liabilities
                                                      MTNL,BSNL & TCL (VSNL)

                                                     NPS work pertaining to DoT (only
                                                      coordinating work between CCAs
                                                      and NSDL, CRA appointed by

15.   Shri V.N.Tandon   Dir. (TA-II)                 Matters relating to    Pay   and Shri Md. Shahbaz Ali
                        Tel.: 011 23372132            Accounts office (HQ)               DDG        (TPF    &
                              011 23036016                                               Accounts)
                        Fax: 011 23372593            Maintenance of DB, Broad Sheets of Tel.: 011 23036861
                        Room No. 506                  Loans and Advances, debt Deposits,       011 23715145
                        Sanchar Bhawan                Remittances and Suspense Heads.    Room No.704
                                                                                         Sanchar Bhawan
                                                     Inter Ministry/inter Departmental
                                                      claim in respect of DOT.

                                                     Maintenance of loan and equity
                                                      accounts of PSUs under DOT.

                                                     Submission       of     recovery
                                                      schedules in    respect of PLI

                                                               Calculation of Income Tax and
                                                                issue of monthly/annual income

                                                               Preparation of various schedules
                                                                – recovery from salary an d drawl
                                                                of pay & allowances.

                                                               GPS/Pension   cases                   of

                                                               Preparation of various bills.

                                                               Budget/Revises       Estimates        of

                                                               Sections under control – Pay
                                                                Bill, PAO, PFP & Cash

16.   Shri Rajesh Pathak   Director (Internal Audit)                                            Shri Md. Shahbaz Ali
                                                                Cases relating to misappropriation,
                           Tel.: 9013133434                     detection of fraud, review and   DDG        (TPF      &
                                 011 23372391                   examination of cases.            Accounts)
                           Room No. 311-A                                                        Tel.: 011 23036861
                           Sanchar Bhawan                      Framing of IC programme.               011 23715145
                                                                                                 Room No.704
                                                               Compilation of data, reports for Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                annual submission.

                                                               Inspection of accounts of CCAs.

                                                               Work relating to Draft Audit Paras.

                                                               Work relating to scrutiny of C&AG
                                                                reports (P&T and Commercial.

                                                               Coordination work ATNs, PAC

                                Telecom Revenue (Finance) Division(TR)

17.   Vacant                  Director (TPF)           PSF:
      Work being looked after Tel: 011 23036016              Financial advice relating to
      by Shri V.N. Tandon,         011 23372132               Central         Public       Sector
      Director(TR-T)          Fax: 23372593                   Undertaking      (CPSUs)      under
                              Room No. 506                    Department                       of
                              Sanchar Bhawan                  Telecommunications        in    the
                                                              matter of annual accounts /
                                                              reports, expenditure proposals
                                                              beyond the power of their Board
                                                              of Directors, raising money
                                                              through market loans, shares,
                                                              disinvestments etc., sanction of
                                                              budgetary assistance in the form
                                                              of loans /shares capital etc.,
                                                              proposals relating to grant of
                                                              Govt. guarantee in respect of
                                                              these PSUs, financial matters
                                                              relating to disinvested PSUs etc.

                                                             Proposals relating to amendment
                                                              / modification to Articles of
                                                              Association / Memorandum of
                                                              Associations/ Bye-laws relating to
                                                              ITI, BSNL, MTNL, TCIL and C-

                                                             Proposal relating to appointment
                                                              of Board Level Officers of PSUs
                                                              and Directors of C-DOT.

                                                             Proposals relating to deputation /
                                                              delegation abroad of officers of
                                                              Board level of PSUs.

                                                             Preparation    of   Internal   and
                                                         External Budgetary Resources
                                                         (I&EBR) proposals in respect of
                                                         PSUs under Department of
                                                         Telecommunications and related

                                                        Foreign Exchange budget in
                                                         respect of DoT WPC Wing
                                                         including Monitoring organization
                                                         and C-DOT.

                                                        Compilation     of     quarterly
                                                         statement of Govt. guarantee in
                                                         respect    of   PSUs       under
                                                         Department                     of
                                                         Telecommunications           and
                                                         submission thereof to Ministry of


                                                        Preparation of ATNs in respect of
                                                         Audit paras and reply to DAPs
                                                         relating to Telephone Revenue of
                                                         BSNL and MTNL.

                                                        Quarterly     monitoring    of
                                                         Telephone Revenue of BSNL and
                                                         MTNL including preparation of
                                                         Commission Memo to weekly TC
                                                         meeting on quarterly basis.

18.   Shri V.N. Tandon   Director (TR.-T)         Telephone Revenue:
                         Tel: 011 23036016
                              011 23372132              Complaints     addressed     to
                         Room No.506.                    Chairman (TC) / Sanchar Mantri /

Sanchar Bhawan               MOS (C) related to Telecom

                            TR    excess      bill   complaints
                             addressed to Cabinet Secretariat
                             /   Prime      Minister‟s   Office/
                             President‟s office.

                            Direct disposal of excess billing
                             complaints addressed to MOC

                            TR     matters   relating        to
                             Parliamentary Committee.

                            Complaints of general nature
                             about Telecom Revenue.

                            Appointment of Arbitrator in TR
                             cases under Section 7 (B) of ITR.

                            Important     matters   involving
                             interpretations of rules / policy
                             matters pertaining to Telecom

                            Pursuance of outstanding dues
                             against MPs / Ex-MPs.

                            Rulings / procedures relating to
                             billing of MPs telephones.

                      Tariff Section:

                                Telecom Tariff Policy issues.

        Interaction with TRAI with
         respect to Telecom Tariff.

        Tariff related issues with ITU,
         APT, SAARC and other
         international organization(s).

        Policy issues relating to Total
         Accounting Rate (TAR).

        Cases relating to Study
         Group-III of ITU on Tariff.

        Standing        Committee,
         Estimates Committee and
         Consultative Committee -
         cases relating to Telecom

        DAPs and ATNs pertaining to
         Telecom Tariff.

        Issue    of    Tariff     Orders
         pertaining to Satellite / INSAT
         – INSAT-IA & IB etc.

                                        Carrier Services Division(CS)

19.   Shri. Suneel Niraniyan   Director (CS I)              Voice Mail / Audio Tex / UMS Shri G.P. Srivastava,
                               Tel.: 011 23036253            Service licenses             DDG (CS)
                                     011 23710243                                         Tel.: 011 23710437
                               Room No.1204                 PMRTS licenses               Room No.401
                               Sanchar Bhawan                                             Sanchar Bhawan
                                                            GMPCS licenses

                                                            NOC for Inmarsat Terminals

                                                            NOC for International inbound
                                                             calling cards/ Sim cards.

                                                            Policy matters related to OSP
                                                             registration  /   Telemarketers

20.   Shri .S.T. Abbas         Director (CS III)            Issue of National Long Distance Shri G.P. Srivastava,
                               Tel.: 011 23722444            (NLD)/International          Long DDG (CS)
                                     011 23036348            Distance (ILD) licence            Tel.: 011 23710437
                               Room No.707                                                     Room No.401
                               Sanchar Bhawan               Registration for IP-I category    Sanchar Bhawan

                                                            Radio Paging and allied matters.

                                                       Civil Division

21.   Shri Ram Avtar Singh*    Under Secretary (CWG)                All staff & establishment matters Shri P.K. Panigrahi
                               Tel:011 23372350                      pertaining to Group-A&B           Sr. DDG (BW)
                                                                                                       Tel.: 011 23372325
                                                                    Legal cases                             011 23036166
                               12th Floor                                                              Room N o.1105
      (* On Temporary basis)   Sanchar Bhawan                       Absorption of Group-A officers Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                     and any mother matter pertaining
                                                                     to Civil Wing Cadre of DoT HQ.

22.   Shri Manoj Kumar         Director (Electrical)                All staff & establishment matters Shri P.K. Panigrahi
                               Tel:011 23372163                      pertaining to Group- A&B.         Sr. DDG (BW)
                                   01123036618                                                         Tel.: 011 23372325
                               Room N o.1110                        Legal cases                             011 23036166
                               Sanchar Bhawan                                                          Room N o.1105
                                                                    Absorption of Group-A officers Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                     and any other matter pertaining
                                                                     to Electrical &   Architectural
                                                                     Cadre of DoT HQ.

                                        Data Services Division

23.   Sh. Devendra Singh   Director (DS-I)               Processing of application, Issue     Sh. Nitin Jain
                           Tel: 011 23372129              of LOI, signing of Licence           DDG (DS)
                                 011 2303 6139            Agreement, issue of amendments       Tel: 011 23714232
                           Fax: 011 23372094              in respect of Commercial CUG         Room No. 1201
                           Room No.1115-D                 VSAT service and handling of         Sanchar Bhawan
                           Sanchar Bhawan                 other Licensing of other Licensing

                                                         Processing of application of LOI,
                                                          signing of Licence Agreement,
                                                          issue of amendments in respect
                                                          of captive CUG VSAT networks
                                                          and handling of other Licensing

                                                         Processing of application, issue
                                                          of LOI, signing of License
                                                          Agreement, issue of amendments
                                                          in respect of INSAT Mobile
                                                          Satellite Service-reporting (MSS-
                                                          R) services and handling of other
                                                          Licensing matters.

                                                         Processing of requests, issue of
                                                          permissions for private captive
                                                          CUG      networks   on     OFC,
                                                          microwave      or    Broadband
                                                          Wireless    Access   etc.   and
                                                          handling of other licensing

                                                         To hold inter-ministerial Apex
                                                          Committee Meetings to examine
                                                          and clear proposals for new
         satellite network/type of satellite
         services including for UASL &
         NLD etc.

        To           handle        satellite
         communication policy issues and
         to represent DoT in inter-
         ministerial Technical Advisory
         Group (TAG) and TAG SGO
         meetings headed by DoS for
         Policy     issues   related   with
         Satellite Communications.

        To prepare agenda papers and
         brief for Secretary level INSAT
         Coordination Committee (ICC)
         meeting, the highest level group
         in the country regarding Satellite

        Network     Operations     Control
         Centre (NOCC) the sole agency
         responsible to control, regulate
         and to do real time monitoring &
         coordination of all satellite
         services in India, reports to DoT
         through DS Cell.

        Coordination with Ministry of
         Home Affairs and NDMA for
         issues related with Disaster

        To handle Parliament Questions,
         Audit   Para,    Court/Arbitration
         Cases, Security issues and RTI
         requests in respect of works
         handled in DS-I division.

24.   Shri Subodh Saxena   Director (DS-II)           Processing of application, signing Sh. Nitin Jain
                           Tel: 23036860               of Licence Agreement in respect DDG (DS)
                           Room No. 1006               of Internet service.               Tel: 011 23714232
                           Sanchar Bhawan                                                 Room No. 1201
                                                      Processing of Internet Gateway Sanchar Bhawan
                                                       application using Submarine
                                                       Cable and Satellite Medium.

                                                      Grant of approval of Gateways
                                                       after clearance from Committees.

                                                      Grant of Internet Access Code to
                                                       ISPs as per National Numbering

                                                      Termination of ISP Licences after
                                                       start of service and also under
                                                       Exit Policy (without starting

                                                      Processing application for name
                                                       change and reduction of Bank
                                                       guarantee after start of service
                                                       and monitoring of licences for
                                                       start of service for more than 350
                                                       ISP licensee.

                                                      Compilation of Internet and
                                                       Broadband subscriber reports.

                                                      Policy    relating   to   Internet

                                                      Issues relating to any new data

                                                      Handling of Vigilance cases
                                                       reported against Internet Service

        Holding of meeting of two Inter-
         ministerial Committees.

        Inter-Ministerial Coordination in
         respect of security / monitoring
         issued of Internet Services.

        Clarification / Interaction with
         TRAI, TEC, BSNL / MTNL &
         licences on issues relating to
         Internet service.

        Issues relation to any new data
         service. Blocking of website as
         per Gazette notification and
         technical issues pertaining to
         blocking of websites.

        Representing     DS     Cell   in
         Committee of Ministry of External
         Affairs for ICT Project and Pan
         Africa project.

        Representing   in    Technical
         Advisory     Committee      of
         Knowledge Commission.

        All matters relating to Internet.

                                       Establishment Division (ITS cadre)

25.   Sh. Shambu         Prasad Director(Estt)                      Policy matters relating to Pay Shri Shakeel Ahmed
      Singh                     Tel.: 011 23712009                   & allowances, CGEIS, CGHS, DDG (Estt.)
                                Room No.1108                         Medical facilities and bonus.  Tel.: 011 23710035
                                Sanchar Bhawan                                                      Room No.1008
                                                                    Implementation       of    Pay Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                     Commission notifications &
                                                                     settlement      of   anomalies
                                                                     arising thereby.

                                                                    Policy matters related      to
                                                                     pension    payment          in

                                                                    Settlement of Pension, DCRG
                                                                     and family pension, cases of
                                                                     DoT HQ pensioners.

                                                                    Establishment related matters
                                                                     e.g.                 creation/
                                                                     upgradation/retention of posts
                                                                     of ITS/TTS and.GCS cadres.

26.   Shri. N. R. Bishnoi,       Director (Staff)                  All staff & Establishment         Shri Shakeel Ahmed
                                 Tel.: 011 23711391                 matters      and        cadre     DDG (Estt.)
                                       011 2303 6645                management of Indian Telecom      Tel.: 011 23710035
                                 Fax: 011 23372560                  Service Group „A‟ and Group       Room No.1008
                                 Room No.505                        “B” and Telecom Telegraph         Sanchar Bhawan
                                 . Sanchar Bhawan                   Service.

                                                                   Recruitment Rules of JTOs and
                                                                    absorption of Group „C‟ & „D‟,
                                                                    and JTOs in MTNL and BSNL.
        Recruitment               Rules,
         appointments confirmation and
         other service matters in respect
         of Telecom Factory Service
         (TFS) Group „A‟ „B‟ „C‟ & „D
         officers not absorbed in BSNL.

        Application of Factories Act and
         other statutory Acts in Telecom

        Disciplinary cases of serving
         Group „C” & „D‟ employees of
         BSNL & MTNL who are DoT

        All residual matters relating to
         Telecom Factory.

                  Finance Establishment Branch (P&T Finance & Accounts Service)

27.   Shri .Amitabh   Ranjan Director (SEA)                      Staff and Establishment mattersMs. Shika Mathur
      Sinha                  011-23731558                         exclusively relating to P&T    Kumar
                             011-23036728                         Accounts & Finance Officers of DDG (FEB)
                             Room No. 703                         DOT.                           Tel: 23372085
                             Sanchar Bhawan                                                      Room No. 701
                                                                 Legal matters relating to P&T Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                  Accounts & Finance Officers of

28.   Sh. Deepak Ashish Kaul   Director (Trg. Fin.)              Training of IP&TAFs Officers      Ms. Shika Mathur
                               Tel. 011 23325525                                                    Kumar
                               Room No. 157                                                         DDG (FEB)
                               TEC                                                                  Tel: 23372085
                               Khurshid      Lal    Bhawan,                                         Room No. 701
                               Janpath, New Delhi.                                                  Sanchar Bhawan

29.   Shri Rajeev Prakash      Director (Finance)                Providing     Finance   advice Ms. Shika Mathur
                               Tel: 011 23036215                  concerning     DoT proper and Kumar
                                    011 23096142                  related work.                  DDG (FEB)
                               Room No.1109                                                      Tel: 23372085
                               Sanchar Bhawan                                                    Room No. 701
                                                                                                 Sanchar Bhawan

                                        Investment Policy Cell
                                                                                        Shri R.K. Pathak
30.   Smt. Sangeeta Chugh   Director(IP)                   Investment Policy Cell       DDG (IP)
                            Tel:011 23036252                                            Tel: 011 23717542
                             Formulation of Foreign Direct Room No.1209
                            Meeting Room                  Investment    policies   and Sanchar Bhawan.
                            13th floor,                   procedures for the Telecom FaX No. 23350497
                            Sanchar Bhawan
                                                          Sector      for     stimulating
                                                          investment in telecom sector.

                                                         Formulation of policies for
                                                          development   of    telecom
                                                          equipment     manufacturing

                                                         Processing of applications for
                                                          foreign investment and foreign
                                                          technology collaboration in
                                                          Telecom Sector.

                                                         Providing     assistance      in
                                                          formulation of Import and
                                                          Export policies for the Telecom

                                                         Matters relating to Export
                                                          promotion      of    telecom
                                                          equipment and services.

                                                         Coordination of all matters
                                                          relating to Customs & Excise
                                                          Duties and other Direct and
                                                          Indirect taxes for telecom
         sector including preparation of
         telecom proposals relating to
         Annual Budget.

              WTO matters

        Schedule    of         Specific

        Standard Reference papers

                             International Relations Division(IR)

31.   Sh.Parmod Kumar   Dir (IR- I)                  The bilateral cooperation in the      Sh. R.N. Jha,
                        Tele:23714121                 field   of    telecom    in     the   DDG (IR)
                              23036342                International Relations Division of   011-23711872
                        Fax: 23355711                 DOT.                                  Room No.406
                        Room No.508
                                                                                            Sanchar Bhawan
                        Sanchar Bhawan               MOU‟s and Agreements in the
                                                      field   of  Telecommunications
                                                      and/or ICT areas are formalized,
                                                      prepared,     examined      and
                                                      processed in DOT, Coordination
                                                      with MEA and other departments.

                                                     Organising Periodic Telecom
                                                      operational          coordination
                                                      meetings with the Telecom
                                                      administrations of Neighbouring
                                                      Countries relating to telecom
                                                      operational matters.

                                                     Act    as    nodal   office   for
                                                      coordinating the execution of
                                                      projects under special aid/credit
                                                      line arrangements from Govt. of
                                                      India and also under the funding
                                                      of international agencies. This
                                                      involves coordination with PSUs
                                                      under DoT, MEA, Missions
                                                      abroad, Foreign Embassies and
                                                      other agencies.

                                                     Organizing meetings of        the
                                                      visiting foreign dignitaries with
                                                      Hon. MOC&IT, MOSC&IT and
                                                      senior officers of DOT, including
                                                    preparing briefs, programmes
                                                    and other arrangements etc.

                                                   Organizing visits to foreign
                                                    countries of Hon. MOC&IT,
                                                    MOSC&IT and senior officers of
                                                    DOT, for bilateral cooperation
                                                    activities, including preparing
                                                    briefs, programme and other
                                                    arrangements etc.

                                                   Participation     in   the   Inter-
                                                    ministerial meetings in MEA,
                                                    Department of Commerce etc.
                                                    and preparation of briefing
                                                    material for all such meetings and
                                                    processing of the cases in DOT.

32.   Sh.Anurag Kochar   Dir (IR- II)              All cases of foreign deputation       Sh. R.N. Jha,
                         Tele:23715022              related to ITU (ITU-R, ITU-T, ITU-    DDG (IR)
                               2303 6753            D) APT, APSCC and other               011-23711872
                         Fax: 23372105              organization of DOT and its           Room No.406
                         Room No.509                PSUs. Including deputation cases      Sanchar Bhawan
                         Sanchar Bhawan             of VVIPs, MOC&IT, MOSC,
                                                    Secretary DOT and Members of
                                                    Telecom Commission.

                                                   Issue of no objection certificates
                                                    under FEMA to set up the liaison
                                                    office   of    private    foreign
                                                    companies in India.

                                                   APT/ITU/Other       Internationally
                                                    added projects.

                                                   Organizing and hosting of
                                                    National and International events
                                                    related to ITU, APT, World

         Telecom Day in India.

        All matters related to World Tel.,
         etc. Membership/grant-in-aid etc.
         to the professional/societies like
         IETE, IEE.

        Publication of IT & APT Journals
         and associated works, APTITU
         Year book preparation and
         associated works.

                                             Legal Wing

33.   Smt. Kanta Kumari   Section Officer (Legal) &      All matters pertaining to issue of
                          APIO                            instructions regarding handling of
                          Tel.: 011 23372089              Court cases.
                                011 23036199
                          Room No. 411                   Advice on Litigation including
                          Sanchar Bhawan                  subordinate     legislation/service
                                                          matters/contract matters.

                                                         Vetting of Affidavits filed before
                                                          court or tribunal.

                                                         Meeting of FAG(Legal)

                                                         Routine references received from
                                                          Circles/Field units/Division of
                                                          Sectors on legal issues.

                                                         National Litigation Policy

                                     Licence Finance Division(LF)

34.   Shri Shahnawaz Alam   Director (LF-I)                 Assessment of AGR and            Shri Maruti Prasad
                            Tel: 011 23372332                collection of licence fees in    Tangirala
                                 011 23036751                r/o ISP. ISP with telephony,     DDG (LF-I)
                            Mobile No. 9868138889            IP-II, VPN, Commercial           Tel: 011 23353539
                            Room No.1107                                                           011 23036702
                                                             VSAT, PMRTS, VSAT,
                                                                                              Room No.705
                                                             Radio links, Microwave           Sanchar Bhawan

                                                            Finalization    of   annual
                                                             licence fees and review of
                                                             BGs in r/o above services
                                                             & existing court cases.

                                                            Manual for LF Branch and

35.   Ms. Vibha Govil       Director (LF-II)                Assessment of AGR and            Shri Saurab Kumar
                            Tel: 011 23717111                licence fees in respect of (i)   Tiwari
                                 01123036120                 Reliance         Group      of   DDG(LF-II)
                            Room .No.1305                    Companies (ii) Bharti Group      Tel No.:011 23034302
                            e-mail                           of Companies (iii) MTNL (iv)              011 3036070
                              Aircel (v) Loop (vi) Dishnet     Room No.: 408
                                                             Wireless (viii) Sistema Shyam    Sanchar Bhawan
                                                             (MTS) and (viii) Etisalat.

                                                            Verification of deductions and
                                                             no dues certificate.

                                                            RTI cases and RTI Annual

                                                         Software of LF.

                                                         Review of Data compilation
                                                          and preparation of Memo for
                                                          Telecom Commission..

                                                         Administration    and    staff

                                                         Review of compilation       of
                                                          assessment orders.

36.   Shri Amit Katoch   Director (LF-III)               Assessment of AGR and            Shri Saurab Kumar
                         Tel: 011 23372193                licence fees in respect of (i)   Tiwari
                               011 23036015               BSNL (ii) Tata Group of          DDG(LF-II)
                         Room No. 708                     Companies (iii) Videocon         Tel No.:011 23034302
                         e-mail:                          Group of companies (iv)                   011 3036070
                           HFCL Group of Companies          Room No.: 408
                                                          (v) S-Tel(vi) Vodafone Group     Sanchar Bhawan
                                                          of Companies (vii) IDEA, and
                                                          (viii)  UNINOR        (Unitech
                                                         Parliament questions and VIP
                                                          RTI Cases
                                                         Policy matters relating to LF

                                  PG & PHP Division

37.   A.K. Verma   Director(PHP)                 All policy and allied matters        Sh. S.S. Singh,
                   Tel. 011 23372531              relating to allotment of general     DDG(PG)
                        011 23036028              and out of turn telephone            Tel.: 011 23372131
                   Room No.1205                   connections               (local,    Room No.1210
                   Sanchar Bhawan                 STD/ISD/PCOs etc.)                   Sanchar Bhawan
                    Sanction     of      RSTC/Mobile
                                                  telephones/ WLL/Dolphin Mobile
                                                  Service     Connections       and
                                                  Concessional Residential/official
                                                  telephones for serving and retired
                                                  DoT employees.

                                                 Policy on printing of telephone
                                                  directory and Directory Enquiry
                                                  service of MTNL and BSNL and
                                                  constitution/re-constitution   of
                                                  Telecom Advisory Committees
                                                  (TAC), facilities to TAC members

                                                 Preparation    and    issue   of
                                                  nomination letters in respect of
                                                  members      of    TACs     and
                                                  nominations of MPs.

                                                 Matters relating to telephone
                                                  concessions by BSNL and MTNL
                                                  to    various    categories  –
                                                  concessions to Senior Citizens,
                                                  Physically Handicapped Persons,
                                                  Freedom Fighters, War Widows,
                                                  Gallantry     Award    Winners,
                                                  Disabled soldiers, President‟s
                                                  Police Medal awardees etc.
                                                     Entitlement   of   telephones   by

                                                     Appointment of Arbitrators in
                                                      accordance with clause 7 (B) of
                                                      Indian Telegraph Act.

                                                     Administration     of      Indian
                                                      Telegraph Act, 1885.

38.   Sh. R.K. Singh   Director(PG)                  Study of the causes of complaints    Sh. S.S. Singh,
                       Tel.: 011 23710537             for evolving remedial measures       DDG(PG)
                             011 23036765             and for increasing the efficiency    Tel.: 011 23372131
                       Room No.1207                   of the telecom services.             Room No.1210
                       Sanchar Bhawan                                                      Sanchar Bhawan
                       Email:                        Suggesting any modification in
                         the field organization structures
                                                      from the trend of complaints
                                                      pattern for suiting the customer
                                                      needs and to cope with Public

                                                      Redressal of individual service
                                                      complaints addressed to the
                                                      Minister, Minister of State,
                                                      Chairman (Telecom Commission)
                                                      other higher officers and through
                                                      direct correspondence.

                                                     Dealing with grievances received
                                                      from   Directorate   of   Public
                                                      Grievances,     Department     of
                                                      Administrative Reforms & PG,
                                                      PMO and Cabinet Secretariat etc.
                                                      and appearances in Newspapers.

        Matters relating to Misuse of
         telephones (other than those
         involving corruption), delay in
         provision of new telephone
         connection, accessories, shifts,
         transfer, clearing of faults, refund
         of registration amount, telegraph
         complaints      etc.    Complaints
         regarding telephone directory,
         wrong        disconnection         of
         telephones,      disputed      meter
         reading, wrong billing, safe
         custody charges etc.

        Court cases including consumer
         for a as well as appeal cases on
         individual telephone grievances.

        Publication of Citizen Charter.

        Matters relating to various
         committees of parliament on
         Public Grievances

        Policy matters regarding Public

        Policy    matters         regarding
         Telephone Adalat

        To act as facilitators for redressal
         of individual service complaints

                                               PSU Division

                                                        Telecom Service (Operational)
39.   Sh. Sanjeev Gupta   Director(PSU-I)               matters of BSNL & Defense Shri                      Malay
                          Tel.: 011 23372494            Coordination                       Shrivastava
                                011 23036019                                               Joint Secretary(T)
                          Room No.1206                   Finalisation of Memorandum of Tel.: 011 23717411
                          Sanchar Bhawan                   Understanding with BSNL and its Room No.316
                                                           performance monitoring.         Sanchar Bhawan

                                                           Quarterly performance review of

                                                           Laying of MOU and Annual
                                                            Reports of BSNL in the

                                                           Issues related to the Parliament
                                                            Committee & Reference related
                                                            to     Demand      for    grants,
                                                            performance budget etc. related
                                                            to telecom service (operational)

                                                           Pending matters arising out of
                                                            Corporatisation of DTS/DTO &
                                                            creation of BSNL such as –
                                                            Finalisation of Asset Transfer
                                                            Agreement between DoT and
                                                            BSNL, Asset transfer to other
                                                            Government agencies.

                                                           All   reference     received   for
                                                            Committee on Dispute, Cabinet
                                                            Secretariat w.r.t. BSNL Telecom
                                                            Services (Operational) matters.
                                                Matters        relating         to
                                                 IPO/disinvestments of BSNL.

                                                Coordination with DPE for
                                                 revision of IDA Pay Scales of
                                                 BSNL executives/non-executives.

                                                Implementation of model code of
                                                 conduct during Elections by

                                                Defense Coordination matters
                                                 like Union War Book, Ministerial
                                                 War Book, Top Secret Seal,
                                                 Deployment of Security agencies
                                                 by BSNL.

                                                Monitoring of services at the time
                                                 disasters such as earthquakes,
                                                 floods, Tsunami etc.

                                                Court cases/notices related to
                                                 operational matters of BSNL.

                                                Implementation     of    Defense
                                                 network project including AFNET
                                                 project by BSNL.

Shri S. Mandal   Director (PSU-II)              SU-III Desk (i)                      Shri N.K. Joshi
                 Tel: 011-23372052               All     matters   relating  to       DDG (SU)
                      011-23036169               Telecommunications Consultants       Tel: 011-23712388
                 Fax: 011-23372135               of India Limited (Except Board            011-20306961
                 Room No.1014, 10th Floor,       Level Appointments).                 Fax: 011-23351408
                 Sanchar Bhawan                                                       Room No.1003.
                                                    Sanchar Bhawan

                                                      SU-III Desk (ii)
                                                              1. Residual matters
                                                                 pertaining to Videsh
                                                                 Sanchar Nigam
                                                                 Limited (VSNL).

                                                      Factory Desk-I, II and III
                                                             1. All matters relating to
                                                                ITI Limited except
                                                                Board Level
                                                             2. Residual matters
                                                                pertaining to HTL

41.   Dr.Vincent Barla   Director(SR)                 Matters      relating    to   Staff Shri N.K. Joshi
                         Tel.: 011 23711239            Unions/Federations          except DDG (SU)
                               011 2303 6653           Unions /Association of CSS.         Tel: 011 2371 2388
                         Fax : 011 23372137                                                Room No. 1003
                         Room No.1406                 Residual matters relating to staff
                         Sanchar Bhawan                quarters and rented buildings of
                         barlavincent@yahoo.Com        BSNL/MTNL         except    matters
                                                       relating to land.

                                                      Representations/cases received
                                                       from   Unions/Associations   of
                                                       BSNL/       MTNL        General

                                                      Function of Liaison Officer for

                                                      Industrial Dispute Cases received
                                                       from Ministry of Labour.

                                                      Sections under control – SR,
                                                       SCT Cell, Estate
                                                   Security Wing

42.   Shri.Pradeep Kumar   Director (Security-I)               All matters relating to Telecom        Shri A.K.Mittal,
                           Tel: 011 23372334                    Enforcement        Resource       &    DDG (TERM-AS)
                                 011 23036566                   Monitoring       (TERM)        Cells   Tel.:011 23716874
                           Fax: 011 23372354                    functioning in various states.         Room No.1004
                           Room No.909                                                                 Sanchar Bhawan
                           Sanchar Bhawan                      Service Testing.

                                                               Sample Verification related to
                                                                TERM Cells.

                                                               Re-verification of subscribers

                                                               Acts as technical interface
                                                                between Security Agencies
                                                                including IB(P) and Telecom
                                                                Service Providers.

                                                               Imposition    of    penalty      on
                                                                unverified subscribers.

43.   Shri Gautam Kumar    Director (Security-II)              Administration of C-DOT in DoT.Shri Ram Narain
                           Tel: (M) 9868813888                                                 DDG (Security)
                           Room No.905                         Works related to Security Tel: 011 23716666
                           Sanchar Bhawan                       related National Projects like Room No.1104
                                                                                               Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                Centralized Monitoring System
                                                                & Security Network, etc.

                                                               Other technical issues relating
                                                                to C-DoT.

                                         Statistical Division

44.   Smt. Sunita Yadav   Dy. Economic Advisor           Presentation  of    Memo      to      Sr. Economic Advisor,
                          Tel: 011 23372544               Telecom Commission relating to        Vacant
                               011 2303 6907              progress and status of different      Temporarily looking
                          Room No. 1304                   telecom            development        after by Advisor(Fin.)
                          Sanchar Bhawan                  parameters.

                                                         Monthly Telecom Scenario, Press

                                                         Collection,     Compilation   and
                                                          dissemination of data relating to
                                                          different telecom parameters.

                                                         Calculation of Tele-density and
                                                          releasing official figures of tele-
                                                          density, total and desegregated:
                                                          Rural and Urban.

                                                         Analysis     and     review   of
                                                          performance of telecom sector in
                                                          terms of selected parameters.

                                                         Annual Reports matters.

                         Telecom Engineering Centre (Attached Office)

45.   Sh. Jayant Kumar   Director(A)                   Matters relating to TEC                    Shri Arun Golas
                         Tel.:011 23355028                                                        DDG(T&A)
                         Fax:011 23326029                  Specification approval:               Tel.:011 23355028
                         Telecommunication                 (i)    Draft Specification             Fax:011 23326029
                         Engineering Centre                (ii)   Departmental Sub Committee      Telecommunication
                         Room No. 259                             Meeting                         Engineering Centre
                         II Floor Gate No. 5, Khurshid     (iii)  Manufacturers Forum             Room No. 259
                         Lal Bhawan, Janpath New           (iv)   DCC Meeting                     II Floor Gate No. 5,
                         Delhi 110001                      (v)    Approval of Specification       Khurshid Lal Bhawan,
                                                           (vi)   Amendment of specifications
                         Email:                                                  Janpath New Delhi
                                                              Approval of certificates:          Email:
                                                           (a) Interface approval Certificate
                                                               against TEC IR
                                                           (b) Certificate of approval against
                                                               applicant‟s own specifications

                                                              Service Test Certificates for
                                                               Licensed networks

                                                              Action Plan

                                                              Approval of GR deviation found
                                                               during testing for type approval

                                                              Technology approval C-DoT

                                                              Interaction with ITU-T for
                                                               allocation of resources (such as
                                                               International Signalling Point

        Technical contribution to ITU-Y
         and ITU-R

        Participation of TRAI expert

        Advice/evolution of procurement of
         PABX by other Govt.

        National Telecom Plans(Numbering,
         Signalling, Frequency)

        Fixation of test fees

        Conduct of the field trial and
         appraisal of for acceptance/non-

        New Technologies Trials

        Planning Advice to MTNL, BSNL

        R&D Council Cases, Technology
         Plan & Technical Consultacy

        Coordination of Technical matters
         of C-DoT, MTNL & BSNL.

        Spectrum related issues              Shri U.K. Srivastava
                                              Tel.:011 23323856
                                              Fax:011 23730231
                                              Room No. 656
                                              II Floor Gate No. 5,
                                              Khurshid Lal Bhawan,
                                              Janpath New Delhi
                                              USO Fund Division

46.   Shri Rupendra Kumar    Director   (Tech-III)   USO      Implementation     of    Universal Shri Arvind Chawla
                             Fund,                             Service Obligation Policy.         Jt.
                             Tel: 011 23372187                                                    Administrator(Tech)
                             PABX.: 6427                      To monitor progress of following USO Fund
                             PAX: 523                          schemes of USOF:                   Tel: 011 23372324
                                                                                                   PABX: 6412
                             Room No.: Cabin                  (i) Provision of Village Public PAX: 510
                             Opposite Room No. 1002            Telephones (VPTs) under Bharat Room No.405,
                             Sanchar Bhawan                    Nirman.                            Sanchar Bhawan

                                                              (ii) Provision of village Public
                                                               Telephones (VPTs) in Newly
                                                               Identified Villages of Census

                                                              Replacement of Multi Access
                                                               Radio Relay Technology Village
                                                               Public Telephone installed before
                                                               1st day of April 2002.

47.   Shri   Rajeev   Kumar Dy.Administrator (Tech)           Planning and Implementation of     Shri Arvind Chawla
      Kaushik               USO Fund, DoT                      the subsequent phases of the       Jt.
                            Tel.: 011 23372088                 schemes for provision of mobile    Administrator(Tech)
                            PABX: 6409                         services in the rural and remote   USO Fund
                            PAX: 511                           areas of the country.              Tel: 011 23372324
                            Room No.719                                                            PABX: 6412
                            Sanchar Bhawan                    Induction of new technological     PAX: 510
                                                               developments in the telecom Room No.405
                                                               sector on a Pilot Project basis in Sanchar Bhawan
                                                               rural and remote areas.

48.   Shri Subhash Chandra Director (Tech-I) USO Fund        Implementation      of   Universal Shri Arvind Chawla
      Karol                Tele: 23372434                     Service Obligation Policy.          Jt.
                           PABX: 6357                                                             Administrator(Tech)
                           PAX: 554                      To Monitor progress of following USO Fund
                           Room No.: Cabin opposite           schemes of USOF:                    Tel: 011 23372324
                           Room No. 1004                                                           PABX: 6412
                           Sanchar Bhawan               (i)      Provision of Village Public PAX: 510
                                                                 Telephones (VPTs) under Room No.405,
                                                                 Bharat Nirman                    Sanchar Bhawan
                                                        (ii)     Provision of Village Public
                                                                 Telephones (VPTs) in Newly
                                                                 Identified Villages of Census
                                                        (iii)    Replacement of Multi Access
                                                                 Radio Relay Technology
                                                                 Village Public Telephone
                                                                 installed before 1st day of
                                                                 April 2002
                                                        (iv)     The first Phase of the scheme
                                                                 for setting up of infrastructure
                                                                 sites for provision of mobile
                                                                 services in the rural and
                                                                 remote areas of the country.

49.   Shri Arun Agarwal     Director(BB),                  1. Implementation of Universal          Shri K.K. Minocha
                            USO Fund, DoT                   Service Obligation Policy with          DDG(BB)
                            Tel: 011 23711751               regard to Strengthening of OFC          USO Fund, DoT
                            PABX: 6959                      infrastructure in the rural areas,      Tel.: 011 23372364
                            PAX: 209                        Extending wireless and satellite
                                                                                                    PABX: 6740
                            Room No.503                     Broadband Connectivity in rural
                            Sanchar Bhawan                  and remote areas.
                                                                                                    PAX: 556
                                                                                                    Room No.706
                                                           2. To monitor progress               of Sanchar Bhawan
                                                            following schemes of USOF:

                                                           (i)  Provision of    Wireline
                                                            Broadband Connectivity upto

                                                                   village level.
                                                                  (ii)   Optical   Fibre   Network
                                                                   Augmentation,     Creation   and
                                                                   Management of Intra-District
                                                                   SDHQ-DHQ OFC Network in
                                                                   service area of Assam.

50.   Vacant                    Dy.       Administrator-F(I)      Amendment to the terms and Ms.Archana
      Work being looked after   (USOF)                             conditions of Agreement.   G.Gulati
      by Shri Vijay Kumar,      Tel: 011                                                                Jt.Adminsitrator
      Dy.Administrator-FII      Fax: 011                          Disposal of clarifications received (Fin.)
      USOF                       Room No.                          from USPs and CCAs.                 Tel: 011 23372437
                                                                                                            011 23036357
                                                                  Inspection reports.
                                                                                                        Fax: 011 23372436
                                                                                                        Room No.1118
                                                                  Static web pages of USOF
                                                                   website and other work relating to

51.   Shri Vijay Kumar          Dy.Administrator-FII USOF         Work relating to Finance Advice.     Ms.Archana
                                Tel.:011 23372162                                                       G.Gulati,
                                     011 23036232                 Work relating to all the new         Jt.Administrator
                                Fax: 011 23372284                  activities including Broadband,      (Fin.)
                                Room No.204                        Mobile     Infrastructure, OFC       Tel: 011 23372364
                                Sanchar Bhawan                     network Gender budgeting Pilot
                                Email:                                                Room No. 1118
                                                                   Project etc.
                                                                                                        Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                  Development and management
                                                                   of    claim    Settlement and
                                                                   Management System (CSMS)
                                                                   part of the USOF website and
                                                                   other NIC related work.

                                                                  All on-going schemes of USOF.

                                                                  Mobile services phase-I

                                                                  New schemes
                                                           Outsourcing of work.

                                                           Management of USOF website

52.   Ms.     Lopa   Mudra Dy.Administrator-F-IV USOF      Budgeting       exercise     and    Ms.Archana
      Mohanty              Tel: 011 23356757                preparation of various estimates,   G.Gulati,
                                 011 23036712               Outcome Budget, Performance         Jt.Administrator
                           Fax: 011 23372158                Budget.                             (Fin.)
                           Room .No.1401
                                                                                                Tel: 011 23372364
                           Sanchar Bhawan                  Maintenance       of    information
                                                                                                Room No. 1118
                                                            relating to intimation of claim and
                                                            requisition of Fund.                Sanchar Bhawan

                                                           Authorisation of Fund.

                                                           Maintenance of PBG(s).

                                                           Work relating to Audit.

                                                           Reconciliation   of     payment
                                                            booking with TA Section

                                                           Issues relating    to     staff    and

                                                           Budget    Accounts       and      Audit

                                                           Delegation of financial powers

                                                           Establishment                      and

                                         Vigilance Division

53.   Ms.Monali P.Dhakate   Director (VA)               Processing      of     departmental    Shri Vipan Kumar
                            Tel.: 011 23372066           disciplinary     proceedings      in   Sr. DDG(Vig..)
                                  011 23036025           respect of Group‟A” officers of        Tel.: 011 23372111
                            Fax: 011 23372369 Room       Department          of     Telecom           011 23036688
                            No. 906                      belonging to Indian Telecom            Fax::2337 23115
                            Sanchar Bhawan               Service Group “A”, Indian P&T          Room No.901
                                                         Accounts and Finance Service           Sanchar Bhawan
                                                         Group “A” P&T Building Works
                                                         Service Group         “A”   General
                                                         Central Service Group “A” and
                                                         Wireless     Planning      &    Co-
                                                         ordination Wing etc. from the
                                                         stage of issue of charge sheet till
                                                         the      Finalization     of    the

                                                        Prosecution   &     departmental
                                                         vigilance cases referred by the
                                                         CBI and Other police agencies.

                                                        Process cases for suspension
                                                         and periodical review.

                                                        Court cases arising from the
                                                         departmental           disciplinary
                                                         proceedings for Gr.”A” officers.

                                                        Process cases for        grant   of
                                                         vigilance clearance.

                                                        Interaction and co-ordination
                                                         with CBI for the cases of
                                                         prosecution and departmental
54.   Shri K.K. Miglani    Director(VB &VP)               Examination       of    investigation     Shri Vipan Kumar
                           Tel.:     011    23372403       reports      and      initiation     of   Sr. DDG(Vig..)
                           011 23036844                    disciplinary    proceedings         for   Tel.: 011 23372111
                           Room No. 903                    seeking 1st stage advice of CVC                 011 23036688
                           Sanchar Bhawan                  for gr.‟B‟.                               Fax::2337 23115
                                                          Acceptance of 1st stage advice of         Room No.901
                                                           CVC, issue of prosecution and             Sanchar Bhawan
                                                           sanction/RDA orders, issue of
                                                           charge sheet for Gr. „B‟.
                                                          Examination of Inquiry reports for
                                                           seeking 2nd stage advise of CVC,
                                                           Acceptance of 2nd stage advice,
                                                           tentative decision before sending
                                                           case to UPSC, Acceptance of
                                                           UPSC advice, issue of final
                                                           orders for Gr. „B‟.
                                                          Appeal Review & Revision
                                                           petitions of Gr. „A‟ & „B‟ officers
                                                          Implementation of Court orders in
                                                           respect of disciplinary cases of
                                                           Gr „B‟ & Appeal Review &
                                                           Revision Petitions of Gr. „A‟ & „B‟.
                                                          Ratification     of     penalty      of
                                                           absorbed officers.
                                                          Disciplinary cases under Rule-9
                                                           of CCS(Pension) Rules for Gr. „C‟
                                                           & „D‟.

55.   Shri Sukhbir Singh   Director (V. Tech)             Investigation    of    complaints Shri Vipan Kumar
                           Tel.: 011 23372335              assigned and providing technical Sr. DDG(Vig..)
                                 011 23036966              comments         on        various Tel.: 011 23372111
                           Fax: 011 23372339 Room          investigations.                          011 23036688
                           No.908                                                             Fax::2337 23115
                           Sanchar Bhawan                 Court cases in respect of Room No.901
                                                           disciplinary    cases,     Appeal Sanchar Bhawan
                                                           Review & Revision Petitions of
                                                           Group “A” & “B” officers/officials
                                                       Conducting Vigilance Training
                                                        and vigilance awareness week.

56.   Shri   Atul   .Kumar Director (VM)               Investigation of complaints /        Shri Vipan Kumar
      Chaudhary            Tel.: 011 23372333           cases having vigilance angle and     Sr. DDG(Vig..)
                                 011 23036333           Monitoring and examination of        Tel.: 011 23372111
                           Fax: 011 23753033 Room       Investigation        Reports(IR)           011 23036688
                           No.904                       pertaining to all Public Sector      Fax::2337 23115
                           Sanchar Bhawan               Undertakings       under     the     Room No.901
                                                        administrative control of the        Sanchar Bhawan
                                                        Department viz. BSNL, MTNL,
                                                        ITI, TCIL and C-DOT.

                                                       Seeking 1st      stage advice of
                                                        Central Vigilance Commission in
                                                        respect       of     Departmental
                                                        Investigation Reports pertaining
                                                        to officers not absorbed in PSUs
                                                        and also seeking of 2nd stage
                                                        advice in respect of PSU officials
                                                        involved in composite cases.

                                                       Coordination with CVC for
                                                        general subjects pertaining to
                                                        vigilance wing.

                                                        Reconciliation of disciplinary
                                                        case data with CVC, BSNL,
                                                        MTNL, TCIL, ITI & C-DOT.

                                                       Appointment of Chief Vigilance
                                                        Officers in respect of PSUs under
                                                        the control of DoT.

              Wireless Monitoring Organisation (Sub-ordinate office of WPC Division)
                                                         I
57.   Shri Ashok       Kumar Deputy Director(P)         nformation     relating    to     all   Shri V.V. Singh
      Narula                 Wireless Monitoring        Administrative   Establishment     &    Director(WMO)
                             Headquarter                Financial matters dealt by Wireless     Tel. :011 29054618
                              „E‟ Wing, 3rd Floor       Monitoring              Organisation    Wireless Monitoring
                             Pushpa Bhawan              (Headquarters). New Delhi-110062.       Headquarter
                             New Delhi – 110 062                                                „E‟ Wing, 3rd Floor,
                             T. F. No. 20951005                                                 Pushpa Bhawan, New
                             Fax: 011 29957762                                                  Delhi – 110 069
                                   011 29961068
                             E-Mail: narula_ak@yahoo.

58.   Shri B. Gunasekhar     Dy. Director(M)               Information   relating  to    all   Shri V.V. Singh
                             Wireless Monitoring            technical matters dealt by          Director(WMO)
                             Headquarter                    Wireless Monitoring Organisation    Tel. :011 29054618
                             „E‟ Wing, 3rd Floor            (Headquarters).     New    Delhi-   Wireless Monitoring
                             Pushpa Bhawan                  110062.                             Headquarter
                             New Delhi – 110 062                                                „E‟ Wing, 3rd Floor,
                             T. F. No. 20951005                                                 Pushpa Bhawan, New
                             Fax: 011 29957762                                                  Delhi – 110 069
                                   011 29961068

                           Wireless Planning & Coordination Division(WPC)

59.   Dr. S.M. Sharma        Deputy Wireless Advisor           International       /   National     Sh.              T.K.
                             Tel: 011 23036603                  Coordination & Conference Work.      Vardakrishnan
                             Room No.605                        National Frequency Allocation        Jt. Wireless Advisor
                             Sanchar Bhawan                     Plan.     Terrestrial Frequency      Tel: 011 23372183
                                                                assignment & Licensing of
                                                                                                           011 23036893
                                                                Frequencies above 806 MHz
                                                                                                     Room No. 604
                                                                                                     Sanchar Bhawan

60.   Shri R.K. Saxena       Deputy Wireless Advisor           Formulation   of   Rules    &        Sh.              T.K.
                             Tel: 011 2335 8561                 Regulations under the Indian         Vardakrishnan
                             Room No.610B                       Telegraph Act, 1885 & Indian         Jt. Wireless Advisor
                             Sanchar Bhawan                     Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933        Tel: 011 23372183
                                                                pertaining     to    Wireless              011 23036893
                                                                                                     Room No. 604
                                                                                                     Sanchar Bhawan
                                                               Policy   related issues    for
                                                                Spectrum Management, planning
                                                                & charging.

                                                               All works relating to issue of
                                                                Wireless License to CDMA

61.   Shri Sukhpal Singh     Deputy Wireless Advisor           International     /       National   Sh.              T.K.
                             Tel:011- 23359562                  Coordination of Satellite Network.   Vardakrishnan
                                 011-23036540                   Spectrum      assignment      and    Jt. Wireless Advisor
                             Room.No.611                        licensing of all Satellite based     Tel: 011 23372183
                             Sanchar Bhawan                     system for TV & other Satellite
                                                                                                           011 23036893
                                                                based communication matter.
                                                                                                     Room No. 604
                                                                                                     Sanchar Bhawan

62.   Ms.Deepa Agarwal            Deputy Wireless Advisor           All matters related to Standing Shri T. K.
                                  Tel.: 011 23372174                 Advisory Committee on radio Vardakrishnan,
                                  Room No.611 A                      frequency allocation (SACFA).    Jt. Wireless Advisor
                                  Sanchar Bhawan                                                      Tel: 011 23372183
                                                                    Site clearance of Mobile Towers,      01123036893
                                                                     base stations etc. (MAST)        Room No. 604

63.   Sh.P.Chandrashekharan       Deputy Wireless Advisor           Frequency assignment / Wireless     Sh. T.K. Vardakrishnan
                                  Tel: 011 23755440                  licensing & other related work      Jt. Wireless Advisor
                                  Room No. 618 A                                                         Tel: 011 23372183
                                                                     below 806 MHz coordination with
                                                                                                              011 23036893
                                  Sanchar Bhawan                     regard to ATN, Court matters/       Room No. 604
                                                                     Examination/ASMS.                   Sanchar Bhawan

64.   Shri R. Venkatachalam       Deputy Wireless Advisor           Preparatory work of International   Sh. T.K. Vardakrishnan
                                  Tel: 011 23372179                  conference held under the aegis     Jt. Wireless Advisor
                                  Room No. 607                                                           Tel: 011 23372183
                                                                     of                  International
                                                                                                              011 23036893
                                  Sanchar Bhawan                     Telecommunication Union (ITU)       Room No. 604
                                                                     & Asia Pacific Telecommunity (      Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                     APT) ITU matters other than ITU-
                                                                     R Study Group. All administrative
                                                                     matter concerning ITU/APT.

65.   Shri V.J. Christopher       Deputy Wireless Advisor           ASMS/ Examination      and    3G Sh. T.K. Vardakrishnan
      (on long training)          Tel: 011 23755440                  related policy.                     Jt. Wireless Advisor
      Being looked after by Sh.   Room No. 618 A                                                         Tel: 011 23372183
                                                                                                              011 23036893
      P. Chandrashekaran          Sanchar Bhawan
                                                                                                         Room No. 604
                                                                                                         Sanchar Bhawan

66.   Shri M.K. Rao               Deputy Wireless Advisor           Issue of Wireless Licenses under Sh. T.K. Vardakrishnan
                                  Tel: 011 23359563                  the Indian bases Cellular Mobile Jt. Wireless Advisor
                                       011 23036084                                                   Tel: 011 23372183
                                                                                                            011 23036893
                                  Room No. 610
                                                                                                         Room No. 604
                                  Sanchar Bhawan                    Services(GSM) and 3G      Public
         Mobile Radio Tracking.   Sanchar Bhawan

        Work of WPC Section

        Mobile Tower

                                  Wireless Planning Finance Division

67.   Shri Rajeev Prakash   Director (Wireless Finance)      Financial Advice rendered to   Ms.Nirmala Pillai
                            Tel: 011 23036215                 WPC Wing and WMO on their      Sr.DDG (WPF)
                                 011 23096142                 proposals on the following     Tel: 23036886/
                            Room No.1109                      subjects:                      23372190
                            Sanchar Bhawan                                                   Room No.1101
                                                             Establishment matters          Sanchar Bhawan
                                                             Projects,    purchases  and
                                                              tenders including civil and
                                                              electrical works.

                                                             Expenditure budget     (Plan
                                                              /Non Plan)

                                                             Payments to International
                                                              Telecommunications Union.

                                                             Accommodation, security etc.
                                                              for field units.

                                                             Write-off and disposal of
                                                              obsolete    /     machinery
                                                              equipment and stock.

                                                             Imprest   and     temporary

                                                             Assessment and collection of
                                                              Spectrum charges on account
                                                              of CMTS, CDMA in respect of
                                                              Commercial     V-SAT    and
                                                              INSAT-MSG         Reporting
                                                              Service Licenses.

                                                             Receipt and maintenance of
                                                            Financial Bank Guarantees
                                                            for Commercial V-SAT and
                                                            INSAT MSS reporting Service

                                                           Defending the Union of India
                                                            in court cases relating to
                                                            Wireless charges.

                                                           Disposal of representations of
                                                            Commercial      V-SAT     and
                                                            INSAT-MSS           Reporting
                                                            Service Licensees concerning
                                                            assessment     of   spectrum
                                                            charges made by Dir(WF)

68.   Shri Sanjay Kumar   Director (Wireless Revenue)      Assessment and collection of      Ms.Nirmala Pillai
                          Tel: 011 2303 6770                spectrum charges in respect       Sr.DDG (WPF)
                                011 23372617                of Basic, Cellular, and UASL      Tel: 23036886/
                          Room .No.1106                     licenses and only collection of   23372190
                          Sanchar Bhawan                    such charges in respect of        Room No.1101
                                                            PMRTS operators.                  Sanchar Bhawan

                                                           Receipt and maintenance of
                                                            Financial Bank Guarantees
                                                            for the licenses mentioned at
                                                            Sl.No.1 above.

                                                           Defending the Union of India
                                                            in Court Cases relating to
                                                            Wireless charges.

                                                           Disposal of representations of
                                                            operators     mentioned     at
                                                            Sl.No.1 above concerning
                                                            assessment     of   spectrum
                                                            charges made by Dir.(WR)

                                                                                                                    (S.L. Negi)
                                                                                                      Director(Coord.) & CPIO
                                                                                                             Tel. No. 23036225

       All CPIOs/Appellate Authorities mentioned above.

       The CPIOs and Appellate authorities are also requested to intimate the change of Telephone No or any other
item of work still left out to the Dir (IT) immediately with a copy to the RTI Section so that same can be rectified/updated and
uploaded in the website forthwith.

       2.    It is also informed that in case of any change in incumbent/designation of the CPIOs/Appellate Authorities
mentioned above, the new incumbent holding/looking after the above mentioned posts will automatically become the
CPIO/Appellate Authority with respect to the subject matter mentioned against respective CPIO/appellate Authority. The
Division concerned may accordingly intimate the details direct to Director(IT) for uploading the changes in the
departmental website under intimation to RTI Section.

Copy to:             Shri M.K. Vimal, Director (IT) for uploading the above order in the DOT, IT Cell local website immediately.

Copy also to: 1.     Shri G. Subramanian, Asstt. Registrar, Central Information Commission (CIC), August Kranti Bhawan, II
                     Floor, „B‟ Wing, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi- 110 066.

              2.     Shri K.G.Verma, Director(IR), Department of Personnel & Training, Room No. 5A, North Block, New Delhi
                     – 110 001.

Copy also to: 1. PS to MOC & IT/ PS to MOSC & IT

              2. Sr.PPS/PS to Secretary (T)/ AS(T)/Member(S)/Member (F)/Member (T), Administrator, USO(F)/ JS(T)/ JS(A),
                 Legal Advisor

              3. All CPIOs in BSNL/MTNL/TCIL/TRAI/TDSAT/C-DOT            They are requested to go through the websites of DoT
                                                                         whenever need arises for transferring of applications to
                                                                         the concerned CPIO in DoT.
4. Copy to Reception Officer, DoT / CR Cell, DoT.

                                                                          (B.M. Sharma)
                                                    Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
                                                                           Tel. 23036073

                                     F. No.17-1/2007-O&M
                                      Government of India
                              Ministry of Communication‟s and IT
                              Department of Telecommunications
                                                                         510, Sanchar Bhavan,
                                                                             New Delhi-110001
                                                                    Dated:- 15th February, 2011

Subject:-   Updation of designation of CPIOs in DoT including work allocation in DoT

         The undersigned is to enclose herewith an updated list of CPIOs alongwith the
work being dealt by them, contact details, appellate authority etc. for uploading the same
in the Website of Department of Telecom i.e.

2.      It is requested that the above list may be uploaded in the DoT website immediately so
that all concerned can peruse the same while dealing with the RTI applications and also inform
the changes whenever occur to Director(IT) under intimation to RTI Section.

3.     It is also intimated that the above list is being forwarded to OL Section for Hindi version
of the same and it would be provided as and when received from OL Section.

                                                                                      (S.L. Negi)
                                                                      Director(Coord.) and CPIO
                                                                              Tel. No. 23036225
Encl: as above


       Director(IT) & CPIO


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