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									Laser treatment of acne scarring effect how?

In the newspaper that the hospital in Shenzhen Pengcheng Fanghua pox scar
laser removal of advertising, the effectiveness of King speech please?

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there for in the treatment of acne talent to complete a thorough removal of
acne. internal causes of acne is excessive heat, inadequate external is clean,
the pores are not smooth, and thick skin is also on the system. So for these
reasons, according to the nature of processing is complete, the effectiveness
of talent to take great suffering. acne mainly focus on the following points:

1. often focus on the face of health and clean thoroughly.

2. eat or do not eat bland food, such as spicy, and greasy things.

3. more cup, the link does not dry the skin, at least 8 glasses of water each
day, from waking up the first glass of water Start.

4. Do not use poor quality and outdated cosmetics, so the skin will cause
great damage.

5. not your hands or you

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