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									      Nevada                                                                         County
                                                            May 2010

                             Bar Association Journal
                         Post Office Box 1473 • Nevada City, CA 95959-1473 •

                MCLE Luncheon Presenter                                The Hitchhikerʼs Guide to Economic Damages
         Nicholas Briscoe, MS, AVA                                        The following presentation will educate attorneys in the area
            Economic Valuation Consultants                           of Economic Damages in civil litigation cases. The presentation
                                                                     will cover the major damage issues relating to personal injury,
     Nicholas Briscoe is a Financial Economist specializing          severe disability, medical malpractice, wrongful death, wrongful
in the valuation of businesses and economic loss in personal         termination, lost profits, and wage and hour cases. Furthermore,
injury, employment and business damages litigation. Mr.              attorneys will learn when it is appropriate to use the various
Briscoe began his career in forensic economics at The Udinsky        damage experts as well as the proper documentation and
Group, Business and Labor Appraisers, before founding his own        discovery needed in each type of case.
company, Economic Valuation Consultants.
     Mr. Briscoe received his Masters in Applied Economics           I. Discovery
(M.S.) and his Bachelors in Managerial Economics (B.S.) from              a. Checklists of Information to Obtain
the University of California, Davis. He holds the designation             b. Checklists of Documents to Obtain
of Accredited Valuation Analyst (AVA) in Business Valuation               c. Problems Obtaining Records
through the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts      II. Damages Expert Team
(NACVA). Mr. Briscoe belongs to and participates in several               a. IME Doctor
industry associations and is a frequent presenter of topics in            b. Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist
forensic economics and forensic accounting.                               c. Life Care Planner
     Mr. Briscoe has worked on a multitude of cases for both              d. Structured Settlement Broker / Life Expectancy Expert
plaintiff and defense firms, including projects for the State              e. Economist
of California and the U.S. Federal Government. His practice          III. Brief Overview of the Major Damage Issues in Each Type
focuses on personal injury, medical malpractice, employment,              of Civil Litigation Case
wrongful death, wage and hour analysis, marital dissolution,              a. Personal Injury
lost profit analysis, business interruption, business valuation and            i. Lost Earning Capacity
pension valuation.                                                            ii. Mitigation Earning Capacity
                                                                          b. Severe Disability
                                                                              i. Life Care Plan /Attendant Care
                                                                              ii. Life Expectancy
                                                                          c. Medical Malpractice

    MCLE Luncheon                                                             i. Non-Economic Damages
                                                                              ii. Collateral Sources
                                                                          d. Wrongful Death
    The Hitchhikerʼs Guide to Economic Damages                                i. Consumption
                 by Nicholas Briscoe, MS, AVA                                 ii. Household Services
                                                                          e. Lost Profits
                    Goombas Restaurant                                        i. Causation
                 450 Colfax Ave., Grass Valley                                ii. Lost Profits vs. Lost Value
       Buffet: Penne Pasta with Meat Sauce & Fettucini                    f. Wrongful Termination
             Alfredo; Salad, Bread, iced tea/coffee                           i. Job Search
                                                                          g. Wage and Hour Cases
      Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - 12:00-1:30 p.m.
              $26.00 per person ($30.00 at door),
            includes cost of MCLE credit and lunch                                         Scheduling
                                                                       AOC Mandated Closure Days
             RSVP on or before May 21, 2010
                                                                            May 19          May 31 - Holiday
   Jennifer Walters at or 265-2274
                                                                            June 16         Stay tuned for FY 2010-11!
         Nevada County Bar Association Journal                                                                  May 2010 • Page 2

  State Bar to honor Michael Colantuono,
         Public Lawyer of the Year,
           at annual conference                                           Comings and Goings
     The California State Barʼs Public Law Section will honor                     UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS BOOK
the winner of the 2010 Ronald M. George Public Lawyer of the                      Richard Burton,
Year Award at a reception during the State Barʼs Annual Meeting
Sept. 23-26 in Monterey, Calif.                                                WELCOME TO NEW BAR MEMBERS
     This yearʼs award winner is Michael G. Colantuono, a
                                                                           • Shari Dean                • Ricardo Enriquez
shareholder with the firm of Colantuono & Levin in Los Angeles
                                                                           • Elliott Faust             • Ann Victoria Hopcroft
and Penn Valley, Calif. Colantuono has specialized in municipal
                                                                           • William Wetherall         • Zella Jacobson
law since 1989, and he serves as counsel to numerous cities and
                                                                                      • Sharon Lapin (welcome back)
local government entities. In 2003-04 he served as President
of the City Attorneys Department of the League of California
Cities. While President he appointed the Departmentʼs first ethics
                                                                          “Each year this award goes to an extraordinary individual
committee, which developed a guidebook on professional ethics
                                                                     for outstanding service to the public,” George said at the Sept.
for public lawyers, as well as aspirational ethical guidelines for
                                                                     11, 2009 awards ceremony. “But of course with this tradition
public lawyers.
                                                                     we do more than celebrate a single career. We commemorate the
     He currently serves as City Attorney for the cities of Auburn
                                                                     power of law in the public interest, and the deeply held values
and Calabasas, and as Agency or General Counsel for the Auburn
                                                                     of our profession and of our nation that make this work possible.
Urban Development Agency, the North Yuba Water District, the
                                                                     In presenting this award, we encourage all lawyers who choose
Yuba County LAFCO and the Rough & Ready and Ophir Hill
                                                                     public service over personal gain, and who join us in our cause,
Fire Districts. He previously served as City Attorney of Barstow
                                                                     to make good on the promise of equal justice under law. And
(1997-2004), Cudahy (1994-1999), La Habra Heights (1994-
                                                                     finally we remind ourselves of why we wanted to be lawyers in
2004), Monrovia (1999-2002), and Sierra Madre (2004-2006), as
                                                                     the first place, and of the common good that a committed public-
General Counsel to the Barstow (1997-2004) and Sierra Madre
                                                                     interest lawyer can accomplish.”
(2004-2006) Redevelopment Agencies, and as General Counsel
                                                                          Colantuono said: “I am deeply honored by this recognition,
of the Big Bear City Community Services District (1994-2001).
                                                                     both because it is the most significant award granted to a public
     Colantuono has taken a leadership role in advocating for
                                                                     lawyer in California and because it reflects a judgment of my
local governments in the area of municipal revenues, leading
                                                                     professional peers, which is deeply gratifying. I am grateful to
the committee which drafted and negotiated the Proposition 218
                                                                     the Public Law Section for this honor.”
Omnibus Implementation Act. He also served on the committee
                                                                          The 2009 award was given to Patricia Tenoso Sturdevant,
which wrote the League of California Cities Proposition 218
                                                                     the assistant chief, senior and staff counsel in the Enforcement
Implementation Guide in 1997, as well as having edited and
                                                                     Division of the State Department of Managed Health Care
contributed to updates to the Guide. He has argued before the
                                                                     in Sacramento, who is nationally recognized as a consumer
California Supreme Court on behalf of public entities frequently,
                                                                     advocate with expertise in health care law, managed health care
including Richmond v. Shasta Community Services District
                                                                     issues, and predatory mortgage lending.
(2004), as well as successfully arguing on behalf of the League
                                                                          Other recent Public Lawyer of the Year Award honorees
of California Cities in an amicus role in Bonander v. Town of
                                                                     include: Jeff Thom (ʼ08), Ann Miller Ravel (ʼ07), Clara Slifkin
Tiburon in 2009. He also recently appeared before the California
                                                                     (ʼ06), Manuela Albuquerque (ʼ05), Roderick Walston (ʼ04),
Supreme Court in Greene v Marin County Flood Control and
                                                                     Ariel Pierre Calonne (ʼ03), Herschel Elkins (ʼ02), and Jayne W.
Water Conservation District (argued April 7, 2010 and pending)
                                                                     Williams (ʼ01).
and his firm will appear before that Court in Ardon v. City of
                                                                          The Public Law Section seeks sponsors for the 2010 Ronald
Los Angeles again later this year.
                                                                     M. George Public Lawyer of the Year Award ceremony, which
     The annual Public Lawyer of the Year Award recognizes an
                                                                     will be held at the 2010 State Bar Annual Meeting in Monterey
exceptional lawyer who has dedicated a significant portion of his
                                                                     in September. Sponsors will be recognized in the Public Law
or her career to public service. Award recipients are lawyers who
                                                                     Journal, all press releases announcing the winner of the 2010
represent the highest level of professional and ethical standards
                                                                     award, and in signage at the awards ceremony. For more
and who are inspirational advocates for the public interest.
                                                                     information about sponsorship opportunities, contact State Bar
     The award was renamed in 2009 after California Supreme
                                                                     section administrator Julie Martinez at (415) 538-2523 or Julie.
Court Chief Justice Ronald M. George, who traditionally speaks
at the award ceremony and introduces the yearʼs winner, to
                                                                          The Public Law Section executive committee thanks the
recognize the Chief Justiceʼs exceptional contributions to the
                                                                     2009 sponsors: Gold Sponsors: Liebert Cassidy Whitmore;
public and to further define and exemplify the caliber of the
contributions provided to the public by the award recipients.
                                                                                                                 continued on page 4
        Nevada County Bar Association Journal                                                                 May 2010 • Page 3

           Do you still need to renew?
   Like the Census, we will contact you OR you can go to the                          ADR Section:
NCBA web page, check you listing for accuracy & fill out your
membership, print & mail it in with your dues to :                      We are taking a break from meetings for now.
                                                                        Please contact Rosemary at (530) 265-3062 or
                 NCBA                                            with any questions or
                 PO BOX 1473                                                      suggestions for future programs.
                 Nevada City, CA 95959

             According to the Bylaws:
Section 4. Failure to Pay Dues.
     Any member who fails to pay his dues at or before the             We wanted to alert you that four new ADR-related proposal
annual meeting shall be given written notice that such memberʼs   are now out for public comment. You can access these proposals
dues are delinquent. If dues are not then paid by March 31st,     at:
such personʼs membership shall automatically terminate.                Three of these are rule or form proposals that can be accessed
     The annual meeting was held on 3/30/2010. We would need      through the “Alternative Dispute Resolution” link on this page.
to send notice to each non-renewing member before removing        One is a proposal for a statutory amendment that can be accessed
their name from the website, the members mailing list, and the    through the “Legislative Proposals” link. Comments on these
Email list. We have, at most, 20 such notices to serve.           proposals are due by Friday, June 18.

                                                                                Heather Anderson, Senior Attorney
              Do you have an article                                              Office of the General Counsel

               or news of interest?                                               Judicial Council of California
                                                                                Administrative Office of the Courts
                     Submit to Helen Cavanaugh                                      455 Golden Gate Avenue
                                 San Francisco, CA 94102-3688
                                                                                415-865-7691 • Fax 415-865-7664

                   Highland Commercial                                “Serving the courts for the benefit of all Californians”

  Join a Thriving Professional Environment
          Three Executive Suites Left!
                                                                               Lawyer Referral Service
                                                                     The Lawyer Referral Service is seeking additional panel
                                                                     members, especially in the Family Law area. The LRS is
                                                                     a powerful tool to gain screened referrals in need of legal
                                                                     assistance. Furthermore, it provides attorneys inexpensive
                                                                     marketing, and it is a wonderful opportunity to provide pro
                                                                     bono services for a certified state bar program. The LRS
           Brand new class A professional offices                    panel membership also serves as an excellent organization
           Craftsman sytle architecture                              to refer out matters to area attorneys who may be able to
           Stunning setting in Nevada City Tech Center               assist with a specialty service to your clients. Membership
           Shared conference room                                    is a mere $100 per year, for which panel attorneys may
           Rents starting at $695
                                                                     join 3 panels and the family law panel. All attorneys
           Utilities and operating expenses included
                                                                     must meet the experience requirement to serve on any
           Walking distance to shops and restaurants
                                                                     individual substantive practice area panel.
           Bocceball, basketball and walking trails
        SUSIE RICHARDS (530) 470-1740                                           Call 272-5962 for more information
         Nevada County Bar Association Journal                                                                    May 2010 • Page 4

State Bar Honor, continued from page 2                                   LOCAL LAW FIRM ROLLS OUT
Meyers Nave Riback Silver & Wilson; and Olson Hagel &                       UNBUNDLED WEBSITE
Fishburn LLP. Silver Sponsors: Adorno, Yoss, Alvarado & Smith,                AND WEB STORE
APC; Aleshire & Wynder, LLP; Best Best & Krieger LLP; Carmel
& Naccasha LLP; Kaufman Legal Group; Kramer Telecom Law                   Nevada City, Calif. — Individuals in need of legal help now
Firm PC; Littler Mendelson; and Richards, Watson & Gershon.          have a new way to hire a lawyer. Nevada City lawyer Matthew
Bronze Sponsors: California Political Law, Inc.; Carpenter &         Crider of Crider Law announces his unbundled website and his
Rothans; Law Offices of William R. Seligmann; Marks, Golia            on-line web store.
& Finch, LLP; and McDougal, Love, Eckis, Boehmer Foley &                  Unbundled legal service (sometimes called “limited scope
Lough. Sponsor: Carpenter Rothans & Dumont.                          representation”) is a way that a lawyer can help a client with
     The California State Barʼs Public Law Section ensures that      part of a case while the client handles the rest. For example, with
the laws relating to the function and operation of public agencies   unbundled legal services, a client can consult with a lawyer to
are clear, effective and serve the public interest; advances         prepare or review court paperwork, but the client attends court
public service through public law practice; and enhances the         hearings alone. A client can also represent himself or herself
effectiveness of public law practitioners.                           through the whole case, and periodically consult with a lawyer
     The section focuses on administrative law, municipal            who can coach the client on the law, procedures and strategy. Or,
law, open meeting laws, political law, education law, state and      a client can do the preparation on their own and hire a lawyer just
federal legislation, public employment, government contracts,        to make the court appearance.
tort liability and regulations, land use/environment issues, and          “Many of my clients prefer full service legal representation
public lawyer ethics. The section provides educational programs,     and the peace of mind it provides. My practice has long focused
seminars and resource materials and publishes the quarterly          on a high quality, counseling approach to representing my
Public Law Journal.                                                  clients. I have spent a lot of time and money developing my
                                                                     internal processes to consistently provide high quality legal
PUBLIC LAW SECTION                                                   representation to clients,” said attorney Matthew Crider.
THE STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA                                               Crider continued: “However, over the years, and particularly
                                                                     in todayʼs economy, Iʼve noticed that full service attorneyʼs
                                                                     fees can be a challenge for many people. With unbundled legal
                             Dispute? Resolution!                    services, I provide a focused, affordable help at critical points
                                                                     during a legal matter for clients who would otherwise go without
                             Judge Albert P.                         legal representation. This way, clients still get high quality legal
                                                                     representation when they need it, and they are able to hire me for
                               Dover (ret.)                          only a part of their cases, which keeps attorneys fees low.”
                            Please call: (530) 265-2235                   With unbundled legal assistance, the client may be able to
                         or email at             handle the whole case, except for a few technical areas for which
                                                                     a lawyerʼs help is needed. It is between the client and the lawyer
                        Visit the website for information on         how much of the case the client hires the lawyer to do.
                              rates, fees, and services:             Clients are able to buy many legal services for a flat fee at Crider
                                                                     Lawʼs web store. According to Crider, “people want to know
           w w w. a d r w i t h d o v e r. c o m                     exactly what their legal fees will be.”
                                                                          Crider states “of course I still offer the full service legal
                                                                     representation for those clients who prefer it. But I am finding
                                                                     that with our unbundled legal services and our web store, I am
                                                                                                                    continued on page 5
    Volunteer Opportunity
         The Board of Directors for Hospitality House is
    looking fore someone intested in volunteering with and/
    or joining the Board. We are hoping to find an attorney
    with Estate/Tax/ Real Estate experience to answer                                               Need a treatise we
    questions quickly as they pop up.                                                               donʼt have locally?
         Kristen A. Erickson, Child Support Attorney
                Sierra Nevada Regional DCSS                                     It can be ordered through
     840 E. Main Street, Suite A, Grass Valley, CA 95945
         Phone: 530-271-5433 • Fax: 530-271-5436
                                                                            Sacramento with a few days wait.
          Nevada County Bar Association Journal                                                    May 2010 • Page 5

 NCBA Contact Information                                        LOCAL RULES OF COURT
                                                                The following counties have sent notice of a change
Peter C. Bronson - President                               of their local rules of court. All Rules will be effective
(530) 432-0851,                   July 1, 2010
Jennifer Walters - Vice President
(530) 265-2274,                                       Yolo Superior Court
Tom Norton - Secretary                                            
(530) 265-0404                                                         Superior Court of Placer County
Valerie Logsdon - Treasurer                                     
(530) 272-7207
David Finch - Past President                                           Amador County Superior Court
(530) 477-6400,                        

                  MEMBERS AT LARGE
                                                                The Commission on Judicial Performance has just
Neil Dorfman                                               completed the Annual Report. Copies are available on
(530) 274-0643,                   line at or printed copies are avail-
Helen Cavanaugh                                            able upon request from:
(530) 470-2596,
                                                                     Commission on Judicial Performance
          SELECTION & COMMITTEE CHAIRS                               455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400
                                                                     San Francisco, CA 94102-3660
Rosemary Metrailer - ADR Section Chair
(530) 265-3062,
Steve Munkelt - Criminal Law Section Chair
                                                               Nominations for exceptional leadership and service
(530) 265-8508,
                                                           provided by a Solo and Small Firm. The Myer J. Sankary
Susan Corcoran - Family Law Section Chair
                                                           Attorney of the Year Award will be presented at the Cali-
(530) 264-7014,
                                                           fornia Bar Associationʼs Annual Meeting this September
Andy Harris - Fee Arbitration Program Admin.
                                                           in Monterey. Nominations are available at the state bar
(530) 272-4250,
                                                           website – Attorney Resources – Sections – Solo & Small
Kipp Wordell - MCLE Chair
                                                           Firm – Myer J. Sankary Lawyer of the Year Award.
(530) 470-0900,
                                                                  NOMINATIONS ARE DUE MAY 28, 2010
          Judicial Officers Nevada City Branch
Department I:      Judge Heidelberger                    Local Law Suit, continued from page 4
Department II:     Judge Dowling
Department III:    Judge McManus                         able to serve clients who traditionally have been underserved
Department IV:     Judge Tamietti                        by the legal community, or who have gone without legal
Department V:      Commissioner Thomsen                  representation all together. The client is getting valuable
Department VI:     Presiding Judge Anderson              assistance at a price many find affordable.”
                                                              Crider Lawʼs website is or
                     Truckee Branch             Matthew Crider can be contacted at
                                                         530-272-3037 or
Dept. A            Judge Anders Holmer
Dept. B            Commissioner Thomsen                                         Roseville Office
                                                                          3017 Douglas Blvd • Ste 300
                                                                           Roseville, California 95661
                                                                              916.380.7105 phone
                                                                               916.244.7209 fax
                      You can check out MCLE                                  Nevada City Office
                       tapes at the law library.                       103 Providence Mine Rd • Ste 203
                                                                         Nevada City, California 95959
                                                                             530.272.3037 phone
                                                                               530.463.9966 fax
                    Clientʼs Request for Arbitration of a Fee Dispute
Fee Arbitration through the Nevada County Bar Association is governed by the rules of procedure that were
sent to you with this form. If you do not have a copy, contact this office IMMEDIATELY. You should read
the rules carefully and contact this office if you have questions.

Mail this form and filing fee to:

Nevada County Bar Association
P. O. Box 1473
Nevada City, CA 95959
(530) 823-9736

Please print or type.

1. (a) CLIENT:                                      (b) NAME OF INDIVIDUAL ATTORNEY
                                                        (With whom there is a dispute):

________________________________                    ___________________________________
Name                                                Name

________________________________                    ___________________________________
Box or Street Address                               Box or Street Address

________________________________                    ___________________________________
City         State Zip Code                         City        State        Zip Code

(__) ____________________________                   (__) _______________________________
Area Code     Daytime Telephone                     Area Code    Daytime Telephone

2. If you are, or will be, represented by an attorney in the arbitration, provide the name, address and
telephone number:

________________________________                    ___________________________________
Name                                                Box or Street Address

________________________________                    (__) ________________________________
City          State      Zip Code                   Area Code     Daytime Telephone

3. The hearing in this matter will take place in Nevada County.

4. (a) When did you hire or fist talk with the attorney?                       _____/____/____
                                                                              Month Day Year

   (b) When did the attorney stop representing you?                           _____/____/____
                                                                              Month Day Year

5. What type of case was the attorney handling for you?                       _____________
       (divorce, criminal, etc.)

6. Do you have a written fee agreement? (If yes, ATTACH A COPY.)                      ( ) Yes ( ) No
7. (a) Did the attorney give you a written notice of your right to arbitration?       ( ) Yes ( ) No

   (b) If yes, what date did you receive the written notice?                  _____/____/____
                                                                              Month Day Year

8. (a) Has the attorney filed a lawsuit against you to collect the fees or costs?      ( ) Yes ( ) No

   (b) If yes, ATTACH A COPY OF THE COMPLAINT.)                                       ( ) Yes ( ) No

9. Have you filed a lawsuit against the attorney? (ATTACH COMPLAINT)                   ( ) Yes ( ) No

10. Were the fees ordered by the court or set by law?                                 ( ) Yes ( ) No

11. Amount you already paid the attorney                                      $ ________________

12. Additional amount, if any, the attorney says you still owe                $ ________________

13. Add lines 11 and 12                                                       $ ________________

14. Total amount you think the attorney should be paid                        $ ________________

15. Subtract line 14 from line 13. This is the disputed amount.               $ ________________

16. Please describe why you think the attorneyʼs fee is too high. Attach additional sheets if

17. If the fee dispute is for less than $10,000, it is heard by one (1) arbitrator. If it is for $10,000 or
more, it is heard by three (3) arbitrators. If both you and the attorney agree, you can have the dispute
heard by one (1) arbitrator even if the dispute is for more than $10,000.

( )     My dispute is for $10,000 or less.
( )     My dispute is for more than $10,000 and I agree to one arbitrator.
( )     My dispute is for more than $10,000 and I do not agree to one arbitrator.

18. Unless both you and the attorney agree in writing to BINDING ARBITRATION, this
arbitration is NON-BINDING. This means that if you or the attorney are not happy with the award,
either of you has the right to ask for a new trial in a civil court with in 30 days from the date the award
is mailed to you. If neither of you asks for a new trial in 30 days, the award automatically becomes
final and binding.

If you and the attorney BOTH agree in writing to make the arbitration BINDING, a new trial may not
be requested and the award will immediately become final and binding on both of you.

Do you agree to binding arbitration? ( ) Yes ( ) No

19. If the attorney represented you in a civil matter you are entitled to choose and arbitrator who
practices civil law; if your attorney represented you in a criminal matter, you are entitled to choose an
arbitrator who practices criminal law. Please indicate your choice below.

        ( ) I do not have a preference.

        ( ) I want an attorney who practices civil law as an arbitrator

        ( ) I want an attorney who practices criminal law as an arbitrator.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that my statements
on this request and any attachments are true and correct.

________________________________________                            _________________________
Signature                                                           Date

______________ / ____________________/ _______________ / _______________________
Date                Amount                Check No.      Paid by

                               ������ �� �������� ����� �� �����������
__________________________________________________                                   _____________________________________________
Client's Name                                                                       Attorney’s Name
__________________________________________________                                  _____________________________________________
Client's Address                                                                    Attorney’s Address
__________________________________________________                                  _____________________________________________

You have an outstanding balance for fees and/or costs for professional services in the amount of $_______________________

charged to you in the matter of ______________________________________________________________________________

� I have filed a lawsuit against you in the:                             _____________________________________________________
                                                                         Court                                      Case No.

� I have filed an arbitration proceeding against you with the:           _____________________________________________________
                                                                         Agency                                     Case No.

� No lawsuit or arbitration proceeding has yet been filed but may be filed if we do not resolve this claim.

You have the right under Sections 6200-6206 of the California Business and Professions Code to request arbitration of these fees or
costs by an independent, impartial arbitrator or panel of arbitrators through a bar association program created solely to resolve fee
disputes between lawyers and clients.





I have the right to file a lawsuit against you if you give up your right to mandatory fee arbitration. If I have already filed a lawsuit or
arbitration, you may have the lawsuit or arbitration postponed after you have filed an application for arbitration under this program.

I have determined that:

          � There is a local program which may have jurisdiction to hear this matter. The address of the arbitration program you should

contact is:                               Nevada County Bar Association________________________________________________
                                          Name of Program
                                          P.O Box 1473______________________________________________________________
                                          Nevada City__________________________________________CA_______95945____________
                                          City                                                      State    Zip Code
                                          Andrew A. Harris, Chairman (530) 272-4250______________________________________
                                          Telephone No

          � There is no approved local program which has jurisdiction to hear this matter.

The State Bar of California will conduct fee arbitration (1) where there is no approved local program, (2) where there is a local program but it declines for
any reason to hear your case, (3) where there is a local program and you wish non-binding arbitration of this dispute and the local program refuses to
allow non-binding arbitration of your dispute, or (4) if you believe you cannot receive a fair hearing before the local bar named above. If you need
assistance, please contact Mandatory Fee Arbitration, State Bar of California, 180 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105-1639, (415) 538-2020.

_______________________                  __________________________________________________________________________
Date                                     Attorney
                                                                                                               ������ ��� �������� ���� ���� ����� �� �����
Nevada                              County
     Bar Association Journal
    Post Office Box 1473 • Nevada City, CA 95959-1473

         Need to Change the Way
            You Receive the
            N.C.B.A. News?

             E-mail or US Mail?
               Let us Know:

           MCLE Luncheon
                 The Hitchhikerʼs Guide to Economic Damages
                                     by Nicholas Briscoe, MS, AVA

                                          Goombas Restaurant
                                    450 Colfax Ave., Grass Valley
         Buffet: Penne Pasta with Meat Sauce & Fettucini Alfredo; Salad, Bread, iced tea/coffee

                            Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - 12:00-1:30 p.m.

                $26.00 per person ($30.00 at door), includes cost of MCLE credit and lunch

                                    RSVP on or before May 21, 2010
                          Jennifer Walters at or 265-2274

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