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THE JERSEY SHORE by wuxiangyu

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                   THE JERSEY SHORE

                              Red Carpet Action
                              Hazlet Girl Scout
                              attends Hollywood
                              movie premiere
                              Five Minutes
                              Reflecting upon a
                              of Girl Scouts

                              How I spent my
                              summer vacation
                              Globe trotters
                              share their

Fall1 2008
Volume • Issue 4            Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore
Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore
(800) 785-2090                Message from the President
Board of Directors
JoAnn McCann
                                    and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Grace Hickey
First Vice President
Judy Hart
Second Vice President
Diane Friel-Padlo
Third Vice President
 Mary Anne Gearing                                       Why is it so important for Girl Scouts to sell things? That’s a question
Secretary                                                we’re asked all the time and it’s legitimate. How do you reconcile
Bonnie Chankalian
Treasurer                                                the Girl Scout mission of creating girls of courage confidence and
                                                         character who make the world a better place with “Buy these nuts
Members at Large
Muriel Beekman                                           and subscribe to these magazines?”
Geraldine Bownik
Gary Casperson
                                                         The answer isn’t any simpler than the question. On the most basic,
Julian Castellanos
Toni Clay-Hall                                           pragmatic level, we need money to underwrite the programs and
Carolyn Coates                                           opportunities we provide our members, and troops need money
Dolores Coulter
Debra Dobies                                             to fund their activities. In a bigger picture view though, these are
Barbara Dunzelman                                        more than sales, they’re programs designed to help girls more fully
Wendy Galloway
Barry W. Johnson                                         realize their potential.
Frances Keane
Roger Keil                                           Program materials for this fall’s nut/magazine sale are designed to
Craig Lynch
Bill MacDonald
                                                     help girls discover new abilities that can be connected and acted
Harriet Primack                     McCann           upon in their everyday lives. Everything revolves around a “Go
Charles Richter, Jr.
Penny Rone                                           Green” theme that does more than improve reading skills or safe
Shrabanee Shah                      Internet use; girls learn to take action and improve the environment outside their
Roberta Sheridan
Karen Souffrant                     back door and around the world.
Ben Waldron
April Yezzi                         Yes, the sale raises money, but it also teaches girls to discover, connect and take
Girl Representatives                action, the buzzwords of the new Girl Scout Leadership Experience. These have
Kaitlin Kraft
Erin Markov
                                    been core Girl Scout values for almost 100 years and you can see the results in
Alexandra Murdocca                  Monmouth and Ocean counties. Last year, 42 teens earned Gold Awards by
Marissa Regad
Kristine Rosko                      improving their community. Even more performed service projects, not expecting
Victoria Schwarz                    recognition for their efforts. These young women don’t just set the example for
Rebecca Cora Van Ness
                                    younger girls following in their footsteps; they set an example for all of us.
Executive Staff
Susan H. McClure                    That’s why we hope you say yes when a Girl Scout asks you to “Buy these nuts and
Chief Executive Officer
Richard Renzulli                    subscribe to these magazines.”
Chief Operating Officer
Bahiyyah Abdullah
Senior Director, Membership
and Marketing
Jenny Cody
Senior Director, Program Services   Susan H. McClure                       JoAnn McCann
Patricia J. Kurz
Senior Director, Facilities
and Camping Services
                                    Table of Contents
                                                                                                                         THE JERSEY SHORE

Ronni Neiverth                                                                                                                                                      Kristen     Volpi    of
Chief Financial Officer
                                    Summer Trips ............3     Red Carpet ..............6-7                                   Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore
Pat Walsh
Senior Director, Fund Development
                                                                                                                                                                    Troop 1482 visited
and Public Relations
                                    Planned Giving......... 4      Gold Award ......Insert        Pies with Purpose
                                                                                                  Taking a bite out
                                                                                                  of hunger
                                                                                                                                                                    the something in
                                                                                                                                                                    somewhere on a Wider
                                                                                                  Five Minutes

                                    Five Minutes...............5   Troop News ............ 8-9
                                                                                                  Cookie sale tips
                                                                                                  from one of the best

                                                                                                  Girl to Girl

                                                                                                                                                                    Op trip this summer.
                                                                                                  Rutgers’ hoops
                                                                                                  star reflects on
                                                                                                  Girl Scout roots

                                    American Girl ........6-7      Awards ............... 10-11   WINTER 2008
                                                                                                  Volume 1 • Issue 2

                                                               Jocelyn Mayo and Allie Zambito get ready to hit the waves on
                                                               Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach.

Globe Trotters
What I did on my summer vacation...
     ifelong dreams came true for 67 girls this summer        To earn money, Zambito sold cookies, nuts, and plants,
     as they traveled with the Girl Scouts of the Jersey      plus held a science fair for younger girls with her troop.
     Shore on a 16-day trip to London, Paris and Rome;         “The best place we visited I think was the Black Sand
a 17-day adventure in Germany, France and Spain, and a        Beach in Hawaii. I am quite the beach girl and black sand
10-day excursion across the country to Hawaii.                was so intriguing to me,” said the 14-year-old. “It was
“Whether it was seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up and glowing    such a different experience than what I had been used
 blue in France or going to the beautiful Neuschwanstein      to.”
 Castle in Germany or even seeing the grand architecture      The trips also strengthened the bonds of friendship. “The
 by Gaudi in Spain, every place we went was a new             entire trip was amazing,” Lelievre said. “But, the best
 experience, a new site, a new memory,” said Kristen          part was probably being able to share this experience
 Volpi, a member of Howell/Farmingdale Troop 1482.            with five of my closest friends.”
“My best memory of this trip was our free day in London,”     “I remember thinking the whole time ‘Wow, I am
 said 16-year-old Alyssa Lelievre, of Sweet Bay Troop          thousands of miles away from home with my best
 253, who went to London, Paris and Rome. “We went to          friends doing something I may never do again,’” said
 see a musical called Into the Hoods, a variation of the       Leone. “It is an experience that will stay with me for the
 Broadway show Into the Woods. The entire show was hip         rest of my life and I look forward to telling my children
 hop dancing; it was really cool.”                             about one of the greatest summers I have ever had.”
The history of performing arts was also a highlight for
17-year-old Sara Leone of Red Cedar Troop 253, who
attends a performing arts high school.
“In Rome we visited a place I had studied about a year
 previous and I was super excited to be going there – the
 Coliseum. It was an incredible place for a theater major,
 it was filled with so much history,” she said. “Looking
 around and seeing all of those seats that were once filled
 with people was a thought I really couldn’t imagine.”
Many of the girls raised money for their trips by
participating in council product sales and by organizing
monthly dances for elementary school kids.
“All the hard work was defiantly worth it,” said Lelievre.
 Allie Zambito of Red Cedar Troop 241 agreed. “Hawaii
 was definitely worth all of those booth sales,” she said.     Posing with the Queen’s Guard is a must while in London.

                                                              Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore •          3
                                                                           How one person
                                                                           continued her Girl
                                                                           Scout commitment
                                                                           During her life, everyone knew Marie Graves
                                                                           was committed to Girl Scouts. During the
                                                                           1970s she traveled as a chaparone with girls
                                                                           on many trips, including New York, Canada
                                                                           and Puerto Rico. It wasn’t until she recently
                                                                           died that her friends and family fully knew
                                                                           her dedication to Girl Scouting. Although
                                                                           she lived a modest life, her estate included
                                                                           a substantial gift to the Girl Scouts of the
                                                                           Jersey Shore.

    Being recognized                                   Make a difference for
    when we’re alive                                   years to come
    The Juliette Gordon Low Society recognizes         Each year, Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore relies on the
    and honors caring individuals who have             generosity of family and friends to support programs,
    made a commitment to ensure that girls             adult training, provide financial assistance and maintain
    will continue to benefit from the Girl Scouts      facilities. Gifts can be made in a variety of ways and every
    of the Jersey Shore.                               recipient/honoree is recognized by the council.
    There are several ways to become a Society         There are six easy ways you can leave your legacy to the Girl
    member:                                            Scouts of the Jersey Shore:
      include the Girl Scouts of the Jersey            HUGS (Help Us Grow Stronger) Annual Campaign – A general,
      Shore in your will;                              unrestricted operating donation from members, staff and
                                                       friends of Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore to support our
      name the Girl Scouts of the Jersey
                                                       efforts to serve every girl everywhere.
      Shore as a full or partial beneficiary of
      a new or existing life insurance policy;         Tribute Gifts and Memorial Gifts – Congratulate someone
                                                       special on an achievement or a special occasion.
      include the Girl Scouts of the Jersey
      Shore in a charitable trust, a gift              Matching Gifts – If you work for a company that offers a
                                                       matching gift program you can designate Girl Scouts of the
                                                       Jersey Shore as the recipient of the gift.
      or make a contribution of at least
                                                       Restricted donations – Contributions to specific funds, such
      $1,000 to the Council’s Juliette                 as camperships or Wider Opportunities, to help girls take
      Gordon Low Society Endowment Fund.               part in programs they might not have had otherwise.
    Society members will receive a Society pin and     In-kind goods and services – Include supplies, equipment or
    certificate and be invited to special Girl Scout   professional services.
    events; have the opportunity to be recognized
                                                       Planned gifts – Outright or deferred gifts – such as cash,
    on our unique Gift Recognition wall in the
                                                       appreciated securities, life insurance, charitable gift
    Ocean Service Center; be recognized as a           annuities, bequests, retirement investments, real estate or
    special friend and member of the Society           personal property - that are carefully tailored to help donors
    in the Jersey Shore Wave and other Council         gain personal, financial or tax benefits while maximizing
    publications; and be recognized at the Council’s   benefit to the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore.
    spring Awards and Recognition ceremony.

For 96-years, Girl Scouting has made a difference in the lives of young girls. In
over half of those years, Mickey Smith has been directly involved. The 88-year old
first joined Girl Scouts 49 years ago. Today, the Oceanport resident still enjoys
camping and working with girls, sharing the wealth of her knowledge with
them. She also remains active with her Girl Scouting peers as a member of the
Monmouth Chapter of the Girl Scout Alumnae Club.

Five Minutes
Reflecting on a half-century of Girl Scouting
Q: How did you get involved with Girl Scouts?                 Q: What is the best memory you have of being
Well, it was the only activity around when I was                   a Girl Scout?
a girl. I joined Girl Scouts when I was 10. It took          My favorite part of being a Girl Scout was when we
awhile because there were no Brownie troops in               went camping. I enjoyed sleeping in the tents and
my town. When I got in a troop as a Junior I was so          hiking with everyone. We would cook our dinner
excited to finally be a Girl Scout.                          over an open fire and later sing campfire songs.
                                                             I loved camping as a girl and still enjoy doing it
Q: What motivated you to stay with Girl Scouts               today.
      for so long?
First I started out as a girl and then I became a leader.     Q: How do you stay involved with Girl Scouts?
I had two troops, one was intermediate girls and the         I attend all of the alumnae meetings of the
other was Seniors. The troops did everything. We went        Monmouth Alumnae Club. The group has many
hiking and had picnics. Everyone enjoyed going on            activities that I enjoy doing. Being a part of the
various trips. The girls also enjoyed working on earning     group has allowed me to talk to young girls about
badges. All of the activities my troops did were whatever    my experiences growing up and what it was like to
the girls wanted to do. I enjoyed being a leader because     be a Girl Scout when I was their age.
I saw how much the girls enjoyed what we did.

  Honor and Tribute
In Honor of          In Memory of
Jessie Blair         Barbara Boone
Elizabeth &          JoAnn McCann
Alfonso Hayslip
Roberta Sheridan     In Memory of
                     Clifford Neiverth
In Honor of          Nancy Cummons
Judith Kramer                                 Girl Scout nuts and candies make
Clarence & Gloria
                     In Memory of
                     Meghan Schellegel
                                              delicious holiday gifts for family,
                     Barbara                  friends and employees! They also make
In Honor of
JoAnn McCann
                                              great hostess gifts for all those holiday
Dorothea &           In Memory of             parties!
Harold McCann        Nickolas Bownik
                     Carlton Clinard          Orders will be taken Oct. 3 to 19; booth
                     Girl Scouts of the
In Memory of
Jessica Martinez     Jersey Shore
                                              sales will take place from Nov. 14 to
& Kiera Larkin       Alumni Club              23. A complete list of locations can be
Chole Wright
and Troop 154
                     Lois J. Kurz
                     JoAnn McCann
                                              found at
                     Ronni Neiverth

                                                                            Girl Scouts. Where Girls Grow Strong.
                                                            Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore •   5
         very girl dreams of being a movie star and walking a red carpet. Half of that dream came true for Emma Moran, a 13-
         year old Cadette Girl Scout from Hazlet Troop 817 when she joined a Girl Scout from the Greater New York Council and
         walked the red carpet at the New York premiere of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl at the historic Ziegfeld Theater.
    Starring Academy Award nominee Abigail Breslin, the movie is about a brave, compassionate and determined young girl
    growing up during the Great Depression. In a world filled with need and hardship, she always looks for the truth, even if it
    is not the popular choice.
    In addition to walking the red carpet, Emma attended the after-party at the American Girl Store on Fifth Avenue and had
    the opportunity to meet many of the movie’s stars.

                                                                     Q: What was your favorite part about
                                                                          making this movie?
                                                                     Abigail Breslin (plays Kit Kittredge): My favorite part
                                                                     was working with everybody; they were all really, really
                                                                     nice and also getting to work with the dog and the
                                                                     monkey, that was fun.
                                                                     Maggie Davenport (plays Ruthie Smithens): I got to meet
                                                                     all these great people and I got to wear these awesome
                                                                     costumes—some of them were actual vintage clothing
                                                                     from the 1930s and some they custom made for us.
                                                                     Max Thieriot (plays Will Shepherd): Probably all the
                                                                     cools sets and stuff we had and working with all these
    Girls from Troop 127 show off the Kit Kittredge t-shirts they    amazing actors.
    made for the movie premiere.
                                                                     Patricia Rozema (director): My daughters are 4 and 12;

                                                                     I really wanted them to see someone who makes the
                                                                     world a better place and this little 10-year-old girl [Kit]
                                                                     does it.

                                                                     Q: Girl Scouts is all about making the world
    Camera!                                                               a better place, how can you make the
                                                                          world a better place?

    Red Carpet
                                                                     Breslin: One thing I learned from Kit is that she shares
                                                                     what she does have, even if she doesn’t have a lot, and
                                                                     that is something I am trying to work on too. I think
                                                                     that’s pretty cool.

    Glitz and glamour
    for one teen Girl
    Scout at the New York
    premiere of
    Kit Kittredge:
    An American Girl
Davenport: I think if we start to recycle more and
not throw things out on the street just because it’s         Red-Carpet Reporter
convenient and there’s not a trash can around.
Clique Girlz (a teen girl band from Egg Harbor): We
                                                             Hazlet teen lives
know to recycle, turn off the lights when we don’t need
to use them and we try to save water when we take
                                                             Hollywood dream
showers.                                                     When I got the phone call that I was chosen, I was so
Jane Krakowski (plays Miss Dooley): I hope I can try to      happy and couldn’t wait for the day to come. When
make the world a better place by being a good person         it did come, I was so
and being kind and courteous to other people. Hopefully      hyper and jittery and
as an actress we bring a little bit of entertainment to      I couldn’t wait for
the world that can take people out of their everyday         that moment when I
lives and give them a few laughs.                            got to interview the
Q: How does it feel to be walking on the red                 We headed to the
     carpet?                                                 theater to interview
Clique Girlz: We’re really excited to see the movie          some of the Girl
because of course, Destiny has the Kit doll; we’re really    Scouts waiting for Madison Davenport and
excited to meet Abigail Breslin because she’s a great        the 3:30 premiere Emma Moran
actress and supposedly she is a fan of ours.                 first. Rebecca and I

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring                       got to handle the microphone and start being the
                                                             reporters for Girl Scouts T.V.
                                                             Then it was time to hit the red carpet! I have to
Krakowski: Give it a shot, believe in yourself, don’t take   admit, I was a little nervous, but I smiled and was
anything too personally because it isn’t personal and        really excited. We had our own spot reserved for
perseverance. I think it takes a strong backbone to keep     just us–it was like Fox, Girl Scouts, then Fox 5; then
going out there and trying and trying.                       the magic started happening and the celebrities
Q: I think that Kit would make a perfect Girl                started walking down the red carpet. I talked to
                                                             Jane Krakowski, Madison Davenport, Wallace Shawn,
     Scout; do you think she would?                          Patricia Rozema, The Clique Girls, and the star of the
Krakowski: Definitely, 100 percent! I think she is a great   night Abigail Breslin.
role model for all young girls. She is very caring; very     The one celebrity I was really waiting for though was
wise; has a dream, believes in it and gets it done and       Max Thierot. As soon as he came up to me I said,” Hi,
wants to tell the story of her family and share it with      I’m Emma from Girl Scouts T.V. I love you!!” When I
everyone else—all good principals I think.                   interviewed him, my hand was shaking so much.
                                                             All the celebrities I met were really nice and polite
                                                             and answered our questions really well.
                                                             The movie afterwards was great. It was funny,
                                                             sensitive, and in some parts, it made you tear up a
                                                             little. Kit showed the qualities every person should
                                                             have: leadership, courage, honesty, friendliness, caring,
                                                             and determination, just like all Girl Scouts are.
                                                             After the movie, it was a mob. The good thing was
                                                             that I got an autograph from Max!
                                                             After that, we went to a party at the American Girl
                                                             Store on Fifth Avenue. There was music, food, and a
                                                             lot of people having conversations. The first thing
                                                             we did when we got there was get a bite to eat,
                                                             because we were all starving by then. The celebrities
                                                             were hanging out at the store as well, and I got four
                                                             more autographs, and it was really cool!

     Troop News
    Freehold Service Unit Girl Scouts       back to the camp, girls donated      Dogwood Brownie Troop 21
    from five different troops              28 birdhouses.                       hosted a Daisy/Brownie Mother/
    served as Color Guard at a June                                              Daughter Tea Party at Holy Family
    ceremony dedicating soccer              White Pine Service Unit held a       School in Lakewood. Troop 21
    fields in Freehold Township to          Family Scout night at Calloway’s/    served their guests from Troop 63,
    the memory of Jeanine Willis, a         Eagleswood Amusement Park            372 and 54 an array of breakfast
    long-time Girl Scout volunteer.         where participants had pizza         foods along with a variety of
                                            and soda, followed by unlimited      flavored teas. Fun was had by
    Holly Troop 76 took a trip to the       rides, go karts, mini golf and       all with dancing, Pin the Handle
    Statue of Liberty.                      use of the arcade. It was a          on the Tea Pot and a hand-made
                                            great way to finish up the year,     Tea Pot piñata. The girls ended
    Manalapan-Englishtown Service           while spending time with sister
    Unit had a family fun day at                                                 their day with the Friendship
                                            troops.                              Circle and a ceremony retiring
    Camp Sacajawea. More than
    100 participants spent the              The girls of Juniper Daisy Troop     the colors.
    afternoon swimming, boating,            20 had a gymnastics party, a High    Eatontown/Ft.Monmouth
    playing archery, making s’mores         School Musical party and a teddy     Cadette/ Senior Troop 406 went
    over the camp fire and getting          bear party with the money earned     to the Tim Dorland Studios in
    their faces painted.                    from cookie sales. The girls also    Colts Neck to participate in a
                                            met with Brownie Troop 537 and       fused glass workshop where each
    Millstone Township had an               learned the requirements to be
    encampment; on the first night                                               girl was able to make five pieces
                                            a Brownie and participated with      from scrap pieces of glass.
    of the encampment was a leader/         other Lacey troops in a bridging
    daughter evening and as a give          ceremony.                            Juniper Junior Troop 507 earned
                                                                                 their Horse Sense badge this
                                                                                 summer at Argos Farms using
                                                                                 their cookie money.

                                                                                 Teen Troop 579 attended a
                                                                                 performance of “Grease” with
                                                                                 their cookie sale commissions.
                                                                                 Additionally they visited an
                                                                                 Assisted Living facility in Lacey
                                                                                 township where they enjoyed
                                                                                 an evening of Bingo with the

                                                                                 Tinton Falls/Red Bank Troop 846
                                                                                 used cookie money to take a four-
                                                                                 day trip to Washington, D.C.

                                                                                 Neptune-Asbury Daisy/Brownie
                                                                                 Troop 882 celebrated the end of
                                                                                 their first Girl Scout year with a
                                                                                 formal tea party. The girls also
                                                                                 won 1st place for marching in
                                                                                 the Ocean Twp. Memorial Day
                                                                                 Parade due to their spirited
                                                                                 camp songs while marching!
    Eatontown/Ft. Monmouth Junior Troop 697 member Tiffany Liss conducts a DNA
    experiment at Liberty Science Center.                                        Several Cadettes from Matawan/

Shore Brownie Troop 1226 visited the Bailey-Reed House Museum in Manasquan for
a Victorian social. The girls had a great time dressing up in the beautiful Victorian
dresses and learning about the 1800’s.

Aberdeen Troop 945 went to Fort              families that do not have the
Dix, volunteering to serve food              means to buy books. The troop                        Katie Langschultz, a Dogwood Juliette,
at a Farewell Salute reception for           was able to collect and donate                       went to Boston. The last day included
some 3,000 National Guards and               more than 650 books!                                 a visit to Plymouth Rock where she
their families as they got ready to                                                               saw the replica of the Mayflower.
deploy to Iraq. While they were              Juniper girls enjoyed a wonderful
serving others, the girls got the            night out at “He/She” with their
chance to see all the personnel              dads, uncles and other special men                   unit donated 28 birdhouses that
stand in formation on the field,             in their lives night at the Lakewood                 the girls painted as part of their
tanks and helicopters as well as             BlueClaws. Troop 229 led the flag                    activities for the night.
paratroopers. Nobody could forget            salute for the near sellout!
                                                                                                  Sweetbay Service Unit Brownie
the sound of the F-16 flyover!               Millstone Service Unit held a two-                   Troops 257 and 415; and Junior
Using a portion of their cookie              night encampment this summer at                      Troops 288 and 25 took part in the
profits, Troop 1331 in Matawan/              Camp Sacajawea. The first night                      Whiting Memorial Day parade.
Aberdeen donated Build-A-Bears               was a leader/daughter evening and                    The girls made a wreath and
to Children’s Specialized Hospital           as a give back to the camp, service                  presented it at the memorial site.
in Toms River.

Members of Brownie Troop 1584                       Shop ‘Till You Drop at the Council Shop
attended “High School Musical”
at the Count Basie Theatre in Red
Bank. The tickets were purchased
                                                                    Buy Now and Save!
with cookie proceeds.                                              Spend $50 or more at either council shop between October 1 and
                                                                   December 31 and you’ll recieve a coupon for $5 off your next store
Hartshorne Daisy Troop 1680                                                                               purchase of $10 or more.
hosted a book drive to get books                                                  Coupon can not be used during same visit. $5 coupon expires March 31, 2009.

into the homes of children with

                                                                                  Girl Scouts. Where Girls Grow Strong.
                                                                  Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore •                                        9
                                                                                        Product Sales          Shining Light Awards
                                                                                        Susan-Bond             Rhonda                     Sally Maloney
                                                                                           Masterson              Baumann                 Michelle Masarik
                                                                                        Nancy Brandine         Leah Bilotti               Eileen Miller
                                                                                        Linda Burkhardt        Terri Bordiuk              Gail Miller
                                                                                        Donna Cimino           Nancy Brandine             Margaret Moro
                                                                                        Issie D’Agostino       Jennifer Brown             Georgette Mullen
                                                                                        Susan Devrous          Nancy Bucco                Michelle Murphy
 Awards and Recognitions
                                                                                        Diane Diglio           Ann Clifford               Ruth Pearson
                                                                                        Barbara Duchak-        Melissa Connolly           Karen Archer
                                                                                           Crosby              Susan Cook                    Perry
                                                                                        Nancy Gargan           Joyce D’Accardi            Annette Peterson
                                                                                        Flo Gormley            Donna Deter                Shirley Pinhas
                                                                                        Barbara Guigno         Christine Filosa           Priscilla Rackclif
                                                                                        Diane Holzlein         Jackie Garbe               Debbie Romano
                                                                                        Terri Hulse            Nancy Gargan               Cathy Ross
                                                                                        Shirley Jacobs         Pat Gorczyca               Jean Sandor
                                                                                        Mary Janwich           Flo Gormley                Susan Soden
                                                                                        Robin Kisylia          Cathy Grant                Karen Steiner
                                                                                        Michelle Masarik       Barbara Guigno             Gina Szewczyk
                                                                                        Gail Miller            Grace Hanson               Joette VanNess
                                                                                        Daria Musselman        Pat Heaney                 Lisa Walsh
                                                                                        Annette Petersen       Diana                      Sue Wojcik
                                                                                        Shirley Pinhas            Kohlhepp                BJ Wood
                              Mary Avalone looks at her Alumnae Award-Order of the      Maria Relvas           Jackie Krusik              Christine Zetell
                              Evergreen Chapter at the Volunteer Recognition Event.     Jean Sandor            Debra Laux                 Sharon
                              James Bownik, Jacqueline Woods, and Robin Woods           Renee Shrum            Linda Lennon                  Zimmermann
                              recieved the Alumnae Award-Monmouth Chapter.              Evelyn Strain
                                                                                        Donna Tornich
                                                                                                               Transitional Nominating
                                                                                        Janet Wolchko
                                                                                        Pat Zakar
                                                                                        Christine Zettell      Jessie Blair               Tom Hayes
                                                                     Council            Sharon                 Carolyn                    Barbara Johnson
                                                                     Programs              Zimmermann             Coates                  Ben Waldron
                                                                     Drenna Edelman
                                                                     Guy Edelman
                              Council President’s                    Jayne Galgon
                                   Award                             Paul Galgon
                                                                     Chuck Masarik
                                                                                                 Honor Pin                    Thanks Badge II
                                                                                                 Susan Devrous                Pat Carrow
                                  Carolyn Coates                     Dave Milanowycz             Mary Janwich                 Dolly Corona
                                                                     Andy Zelenak                Lori Kobular
                                     Roger Keil                                                  Kelly Maxwell                Trefoil Award
                                                                     Fund                        Dianne Thompson              Pat Rise
                                    Doris Innes                      Development                 Donna Tornich
                                                                     Mary Anne                                                Jessie Blair
                                  Karen Palamara                       Aldycki
                                                                                                 Denise Willis
                                                                                                                              Above &
                                 Susan H. McClure                    Lauren Griffin              Thanks Badge                 Beyond Award
                                                                     Theresa                     Dolores Dzubaty              Betty Trivisone
                                                                       Martinsen                 Mary Ellen Gibbon
                                                                     Helen Sferrazza             Sheila Weisfeld
                                                                                                 Janet Wolchko
                           Lauren Babcock       Samantha             Lynda McLean
                           Joan Beckett            Fontanella        Marion Morrissey
                           Patty Cooper         Kelly Gale           Gerry Viggiani       Appreciation Pins
                           Laura Coover         Tracy Higgins                             Sharon Brown         Sheila Harrigan           Nancy Pare
                           Val Dhume            Lori Kobular                              Karen Campbell       Christine Hearn           Sue Peckman
                                                                                          Michele Cerisano     Tracy Higgins             Nancy Peters
                           Training                                                       Marianne Churgin     Kate Hughes               Janice Reese-
                           Marilyn Bass         Mary Keysper         Kathryn Syminik      Deborah DeLisi       Alyssa Intorcia-             Berardo
                           Cheryl Bruce         Jackie Krusik        Betty Trivisone      Susan DelSantro         Angel                  Jamie Roche
                           Terry Davis          Paula LeBlanc        Donna Wendland       Judy DeSalvatore     Sandra Jarvis             Josephine
                           Tom Gormley          Caroline Roncin      BJ Wood              Sandy Diebold        Karen Kennedy                Romagno
                           Outstanding Achievement —                                      Diane Disbrow        Nilda Lessner             Elizabeth Schaffer
                           Council Realignment Committee                                  Kathy Elderhorst     Lourdes Lucas             Deanna Schwarz
                           Muriel Beekman       Judy Hart            JoAnn McCann         Alicia Fehley        Mary McBride              Liz Trapp
                           Barbara Birdsall     Dr. Grace Hickey     Susan H. McClure     Phyllis Fitzgerald   Stephanie McLean          Kelly VandenBerg
                           John Boekell         Barry W. Johnson     Bill McNamara        Donna Francis        Donna                     Kirsten Ward
                           Jerry Cevetello      Frances Keane        Deborah Palmer       Sandy Gould             Milanowycz             Debbie Wiedow
                           Bonnie               Roger Keil           Rick Renzulli        Laurie Govinsky      Robin Morton              Fran Williams
                           Chankalian           Dr. Judy Kramer      Penny Rone           Felicity Hall        Breen Meyerle
                           Diane Friel-Padlo    Bill MacDonald       Eric Wagner
                                                                                                    Awards and Recognitions serve God and my country...
In addition to its mission of helping young girls grow into women of courage, confidence
and character, the Girl Scouts encourage girls to embrace their faiths and work with
organizations associated with their religions to provide appropriate recognition
Recipients of Bat Or, a          The Marion Medal, part             The I Live My Faith
Jewish religious award           of a national religious            Award is given to girls
that means daughter of           recognition program:               who appreciate the role
light:                           Jacquelyn Lawrence                 religion plays in their life:
Shoshana Goldman                                                    Rachel Anton
Jillian Shapiro                  The Rosary Patch Series,           Emily Cort
                                 focuses on the Mysteries           Jean Cunningham
Recipients of the Holy           of the Holy Rosary:                Rebecca Frandano
Family Award participate          Emma Santora                      Lauren Harper
in a spiritual program:                                             Casey Hendrickson
Patty Kiernan                    The God and Me award                Emily Hendrickson
Victoria Adams                   helps girls become best             Kayla Jacobus
Kristen Brooks                   friends with Jesus and tell        Amanda Kacperowski
Alyssa Ciervo                    their story of “God and            Katelyn Kennedy
Hannah Conarty                   Me” together:                      Heather Kicki
Meghan Donnelly                  Rebecca                             Vicki Kiernan
Julianna Esposito                  Carmeli-Peslak                   Theresa King
Marissa Higham                   Kaylee DeFreitas                   Grace Kurywczak
Rebecca Hutton                   Hanna Douns                        Katelyn Kuster
Samantha Lehmann                 Kate McClellan                     Kiyomi Locker
Camryn Kennedy                                                      Courtney Malland
Cristina Kovacs                  God and Family                     Kelcy McGeehan
Faith Kurywczak                  recognition helps youth            Kerry McGovern
Hayley Malland                   understand the importance          Caroline Miller
Kathryn Milewski                 of family and God’s role in        Shannon Murphy
Nichole Popolo                   a healthy family:                  Katie Orlando
Alexandra Sivulich               Emily Byle                         Meghan Polhemus
Danielle Sivulich                Kayla Ciok                         Indigo Shea
Gabrielle Sivulich               Julianna Heck                      Mallory Soccodato
Haley Soccodato                  Rachel Johansson                   Avery Steigerwald
Samantha Soccodato               Emily McClellan                    Lauren Suess
Natalie Swindell                 Aimee Prendergast                  Natalie Suess
Alexis Uzzo                      Alison Prendergast                 Grace Tallian
Emilie Zuhowski                  Kristen Siebenheller               Katie Weeks
                                 Tiffany Treadway
Chi-Rho recipients must          Bethany Zaccaria                   Troop 48 also
be Eastern Orthodox, in                                             received a Helping
the fourth or fifth grade        Recipients of the St.              Hands Ser vice Project
and attend church school         Tarcisius award became             Award from the
or other formal religious        more aware of the                  Diocese of Trenton’s,
instruction program.             presence of God in their           Catholic Committees
Melissa Elezi                    lives:                             on Scouting for the
Georgette Garrity                Joann Cort, Adult Girl Scout       troop’s commitment
Ursula Hatzinikitas              Michelle Feery, Adult Girl Scout   in helping the St.
Angela Kousouris                 Rachel Feery                       Joseph’s Social
Demetra Tampasis                 Sandy Frandano, Adult Girl Scout   Concer ns Depar tment
Irene Vostardis                  Rose Kuster, Adult Girl Scout      with various projects.

   The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore thank all its members and volunteers for their efforts.

                   Join us for the Jersey Shore’s premiere Fall Festival. This year we’ve added two Radio Disney
                          Dance Parties, complete with interactive activities and prizes, to Spooktacular’s Family
                                  Day – the only such event in the area organized and planned by teen girls for their
                                      community. Tickets cost $8. Online preregistration is preferred. Order tickets at

                                                                         Family Day: Saturday, Oct. 18, Noon - 3 p.m.
                                                                     Disney Dance Parties: 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.
                                                                                  Every Spooktacular ticket includes one
                                                                                    Radio Disney dance party admission.
                                                                            Girl Scout-only sessions also offered the same
                                                                                       weekend for Brownies and Juniors.

 Girl Scouts + Disney = Family Fun
Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore
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                                                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
Farmingdale, NJ 07727
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                        Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

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