What Are the Disadvantages of Fraternities and Sororities?

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12. What Are the Disadvantages of Fraternities and Sororities?

Well, let us start with a few advantages of these organizations. First of all, you meet a lot

of people and you feel more connected to your school, college or university. Fraternities

always organize various recreational events where you are always welcomed. As a matter

of fact, joining such organization you will always have brothers or sisters.

The list of advantages is almost endless. However, as any organization it may have some

drawbacks. So, before joining a fraternity or a sorority, think twice. Do you really need it?

1.          First of all it is a great time commitment. You will have to devote all your time to

your fraternity or sorority. Once you are a member, you should take part in all social

events, meetings, competitions. Consequently, your grades may suffer. Being in a

fraternity or sorority is more that just participation, it is a lifestyle.

2.          Money. When you join the organization you should pay initiation fee and room.

However, it is not all. You will continue spending your money on social events, attire and

other unexpected expenses.

3.          A negative image. Actually, sororities and fraternities are organizations that are

aimed at positive results. Some of them are rather conservative and remain non-smoking

or alcohol free. However, a negative reputation follows all members. It is mostly due to

movies and television. So, what is more important for you, membership or reputation?

4.          Actually, joining such organization is a good way to find friend. However,

sometimes such friendship groups become isolated. Moreover, it is not necessary that you

will have good relations with all members of the fraternity or sorority.

5.          Another problem is the academic study. Some houses tend to be bad

environment. You share you living with other members whose attitude to study may be

quite different from yours. So, it is quite possible that such company may prevent you from

Article was written as part of the internship program at researchpaperz.net

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