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            on Earth"

   Municipal Newsletter for the Residents and Businesses of Lemon Grove, California
                                                                                                              Fall 2010
     Inside This Issue:       LEMON GROVE AVENUE REALIGNMENT

   Community              2       he Lemon Grove Avenue Realignment project has reached an exciting milestone this
   Interest                       month . . . the design is 100 percent complete! This project is designed to relieve traffic
                                  by streamlining the way to and from State Route 94. For example, if you are at The
   Community Events       6
                            Home Depot and want to go east on State Route 94, you will no longer need to wait in traffic at
                            the Broadway/Massachusetts signal or cross the trolley tracks twice to reach the freeway
   Potpourri              8 entrance.

   Environmental          9 In fact, if you add up the seconds spent by each vehicle at the intersections helped by the
                              Realignment project, delays should be reduced by a total of 6 HOURS every day! Fewer
   Handy Information    10 delays will reduce both exhaust emissions and driver frustration.

   Realignment Design Features:
     Traffic Circulation: When the realignment is complete, vehicles
       traveling on North Avenue will be able to cross Lemon Grove Avenue.
     Pedestrian Accessibility: New sidewalks will create a clear, easy
       path between the Trolley, the Promenade, and North Avenue.
     Traffic Signal Efficiency: The traffic and trolley signals will “talk” to
       each other to help keep traffic moving safely with less waiting.
     Improved Stormwater Treatment: Rainwater will be captured to
       water new trees and reduce irrigation costs. Some runoff will be filtered
       through a grass-lined ditch to remove pollutants.
     Flexibility for the Future: The project is designed for future add-ons
       such as a “gateway arch”, street furniture, or additional landscaping.
     Xeriscaping (water efficient landscape): Drought-tolerant plants will
       be used to save water and to keep costs low for ongoing maintenance.
   Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2011. The first work on the
   project will be utility pole relocations and demolition of some buildings along
   North Avenue. Once complete, the rough earthwork can begin.
   Construction could take up to nine months with all of the coordination                                     Lemon
   needed to reduce impacts to local businesses, Caltrans, MTS, the railroad,                                  Grove
   Helix Water District, Cox Cable, SDG&E, and AT&T. In fact, it will take 13
   different kinds of traffic control and detours to keep vehicles moving and                                 Avenue
   businesses open!                                                                                         Realignment
       Questions? Call the Public Works Department at (619) 825-3810.                                         Project


           ot only is underage drinking illegal, but when this activity is added to a house party, it can lead to countless
           problems such as loitering, vandalism, graffiti and violence. To address these issues, the Lemon Grove City
           Council adopted a “Social Host” ordinance on October 19, 2010.
    The ordinance goes into affect 30 days from the date of adoption and will be included in Chapter 9.49 of the Lemon
    Grove Municipal Code. (Continued on Page 6…)

Lemon Grove City Hall, 3232 Main Street, Lemon Grove, CA • (619) 825-3800 • www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us
     P AGE 2                                           C I TY O F LE MO N GR OVE                                     F A LL 201 0

                                       Community Interest

           s the first major project in the Downtown Village, the Main
           Street Promenade, a linear park and transit plaza, is being
           designed to showcase Lemon Grove’s Downtown Village
    and become a part of a new northern gateway into the City (see the
    Realignment article).
    Project Location: The Promenade will replace a two block section
    of Main Street between Broadway and North Avenue, along the
    west side of the Trolley Depot.
    Project Funding: No City funds are being used for this project.
    Design and construction are being funded primarily by two grants:
    California’s Infill Infrastructure Grant (IIG) – part of a state bond
    measure, and SANDAG’s Smart Grant Incentive Program grant
    (SGIP), a local transportation grant. About 10% of the five million
    dollar project will be funded by the City’s redevelopment agency.
    Project Timeline: Design completion is expected by late first
    quarter 2011. Construction completion is expected by fall 2011.
    Project Goals: The vision for         the Promenade is to improve
    pedestrian access and safety at        Broadway/Lemon Grove Ave.,
    create a destination, enhance         the transit environment, and
    encourage private Smart Growth         investment. When complete,
    private developers will be invited    to see the future of downtown
    Lemon Grove first-hand.
    Preview: A two-minute video of the Promenade plan is available for
    viewing at www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us/Prom. If you don’t have
    Quicktime Player 7 on your computer, download it FREE at

         Project questions, comments?
               Contact: Barbara Kraber, Project Manager, 825-3800


                              n January 1, 2010, the Cities of El Cajon, La Mesa and Lemon Grove entered into a joint
                              powers agreement (JPA) for management and delivery of fire protection and emergency
                              medical services. Under this agreement, the shared management team, known as “Heartland
                      Fire & Rescue” provides management for the three cities. The management team includes a fire chief,
                      assistant chief, three deputy fire chiefs, three division chiefs, three battalion chiefs and four support
    This unique fire services agreement provides cost savings, maintains local control, ensures a high level of fire and
    emergency medical services delivery, and maximizes how Fire resources are used.
    This cooperative service manages eight fire stations, nine engine companies, two truck companies, and three
    paramedic transport units. The joint powers agreement serves a population of 180,000 and responds to approximately
    18,000 service calls each year.
    Heartland Fire & Rescue was selected as the winner of the “2010 Grand Golden Watchdog” award by the San Diego
    County Taxpayers Association. The Golden Watchdog Awards honor programs that exemplify good government
    practices and efficient use of tax dollars.

Lemon Grove City Hall, 3232 Main Street, Lemon Grove, CA • (619) 825-3800 • www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us
   FALL 2010                                                C I TY O F LE MO N GR OVE                          P AGE 3

                                          Community Interest
  LEMON GROVE ADOPTS A BUDGET—Yet Another Year of Cutting Back

           n June 1, 2010, the Lemon Grove City Council approved the City’s budget for Fiscal Year 2010-11 (FY 11).
           This year’s budget, like the previous two years, is also characterized by more cuts to expenses. For more
           information about the City’s budget, visit the City’s website: www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us/budgets.
  Current budget compared to FY08: (when the recession began to affect the City)
      1. Revenue is expected to be nearly $1 million less—mostly due to a dramatic drop in sales tax.
      2. Expenses have been reduced by more than $1 million, mainly in the following categories:
               Salaries ········································· -7% (furloughs/reduced staffing)
               Benefits ········································· -15% (pension reform)
               Services & Supplies ······················ -12%
               Contract Services ························· -3%
               Recreation Programs ···················· -45% (new cost recovery program — no subsidies for
                                                                        youth sports and recreation).
  In spite of deep cuts, the FY11 budget did not balance and relies on almost $500,000 of reserve funds.


   W           ho do you call if your pet gets loose or goes missing?
               Lemon Grove residents can call the City of Chula Vista’s animal care facility at
               (619) 691-5123.
   Lost pets are photographed and posted on www.petharbor.com to help owners reunite
   with their dog or cat.
   If your pet still cannot be found, you may contact:
            San Diego County Animal Shelter ..............................(619) 263-7741
            El Cajon Animal Shelter ..............................................(619) 441-1580
   Contact Lemon Grove City Hall at (619) 825-3800 with questions about animal shelters or about licensing your dog.

                Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic: $10.00 per cat, Call for Appointment (619) 525-3047
                                      Friday, November 12                        (limited space available)

  KINDER-SPORTS—New Recreation Program for Preschoolers

                                      he new Lemon Grove Recreation Department “Kinder-Sports” program will guide
                                      preschoolers and their parent/guardian through various fun sports activities.
          NEW!                       These affordable five-week sessions at the Lemon Grove Recreation Center, 3131
                                     School Lane, are offered on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays.

                                                          Cost: $25.00 per session
                                                           Time: 9:30—10:30 a.m.
                                               Tuesdays            November 2—December 7
                                               Wednesdays          November 3—December 8
                                             Recreation Services Department (619) 825-3815

Lemon Grove City Hall, 3232 Main Street, Lemon Grove, CA • (619) 825-3800 • www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us
     P AGE 4                                          C I TY O F LE MO N GR OVE                                      F A LL 201 0

                                      Community Interest

                                 he City now has a computer station available for public use in the
                                 lobby of City Hall.

        New!                    The set-up allows Internet access and the ability to search Lemon
                         Grove public documents. Printing is available for a small fee.
                         Visit us at City Hall at 3232 Main Street to use our new technology tool!


            s a cost saving measure, the City is producing Visit the City website at www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us
            “The Grove Gazette” newsletter as an online and follow these simple instructions:
            publication for the residents and businesses of
                                                                  1. Click on "E-News Signup" on the left navigation bar.
            Lemon Grove.
                                                                  2. Enter your email address and click “sign in.”
    It is easy and fast to sign up on the City’s website for
    automatic email and/or text notification for new issues of    3. Enter your cell phone number if you wish to be notified by
    the City newsletter, City Council agendas and much more:
                                                                  4. Select the items for which you'd like notification by
      Community Events           City Council Agenda                 clicking on the envelope and/or phone icon for the
      Recreation Classes         Planning Commission Agenda
                                                                  5. Click "Save Profile Information" and you're done!
      Youth Activities           Contracting Opportunities     You will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on
     Adult Sports                Press Releases                    how to unsubscribe should you wish to do so. Your e-mail
                                                                   address is kept confidential and will not be sold, disclosed
     City Newsletter             Job Postings                      to others, or used for unsolicited mass mailings (spam).

    Terry Marshall spent six years as the City’s only Public Works Engineering Inspector until she
    retired in January 2010. When she retired, the City was reluctant to fill the position due to
    budget constraints.
    Knowing that the City would struggle to get important construction inspection work done, Terry
    continued to show up at City Hall each and every work day at 7:00 a.m. without pay (and without
    complaint), performing inspections and construction management tasks until the new budget
    was adopted.
    By volunteering for six months, Terry saved Lemon Grove taxpayers over $30,000. She is a great example of a
    person selflessly helping those who are in need, in this case the City of Lemon Grove. Thank you, Terry!
    Johnny & Jennifer Roddy organized ongoing efforts to help clean up Berry Street Park. Service members from the
    USS Kidd, currently stationed in San Diego, as well as their family members and neighbors, have contributed over 200
    hours of volunteer service to date . The group’s ongoing support has enabled the City to better utilize its limited
    resources as well as provide residents with a cleaner park to enjoy with their families. The City appreciates the
    volunteer service of Johnny and Jennifer Roddy, Rosa Cardona, Jennifer Nichols, Zachary Ridenour, Lee
    Hellberg, Enrique Corrillo, Tiffany Smothers, Robert Lefter, Michael A. Center, Josh Spano, Joseph Spano,
    Randi-Lynn Straight, Tyler J. Donahue, and Aaron Sanchez!
    John Normandin has been a regular volunteer at City Hall since February 2009. With more time on his hands after
    retiring and an interest in his community, John has logged countless hours at City Hall two to three days every week
    helping out with clerical work and janitorial needs. Our appreciation, John!
    Cassy Wardrip is just out of high school and is gaining valuable experience at City hall which will help her in the
    future. She is helping out with clerical duties in the Engineering and Human Resources Departments. Many thanks,

Lemon Grove City Hall, 3232 Main Street, Lemon Grove, CA • (619) 825-3800 • www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us
   FALL 2010                                        C I TY O F LE MO N GR OVE                                    P AGE 5

                                     Community Interest
                     www.CRIMEMAPPING.com—A simple, but effective tool for keeping neighborhoods

                                     he better informed the public is about nearby criminal activity, the more successful
                                     the Sheriff Department’s partnership with them will be in reducing crime and
                                     implementing crime prevention strategies.
                            Since the early 1970s, Neighborhood Watch has kept citizens informed
                            about local crime and about crime prevention techniques. Gatherings at
                            a “coordinator’s” home provide a venue for neighbors to learn more
  about each other as well as criminal activity in their area and for law enforcement representatives to
  communicate with concerned citizens and develop team relationships that are vital to the reduction
  of crime.
  For nearly four decades, red and white Neighborhood Watch signs posted at entrances to
  communities have warned would-be criminals that they were being observed and that any
  suspicious activity would be reported to law enforcement.
  On January 11, 2010, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department introduced its public crime mapping site,
  www.Crimemapping.com. The new crime mapping system is a valuable and powerful resource for residents to
  obtain crime information in their area and educate themselves about crime prevention techniques. Residents are
  encouraged to use this simple yet effective tool and to share the information with neighbors and friends. The site
  displays crime reports as recent as the previous day and provides information about preventing crime.
  Users can sign up to receive automated e-mail alerts about crimes within a specified radius:
  From www.Crimemapping.com, select “sign up” on the gray bar at the top of the page.
           Step 1:   Email—Enter the email address where you would like alerts sent,
           Step 2:   Location of Interest—Enter address or intersection you are interested in,
           Step 3:   Focus—Indicate the distance around the address you want the report to include,
           Step 4:   Crime Types—Check the boxes for the types of crimes you wish to be notified about.
  Users can also click on the southern California area on the map, then select “Lemon Grove Sheriff” from the drop-
  down list to zoom in on Lemon Grove on the map. Icons on the map indicate the type of crime. Click on an icon for
  the date, location, and description of the crime reported,
  Contact the Crime Prevention Unit at your Lemon Grove Sheriff Station at (619) 337-2047 for additional information.

  “START SMART” CLASSES—Teen Driving and Safety Education

         he Lemon Grove Sheriff’s Station will conduct “Start Smart” teen driving and
         safety education classes for student drivers in the Grossmont School District.
         A parent/guardian must attend the class with the student.
  It is highly recommended that each student driver in the Grossmont School District
  attend this educational class before driving to and from school.

      Classes offered three Saturdays in November:
            November 6, November 13, November 20
    Time:      12:00 p.m.—2:00 p.m.
    Location: Lemon Grove Community Center, 3146 School Lane
  Class size is limited…
           Contact the Lemon Grove Sheriff’s Station at (619) 337-2000 to reserve a spot.
Lemon Grove City Hall, 3232 Main Street, Lemon Grove, CA • (619) 825-3800 • www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us
      P AGE 6                                           C I TY O F LE MO N GR OVE                                       F A LL 201 0

                                          Community Events

                he City of Lemon Grove’s next Municipal Election will be consolidated
                with the Statewide General Election on Tuesday, November 2, 2010.
                The election is being held to elect two members of the City Council.
                Polls are open on Election Day from 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.           Questions? Contact Lemon Grove City Clerk
                                                                                         Susan Garcia (619) 825-3800.
     How do you find your polling place? For assistance, contact the Lemon
     Grove City Clerk’s Office at (619) 825-3800, or the San Diego County Registrar of Voters at (858) 565-5800 or on the
     website at http://www.sdcounty.ca.gov/voters/Eng/Eindex.shtml.
     Can you vote at any polling place? You should vote at your designated polling place, according to your residential
     address, because ballots may vary from one precinct to another (particularly in County and State Elections). Voters
     who are unable to go to their designated polling place may obtain a provisional ballot. Provisional voters may vote at
     any polling location or the County Registrar of Voters office by filling out and signing a provisional ballot envelope and
     providing proof of residency, such as a drivers license or an item containing their name and current address. A
     government issued photo ID is not required.

          Temporary Election Employment Opportunities—Hourly rates from $8.76-25.00
                 General Clerical (phones, data entry, filing)       Recruit poll workers
                 Sort and Assemble mail pieces                       Train poll workers
                 Packaging supplies/warehouse tasks

          For more information on temporary employment opportunities with the Registrar of Voters:
          San Diego County Registrar of Voters, (858) 565-5800, 5201 Ruffin Road, Suite I, San Diego, CA 92123

       Join us, rain or shine,                               13th Annual
       for live music, horse-
       drawn wagon rides,
                                                  Community Bonfire
                                                          A Family Event
       free refreshments,
       game booths, crafts,                     Friday, December 3, 2010
       face painting, and                            6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
       more!                               Civic Center Park, Olive and Main Street

                       Lemon Grove Food & Toy Drive
                     Soroptimists International of Lemon Grove is asking for your help to support Lemon
                     Grove families in need with toys and food during the holiday season. Please drop off
                     NEW, unwrapped toys or non-perishable food items at any of the City offices below
                     between Monday—Thursday, 8:00 a.m.—5:30 p.m. For more information, call the
                     Recreation Services Department at (619) 825-3815.
           Recreation Services Department, 3225 Olive Street         Fire Department, 7853 Central Avenue
           Recreation Center, 3131 School Lane                       City Hall, 3232 Main Street

     Social Host Ordinance (continued from cover…)
     This ordinance will allow the Sheriff’s Department to penalize adults who permit or allow a party to occur where alcohol
     and/or controlled substances are consumed by minors. The hosts could be subject to a civil fine up to $1,000,
     imprisonment up to six months, or both. The ordinance also allows the City to recover costs associated with law
     enforcement, emergency medical response, and code enforcement as a result of the violation. For more information
     about this new ordinance, contact Lieutenants James Bovet or Christine Robbins at the Lemon Grove Sheriff
     Department, (619) 337-2000.

   FALL 2010                                                      C I TY O F LE MO N GR OVE                                     P AGE 7

                                               Community Events

                                            One day. One night. One community.
                                                         One Fight.
                                      Relay For Life is a life-changing event that brings people together to celebrate the lives of
                                      those who have battled cancer; remember loved ones lost to the disease; and fight back
                                      against a disease that takes too much. Won't you join us?
  Relay For Life began in 1985 when Dr. Gordy Klatt, a colorectal surgeon in Tacoma, Washington, ran and walked
  around a track for 24 hours to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Since then, Relay has grown from a
  single man’s passion to fight cancer into the world’s largest movement to end the disease, with more than 3.5 million
  participants in 5,000 communities in the United States and 19 countries around the world.
  The 2011 Lemon Grove Relay For Life promises to be a great event featuring a moving opening ceremony,
  entertainment, food, activities for kids of all ages, and much, MUCH more!!
  Throughout the event, we celebrate our cancer survivors, remember those who've lost their battle, and learn to fight
  back against a disease that takes too much. As darkness falls and the stars come out, the night is brightened by the
  glow of illuminated bags called luminaria, each bearing the name of someone who has battled cancer. The luminaria
  line the track and keep walkers motivated to keep going. The following morning as the event draws to a close, the
  crowd takes part in a meaningful closing ceremony and pledges to spend the next year Fighting Back against cancer!

                     Mark your calendars! 6th Annual Lemon Grove Relay For Life
                                           May 21-22, 2011
                          Lemon Grove Middle School, 7866 Lincoln Avenue
               Join teams of family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers at Lemon Grove Middle School. Teams
               are asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event, representing the reality
               that cancer never sleeps. By participating, you honor cancer survivors, pay tribute to the lives we've
               lost to the disease, and raise money to help fight cancer in our community.

       Our Deep Appreciation to the 2010 Committee:                                Lemon Grove Relay For Life Needs Your Help!
         Becky Friberg ································ Event Chair                    HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED:
         Chrissy Keeley ·················· Team Development
         Joy Trebbien ······················· Team Recognition                            Form a team with friends, family,
         Jennifer Mendoza ······················ Survivor Chair                             co-workers and neighbors.
         Justin Samuels ······················ Fight Back Chair                           Serve on the volunteer planning
         Linda Fisher ······························· Entertainment                         committee.
         Kristy Nachtweh ···························· Registration                        Become an event-day volunteer.
         Valerie Burcks ······························Sponsorship
         Stephanie Boyce ··································· Online
         Faith Wilbur ········································Logistics                                 Relay For Life
         Tammy Graham ······························ Accounting
         Janet Colmenero ·······························Luminara
         Shirley Brucks ····································· Publicity                                  Volunteers!
         The 2010 Relay For Life event raised over                                    Contact our American Cancer Society
         $28,000 for the American Cancer Society's
                                                                                      partner Bob Cota at (619) 682-7433 or
         research, education programs, patient
         services, and advocacy efforts!                                              Robert.Cota@cancer.org.

Lemon Grove City Hall, 3232 Main Street, Lemon Grove, CA • (619) 825-3800 • www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us
     P AGE 8                                        C I TY O F LE MO N GR OVE                                          F A LL 201 0

   LEMON GROVE SENIOR CENTER—Services, Activities, Classes
                                                      8235 Mt.Vernon Street, (619) 337-1425
                                                       Monday—Friday, 8:00 a.m.—2:30 p.m.
                                                                                  Call (619) 337-1425 by 1:00 p.m.
           Senior Lunch Program                                                 for a reservation the following day.
               Hot, nutritious meals                                        Suggested donation $3.50 age 60 and over.

                 Services                         Senior Activities                             Exercise Classes
     Free Legal Services/Tax Preparation             Choral Workshop                           Aerobic Conditioning Class
           Blood Pressure Checks                  Movies & Entertainment                            Feeling Fit Club
            Home Delivered Meals                    Holiday Celebrations                           Hatha Yoga Class
                                                Bingo/Board Games/Billiards


     T                                                            D
            o promote fair housing practices, the City of
            Lemon Grove contracts with the Center for                      on’t let your unpicked fruit go to
            Social Advocacy to provide free assistance to                  waste!...   We’re asking for the
     renters, land owners, and property managers.                          donation of your unwanted fresh
                                                                  fruit from your residential property and
     The Center for Social Advocacy provides many                 we will come pick it! Think of it!
     services including:                                          Rather than have a peach, pear, plum
        tenant/landlord mediation                               or any fruit dry on your branch or drop,
        education to tenants                                    give this fruit to a child who will savor
                                                                  every bite.
        education to land owners and property managers
        fair housing advocacy
                                                                                   Harvest C.R.O.P.s
     The Center’s housing specialists are equipped to
     answer many questions and provide additional                    Community Residential Outpour of Produce
     resources to those in need. To contact the Center for
     Social Advocacy, call (619) 444-5700 or visit                                 Sponsored by St. John Youth group
                                                                        Please call today! (619) 461-2681
     City of Lemon Grove                                                           www.harvestcrops.org
          STORMDRAIN Hotline                                       Check the website for other ways you can donate.

     (619) 825-3827
     Please report illegal dumping
     (paint, chemicals, etc.) into
     the City's stormdrain system.
     What is stormwater pollution? Untreated
     urban runoff (pollutants like trash, pet waste,
     cigarette butts, motor oil or antifreeze, paint,
     pesticide and fertilizer runoff) that flows
     untreated through the storm drain system.
     Find out more:
     Lemon Grove Stormwater webpage

Lemon Grove City Hall, 3232 Main Street, Lemon Grove, CA • (619) 825-3800 • www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us
   FALL 2010                                      C I TY O F LE MO N GR OVE                                   P AGE 9

   April, 2010 I Love A Clean San Diego                         Some of the more unusual items found? A bun
                                                                and thigh master, three tea-light candle lanterns, a
   Creek-To-Bay Clean-Up Day                                    full dashboard, and several patio/dining room
   (Chollas Creek Watershed)                                    chairs!
   Eighteen volunteers, predominately Lemon Grove
   residents, many of them Helix High School students,
   collected 438 pounds of debris, including:
       316 lbs. of trash,
       91 lbs. of recyclables,
       23 lbs. of green waste.

        It was a productive day, and the volunteers
                  did an outstanding job!

   September, 2010 I Love A Clean San Diego                      Most unusual items collected? One orange
                                                                 shoe, a Christmas tree with stand, and two
   Coastal Clean-Up Day                                          tricycles...
   (Chollas Creek Watershed)
   Thirty-two volunteers, many of them Girl Scouts,
   cleaned 1.2 miles and collected:
         76 lbs. of trash,
         72 lbs. of recyclables,
         55 lbs. of household hazardous waste,
         125 lbs. of construction and development waste.

                              I Love A Clean San Diego organizes cleanups throughout San Diego County.
                              Beach cleanups are very popular, as they celebrate San Diego's amazing climate
                              and pristine coastline. ILACSD also coordinates inland cleanups at parks, lakes,
                              and other recreation areas that are littered with debris. These cleanups are open
                              to the public, and volunteers of all ages are encouraged to participate.
                              View calendar: http://www.ilacsd.org/calendar/month.php?cid=3&catid=3

   Car Washes
   Residential and charity car washing are sources of pollution when wash
   water containing residue from car cleaning solutions, dirt, and motor oil are
   allowed to enter into the storm drains. There are simple ways to prevent
   those pollutants from entering the storm drain.
   Call the Stormwater Hotline at (619) 825-3827 to find out how to
   protect our creeks, bays and oceans.

Lemon Grove City Hall, 3232 Main Street, Lemon Grove, CA • (619) 825-3800 • www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us
     P AGE 1 0                                           C I TY O F LE MO N GR OVE                                       F A LL 201 0


             id you know? Landscape irrigation accounts for           The ordinance applies to all
             almost 60% of residential water use. Water-              new or rehabilitated landscape
             efficient landscapes will help save money and            projects over 2,500 sq. ft. For
    offer a number of other great benefits, such as:                  smaller residential projects,
                                                                      only a water budget (MAWA)
       Stretching our limited water supply,                         will be established to prevent
       Reducing green waste,                                        overwatering and water waste.
       Increasing the drought resistance of our landscaping,        The San Diego County
       Reducing waterway pollution and property damage,             Conservation Landscape
       Reducing the carbon footprint for the Lemon Grove            Design Manual will be available
         community.                                                   as a guideline.       Additional
                                                                      assistance is available through Helix Water District. The
    Did you know? California law prohibits wasting water in           District has created educational programs, landscape
    landscapes.     Water waste can come from runoff,                 audits and surveys, tiered-rate billing, water budgeting,
    overspray, low head drainage, leaks and/or over-                  and enforcement for all existing and new metered
    watering. As a result, cities and counties were required          landscape areas.
    to adopt local landscape laws designed to conserve
    water. Lemon Grove’s law became effective on February
    4, 2010 (Municipal Code Section 18.44 and amendments
                                                                      Additional Information and Important Contacts:
    to Section 18.08).
                                                                          City of Lemon Grove:
    So, before designing the landscape for any Lemon Grove
    project, be sure to review Lemon Grove’s Water                              Planning/Zoning: (619) 825-3805
    Ordinance or talk with a Planning or Engineering Staff                      Engineering Services: (619) 825-3810
    member. The Ordinance:                                                Lemon Grove Municipal Code:
    1. Prohibits overspray and runoff;                                          http://qcode.us/codes/lemongrove/
    2. Establishes a water budget;
                                                                          San Diego County Conservation
    3. Requires the most efficient and appropriate                        Landscape Design Manual:
       irrigation equipment;                                                    http://www.sdcounty.ca.gov/dplu/docs/
    4. Requires soil assessment                for    appropriate               POD_08-016_Landscape_Design_Manual.pdf
       irrigation and plan installation;
                                                                          Department of Water Resources (DWR):
    5. Requires irrigation scheduling;                                          www.water.ca.gov/wateruseefficiency/
    6. Encourages the use of graywater and/or recycled                          landscapeordinance
       water where it is available;
                                                                          Helix Water District:
    7. Includes  monitoring              and         enforcement                7811 University Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942
       mechanisms.                                                              (619) 466-0585

   Household Batteries                                            Sharps Disposal

    T                                                               Y
           he Lemon Grove Branch Library now accepts                       ou can now easily dispose of sharps, FREE, at EDCO,
           household batteries for recycling. The collection               6700 Federal Blvd., Lemon Grove (call 287-7555 for
           box is located just inside the door on the                      hours). LOOSE SHARPS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Put
    immediate left. The library is open Monday—Saturday             sharps in approved sharps containers or in a sturdy,
    and is located at 8073 Broadway, in the strip mall              puncture resistant, tightly sealed container like bleach
    behind Anna’s Family Restaurant. Please call for hours,         bottles, liquid detergent bottles or coffee cans with lids.
    (619) 463-9819.                                                 DO NOT STORE IN: paper or plastic bags, glass containers,
    Please place a small piece of tape over the positive            cardboard or coated paper containers, plastic bottles that have
    end (+) of each battery before recycling.                       a CRV (CA Redemption Value) or milk jugs.

Lemon Grove City Hall, 3232 Main Street, Lemon
   FALL 2010                                        C I TY O F LE MO N GR OVE                                        P AGE 1 1

   By appointment only, City residents may drop-off Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)                       E      !
   on selected dates at EDCO’s La Mesa Station.
    It’s easy to dispose of HHW safely...
     1.   Call (619) 287-5696, ext. 4270, to make an appointment for an upcoming drop-off event. You may also request
          an appointment via email at lmhhw@edcodisposal.com. Be sure to include your name, address, and daytime
          telephone number.
     2.   Drop-off events are scheduled for: November 20.

    Home Pickup Program—Only seniors (65+) and disabled residents are eligible to participate in the HHW/
    Electronic Waste Home Pickup Program. (619) 287-5696, ext. 4270.

                           It is illegal to dispose of hazardous materials such as these in the trash!
                                     HOUSEHOLD                 YARD AND GARDEN                   GARAGE
                                  All Purpose Cleaners               Lighter Fluid           Motor Oil and Filters
                                 Ammonia, Disinfectants                Pesticides           Car Batteries, Gear Oil
                                 Drain Cleaners, Polishes       Paints, Stains, Thinners     Transmission Fluid
                                 Fluorescent Light Bulbs            Pool Chemicals           Antifreeze, Gasoline
                                   Household Batteries                 Fertilizers            Glues, Adhesives

  FREE E-WASTE RECYCLING for Residents AND Businesses

                            Civic Center Park
                                 3200 Main Street                                     Upcoming
                                  9:00 a.m.—Noon
                             No appointment required                                Drop-Off Event:

                                               Saturday, November 20, 2010
    Items Accepted:
             Camcorders                    Laptops                          Radios          Transparency markers
             Car batteries           ***Microwave ovens                Remote controls         Two-way radios
              CD players                   Modems                         Scanners               Typewriters
             Cell phones                   Monitors                        Servers                 UPS’s
              Computers                 Pagers PDA’s                       Stereos                 VCR’s
                Copiers                   PC boards                     Tape players          Word processors
             DVD players             Personal computers                  Telephones
          Electric typewriters          Phone systems                    Televisions
             Hard drives                   Printers                   Testing equipment
                                 ***$10 fee for microwave ovens.

   NOT Accepted: Appliances and Household Batteries

Lemon Grove City Hall, 3232 Main Street, Lemon Grove, CA • (619) 825-3800 • www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us
     P AGE 1 2                                                     C I TY O F LE MO N GR OVE                                                             F A LL 201 0

       AT A GLANCE…                                                RESOURCES…
       CITY HALL                                                   2-1-1 Non-Emergency Hotline ............................................... 211
        Mayor & City Council ............... 825-3800              1000's of community resources with a single call
        City Manager, Finance ............ 825-3800                211 website
        Planning/Building .................... 825-3805
        Public Works/Engineering ......... 825-3810                5-1-1 Traffic, Transit, & Travel Information .......................... 511
                                                                   511 website
                                                                   Bus-Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) .................... 233-3004
       3225 Olive Street ....................... 825-3815
                                                                   1255 Imperial Ave
       Recreation Services web page
                                                                   San Diego, CA 92101-7490
                                                                   San Diego Transit website
        Jobline ..................................... 825-3813     California Highway Patrol ............................. Business 401-2000
        Code Enforcement .................. 825-3807               .............................................................................. Emergency 911
        Graffiti ...................................... 825-3813   1722 East Main St
        Stormdrain                                      825-3827   El Cajon, CA 92020
           Please report illegal dumping (paint,                   California Highway Patrol website
           chemicals, etc.) into the City's
           stormdrain system.                                      Crime Stoppers ....................................... 1-888-580-TIPS (8477)
       Lemon Grove Stormwater webpage                              PO Box 600726
                                                                   San Diego, CA 92160
                                                                   Crime Stoppers website
       7853 Central Avenue                                         EDCO Disposal Corp.................................................... 287-7555
       Business (non-emergency) ........ 825-3835                  Trash/Recycling Services
       Emergency ................................. ....... 911     6670 Federal Blvd
       Fire Department web page                                    Lemon Grove, CA 91945
                                                                   EDCO Disposal website
       SHERIFF DEPARTMENT                                          Friends of the Library .................................................. 962-6688
       3240 Main Street
                                                                   Bookstore at Lemon Grove Library
       Business (non-emergency) ........ 337-2000
                                                                   8073 Broadway
       Emergency ................................. ....... 911
                                                                   Lemon Grove, CA 91945
       County Sheriff website
                                                                   Lemon Grove School District ...................................... 825-5600
       ANIMAL CONTROL                                              8025 Lincoln St
         General info ........................... 691-5123         Lemon Grove, CA 91945
         Report animal concerns ........ 476-2476                  Lemon Grove School District website
                                                                   Poison Control Center-San Diego area ............ 1-800-222-1222
       OTHER...                                                    UC San Diego Medical Center
       Swimming Pool Info ................... 698-2502             200 West Arbor Drive
       Historical Society ........................ 460-4353        San Diego, CA 92103
       Library ........................................ 463-9819   California Poison Control website
       Senior Center ............................. 337-1425
                                                                   Senior Resource Center .............................................. 740-4214
                                                                   Referrals, health appraisals, Project Care, Vial of Life
                                                                   Sharp Grossmont Hospital
                                                                   9000 Wakarusa St
       MEETINGS...                                                 La Mesa, CA 91942
                                                                   Sharp Senior Resource Center website
       1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, 6:00
       p.m. at the Community Center, 3146
       School Lane.                                                   Code Enforcement Administrative Citation Procedures
                                                                      Recreation Brochure
       PLANNING COMMISSION                                            Youth Recreation Registration Packet
       4th Monday of each month, 6:30 p.m. at
       the Community Center, 3146 School                              Facility Rental Application
       Lane.                                                          Why Spay or Neuter Your Pets?

Lemon Grove City Hall, 3232 Main Street, Lemon Grove, CA • (619) 825-3800 • www.ci.lemon-grove.ca.us

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