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					                                                                                            Winter 2003/04

                                                                    and Garnetta Lewis (‘04) were
Quid novi at                        Ego multos homines
                                    excellenti animo ac             our interns at the Center for
Howard Classics                     virtute    fuisse      sine     Hellenic Studies this past sum-
                                                                    mer. It is obvious that the di-
                                    doctrina et naturae
        Here we are, on the         ipsius habitu prope di-         rector of the Center, Professor
heels of a truly remarkable ‘02-    vino per se ipsos et            Gregory Nagy, and his staff re-
’03 academic year with so           moderatos et graves             main very pleased with the ef-
much being accomplished by          extitisse fateor; etiam         forts of our students. The best
our most recent Classics grad-      illud adiungo, saepius          proof of their satisfaction is that
uates. I'll list them in alpha-                                     they have increased the number
                                                                    of internships for this academic
betical order: Janyn Baird is
                                                                    year to three; Vernon Edmond-
now in Howard's Dental
                                                                    son (‘04), Marisol Gouveia
School; Maria Kane is a doc-
                                                                    (‘05), and Joycelyn Peyton (‘05).
toral student at Duke; Duval
                                                                            Elsewhere in our inau-
('Tre') Miller is preparing him-
                                                                    gural HERMES newsletter you
self for Law School by doing                                        will be meeting some new fac-
para-legal work in the District;                                    ulty members: Patricia Bochi,
Uche Nwamara is a doctoral                                          who is replacing Dr. Roth, on
student at Harvard; and Mari-                                       leave for the year; Susan
anna Ofosu is embarking on         Dr. Rudolph Hock, Chairman       Joseph, who is an adjunct teach-
her Rhodes Fellowship at Ox-         of the Howard University       ing two courses, and Rebecca
ford.                                 Department of Classics
                                                                    Kennedy, who was appointed
        I should also mention                                       Assistant Professor over the
that of the 42 Phi Beta Kappas      ad laudem atque vir-
                                                                    summer. I know that everyone
from the COAS last year, five       tutem naturam sine              will extend to them the
were majoring in Classics.          doctrina quam sine              warmest of welcomes. To all of
The bar has been set rather         natura valuisse doc-            my colleagues and to all of you
high and I hope that all of you     trinam.    Atque       idem     students, past and present, my
undergraduates in Classics          ego     hoc       contendo,     best wishes for a happy and
will be inspired and even chal-     cum ad naturam ex-              productive year ahead.
lenged by the achievements of       imiam et inlustrem ac-
your 'elders.'                      cesserit              ratio
        Let me report as well       quaedam           conforma-
that Keith Harris (‘02) is pur-     tioque doctrinae, tum         Contents
suing a doctorate in Classics at    illud     nescio       quid   Owning my Classical Education   3
Penn and is a recent recipient      praeclarum ac singu-
                                    lare solere existere.
                                                                  Selling Dad on the Classics     7
of a Mellon Fellowship. Keith
                                                                  Faculty Notes                   10
                                                                                Howard Hermes

 On Staying In Touch

       As all you classics stu-   very much want to hear what
dents and alumni well know,       you are doing.          We       also
Hermes is the Greek messen-       want to tell you what we are
ger god suitably outfitted with   doing--what has changed and Dr. Molly Levine and
winged sandals, traveler’s hat,   what has stayed the same Marianna Ofosu (‘03),
and supportive staff or in this   (hopefully the good things). We our Rhodes Scholar-
21st century reincarnation        also know that you want to hold ship winner
sporting a Howard H and           on to the friendships you formed
traveling electronically. For     within the Department as
the ancient Greeks, Hermes        you lounged in the
                                                                   “Hold on to the
served to connect the “inside”    Lounge, hung around
with the “outside,” crisscross-   Deidra’s desk, partied in        friendships you
ing boundaries to enable a        the Minoan Palace, and formed within the
fruitful exchange between         yes, studied your declen- Department as you
home and the hinterland.          sions.                            lounged in the
       For    students     and            And        so    our      Lounge, hung
alums, Locke 254 serves as        HOWARD HERMES was around Deidra’s
home for 4 (or a bit more!)       born. We hope that you desk, partied in the
years and we - faculty, staff,    will use this forum to           Minoan Palace,
and students who send you off     share your experiences           and yes, studied
- miss you when you leave,        and thoughts with your your declensions.”
wish you great good luck, and     teachers and fellow stu-
                                  dents in the form of an
                                  annual paragraph or more. Keep
                                  us up to date on your where-
Your Submissions                  abouts (including current ad-
                                  dresses, phone numbers, and
       Send written submis-       emails), and yes, send pictures.
sions (texts and pictures) and            In other words, HERMES
updates on your where-            is for all of us and like the ancient
abouts via email to:              Greek Hermes, is all about con-
                                  nections and exchange.
                                         Molly Levine (aka
       By post, send to:           Doc, Magistra, Livy, and
                                                                     Our beloved Deidra,
                                                                     hard at work in the

Howard University,                               now Maia)           department’s office.

Department of Classics,
254 Locke Hall,
Washington, D.C. 20059.

                                                                                              Howard Hermes

                            Owning my classical education

                                      Classes are in full swing at   ued, he offered a "crash"
                              Duke and I am loving it. I'm           course on Roman culture and
                              taking 4 courses--Faith & Free-        politics. I just sat there with
                              dom, Early and Medieval                the biggest smile. I knew this
         By Maria Kane        Church History, Old Testament          material. More than that, I felt
                     (‘03)    Interpretation, and The Pastor's       a sense of ownership of the
                                      Vocation. It's challenging,    material because of my won-
                                      but the experience is won-     derful experience in Roman
                “I felt a sense of derful and Duke is an ex-         Civ. and the instruction that I
               ownership of the perience in itself--it's an          received, whereby Roman his-
               material because experience though that I             tory was presented to me as if
               of my wonderful am glad I am having now,              it were my own to know. I
              experience in Ro- not as an undergrad...and            couldn't explain it, but it just
               man Civ. and the you'll see why.                      all came full circle when I
               instruction that I            This past Tuesday       came to Duke. And whenever
              received, whereby on my first day of Early &           we did introductions through-
             Roman history was Medieval Church History               out the week and I mentioned
              presented to me as my professor, Dr. William           majoring in the Classics, the
                                      Smith, passed out a hand-      eyes of my professors become
             if it were my own to
                                      out of quotes regarding        wide. "Ah, so you studied
               know. I couldn't the Roman attitude to-               about        Socrates       and
             explain it, but it just wards the early Chris-
               all came full cir- tians. And who else was            Pliny...Greek or Latin, per-
                                                                     haps?" And with the greatest
                       cle.”          there but Trajan and
                                                                     joy and pride I've said, "Yes,
                                      Pliny. I didn't know
                                                                     Latin." At the same time, a
                              whether to smile or cry (smile,
                                                                     slight sadness entered--I could
                              because I saw everything come
                                                                     have gotten so much more out
                              full circle and I understood the
                                                                     of it, I think--and yet I still feel
                              text in ways some of my class-
                                                                     as if I got so much out of it.
                              mates didn't--or cry with joy be-
                                                                     Still, I think I could have gotten
                              cause I knew that I had come
                                                                     more, simply because there is
                              upon a treasure many years ago
                                                                     so much there, but at the same
                              and now sorely missed it).
                                                                     time I learned so much beyond
                                      Anyway, I was so excited
                                                                     just the texts.
                              because not only did I recognize
                                                                               And in one of my
 Uche Nwamara (‘03)           what they were saying, but I also
                                                                     classes "The Pastor's Vocation"
 and Krystal Williams         remembered the lecture in Ro-
(‘04) recovering from                                                our dean, Gregory Jones, said
                              man Civ. on Pliny's letters. I re-
  class in the Lounge.                                               to me on Thursday very matter
                              membered the Latin words of
                                                                     of factly, yet with authenticity"
                              the letter. As Dr. Smith contin-
                                                                                   Continued on next page
                                                                                          Howard Hermes

 Owning (continued)
                                 me feel as if I could learn anything I
(Continued from page 3)
                                 wanted to and ask anything I
"You went to a good place
                                 wanted to...and even make mis-
study the Classics." I don't     takes, for the passion and beauty in
know if he has any Classics      teaching and learning has never
                                                                            Members of Eta Sigma
background, but if he doesn't,   been as strong as it is in that depart-         Phi hiked in Great
I think it speaks even more of   ment. I shudder whenever I think of               Falls, Virginia in
the department's depth.          the time I "dropped" the major for             October. Professors
       I loved my experience     the sake of solely studying modern            Kennedy and Mayer
on the second floor of Locke     history on the advice of an advisor.                  tagged along.

and I would not, nor could I,    And when I finally decided on sem-
                                 inary I struggled for nearly the en-
trade it for anything in the
                                 tire semester over the potential
world. But even more, study-     choice. I felt like and feel
ing Classics at Howard made      like I am meant to be here. “Studying Classics
                                 Yet could I be abandoning
                                 my love of Classics and his-
                                                                   at Howard made
Order your Howard                tory? It was a hard choice.      me feel as if I could
Classics T-Shirts                        But I slowly real-        learn anything I
                                 ized this summer that I can- wanted to and ask
                                 not abandon that love of anything I wanted
                                 classics or what I learned. It
                                 is so much a part of who I
                                 am and still becoming, in-
                                 side and outside the classroom.
                                 More than anything, Classics taught
                                 me to read, really read, and to write,
                                 and unlock the joy and web of
Alumni and Friends!              meanings in everything around me.
                                         If I had any measure of
Order your Howard Classics       money it would go straight to the
T-shirt now and support the      Classics department. However, I
department. Indicate size (S,    confidently tell myself that one day
M, L, XL) and number of          the time will come when I'll be for-
shirts and send a check or       tunate enough to give money back
                                                                             Dr. Danielle Allen, the
                                 to the department...which by then
money order for $15 x num-                                                         inaugural Frank
                                 will probably be under the fine di-
ber of shirts to:                rection of my classmates who expe-
                                                                               Snowden Jr. Lecture
                                                                              speaker, and a group
Howard University,               rienced the same challenge, rigor,             of Howard Classics
Department of Classics,          and joy I encountered...the same                           students.
254 Locke Hall,                  challenge, rigor, and joy that
Washington, D.C. 20059           doesn't ever leave.
Shipping and Handling are in-

                                                                                        Howard Hermes

                           Marianna & Vernon: A dialogue in Geneva
                        (The following is excerpted from               Then there was August
                        Marianna’s “Geneva Chronicles:          1, or Swiss Day, a showcase of
                        The Poverty Log” a weekly narra-        nearly naked bodies jiggling to
                        tive of her summer experiences dur-     techno music on moving
    Marianna (center)   ing an internship at the UN Devel-      trucks from 2 p.m. until 2 a.m.
 flanked by two future  opment Program in Geneva. Ver-          Yeah, it all resembled MTV
    Classics students?
                        non’s Geneva experience was under-      Spring Break, but people -
                        written by the Lucy Moten Founda-       from toddlers to grandpas -
                        tion. This Fall, Marianna started at    lined the streets for two hours
                                 Oxford on a Rhodes Scholar-    in the midday sun to toast
          “There were some ship where she began an              good ol' Geneve.
          500,000 visitors to M.Phil in Development                    There      were    some
                                 Studies. Vernon returned to
              Geneva that                                       500,000 visitors to Geneva that
                                 Howard to fortify himself
           weekend, streets with more Greek before en-          weekend, streets were blocked
           were blocked off tering the “real world”)            off and littered. This is the
         and littered. This is                                  most action this village sees
         the most action this Marianna                          throughout the year.
                                    This year, there                   Having said that, Ver-
             village sees
                               were  fireworks   and            non, who’s sitting by my win-
                               champagne the night of           dow trying to keep cool
              the year.”                                        (Geneva’s trapped in the pre-
                                   my birthday, extra choco-
                          late cake for breakfast the follow-   AC era) just mentioned that, in
                          ing day, and good company             reality, the festival got boring
                          throughout the weekend. The           after the second day, but it’s
                          fireworks courtesy of the city of     still “kind of raging on.” In
                          Geneva; the champagne courtesy        light of that comment, and in
                          of Lilian Zhao; the chocolate cake    light of the fact that Vernon’s
                          courtesy of my lovely roommate,       been here for a week now, it
                          Val; the good company thanks to       may be refreshing for all of
                          the both of them, my college          you to hear his impressions of
                          friend Vernon, and a bunch of         Geneva. Vernon?
                          international strangers who
    Vernon Edmonson       filled the city for the weekend.      Vernon
(‘04), our brave Greek
   major, and Uche at              You see on July 31,                 Not only is Geneva still
   graduation celebra-    Geneva began its annual toast to      raging on, but it’s also still
        tions last May.   itself, a 10-day festival, complete   blazing on, much to the dis-
                          with roller coaster rides, interna-   may of the very old, very short
                          tional food stands and world          Swiss ladies whose frequent
                          music concerts and parades.           good fortune it has been to
                                                                                 (Continued on page 6)

                                                                                             Howard Hermes

 A dialogue (continued)

(Continued from page 5)               woman with bright eyes shining
stand next to this very tall,         through the slits of a burqa next
very sweaty American on               to the very liberally outfitted
le autobus.                           agéd matron, flashing tanned
        I thought that Geneva         skin through a twopiece… and
would be nothing more than a          much, much more. Although
sleepy little village dressed up      Geneva never sleeps, unfortu-
in big city clothing, and that I      nately I do and French class be-                          Vernon,
would be the tall, dark               gins early in the morning. To be                  the philosopher.
‘stranger in the village’ come        continued…
to briefly give this place a little
more flavor and, needless to          Marianna
say, a little more color. But                 There you have it
much to my surprise and to            from Vernon. His self-           “The juxtaposi-
the devastation of my miscon-         portrayal as a ‘stranger in tions are interest-
ceptions, this sleepy little vil-     the village’ is hardly an        ing: the ancient
lage is not only very awake,          honest one. He uses my
                                                                      cathedrals on the
but also rather colorful.             apartment as a hideout
                                                                      same street as the
        The juxtapositions are        from the women, Swiss
interesting: the ancient cathe-       and international alike,
                                                                      Golden Arches.”
drals on the same street as the       who seem to have taken
Golden Arches; the random             a liking to him, and who, seem-
                                      ingly, take too much initiative in
                                      knocking on his door just as he
Short Cuts                            begins leafing through his        Ni-
Britt Cannon Johnson (‘01)                    His impression of Geneva
       I’m in Little Rock work-       as a wild, wild town have been
ing as a Museum Interpreter at        shaped, in part, by the location of
the Historic Arkansas Mu-             his living quarters in the “red-
seum. I'm doing very well, life       light district” of the city. I feel a
is good. My address & e-mail          bit bad about all of this because I
are: 915 Cartier Ln., Little          found him the place, though I
Rock,         AR         72211.       had no idea that the Paquis area,           Britt (‘01) protect-                 by the river, housed all those                 ing a delightful
       I have made my first           “easy lovin’” spots. Somehow I                    spread at the
                                                                                    Minoan Palace.
and second alumni contribu-           think that he’ll be alright.
tions to Howard & requested
that they be forwarded to the
Classics Department!                            Marianna & Vernon
                                                                                          Howard Hermes

                         Selling Dad on the Classics

                                  So what is the next step       career choice, "What is the
                           for one who gains a B.A. in Clas-     meaning life, or does it have
                           sics from Howard University?          any meaning at all?"
                           Or in the sobering words of my               For me, however, the
       By Keith Harris
                           venerable working-class father,       study of the Classics has be-
                           who always speaks with such           come an end in and of itself,
                                   unction, "So what the hell    and seeing that I have made
            “Studying classical are you gonna do now?"           the decision to pursue a pro-
              civilization can     Ahh, easy to see where        fessional career as a classicist,
              give you a long      my appreciation for elo-      I have the luxury of not having
            view of history that quent diction comes             to answer that question right
                                   from!                         away, and I can spend the rest
             humbles the pres-           For those of you        of my life using classical hu-
            tige of any human who undertook the study            manism as a platform for sug-
                 endeavor.”        of the Classics as under-     gesting possible answers to it.
                                   graduates at Howard be-               After Howard I en-
                           cause "it’s great for pre-law and     rolled in a post-baccalaureate
                           pre-med," or whatever other           program for classical studies
                           reason those persuasive rhetors       at the University of Pennsylva-
                           camped out in Locke 254 gave          nia, a year-long purgatory be-
                           you, realizing the vulnerability      tween undergraduate and
                           of intellectually starved young
                                                                 graduate school, which gave
                           people who came to college with
                                                                 me an opportunity to sharpen
  Keith (from left), Dr.   the crazy idea that they are actu-
                                                                 my Greek and Latin, and to
 Levine, Dr. Hock and      ally supposed to learn some-
     Britt smile for the                                         beef up my c.v. for my gradu-
                           thing, answering my father's
               camera.                                           ate applications. I applied to
                           question may not be so easy.
                                                                 only three schools, Princeton,
                                  Studying classical civiliza-
                                                                 and the universities of Penn-
                           tion can give you a long view of
                                                                 sylvania and Toronto, feeling
                           history that humbles the prestige
                                                                 these to be the only ones wor-
                           of any human endeavor, and
                                                                 thy of me, a feeling natural to
                           suddenly career paths that once
                                                                 one who has been inculcated
                           seemed noble and glorious don't
                                                                 with a Platonic ideal of schol-
                           have the same glow and air of
                                                                 arship, the result of studying
                           greatness.     And so suddenly
                                                                 under the tutelage of one
                           your synoptic understanding of
   Keith spreading the                                           Alexander Tulin, Howard's
                           de rerum natura has brought you
gospel of Latin & beer                                           own eccentric gadfly.
                           face-to-face with that haunting
  to Marisol (left ) and                                                I was only accepted by
                 Kelley.   question that you now find im-
                                                                 the University of Pennsylva-
                           possible to separate from your
                                                                                   (Continued on page 8)

                                                                                         Howard Hermes

 Selling Dad (continued)

(Continued from page 7)            likes of my father, whose own
nia. Penn offered me a five-       ignorance of the value of secular
year fellowship with a gener-      humanism is nowadays surpassed
ous stipend, and I also won a      even by some university adminis-
                                                                             Keith and Britt laugh
one-year Mellon fellowship         trators, you should realize that the
                                                                             at one of Dr. Tulin’s
from the Woodrow Wilson            survival of the Classics depart-        jokes about the Aorist.
foundation, with an even bet-      ment at Howard probably de-
                                   pends on its own graduates re-
ter stipend (Who says
                                   turning to take hold of its stew-
academia doesn't pay?). I am
now a first-year graduate stu-
                                           I hope to be one of those
dent in Classical Studies at the
                                   graduates, and hope that at least a
University of Pennsylvania,
                                   few of you have such an
hoping to do my primary re-        ambition as well. Molding “You should real-
search in Greek philosophy         a new generation of lead- ize that the survival
and rhetoric.                      ers will require professors
       And so back to my fa-                                        of the Classics
                                   who can give students the
ther's question; despite my        humanistic       worldview
                                                                    Department at
many attempts to explain to        that an education in the Howard probably
him precisely what I do, he        Classics helps to foster. If depends on its own
still doesn't quite get it, and    being a part of that pro-           graduates
probably never will (bless his     cess doesn't seem to be a       returning to take
                                   tangible enough career              hold of its
heart!), although he loves
                                   choice for you, then your         stewardship.”
bragging to his friends that his
                                   education in Classics has
son is attending graduate
                                   yet to serve its purpose.
school at a university ranked              Whether you decide to be a
fourth for graduate study by       classicist, grade-school teacher, or
U.S. News & World Report. I        whatever your heart desires, never
think these types of reports       forget that oft-quoted proverb of the
don't have any real value, but     comic poet Terence, a proverb
hey, the old man needs some-       which every student of the Classics
thing more tangible than           should know by heart, especially                 Keith W. Harris
Plato's Forms to take pride in     students like us, who live in a                 4208 Walnut St.,
                                   world where ethnic and national                          Apt. GF
his son!                                                                          Philadelphia, PA
                                   identities too often trump our com-
       If any of you graduating                                                               19104
                                   mon humanity, and who are often
from Howard have been              made to feel that the legacies of
                                                                            (215) 243-7874 (home)
                                                                              (301) 467-7590 (cell)
deeply touched by the Classics     Greece and Rome are somehow not    
faculty there, and feel drawn      a part of our own cultural heritage:
towards the study of the Clas-     "Homo sum, humani nil a me alienum         - Feel free to contact
                                   puto."                                           me at any time.
sics at the professional level,
yet you are surrounded by the

                                                                                      Howard Hermes

                         Letters Home
                         Markus Hunt (‘92)                     Hooker”) produced at the
                                                               Manhattan Theatre Source in
                                   After graduating from       New York.
                           Howard University, I spent                Next summer, you can
   Markus Hunt (‘92)       the next five years as a Latin      find me at the Greek Institute
                           teacher. However enriched, I        at CUNY. I know, finally
                           decided to pursue another           Greek for Mr. Hunt.
                           passion - film and theatre. So,           Love to all and Latin for
                                   I moved to New York
                                                                Marisol Gouveia (‘05)
            “Love to all and       and found that be-
                                   tween starving, I could
            Latin to the rest”                                  Marisol, who held a summer
                                   actually find work in
                                                                internship as a copy editor at
                                   the "industry."
                                                                the Philadelphia Inquirer,
                                   I worked as an assistant     writes of her love of journal-
                           director on a feature film,          ism:
                           which was great fun and hard                I was completely and
                           work. The movie was horri-           utterly absorbed in my little
                           ble, so don't go looking for it.     newspaper world.
                           The director of photography                 I returned from
                           was also a Latinist, so we           Philly armed with clips of
                           spent most of the month alien-       my headlines and the cer-
                           ating the rest of the crew.          tainty that I have finally
                                   In theatre, I had the op-    found what I was made for.
  Seth and Dr. Hock
               deep in     portunity to direct for Opera               All my heretofore
        conversation.      Works, a chamber opera com-          useless knowledge found
                           pany. In my two seasons with         application in my everyday
                           the company, I directed Mil-         duties as a copy editor, and
                           ton Babbitt's "Philomel" and         the challenge of writing
                           Thea Musgrave's "Occurrence          headlines for stories I am
                           at Owl Creek Bridge."                excited about, or have no
                                   It was after directing       interest in, gives me daily
                           "Philomel" that I was re-            motivation. The thrill I get
                           minded of the rich tapestry          when I discover a factual
                           that the ancient world had wo-       error in the text, relying
Marisol (right) and her    ven. Not long after that, I de-      only on what's already in
   aunt having fun in      cided to return to the class-        my head, is matchless.
                 Philly.   room. But I have not left the               I’m a copy editor for
                           arts all together. I continue to     life now, I’m afraid, though
                           write and recently had a play        Classics was a great tempta-
                           (“Mother, Brother, Sister,           tion for a moment there!

                                                                                         Howard Hermes

 Faculty Notes

Dale Sinos is on leave for ‘03-     issues dealing with art and soci-
04 as Visiting Professor at         ety. I hope to be able to share
Amherst College where he            with my students this year as
taught Catullus and Euripides       much as I can about this rich and
in the Fall, and is teaching        truly amazing culture.                           Dr. Alex Tulin
Homer and Sophocles this
Spring.                             Susan Joseph writes: For
                                    the past 15 years, while        “Our daughter
Alex Tulin who was on sabbat-       my husband labored at           turns 9 months
ical (Fall ‘03) and is the proud    the law and our son went        (tempus volat!)
parent of a new daughter            through high school, col- and already knows
Shoshami, says: “Hello from         lege, and law school, the first three Latin
the depths... or the omphalos       with a German shepherd declensions. (She
(as the case may be...). On sab-    for company I studied             loves puella-
batical, finally!!!! Sleeping,      and taught literature and puellae, but cries at
reading, writing, and baby-         language at the Univer-
                                                                   rex-regis...go fig-
sitting. Our daughter turns 9       sity     of     Maryland,
months (tempus volat!) and al-      Catholic       University,
ready knows the first three         Academy of the Holy
Latin declensions. (She loves       Cross and Connelly School of the
puella-puellae, but cries at rex-   Holy Child. I choose to teach at
                                    Howard because while in the
regis...go figure!) See you
                                    high schools there is more con-
                                    cern with students, and at uni-
P.S. Don't forget to work on
                                    versities the emphasis is usually
your Greek....
                                    on the intellectual development
                                    of the teachers, at Howard teach-
                                    ing and independent scholarship             Dr. Patricia Bocci
                                    are equally important.
Patricia Bocci writes: I re-
                                            My little sixth-grade Latin
ceived my PhD in the History
                                    students became philology birds,
of Art, with a specialization in
                                    and I am eager to instill that love
Ancient Egyptian art, from the
                                    of language by giving Howard
University of Pennsylvania. I
                                    students the tools to discern the
am particularly interested in
                                    Greek and Latin elements of En-
how art functioned as a visual
                                    glish words. To paraphrase Ken-
language, which, just like the
                                    neth Burke, my humanities stu-
written texts, can inform us
                                    dents will learn that situations in
about the beliefs and practices
                                    literature can equip them for life.
of the ancient Egyptians.                                                       Dr. Susan Joseph
                                    My dissertation on very recent
       I am also interested in

                                                                                     Howard Hermes

                        Faculty Notes (continued)
                       (Continued from page 10)
                        Susan Joseph (continued)             San Diego.
                        and performances of Euripides’                My primary research
                        tragedy Medea has taken me lit-      interests are on Athenian impe-
                                                             rialism and politics in the fifth-
                        erally and figuratively through
                                                             century BC, Greek tragedy and
                        the Americas, the Caribbean, Eu-
                                                             historiography, both Greek and
     Dr. Ken Mayer      rope, and Africa. In September I
                        presented a paper on Irish
                                                                      I am also interested in
                        Medea plays in a global context
                                                             philosophies of history and
                               at a conference on Irish      other problems of cultural iden-
          “My humanities adaptations of Greek                tity and its relationship to lan-
         students will learn tragedy in                      guage. Most importantly, how-
                               Galway, Ireland.              ever, I am interested in how the
         that situations in
                                                             study of antiquity translates to
           literature can      Kenneth Mayer writes: I       modern America, especially po-
          equip them for       joined the department in      litically and on the big (and lit-
                life.”         2002 and am teaching          tle) screen.
                               Classical Myth and Satire
                       and Comedy. I work on ancient         Professor Emeritus
                       historiography and the theme of       Frank M. Snowden Jr.
                       “going native,” and am currently
                                                             Honored with 2003
                       working on Alexander’s adop-
                       tion of Iranian culture.              Humanities medal
                               I have just assumed the              Professor    Emeritus
                       mantle of adviser for the Eta         Frank M. Snowden Jr. was
                       Sigma Phi Honor Society, and          honored by President Bush
Dr. Rebecca Kennedy    have led my classes on two trips      and the NEH when they an-
                       to the Classics and Egyptian col-     nounced the 2003 Humanities
                       lections at the Walter Art Mu-        medals in November. The
                       seum in Baltimore.                    award is given to distin-
                               In January I gave a talk on   guished Americans for their
                       the mythological theme of ritual      contributions to the humani-
                       antagonism in Contempt, a             ties.
                       French film intriguingly based               Prof. Snowden is one of
                       on the Odyssey.                       the foremost scholars on
                                                             blacks in ancient Egypt,
 Uche and Dr. Carrie   Rebecca Kennedy writes: I am a        Greece, and Italy and the au-
     Cowherd in the    new Assistant Professor here at       thor of many books on blacks
                       Howard. I did my graduate             in the ancient Mediterranean
                       work at The Ohio State Univer-        world.
                       sity and my undergrad at UC

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                            A Letter From Iraq

                             At the rate that my mail reaches             back to the city that they were
                             the U.S. I will make it home before          forced to leave.
                             the next letter I sent out. I am safe                 I went to one of the dams
                             and hoping to get out of here                up here and it was just about the
                             sometime soon.                               most beautiful place I have seen
    Sgt. Michael Simzak             Everything         eventually         possibly ever.
                                    turned out alright in Mosul                    Since there are very few
                                                                          American soldiers in this Area
                                    and I got to do some great
               “I went to one of sight seeing at Ninevah                  (Just us and the SF boys- and they
              the dams up here and Saddam’s Palace.                       don't take pictures) we are like
                 and it was just                                          rock stars around here. When we
                                            I worked to return
                                                                          go places we pretty much stop
                about the most some 400+ refugees to their                traffic sometimes.
               beautiful place I homes. These people were                          The first time I had real
              have seen possibly displaced by Saddam’s                    local food I got Saddam’s re-
                     ever.”         Arabization program and               venge and after that I was cool.
                                    we are trying to get them                      Hope to see you all soon!


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