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									                                          Volume 1, Issue 1                                     18 October 2010

                                          The Telecoms Academy Distance Learning Newsletter

                                          The Connect

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Inside this issue:
                         Live Webinars
Webinars            1
                         Recently introduced, Telecoms         and are available on the platform      If you have any problems access-
                         Academy has introduced a              to replay – if you missed them         ing these recordings then let your
LTE in North America 2
                         rolling series of online webi-        live – or if you simply want to        tutor know. Forthcoming webinars
                         nars delivered via the virtual        watch them again! Use the links        are:
Android v Symbian   2
                         classroom platform. You are           below to access these re-
                         able to access these webinars         cordings:                              3G and HSPA (1 November)
Meet Your Tutors    3
                         both during and after your                                                   Fixed Access (18 November)
                         studies.                              Marketing and Branding                 IPTV (9 December)
The Cloud Expands   3
                                                               Long Term Evolution
                         So far there has been five webi-      Technology Review
Congratulations     4                                          Evolving Core Network and IMS
                         nars. These have been recorded
New Students        4
              The Connect

                            LTE Making the News
                            There have been many arti-          able for $299, with Metro PCS        on voice to data.
                            cles on Long Term Evolution         offering two different LTE plans.
                                                                                                     But in the short term, the Metro
                            (LTE) recently, this one            A $55 plan including unlimited
                                                                                                     PCS LTE service will compete
                            caught the eye:                     voice, texts and data access
                                                                                                     with Clearwire’s WiMAX service
                                                                and a $60 plan with access to
                            US carrier Metro PCS has                                                 which is also available in Las
                                                                premium video-on-demand
                            launched LTE in Las Vegas,                                               Vegas. Similarly, the Samsung
                                                                content and MetroStudio multi-
                            marking the launch of the first                                          Craft will compete with both the
                                                                media content.
                            LTE network in the US and an                                             Samsung Epic and HTC EVO
                            industry milestone in the shape     According to Mike Roberts,           4G from Sprint on Clearwire’s
                            of the world’s first LTE handset.   principal analyst at Informa         WiMAX network. However, the
                                                                Telecoms & Media, the move           Epic and EVO 4G are likely to
                            The Samsung Craft, the world’s
                                                                signals the shift of networks        deliver better user experi-
                            first LTE handset, will be avail-
                                                                from 3G to 4G and from a focus       ences .

                            Android Ousts Symbian
                            The number of smartphone            Although Symbian currently leads     than 20 years ago and as the
                            users worldwide is expected         the market, Android will become      market evolves, the architec-
                            to exceed the one billion           the most popular brand in the        ture of this platform has in-
“Android is expected        mark by 2013, with growth           mobile OS market and is ex-          creased in complexity through a
                            driven by ongoing competi-          pected to attract more than half a   number of upgrade cycles and
 to attract more than
                            tion between top tier OEMS
half a billion users by                                         billion users by 2015, according     additions of new layers. Conse-
                            and challengers such as
                                                                to the latest forecasts from In-     quently, it is now becoming
         2015”              Google, RIM, Apple and Mi-
                            crosoft, all of which are rac-      forma Telecoms & Media.              very hard for Symbian to keep
                            ing to create the best possi-                                            up with innovation and bring
                                                                Malik Kamal-Saadi, principal
                            ble user experience at lower                                             champion smartphones to the
                                                                analyst at Informa, notes that
                            pricing points.                                                          market in a timely fashion.
                                                                Symbian was developed more

                            Future for Mobile TV Still Uncertain?
                            US vendor Qualcomm has              ing D2C customers only until
                            given the strongest indica-         spring 2011.                         offered through carrier partners
                            tion yet that it is set to call                                          AT&T and Verizon Wireless
                            time on its Flo TV mobile TV        Qualcomm launched its D2C            would be unaffected.
                            service. The firm has an-           service, which requires users to
                            nounced that it is to suspend                                            It is no secret that Qualcomm
                                                                buy a portable media player
                            direct-to-consumer sales of                                              has been unhappy with the
                                                                and take out a contract with Flo
                            service and devices immedi-                                              commercial performance of its
                                                                TV, in 2009. The firm said that,
                            ately, and has committed to                                              Flo TV service for some time.
                                                                for the time being, services
                            maintaining service for exist-

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                 Volume 1, Issue 1

Meet Your Tutors
Each distance learning pro-        number of years and also have       Diploma in LTE and Advanced
gramme has a dedicated             access to Informa’s wealth of       Communications; Dave
course tutor who is there to       market knowledge, so they are       McNally —
help guide you through your        superbly positioned to help you
studies and answer any             with your studies.
questions you may have.                                                Certificate and Diploma in Mo-
                                   The programme tutors are            bile Telecommunications; Dave
The tutors run regular online      shown on the right hand side of     Bowler —
tutorials with their groups and    this page and can be contacted                 Tony Wakefield —
outside of this are happy to be                                                                              Training Director
                                                                       For all other enquiries please        Course Tutor for Diploma
contacted by phone or email to
                                   Diploma in 21st Century Tele-       use this link:                        in 21st Century Telecoms
answer specific queries.
                                   coms; Tony Wakefield —
All of the tutors have worked in
the telecoms industry for a

Working in the Cloud
IBM expanded further into the      would allow the creation of tens    of increasing its information
telecoms space on Thursday         of thousands of virtual ma-         technology revenues by seven
with the unveiling of a cloud      chines as and when they were        or eight per cent annually, with
services platform aimed at         needed, allowing telcos to offer    an offering for its corporate and
carriers and service provid-       cloud computing on a pay as         public sector. Telecom Italia is
ers. The offering encom-                                                                                    Dave McNally —
                                   you go business model.              looking at the sharing of soft-
passes hardware, software                                                                                   Head of LTE Training
                                                                       ware and storage of information
and services which would           Operators clearly think there’s                                          Course Tutor for Diploma
allow telcos to offer cloud                                            via the internet as a way of
                                   something in the cloud. In an                                            in LTE and Advanced
computing to their own cus-                                            enabling its customers to save
                                   unrelated announcement, Tele-                                            Communications
tomers.                                                                money on hardware and soft-
                                   com Italia entered the cloud
                                   computing market with the aim
The highly scalable offering

Windows 7
So Windows Phone 7 is out          October 21, with HTC, as you        detraction from previous ver-
there and pretty slick it looks    might expect, leading the           sions of Windows Mobile, finally
too. Even Stephen Fry, a long      charge. LG, Samsung and Dell        doing away with the stylus and
time critic of Microsoft’s mo-     were also present in the lineup.    the need to drill down through
bile strategy was present at       By the time the platform            several layers of menus. In fact,
the launch event in London                                                                                  Dave Bowler —
                                   launches in the US in Novem-        with its ‘Live Tiles’ feature, Mi-
to say, ”Microsoft finally gets                                                                             Senior Trainer
                                   ber there will be nine devices in   crosoft has gone one better
                                   total.                              than the rash of icon-based          Course tutor for Certificate
                                                                       interfaces, pulling out contex-      and Diploma in Mobile
There will be a handful of de-     The interface is a pleasant
vices available in the UK from                                         tual information apps.               Communications

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                  Informa, Telecoms Academy

Congratulations to the following students who have sat their exam recently:
Edward Jenkins                   Distinction                                 Certificate in Mobile Communications
Margot Moussey                   Distinction                                 Certificate in Mobile Communications
Simon Evans                      Pass                                        Certificate in Mobile Communications
Amanda Reed                      Pass                                        Diploma in 21st Century Telecoms
Brendan Kearns                   Merit                                       Diploma in 21st Century Telecoms
Rhodri Cave                      Distinction (To be Ratified)                Diploma in 21st Century Telecoms
Anthony Schmid                   Merit (To be Ratified)                      Diploma in LTE & Advanced Communications

Welcome to:
Welcome to the following students who have commenced their studies on a Telecoms Academy Distance Learning
Wilfried Bationo                            Certificate in Mobile Communications
Vincent Santjes                             Certificate in Mobile Communications
Glenn Kong A San                            Certificate in Mobile Communications
Yassine Messai                              Diploma in Mobile Communications
Abdou Baki Maboudou                         Diploma in Mobile Communications

Where should I be in my studies?
The calendar below indicates where you should nominally be in your studies, for more Information contact your course tutor. Please note – Exam dates
are those published for your course. Please ignore this date if you have agreed a different examination date with your tutor or the distance learning staff.

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