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					                                Pittsburg State University

        Unit Level Strategic Planning and Effectiveness Document

            Axe and KTC Libraries, Division of Library Services

The mission of the Division of Library Services is to provide materials and services that
effectively enable individuals in the PSU academic community to attain their learning,
teaching, research, and service goals. The mission is accomplished through the creation
and maintenance of collections, provision of facilities and equipment to enhance learning
through various formats, provision of skilled staff, and efficient use of resources. A
further mission is to share resources by cooperating with libraries throughout the region
and to be a source of specialized and/or scholarly information for area residents. As the
library holds valuable collections of local and University interest, it serves as a unique
resource for research in local history.

Vision Statement:

To provide increased services that a) will gain access to an ever wider variety of
information resources supporting the academic mission of the University, b) increase the
information competencies of the students, faculty, and staff necessary for functioning in
an information rich era, and c) serve as a resource for our wider community.

How Your Unit Supports the Academic Mission of the University:

The Pittsburg State University libraries are a resource for all academic and supporting
areas in the acquisition of information that will enhance research and learning. It also
serves as a major resource for library and information services to this geographical region
increasing PSU’s exposure to our wider community. Axe Library has been an innovator
in new learning technologies and is relying heavily on quality electronic information
sources that allow inclusion in Angel and similar course management systems. Most of
the electronic library resources are available for PSU students and faculty anywhere they
may be through use of the Internet. Information that is held in other libraries throughout
the world is attainable through Interlibrary Loan, thus expanding resources available to
our students and faculty. Axe Library also maintains collections of materials relevant to
the history and culture of our region and the archives of the university. The library as a
“place” is also being enhanced to create a pleasant environment for study and research.

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                                 Pittsburg State University

Goal 1: Enhance collections and information access

University Goal and Objective: 1a, 1d, 1k, 1l, 2b, 2d, 3a, 3b, 3c, 3e, 3g, 4a, 4c, 4d, 4e, 4f,
4g, 5c, 5k

Objective: Acquire materials to enhance student and faculty learning and teaching
in the current information environment

       Strategy: Identify academic areas that need resource enhancement and establish a
       process for continuous input

       Strategy: Evaluate mix of electronic and traditional print resources by academic

       Strategy: Continue to acquire more electronic general use and reference materials
       to augment traditional print resources

       Strategy: Evaluate use statistics on various collections of current electronic

       Strategy: Create Collection Development Plan for reference materials that
       includes evaluation of existing electronic resources before purchasing print

       Strategy: Create Collection Development Plan for e-books and other media as a
       necessary mix for the general library collection

       Strategy: Identify non-traditional formats for electronic access and dissemination
       including, but not limited to, video, music, and statistical datasets

       Strategy: Request input from academic departments on electronic and traditional
       materials in order to support their curriculums

       Strategy: Develop priorities for in-house or contracted digital collections from
       Special Collections and Archives

Performance Measure: Prepare report evaluating mix of electronic and print information
resources by functional area by December 2010

Performance Measure: Increase ratio of acquisition of electronic vs. print materials

Progress Summary: Axe and KTC libraries have added a number of “e-book” collections
and other non-traditional materials to our collections. Progress has been made in
acquiring electronic reference materials

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                                 Pittsburg State University

Objective: Increase budget allocations for materials and database acquisitions

       Strategy: Identify and rank areas of need by academic discipline and other areas

       Strategy: Identify specific desired electronic collections, with costs, and priority

       Strategy: Evaluate current database products for usage, need, adequacy, and other

       Strategy: Work with Provost to increase budget allocations for needed areas

Performance Measure: Prepare report of needed database acquisitions by June 2010,
including recommendations for deletions and additions for FY2011; annual process

Performance Measure: Prepare report of priority acquisitions needs for Provost that
cannot be met with existing budgets by September 2010

Progress Summary: Due to the economic situation, library budgets have been reduced
severely impacting on the level of information resources that can be made available to the
academic community. Many serial titles in paper format have been cancelled relying
instead on electronic resources and/or interlibrary loan.

Objective: Replace current Integrated Library System (Sirsi-Dynix)

       Strategy: Identify funding – this is a top priority

       Strategy: Seek permission from State of Kansas agencies that will be necessary
       for implementation

       Strategy: Continue to evaluate currently identified preferred vendor along with
       alternatives that will meet our needs and those of our community-based

Performance Measure: Secure funding, permissions, contracting, and implementation of
new ILS as soon as possible

Progress Summary: Preferred replacement system has been identified. Preliminary
documents have been prepared for State of Kansas approval, however, for financial
reasons, the projects is on “indefinite hold”.

Goal 2: Improve information competencies and services for students and faculty

University Goal and Objective: 1a, 1d, 1l, 2b, 2d, 3a, 3c, 3g, 4a, 4c, 4d, 4e, 4f, 4g, 5c

Objective: Integrate on-line Library resources into Angel (or similar course
management systems) and other campus on-line resources

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                                Pittsburg State University

       Strategy: Identify professors using on-line library resources in Angel and evaluate
       use and success

       Strategy: Establish conversation with classroom faculty on better utilization of on-
       line resources

       Strategy: Conduct training for faculty for inclusion of on-line library resources in

       Strategy: Create assessment methods for effective student and faculty use of on-
       line library resources

Performance Measure: Identify and work with eight faculty members to include on-line
resource links in Angel

Performance Measure: Develop and administer evaluation instrument to measure
effective use of on-line resources in class instruction

Progress Summary: Some work has been done on this project

Objective: Evaluate and revise, as necessary, basic library group instruction

       Strategy: Participants in Freshman Experience sessions, including FE instructors
       and participants, meet and discuss possible changes in program. Repeat process
       for English 101 and other basic instruction programs

       Strategy: Review student assessments of sessions with library staff

       Strategy: Library instruction personnel make necessary modifications

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                                Pittsburg State University

Performance Measure: Prepare modified programs for fall semester 2010 and on an
annual basis in the future

Progress Summary: Continual input is sought and evaluated, but a comprehensive look at
the entire process has not occurred recently

Objective: Design program for improving student competencies in information

       Strategy: Form discussion community with library and non-library faculty to
       discuss methods to improve “information literacy”

       Strategy: Develop plan for improving student information literacy

       Strategy: Incorporate plan in library instruction program

Performance Measure: Report plan by December 2010

Progress Summary:

Objective: Increase ease of use of library information tools and reference assistance

       Strategy: Update library home page in line with University templates and
       implement enhancements to increase usefulness to library patrons

       Strategy: Upgrade “chat” reference or other on-line reference services

       Strategy: Investigate new or enhanced global searching software or techniques

       Strategy: Identify services desirable for integration into ILS product

       Strategy: Provide testing and review environment to evaluate new tools

Performance Measure: Report by July 2010 on progress on enhancements

Progress Summary: A “chat” reference service has been implemented. The new library
webpage was inaugurated after the fall semester. Further refinements will need to be

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                                 Pittsburg State University

Goal 3: Evaluate staffing utilization to provide for changing use needs

University Goal and Objective: 1a, 1d, 1e, 1l, 2b, 2d, 3a, 3c, 3e, 3g, 4a, 4e, 4f, 4g, 4h, 5c

Objective: Additional staffing for library systems and technology issues

       Strategy: Delineate threat to library services by lack of adequate technical
       personnel to service rapidly growing hardware/software environment

       Strategy: Dean, in consultation with appropriate library staff, to prepare document
       outlining needs for additional staffing for library technological support

Performance Measure: Report to be presented to Provost by May 2010

Progress Summary: Similar problem of inadequate staffing now affecting Public Services
as well with loss of one position and another on disability.

Objective: Review organizational structure of the Library.

       Strategy: Review all position descriptions to reflect current operational patterns

       Strategy: Identify, through full group participation, most critical needs for staffing
       in libraries

       Strategy: Identify, through full group participation, a future organizational chart
       that may, or may not, reflect the current status

       Strategy: Review classification levels of all Library Assistants in relation to
       changes of state specifications --- this may be accomplished automatically
       through Kansas Division of Personnel Services procedures

       Strategy: Establish cross-training schedule to enable every library position to be
       backed up by existing personnel

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                                 Pittsburg State University

Performance Measure: Prepare report about changes in personnel assignments and duties
to meet current needs of PSU libraries by December 2010

Progress Summary: New Dean of Library Services will have this as a basic task.

Objective: Enhance ability of library staff to acquire new technologies that will assist
in providing more efficient and useful services

       Strategy: Identify, evaluate, and acquire software and hardware tools to enhance
       staff abilities to provide library and information services

Performance Measure: Identify one or more software and hardware enhancements for
library staff use to increase efficiency

Progress Summary: ILLiad has been implemented with good success. A product that
would greatly enhance the information access for the academic community, Summon, has
been identified, however, the budget reduction precluded its implementation. It should be
added to the library’s set of technologies.

Goal 4: Improve physical facilities to meet user demands

University Goal and Objective: 1a, 1d, 1f, 1g, 3a, 3c, 3g, 4a, 4c, 4d, 4e, 5c, 5h, 5j

Objective: Create user-friendly space to enhance student and faculty use of current
physical spaces

       Strategy: Evaluate peer institutions’ use of library space

       Strategy: Engage student and faculty input on space utilization through focus
       groups, advisory groups, and/or surveys

       Strategy: Identify and add technology that will enhance student use of information
       resources in PSU libraries

       Strategy: Add facilities for group study or other improvements that do not require
       substantial fiscal inputs

       Strategy: Work with Facilities Planning and Provost’s Office for changes
       requiring substantial fiscal inputs

Performance Measure: Prepare study of fiscal improvements by December 2010 and
make smaller changes as possible

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                                Pittsburg State University

Progress Summary: Some progress has been made with replacement of first floor
carpeting and ceiling tiles. Much more needs to be accomplished.

Objective: Evaluate stack utilization in current facilities

       Strategy: Develop long-term book and journal materials retention plans
                          First floor stack area
                          Book stacks (Basement and Second Floor)
                          Bound journals
                          Government Documents
                          Specials Collections and Archives

       Strategy: Identify stack areas that require additional space

       Strategy: Working with collection retention plans, prepare necessary space

Performance Measure: Produce and implement plans by December 2010

Progress Summary: Weeding begun in books stacks. Policy implemented on weeding
bound periodicals for items that PSU owns through JSTOR.

Objective: Cosmetically improve library facilities

       Strategy: Replace carpet in entire building

       Strategy: Replace wall coverings in entire building

       Strategy: Replace ceiling tiles in entire building

       Strategy: Replace or acquire furnishings that enhance use of libraries

Performance Measure: Replacement of identified cosmetic problems in building

       Progress Summary: First floor areas have received recent attention. Painted areas
       have all been changed to eliminate dated colors

Goal 5: Assess effectiveness of library programs in meeting the unit’s mission

Objective: Prepare mechanism for assessment of PSU library services

       Strategy: Gather assessment instruments from peer institutions

       Strategy: Meet with PSU faculty and staff working with Assessment for input

       Strategy: Identify and modify, as necessary, an instrument for use at PSU

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                               Pittsburg State University

       Strategy: Administer a pilot assessment instrument and evaluate results and
       validity of instrument

Performance Measure: Prepare report of pilot project, with results, by May 2011

Progress Summary:

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