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					      ft·                   Gozo College
                          Boys' Secondary 

                        Victoria - Gozo, Malta 

                                'Ninu Cremona' 

                Half-Yearly Examination 2009 - 2010 

 Form 3 J.L.                         leT                            Time: 1 Hour

Name: ____________________                             Class:

Instructions to Candidates

Answer ALL questions.

                1   2   3 I 4   5 I 6 I 7   8   9 I 10 I fl' I 12     Tofal
Section A: Basic Concepts

 1. Put the following units of measurement into the correct order of size.                     [6]

          Megabyte                                                                   Smallest
         Bit 	                                                                       Largest

2. Mark if True or False with a capital letter T or F. 	                                       [10]

     a) One has to buy a printer for each PC in a network.

     b) The CPU is the brain of the computer.                                          I

     c) The more RAM a PC has the faster the computer.

     d) The type of graphics card processor can affect computer performance

     e) High speed data transfer is measured in kilo bits per second

    f) A laptop is small enough to stay in one's palm.

    g) Touchpad, microphone and speakers are all examples of input devices.

    h) Viruses can destroy all your data.

     i) Through a Broadband Internet connection, one is permanently connected.

    j) Tele-wo'rking refers to people working in an advertisement company.
    -­           -   -   -   _   ..   -   _   .   -   -         _   .   -   -­   -

3. 	 Computers are nowadays used in different areas.
   E-government, e-banking, e-Iearning and e-commerce
   are just some examples of thi s electronic world.

   a) 	 Mention two examples showing how goverrunents are
        using computers:
         i) 	                                             [1]

         ii) 	                                            [1]

    b) What do you understand by e-commerce?              [2]

Form 3 JL - ICT Half Yearly Exanl - February 2010 	                                  Page 2 of 8
     c) Tick (/) whether the following statements are advantages or disadva"ntages of
        e-commerce"                                                                   [6]

         2417 Service

         Possible credit card fraud

         Large stock range

         Website may not be genuine

         Ability to compare prices

         Detailed product information

4. Use arrows to join the network type with the description that best describes it.         [5]

                         Description                                            Network

     (i) A private network which is only accessible to
         members or those given permission to access it.

     (ii) A global network of interconnected networks. FTP
          and WWW are two services of such a network.

     (iii)A type of network which can only be accessed by
          authorised members of an organisation.

     (iv) A network consisting of computers that are
          located close to each other.

     (v) Allows you to connect to other computers within
         your LAN using wireless technology.

     (vi) Allows you to connect to other computers over a
          wide geographical area.

5. 	 Underline the correct word or phrase found in the brackets.                            [5]

   a) IBM invented the (PC, Macintosh, Laptop) way back in 1981.

   b) (Graphical User Interia<:e, Graded User-Interface,-Graphical User Integer), or in ­
      plain English the way you could use the mouse to drive the computer.

   c) Windows is constantly moving data between the hard disk and RAM (Ready Access
       Memory, Random Access Memory, Risk Access Memory).

Form 3 .TL - leT Half Yearly Exam - February 2010 	                             Page 3 of 8
    d) 	 Windows is a multitasking system, which means that it can run more than one (system,
         program, document) at a time.

    e) 	 The CPU performs most of the (savings, files, calculations) within the computer and
         is responsible for the smooth running of your operating system.

6. 	 Use the words below just once in order to fill in the gaps in the paragraph

    SPREADSHEET                OPERATING                      SOFTWARE             WORD
    WINDOWSXP                  WEB                            DATABASE

                                  refers to the programs or applications that allow you to
    perfonn your various tasks.     System software includes the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
    system such as                                . It controls how the hardware of a computer
    works. Application software includes common programs that you use daily, for example
                                        processors,                                            and
                                          It     also           includes        e-mail    programs,
   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ browsers and graphics software.                                        [7]

7. 	 Choose the most appropriate storage device for each of
     the tasks listed in the table below:         [6]

       Memory Cards            USB Flash drive     DVD
       Hard Disk               CDR           Network Drive

    Storing the programs and applications which run
    on your computer.

    Transferring a 800 MB file from home to school

    Keeping a pennanent copy of photos taken 

    during a holiday. 

    Storing your data centrally, on a network server 

    which should be backed-up On a daily basis 

    Keeps photos taken by a digital camera until they
                                           -          ,   ,                --
    are transferred' to 'the compUler.
    Allowing you to watch movies on your computer

Form 3 JL - leT Half Yearly Exam - February 2010 	                                       Page40f8
 Section B: Basic Concepts

 8. 	 Look carefully at the following picture to answer the                 Se Brch by any, or .wI of the crilt<ria
      following questions.                                                  below.
                                                                            AI ... part of thefil.e'~~                                        'li.

    a) 	 Give an example of a filename which matches                       Imao.doc                                                                         ~.
         the criteria ma'.doc                      [1]                     A
                                                                                            "!1lrd or, p)1rase 10 the file,
                                                                                                                       -------                       ... -:-J
                                                                           l"ook in:
    b) Where will the search be performed?                      [l]        l-      .
                                                                                               Local Hard Drives (C:)
                                                                                                 .1            _   -   .,              .
                                                                                                                                                            A '
                                                                           W~n                        was it. madified?                                     ~N
                                                                               ~       '.             LH                    '
                                                                          .0                 Oo"rt'~ r.memb~r
    c) What type of date searching is going to be                          o \!IlthiQ t~ lost wee.k
                                                                                             p~t I1Id.nt.h <'l"
       performed? 	                                             [1]
                                                                           8           , W(hin tho p&.it
                                                                           @ i Spe~lfy d<!,t ~
                                                                                    -   .
                                                                                                                       ~ ~
                                                                                                                                -"   _~.,.'

    d) 	 Mark on the image with an ' X' where one must                                      itom
         click to include also the file size.       [1]

    e) 	 Write the search criteria to find filenames starting                                                                                               !~

         with rna but containing a total of 5 characters. (l]              More a ~ v,lInced op~joh'                                                        ~.

                                                                                                           [ Batk,
                                                                                                                                     ,J         h:'f
                                                                                                                                           r serc :
                                                                                                                                                _ :•. , _    ..........'1' 

9. 	 Observe the Systems Properties dialogue box shown and answer the following:

                                                                      a) How many tabs are shown in
                                                                      this dialogue box?           [1]

                              System:                                 b) What Operating System is
                                  Microsoft Wr1doo,.o,fsXP            installed on this computer? [1]
                                  Versi'dn 2002 

                                  5ervice Pack 2 

                              Reg)~"ed      to:                       c) Which type of CPU has this
                                  6'.oyemment of Malta
                                  G.ovefl:lmenl 6f Malta
                                                                      computer?                     [1]
                                  ~27.4-64·) >
                                             4038292'2361 B

                                .: 1n(~IRJ D:>.e(lMJ2'Ouq.GPU         d) What is the clock speed of this
                                   moo @J ,OOI:iHz
                                  us 6Hz. Ul9 GB of RAM               CPU?                            [1]
                                  P~~APc!r~~$; - E:xtensioo

                                                                      e) How much RAM is available?[1]

                         r . D _JI
                              (                   o!.""" ]

Form 3 JL - lCT Half Yearly Exam - February 2010 	                                                                                   Page 5 of8
 10, The picture below shows a list of files together with their respective size and Date
     Modified, Look carefully at all details and then answer the following:

         N<lm'e ...        ,,".:    JI"       S:ize:!' Da~e ~1odiFi~d
             ICnstinn<;                      12 KB       02/11/200922:36
                                          1,342 KB       01/09/200909:49
                                              8 KB       04/11/200909:52
                                            32 KB        04/06/200808:53
                                          2,902 KB       19/05/200909:25
       IWl' Important Letter                11 KB        02/11/2009 22:29
            Library System                  96 KB        02/11/200922:29
                                            24 KB        04/07/200709:03
                                             2 KB        03/11/200915:53
                                              1 KB       02111/2009 22:30

       (a)           Write down the file name together with its extension representing:            [1 2]

                      Type of File                               Name of File                   Extension

              i)      Database fi le                            Library System                    ,mdb

              ii)     Text file

             ii i)    Power Point file

             iv)      Word Document

             v)       WinZip file

             vi)     Web page file

             vii)    Spreadsheet

       (b)           Is there any pictures file/s in the above picture?                            [1]
       (c)           What does KB stand for?                                                       [I]
       (d)           By what criteria are the files sorted?                                        [I]
       (e)           Is the sorting in Ascending or Descending order?                              [1]
                                                     -           -                  -

       (f)           Mark with an X where one has to click to get files sorted by their size,      [I]
       (g)           What do you understand by Date Modified ?                                     [1]

Form 3 JL - leT Half Yearly Exam - February 20 I 0                                       Page60f8
 11 . Complete the crossword shown below. 	                                                         [7]

                                                                          I I
                            2   I I                      I
                    f-­                                        '---­

                                I I                      I                I I
                    -               1                    I                I
                    f-­                     -                 f-­

                    r---­                   f-­               r---­
                    '---­                   '----­            '----­

  ACROSS                                             DOWN
   1 Pressing this key together with Print           1 Read-Only and Hidden are two
     Screen will capture only the active               examples of file _ _ _ _ _ __
     window rather than the whole screen.
                                                     3 Clicking thi s type of icon provides a
   2 	 ~,    This icon represents a _ __               user with link (access) to another file or
     ~       Printer                                   program.

   5 This utility enables files to become            4 This view displays details such as
     smaller in size.                                  name, size, type, and last accessed date.

   6 Keeping a copy of data is known as ...

Section C: Word Processing

12. Melissa is using her word processor to complete a project she was given by her English

   a) 	 She would like to personalise her project by inserting her name, class and page
        number in every page of the project. Suggest a way how Melissa can do this task

      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __                                             _ _ _ (1] 

Form 3 JL - rCT Half Yearly Exam - February 2010 	                                     Page 7 of 8
    b) 	 The cursor is between two words as shown in the box below.

          What happens if Melissa...
                                                                          Gozo !Malta ...
          i) Presses the Backspace key
                 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ [1]
          ii) Presses the Enter key
                _          _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ [1]
          iii) Inserts a Page Break
                _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ [1]

    c) 	 The following are the steps Melissa has to go through to insert a Page Break. Place
         them in their proper order by writing numbers next to each step.                  [5]

         Click on the Insert Menu from the menu bar.
         Place the blinking cursor where the page break is going to be inserted.
         From the dialogue box shown, click on the Page break option.
         From the drop down menu click on the Break option.
         Click on the OK button.

    d) During her work, Melissa used the Tables and Borders toolbar. Link the icons with
       what they represent.                                                         [7]

                \\01            A                               Changes the width of the border

                    ,..1        B                               Changes the line style of the border

     ~      .
           th    ~ '
                '.':.JjJ        C                               Changes the border co lour


            J                   D                              Aligns text to the bottom of the cell

                                E                              Adds some shading to the selected cells

               F                              Sort in ascending order

   G                              Distribute rows evenly

Form 3 JL - ICT Half Yearly Exam - February 20 10 	                                     Page 8 of8

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