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Note that this leaflet is for information only. It is not intended as a
recommendation of any particular online fundraising / donation service and it
important that you do your own research before choosing an online
fundraising facility.

Fundraising over the Internet

Online fundraising is an easy and cost effective way to reach your supporters.
As more and more people use online banking and e-commerce to support
their lifestyles, you may want your website to offer an online option for your
donors to support you.

Providing an online donation facility will not in itself increase the amount of
money donated to your organisation. It will only work if your website is getting
good visitor numbers, if those visitors feel motivated to donate to your
organisation, and if online giving is a part of an effective publicity and
marketing strategy.

Choosing a payment mechanism

The best way of adding an online donation facility to your website is to use an
established web payment mechanism. You will be charged a fee for this
service, usually a small percentage of each donation. The advantage is that
the service provider’s reputation is reliant on their security track record and
you can be fairly sure that they will be devoting substantial effort and
resources to ensuring payment security and fraud protection.

Some of the payment mechanisms you may want to consider are:

Charities Aid Foundation

To facilitate donations via CAF you will need to register with CAF and your
web developer will need to include a link to the CAF website on your website.
CAF enables you to set up special pages to support a particular fundraising
event or campaign, and to make the most of Gift Aid.

For more information, go to the Charities Aid Foundation website.

  CTB Works – websites for charities, voluntary organisations & social enterprises

Everyclick is an online fundraising platform that provides registered charities
with a set of online fundraising tools, including donation facilities. Gift Aid is
collected on all qualifying donations.

There is a charge on each credit/debit card donation, which is 4.8% at the
time of writing

For more details go to the Everyclick website


JustGiving enables online donations, automatically claims Gift Aid on your
behalf and enables your fundraisers to set up their own page. For these
services there is a monthly fee. Currently, the first 3 months are free then it’s
£15 + VAT per month.

For more details go to the JustGiving website

You will need to set up a Paypal account for your organisation and your web
developer will need to add a Paypal Donation button to your website. Here are
the features that Paypal offer

      Accept debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer and PayPal balance
      There is no monthly, set-up, or cancellation fee. And only low
       transaction fees
      Donors don't need a PayPal account to make their donations

For more information go to the Paypal website

  CTB Works – websites for charities, voluntary organisations & social enterprises

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