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					               Radio Frequency Surgery – Benefits of this Method
                                                waves is characteristic for this    conchotomy        and      concha
As known in all surgical sectors                new      device;     most  high     therapy. In the coagulation
permanent          enhancements                 frequency devices work in the       mode radiosurgery is very
based      on     new     surgical              range of 0.3 – 0.5 MHz. The         suitable for epistaxis treatment.
techniques      and     technical               Wolfram-Scalpel-Electrode itself    The pressure and tension free
innovations are viewed also in                  gets not heated up, the             handling minimizes the danger
ENT. Radio frequency surgery                    dissection     effect   is  not
(alias: radio surgery, microwave                influenced by the strain of
surgery or high frequency                       pressure or tension.
surgery) is able to cut tissue
with high frequency radio                             Benefits of High
waves. This technique is not to                      Frequency Surgery
be mixed up with the effect of
                                                The higher        frequency    of
electro     cauters,   diathermy
                                                electromagnetic waves used in
devices or radio generators for
                                                line with radiosurgery leads to a
these don’t provide surgical
                                                fast cell disintegration at lower   Radio Concha Therapy
cutting currents.
                                                lateral heat dispersion resulting
                                                in a minor thermal damage to        of damages in the orbita or
The      radio    surgical    unit
                                                the surrounding tissue. It’s not    cranial area. Coagulation of the
(radioSURG® 2200, Meyer-
                                                necessary to isolate the patient    blood vessels leads to a notable
Haake Medical Innovations,
                                                from the underlay or metal          improvement of the sight in the
Wehrheim,        Germany)       is
                                                items as it is with electro         narrow paranasal sinuses situs
conglomerated of a high
                                                cauterisation. A better wound       already during the ablating
frequency      transmitter,    an
                                                healing process and less            procedure. Due to less tissue
outgoing antenna working like
                                                cicatrisation is resulting from     damage, postoperative pain
a scalpel and a ingoing antenna
                                                the minor damage of the             and cicatrisation occurs less
functioning       as       neutral
                                                surrounding tissue.                 intense. Radiosurgery though is
electrode.       The      working
frequency of the device is 2.2                                                      highly recommended for the
                                                The pressure and tension free       surgery of superficial skin
MHz and so in the microwave
                                                working procedure using a           tumours, teleangiectasia and
area. Physically radiowaves
                                                radiosurgery device as a scalpel    keloids as well as in the plastic
rank among the electro-
                                                enables the performance of an       surgery. The excellent wound
magnetic        waves.       Their
                                                exactly guided cut and a less       healing    process    leads to
spectrum starts with the high
                                                complicated handling as known       outstanding cosmetic results
frequency alternating currents
                                                in conventional surgery. The        accompanied by only light
and ranges via radiowaves,
                                                coagulation of smaller vessels      postoperative disorders.
visible light domain up to the
                                                while cutting offers a better
gamma radiation.
                                                sight of the wound. Due to          It has proved beneficially to
                                                pressure and tension free           perform concha therapy or
  Microwave with Accuracy
                                                cutting the tissue is hardly        even better termed Radio
The high frequency radiowaves                   traumatized and so side effects     Concha Therapy (RCT) under
used for radiosurgery animate                   are reduced.                        local anaesthetic using an
the water molecules of the intra                                                    electrode    especially    manu-
cellular liquid to self-induced                 Histological examinations show      factured for this purpose. For
vibrations. The intra cellular                  a clearly minor tissue damage       incisions and preparation of
liquid evaporates due to the                    in the radiowave surgery for        skin flaps used for example in
heat caused by the vibrations;                  the minor cell disintegration of    the auricle plasty the radiowave
the cell membrane can’t resist                  the wound edges and hardly          technologie offers a significant
the increased intra cellular                    any     tissue    contusion    or   benefit because the cutting
pressure. Result: The cell                      disruptions. Without the scar       procedure is performed without
‘explodes’ and the tissue                       tissue being fibrous or shrinking   pressure on the tissue and
continuity is interrupted. The                  the healing process of the          excellent coagulation at the
directed radiowave propagation                  wound takes place.                  same time.
destroys a narrow defined
tissue seam only. Due to the                              Use in ENT                Dr. med Günther Stussak, Ulm
high output power and the high
                                                In the nose and paranasal           Published in: HNO Praxis-
frequency the cutting process
                                                sinuses surgery the radiowave       informationen für den HNO-Arzt
takes place so fast, that the
                                                technology     proved     itself    6/2002
surrounding tissue is not
harmed        thermally.      The               especially when ablating nose       Translated by:
extremely fast sequel of the                    and septum polyps as well as in     Mayer-Haake GmbH
                                                                                    Medical Innovations
filtered and rectified frequency

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