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									TCC Technology partners for success
TCC Technology and Hewlett-Packard partner to offer comprehensive
Data Center Managed Services with world-class methodologies.

 Thailand’s Data Center Market
 The data center market in Thailand and the surrounding region is forecasted to grow significantly
 according to the research firm Ov um. A surv ey by Ovum shows signs of the Asia-Pacific data center
 business as a whole to be worth US$6.7 billion by the end of year 2005. Factors fuelling continued data
 center growth in Thailand include larger-scale IT outsourcing contracts, a rising demand for disaster
 recov ery solutions, competition between Internet serv ice providers (ISPs) which is driving down
 broadband prices, the implementation of business continuity plans, and numerous upgrades of core
 banking systems.

 Banks are now mov ing away from the resource sharing approach and towards dedicated hosting
 because of diverse hardware requirements and lowered prices. Other finance-sector related factors
 contributing to data center growth are the Bank of Thailand’s mandates and third-party auditor
 requirements. These require that banks' backup data centers meet specified standards and has caused
 many financial institutions to re-ev aluate, and ev en expand existing facilities.

 Customer requirements are also forcing data center prov iders to increase their flexibility, with customers
 preferring “network neutral” providers ov er the facilities offered by traditional ISPs and
 telecommunications prov iders (Telcos). “Neutral” data center providers can utilize the services of
 multiple v endors, prov iding greater flexibility and choice to comply with most multinational company
 policies that do not prefer too much dependence on a single entity.

 Thailand's data center market is now vibrant and fast-growing. As bandwidth becomes more of a
 commodity with decreasing prices, telcos and ISPs are expanding from their core business of Internet
 provisioning to a v ariety of data center serv ices.

Name                                TCC Technology:
T.C.C. Technology                   A leading data center and
Company Limited (TCCT)
                                    hosting provider
Bangkok, Thailand                   T.C.C. Technology (TCCT), is managed
                                    under the Thai Charoen Corporation Group
                                    (TCC Group), one of Thailand’s largest
66 2 626 0000
                                    conglomerates.       In   addition,     to   IT
Founded:                            infrastructure serv ices, the TCC Group’s
2001                                other business lines include: beer breweries,
                                    property,     insurance,   hospitality,    and
Branches:                           sporting recreation e.g. Chang Beer, TCC
2 Data cent ers                     Capital Land, Southeast Insurance, The
(Empire Tower Dat a Cent er
                                    Imperial Hotels Group, The Queen Sirikit
and Bangna Dat a Cent er)
                                    National Convention Center, Rajpruek
Major Shareholders:                 Club, etc.
Berli Jucker Public Company
Limit ed and TCC Holding            Today, TCCT is one of Thailand's largest
Company Limited
                                    providers of commercial managed hosting
                                    and infrastructure solutions designed to
Market Value:
Registered capital
                                    meet the needs of organizations looking to
of THB 180 million
                                    outsource their information technology
                                    requirements. TCCT has two world-class
                                    data centers, one at the Empire Tower in
                                    downtown Bangkok and the other at
                                    Bangna in the city's eastern suburbs.

                                    T.C.C. Technology's v ision is to be
                                    acknowledged as Thailand’s market leader
                                    in data center serv ices and as a
                                    recognized contributor to the success of its
                                    customers. The company aims to achieve
                                    this by serv ing as the single point of contact
                                    for customers while offering comprehensiv e
                                    infrastructure solutions and services.

                                    Offered with a quality of serv ice
                                    commitment,      these    serv ices    include
                                    Colocation,    Managed       serv ices,    and
                                    Disaster Recov ery (DRC).

                                    TCCT's comprehensiv e service lev el
                                    agreements signify its commitment, which is
                                    backed up by professional services teams
                                    and security experts, around-the-clock
                                    monitoring by industry-certified engineers
                                    and supported by the latest technologies
                                    thanks to the company's alliances with
                                    leading IT industry partners.

Partnerships and alliances have been key all along
TCCT was founded in 2001, launching its serv ices in 2002. From the v ery beginning, it has benefited from
a string of strategic partnerships and alliances that include Singapore's 1-Net, who prov ided network
consultancy and data center operational management training; PM-B, also of Singapore, who designed
and constructed the Empire Tower Data Center to the highest lev els of redundancy, performance and
security. TCCT data centers selects and utilizes the best-of-breed brands for network monitoring, high
performance data storage, and network security solutions. Such brands include: Extreme Networks,

As a leading provider of outsourcing serv ices itself, TCCT recognizes the v alue and the benefits deriv ed
from teaming with the right partners and of forming alliances with world class IT providers that have
international implementation experience.

While TCCT was in the start-up phase of its business, the company began looking for an outsourcing
prov ider to manage its data centers, seeking a company with a global presence and a proven track
that would enhance the credibility of its operations.

                             “Through this partnership, TCCT will receive even
                             greater benefits through training and certification of
                             its in-house data center engineers. This will be a
                             significant source of future knowledge transfer for
                             any of TCCT’s other infrastructure sites.”
                             Mr. Sanpat Sopon,
                             Managing Director, HP Thailand

HP brings commitment and sincerity, while lending credibility
TCCT held long and careful discussions with most of       Another factor in TCCT's decision to sign a three-
the outsourcing prov iders operating in Thailand in its   year contract with HP to manage its data center
search for the strategic partner who would manage         serv ices was HP's excellent reputation, market
its data centers, but found that only one potential       recognition and prov en track-record that would
partner, Hewlett-Packard (HP), possessed the              help TCCT to attract high-quality customers.
sought-after experience and credibility and,
significantly, demonstrated both commitment and           When explaining the major benefits of using HP's
sincerity.                                                outsourced serv ices in the IDC case study, Mr.
                                                          Stanford said ``the one overwhelming success factor
TCCT President, Lance G. Stanford, stated in an           has been the instant credibility that TCCT have
International Data Corporation (IDC) case study that      gained in the marketplace as a direct result, as well
while all the outsourcing prov iders contacted were       as the support of HP in generating new business for
willing to work with TCCT, “we gained a feeling of        the company.''
reassurance and commitment from HP that they
considered us strategic to their operations.”             HP's commitment to TCCT goes beyond the
                                                          operational serv ice lev el agreement for managed
This August 2004 study, entitled ``Outsourcing Serv ice   serv ices. Mr. Sanpat Sopon, Managing Director of HP
Adoption in Thailand,'' explains how HP had               Thailand, stated that “through this partnership, TCCT
conv inced TCCT executiv es of its capabilities and       will receive ev en greater benefits through training
commitment through a series of initiatives, high-level    and certification of its in-house data center
briefings and demonstrations of its knowledge and         engineers. This will be a significant source of future
experience.                                               knowledge transfer for any of TCCT’s other
                                                          infrastructure sites.” Mr. Sopon added that both
                                                          parties’ respective expertise complemented each
                                                          other and expressed interest to pursue “joint go-to-
                                                          market strategies.”
The synergy of TCCT and HP

Strategically positioned in Bangkok’s central           The company's staff in Thailand alone number 800,
business district on the 30th floor of the Empire       while HP has a $4 billion annual R&D inv estment
Tower on South Sathorn Road and at KM 4.5 on            budget worldwide and offerings that span IT
the Bangna-Trad Road, TCCT's data centers hav e         infrastructure, global serv ices, business and home
a combined capacity of 800 square meters of             computing, as well as imaging and printing.
space for 340 racks. In addition, a further 310
square meters of space for supporting operations        By both its presence and its commitment, HP is able
and expansion capabilities for an additional 300        to bring a formidable presence to TCCT, one that
racks are av ailable.                                   endorses its offerings, while TCCT is able to more fully
                                                        concentrate on the development of business
TCCT data centers, with redundant power                 opportunities.
generators, UPS systems, smoke and fire detection,
gas-based suppression systems, biometric sensors,       This partnership represents a synergy whereby both
precision cooling units, multiple high-end routers,     parties gain reputation and trust from customers
and dual power-feeds to each rack, fully qualify as     who are seeking best practice serv ice and expertise
world-class hosting facilities. HP's operational        with a single point of contact for a whole range of
management of these infrastructures allows TCCT         managed serv ices encompassing colocation,
to lev erage its experience.                            hosting serv ices and disaster recov ery serv ices.

HP is able to apply global best practices to ensure
the smooth running of TCCT's data centers, being
able to draw on the v ast resources and
knowledge of a global corporation whose
revenues for the fiscal quarter ending on January
31, 2005 were $81.8 billion.

TCCT's growing portfolio of services                     HP partnership has been a crucial
                                                         success factor
TCCT's vision of prov iding a variety of managed         Being a major IT outsourcing player, TCC
and hosted services with a single point of contact       Technology understands that hav ing the right
from a central location has won it a long list of        partners with globally recognized expertise is the
high-profile   customers     that    include    Thai     crucial factor that has enabled it to prov ide the
gov ernment      agencies      and     multinational     quality solutions that flexibly meet customer
corporations. Other customers represent a broad          requirements.
range of industry sectors including publishing,
information technology, entertainment, food and          The mutually beneficial alliance between HP and
bev erage, construction and telecommunications.          TCCT is one that has helped foster and enhance
                                                         the high reputation and trust that customers place
The serv ices prov ided range from server                in TCC Technology’s data center serv ices.
colocation and managed support serv ices to
disaster recov ery center serv ices and mission-
critical application hosting. Some of TCCT’s hosted
applications include: SAP, Microsoft Exchange,
and HR modules. All are backed by TCCT's skilled
professional service teams who are abreast of the
latest in technology dev elopments.

Serv ices deployed include colocation and
managed hosting for a number of customers
along with network infrastructure services, mission
critical application implementation, av ailability
monitoring serv ices and managed security
serv ices.   Systems integration and consulting
serv ices have also been deployed along with a
wide range of SAP hosting and support serv ices.                              T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd.
                                                                                        30th Floor, Empire Tower
TCCT's close ties to several key IT vendors and bulk                                    195 South Sathorn Road
purchasing also enables it to offer its customers                                     Yannawa, Bangkok 10120
sav ings when making procurements, offering                                                   Tel: +662 626 0000
                                                                                              Fax: +662 626 0888
access to a variety of software licenses and
hardware equipment at significant discounts.


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