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					Hi, how are you today? (Engage them according to response-then probably going to say "great" or "good" etc.). My name is (Insert your name) and I'm calling on behalf of AMG Marketing. May I talk to whoever handles your company's marketing? (right then, asses their response and attitude-if good enough, move on to the next paragraph...if they hassel you big time right off the get go, you can try to get past but, most likely don't waste your time!) (When you get the person on the phone, start main part of pitch)...(Once again, say hi, your name, ask their name [if you didn't get it before], how are you? etc.). I know (Use their name), you must be very busy so, I will try to keep this as brief as possible. I work for a major advertising firm in Los Angeles California that is part of In fact, you may have seen one of our commercials or other advertisements. (Engage as to their response.) If I may...(Don't let them interrupt you though.) let me tell you a little about us and how we can help better market your business. Well, is like the 1-800-Dentist equvilent of the lending industry…we act as a third party consumer advocacy group that assists borrowers in finding reputable lenders. We engage in personalized marketing campaings for our business clients that include such avenues as cable, radio and online advertising. Just to let you know... we spend close to a million dollars a month or more on targeted advertising that helps you reach your core demographics. Usually we're talking about individuals who our 24 years old plus with combined annual household income level of one hundrend thousand dollars or more. Now, I’m sure you are well aware that the market has finally started to show some what of a turn around recently. And with it, our advertising responses and online applications have tripled since the new government stimulus package was passed. In fact, it's meant that we now have far more borrowers than we do have brokers or loan modification companies in our network. This is a great time in history to strike while the iron is hot! ("Might" or "Would") you be interested in recieving an exclusive live transfer referral

program if I was willing to let you try a couple of theme for free BEFORE you commit to any business with us? (Engage response. If still good...continue). ("Great" or "Good")! To make sure we are a good fit for each other…let me ask a couple of questions, please? Ask the questions on the broker sheet and fill it out! (If it looks like they qualify...) Well, it sounds like we may be a good fit for each other. Let me go ahead and set up a time so that our Vice President can call and hook you up with those free live transfers I was talking about. It should only take a few minutes and I promise that you'll be impressed!
GET A TIME FOR THE NEXT CALL!!! (Thank you again (insert their name) for your time and I look forward to serving you in the future!)

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Description: Great opening pitch for companies wishing to sell leads to mortgage brokers, highly effective and proven!