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									                                            Curriculum Vitae
Name            Dr. Ashraf A. Tahat, PhD
Date of Birth   69
Gender          Male
Academic Rank   Associate Professor
Education       PhD Communications Engineering, IIT, USA
                MS Electrical Engineering, IIT, USA
                BS Electrical Engineering (Honor), IIT, USA
Number of Years 3 Years
In Service

Previous Experience

Lucent Technologies Inc (AT&T)
3Com Corporation (USA)
Illinois Institute of Technology (USA)


      “ Implementation of ECG System Using SMS,” IEEE Circuit, Devices, and
       Systems, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, April 2008.
       “ Channel Estimation Technique for a 4G Wireless System,” IEEE
       Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, Montreal,
       Quebec, Canada, September 2007.
       “ A Simplified Channel Estimation Technique for a 4G Wireless
       System,” IASTED International Conference on Wireless and Optical
       Communications, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 2007.
      “Mobile Virtual Experimentation Utilizing SMS, ”              IASTED
       International Conference on Communications, Internet, and
       Information Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, October
      “A CID Approach to Multi-User Channel Estimation for OFDM in
       SDMA,” IASTED International Conference on Wireless and Optical
       Networks, Banff, Alberta, Canada, July 2002.
      “An Extrapolated Matched Filter approach to Multi-User Channel
       Estimation in OFDM,” IEEE Antennas and Propagation Conference, San
       Antonio, Texas, USA, June 2002.
      “An Iterative Low Complexity Multi-User Channel Estimation for
       SDMA,” The World Wireless Congress, San Francisco, California, USA,
       May 2002.
 Eta Kappa Nu, Engineering Honor Society
 Tau Beta Pi, Electrical Engineering Honor Society


Philadelphia University Best Invention Award

Courses taught during the 1996-07 Academic Year
   Cellular Communications
   Satellite Communications
   Digital Communications
   Analog Communication
   Circuit Analysis

Other Activities

 Coordinator of many Technical and Scientific seminars.
 One of Organizer of the Technology Commercialization ions Conference.
 Participant of the Intellectual Property Committee and
  Entrepreneurship at PSUT

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