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              SMOKEY PARK - RICHMOND HILL - QUEENS - SUNDAY - MAY 20,2007 @1:00 PM
 For the 22nd consecu                   World. Today, Indians have
 tive year The Indo                     immigrated to the USA,
 Caribbean Federation is com-           Canada, etc.
 memorating the arrival of In-              Our forefathers carried
 dians to the Caribbean and             their language, culture and
 other parts of the world. This         rich heritage. We cherish the
 year the event will take place         history and greatness of our
 at the Smokey Park in Rich-            Indian ancestors. We recog-
 mond Hill, Queens, New York.           nize them for the hardships
 It was on May 5, 1838 that             and sufferings they bore, and
 Indians first went to the Car-         we are proud to celebrate,
 ibbean as indentured servants          once a year, their triumph and
 on the British plantations.            survival. We invite all broth-
 Nearly 300 Indians arrived in          ers and sisters to join us in this
 Guyana as laborers. That               day of joy and festivity. Let
 started the exodus of Indians          us celebrate and glorify our
 from India to other parts of the       culture.                              A section of the huge crowd at last year's Indian Arrival Day Celebration Smokey Park, Queens,
 Caribbean and the New                                                                                                        NY

          Immigration to the Caribbean
                    THE CARIBBEAN                                                                                                                                              By Vishnu Bisram

  Indo-Caribbeans are celebrating       Indian labor to non-British colo-     Surinam and Trinidad have Indians        under these adverse conditions                         Although a ten year
the 169th anniversary since their       nies. Indentured immigration was      maintained much of their traditional     and made the planters and their re-       service in the colony qualified one
ancestors first arrived in the Carib-   the solution adopted in the colo-     ways of life; their cultural             spective empires, especially the          for a free return passage to India,
bean. The Indian communities are        nies in the aftermath of emancipa-    persistence is largely a result of       British, rich from their hard labor.      very few Indians took advantage
descended from immigrants im-           tion of slavery and the economic      their comprising the majority of the               The initial term of             of this part of the contract because
ported by the British from India.       difficulties to which it gave rise.   population and                           indenturedship was for a three year       the planters enticed them with set-
The immigrants came to work on          And the Indians rescued the Brit-     the work of local organizations and      period with an additional two years       tling on Crown land in lieu of the
sugar plantations on contracts as       ish plantations from what would       missionaries from India to propa-        of “in service” on the plantation.        return passage. Thus many settled
indentured servants because the         have been certain economic disas-     gate Indian culture.                     Conditions as an indentured ser-          down, went into farming, and made
plantation owners were faced with       ters for which the Indians received      The vast majority of Indian re-       vant were as harsh as those that          their mark in the development of
a grave shortage of labor arising       no gratitude from their masters.      cruits to the West Indies came from      existed under slavery. The con-           the colonies. They also bought
from the abolition of slavery in          Indentured immigration from In-     the states of Uttar Pradesh and          tract could be renewed upon expi-         additional land with money saved
1836.                                   dia to the West Indies began in       Bihar. Even now, many Indians            ration. But after the initial five year   during indentured servitude.
  The ‘freed’ slaves disdained field    1838 in the case of Guyana and 1845   mention with pride the province,         period, the emigrant was free of his/              On the plantations, their
work and as such abandoned plan-        in the case of Trinidad and came to   district, fiscal unit and village from   her servitude to the planters and         lifestyles were derided by both
tation life for better labor opportu-   an end in 1917. Indians also went     whence their ancestors came as           was guaranteed a                          Whites and ex-Black slaves. Mar-
nities in urban centers. With “com-     to Surinam, St. Vincent, St. Lucia,   related by their fore-parents. They      return passage to India providing         riages under Hindu or Islamic rites

                                                                             HG A
plete emancipation of the slaves”       Jamaica, Grenada, Martinique,         also remember the rivers, the moun-      he/she served a ten year period.          were looked down upon and were
in 1838, and their withdrawal from      Cuba and other islands in the Car-    tains and other characteristic of the    The contracted emigrant worked            not legally recognized until after
plantation agriculture, the planters    ibbean, the Pacific and Indian        area from where their ancestors          six days a week for fourteen hours        1946. But in the eyes of Indians
turned to the importation of a          Ocean, and countries in Africa and    emigrated.                               a day and earned a shilling (25           and according to their
cheap and easily managed labor          Asia. About 240,000 Indians de-       On the plantations or barracks or        cents) and could not wander away          Dharmashastras and Quorons their

force from India. The cost of im-       parted for Guyana, 143,900 for        estates, poor sanitation, lack of        from the plantation where he or she       marriages were valid. They also
portation of a cheap docile labor       Trinidad, and 37,000 for Jamaica.     proper toilet facilities, unsuitable     was consigned. They were only             retained their languages and other
force from                              The other islands received insig-     diet, overcrowding, bad water, en-       off on Sundays which was ob-              customs; Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu
India was not prohibitive and with      nificant numbers and these minori-    demic diseases (malaria and para-        served as their day for prayer. The       were taught at various centers in-
India being a British colonial pos-     ties have shed most of the original   site-caused diseases such as hook-       immigrants could not leave their          cluding the temples and Mosques.
session, it meant that planters did     Indian cultural traits and customs    worm, anemia, ground itch), and          plantation without a pass which           Today, however, except for Surinam
not have to deal with foreign pow-      and have been assimilated into the    other health problems combined to        was rarely granted except for those       where Hindi is the second lan-
ers in importing British Indian la-     dominant creole values and            make the population continuously         who completed their contracted            guage, the younger generations
bor to their colonies or exporting      lifestyles. Today only in Guyana,     sick. But the Indians persevered         service.                                       continued on page 11

                            THE INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION
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INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION                                              May 2007                                                    Page 2

EDITORIAL:                      Happy Indian Arrival Day                                                                 OFFICIALS OF ICF
 Happy Indian Arrival in     of Indians who built a life    tive ways. The region is     culture. Hard work, fa-             Ralph Tamesh
the Caribbean and            in a new land distant from     much richer today we         milial support and social          Bisram Bhagan
America. Indians first       their motherland of India.     must honor this richness.    consciousness have                   Secretary
came to the West Indies      As a prominent Indian or-      The heritage of Indians      been the causal thinking            Roy D. Singh
during the 1800s and         ganization noted, Indians      will continue to be the      of Indians in diaspora.              Frank Singh
from there began migrat-     have handed down a rich        foundation for the future    Despite brutalization of        Committee Members
ing to North America. A      treasure of cultural values    development of the           Indians in Guyana and              Anoop Dhanpat
                                                                                                                               Bob Singh
holiday was been de-         and traditions that have       region.But Indians face      Trinidad, celebrating In-         Rajeshwar Barron
clared by government to      lived on and have helped       many challenges in the       dian arrival today marks              Lisa Edoo
recognize the presence       us to deal with difficult      region. They are ill-        an important step in their        Padmini Persaud
of Indians in Guyana and     circumstances and situa-       treated by their govern-     collective history, rising       Board of Directors
Trinidad — May 5 for         tions. Indian Arrival Day      ments and are the vic-       above the odds to be-             Jagdesh Mohunlall
                                                                                                                              Ricky Singh
Guyana and May 30 for        is a day of reflection for     tims of criminals of         come masters of their
                                                                                                                           Balram Rambrich
Trinidad. This year, a       Indians and the commu-         other ethnic groups. It is   destiny.The Indo-Carib-
huge delegation from In-     nity at large. Indians are     hoped that the spirit and    bean Federation paper             This Newspaper is the
                                                                                                                           Publication of the Indo-
dia will visit several is-   an integral part of the        courage that their fore-     takes the opportunity to           Caribbean Federation
lands for the occasion,      region’s rich cultural di-     parents had shown in         extend best wishes to all        The views expressed are
including the Minister of    versity and they contrib-      crossing the kala pani       East Indians in this great     those of the writers and not
                                                                                                                         necessary the views of the
overseas Indian Affairs      ute to the economic, so-       into a new world would       land of ours on the spe-                   I.C.F.
and businessmen, as part     cial and political life that   be a guide while facing      cial occasion of Indian         The next issue of the ICF
of                  their    shape its future”.Since        the challenges ahead.We      Arrival Day. May we all       Review will be in September
                                                                                                                       2007. Please submit articles,
celebrations.Celebrating     the arrival of Indians, they   must acknowledge the         share this beautiful coun-      Advertisements and Public
the Indian presence is the   have added to the land-        dedication and hard          try and the Caribbean re-           Announcements by
right thing to do. Gov-      scape, music, dance, re-       work of our fore-parents     gion together forever in             August 15, 2007.
ernments must honor the      ligious life, cuisine and      and their many organiza-     love and respect.                         Email to
hard work and sacrifices     the culture of the coun-       tions that help to give                                       or Mail to I.C.F. Review
made by the fore-parents     try in diverse and posi-       birth to a proud Indian                                        108-05 Liberty Avenue,
                                                                                                                         Richmond Hill, NY 11419.

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   i. To represent the interests of the Indo-Caribbean Community
   ii. To co-ordinate and promote social and cultural activities
   iii. To foster harmony and understanding between Indo-Caribbeans and the community at large
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INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION                                                                      May 2007                                                                                    Page 3

               President’s Message                                                                               Letter to Editor
On behalf of the Executives, Board of Direc-      c a n n o t                                       Dear Editor,                                       munity together but are determined to di-
tors and Members of The Indo Caribbean            achieve                                                                                              vide our people. We do not need leaders
Federation I would like to extend my warm-        proper politi-                                    Polarized Indo-Caribbean Community                 like these.
est greetings to all organizations, dignitar-     cal represen-                                                                                                  I would like to return to Guyana for
ies, groups, attendees and artistes who are       tation if we                                      I would like to follow-up from an article in       a moment. Some of us can still remember
participating in this our 22nd year of cel-       are      frag-                                    the March 2007 issue of the Indo-Caribbean         when the Indo Guyanese population did not
ebration.                                         mented and if                                     Review by Mr. Ralph Tamesh, President of           cooperate in seeking the leadership of the
The commemoration of Indian Arrival Day           the pulling                                       the Indo-Caribbean Federation. Mr. Tamesh          country, although we were the majority of
began in 1985 by the Indo Caribbean Fed-          and tugging                                       alluded to problems within Phagwah Parade          the population. We saw betrayal from even
eration in New York. Today it has become          continue.                                         Committee when he appealed to”burrying             great Pandits and a host of others that col-
traditional for this event to be celebrated       Our children                                      the hatchet”. I believe that he is totally cor-    laborated with the PNC and the country
annually year in May at Smokey Park, Rich-        will suffer be-                                   rect as evident by the creation of the Holi        ended up in a dictatorship for 28 long years.
mond Hill, Queens. This year marks the 169th      cause we are                                      Sammalen which was another Phagwah Cel-            Seems like we learned nothing from that era
anniversary of Indian immigrants migrating        so much di-                                       ebration to compete with the original              that showed what can result when we are a
to the Americas.                                  vided. They                                       Phagwah Parade.                                    divided community.
       My message to our community is to          will be taken                                               I actually attended the Holi                       Now let us return to the United
unite and make the Indo Caribbean Commu-          advantage off. I want to reiterate the need       Sammalen and was actually impressed by             States. It seems like we also did not learn
nity a strong one. Recently, there has been a     for this community to work together.              the level of professionalism exercised dur-        anything from our great founding fathers
lot of mud slinging on the local radio sta-           As President of the ICF, I want to thank      ing the conduct of the event. Unfortunately,       such as President Washington as well. As
tions. Gentlemen, let's act professional and      Ramesh of Star Party rental, Vinod Bisram of      was unable to attend the parade but that is        your readers may be aware that General
stop this kind of behavior. Listeners do not      the Angels band and Anoop Dhanpat from            besides the point I am attempting to make.         Washington always believed that we can
want to hear these type of attacks on the air.    the Sansar Sangeet Orchestra for their as-                  The point is why do we as the Indo       only become successful by assigning the
Listeners prefer to hear beautiful Indian         sistance year after year. Thanks for your         Caribbean community – a very small com-            leadership position to the best qualified per-
songs and messages to educate them on             patience in practicing with our budding           munity - need two celebrations for one festi-      son for that particular job. So why can’t we
Saturday's and Sunday's morning on pro-           artistes.                                         val? It seems to me that the management of         follow his principles and get the best per-
grams. They don't want to hear other              As customary, the highlight of our program        two organizations should resolve their dif-        son to lead the Phagwah Parade Commit-
peoples personal business. So let's keep          at Smokey Park is the Male, Female singing        ferences and deliver one spectacular celebra-      tee?
listeners tuned in to the radio stations for      competition and the Female dancing com-           tion that the community deserves. With the                   I am not only going to criticize the
musical entertainment and messages of             petition as well as guest performances.           current leadership in place, this will no longer   people that are managing the two events,
value. Otherwise people will simply turn off      Sansar Sangeet and the Angels bands pro-          happen. They will only further seek to di-         but will provide a simple solution. Both
their radios and the entire community be-         vide great entertainment music for our artistes   vide the community to support one or the           sides should at least agree that the best
comes losers.                                     and their cast of superstars.                     other. After all, they both need the financial     qualified person should lead the committee.
Our parents came to this land and made sac-            I am also grateful to all of our sponsors    support from the community. They both will         I imagine both sides can agree with this state-
rifices for us to have a better life. They have   for their support each year.                      strive to be “the only game in town” and           ment. The next step will be for both sides to
toiled for long hours under difficult condi-       Without their financial contribution, this       always stay in competition. This is one area       jointly develop the requirements for the po-
tions in snow, rain and sun, in factories and     event will not be possible. I look forward to     that we need cooperation, not competition!         sition and at the same time, prepare evalua-
in other difficult jobs. Our people have ac-      their continued support.                                    I personally believe the time has        tion criteria that will be used to select the
cepted jobs that members of other races            I look forward to seeing with you all at         arrived for silent majority of our community       individual. Once this is completed, publicly
refuse. We have become a successful and           Smokey Park on May 20th. My best                  to speak loud and clear to send a message          solicit candidates from the entire commu-
model community. We have decent housing           wishes to all. God bless you with health,         to these so-called leaders that this is totally    nity, not only among the two sides. Finally,
and have transformed many neighborhoods           strength and happiness Thank you.                 unacceptable and we deserve better. When           interview the potential candidates and make
from slums to high priced real estate. Rich-                                                        they approach local businesses to sponsor          the selection. The entire process must be
mond Hill has become a little Guyana or a         Sincerely yours                                   their particular event, I encourage the busi-      monitored by an arbitrator.
Little Trinidad with high valued homes.           Ralph Tamesh                                      ness owners to respond “return when you                      This process will only work if the
Now, we should put aside our egos and work        President of ICF                                  can work together.” Obviously, these are           requirements and evaluation criteria are
together to build a stronger community. We                                                          not leaders when they cannot bring the com-
                                                                                                                                                                     continued on page 4

         Congratulations to the Indo Caribbean Federation on their 22nd Annual Indian Arrival Day
                     Celebration and the 169th Years of Indian Arrival to the Americas

                                            KAWAL P. TOTARAM
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INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION                                                                      May 2007                                                                               Page 4

Diabetes the Sweetest Epidemic on the rise                                                                                           by Sharron Ghany                    from page 3
When I was a little girl I never truly   us a reality check to the meaning       greasy food and the best of them
understood the impact of diabetes        of life.                                all the overeating of food.                                                     developed objectively.
on the human body. I always be-                                                                                                                                           I am sure that this let-
lieved that if your blood sugar was      Riana like all seniors in high school   We must realize that Diabetes has                                               ter will be dismissed by these
high then eat salt and it would bal-     was ready for the next phase in life    no cure it only has treatments to                                               so-called leaders, and they will
ance off. Funny as it seems now          and was on her way to college. But      promote longevity of life. Diabe-                                               continue to expend resources to
and many years later, my knowl-          at school she began experiencing        tes is the principal reason for                                                 boost their egos and pat them-
edge of diabetes has changed. It’s       some strange symptoms. She be-          blindness and even amputation of                                                selves on the back for a job well
not a disease that only targets the      gan with a loss of appetite and         a limb.
                                                                                                                                                                 done while dividing the people
elderly or the poor it can affect any-   found herself eating and craving
                                                                                 The disease can be controlled                                                   for ulterior motives. If they
one at any age.                          junk food. She noticed the con-                         a
                                                                                 through careful monitoring,                                                     truly have the best interest of
                                         stant thirst for water and frequent
                                                                                 lifestyle changes and medication.                                               the community at heart, then
It’s estimated that over 800,000         dryness of the mouth followed by
                                                                                 As strange as it may seem even                                                  they will cooperate.
adult New Yorkers, more than one         frequent urination. She thought                                                 These symptoms occur gradually.
                                                                                 though Americans may know they                                                           The people that origi-
in every eight now has diabetes.         nothing of it and saw it being                                                  However, they are no less impor-
                                                                                 have the disease, about two-thirds                                              nally started the parade should
It’s what the city health department     stressed with life and school. But                                              tant than those associated with
                                                                                 are not doing enough to treat it.                                               be given credit for their vision
calls an epidemic. Diabetes is the       inside her body the early signs of                                              TYPE I and must receive immedi-
                                                                                                                                                                 and leadership at that time, but
only major disease in the city that      juvenile diabetes was beginning to                                              ate medical attention.
                                                                                 Nationwide, the disease’s cost just                                             they believe that they own the
is growing both in the number of         take its course. The symptoms that
new cases and the number of              were occurring were indeed the          for 2002 from medical bills to dis-                                             parade and should be given life-
                                                                                                                         • Blurred vision
people it kills. Please understand       onset of juvenile diabetes. Each        ability payments and lost work-                                                 time rights to it. The first pa-
                                                                                                                         • Tingling or numbness in the
that diabetes is not a disease that      year, approximately 30,000 Ameri-       days was $132 billion.                                                          rade dated back to 1990 and
                                                                                                                         legs, feet or fingers
you can catch from the person sit-       cans are diagnosed with type 1 (ju-                                                                                     most of the original people are
                                                                                 Diabetics are more likely than oth-     • Frequent infections of the skin
ting next to you but its one that        venile) diabetes; over 13,000 are                                                                                       still managing the parade. What
                                                                                 ers to develop heart disease or         • Recurring skin, gum or urinary
can be passed genetically or with        children. That’s 35 children each                                                                                       happened to succession plan-
                                                                                 have a stroke, and three times more     tract infections
poor dietary intake.                     and every day, approximately 1                                                  • Itching of skin and/or genitals
                                                                                                                                                                 ning? If they had any manage-
                                                                                 likely to die of complications from                                             ment skills they should have
                                         child per hour. (http://                                                        • Drowsiness
There are two predominant types                                                  flu or pneumonia, according to the                                              planned for succession and
                                                                                                  • Slow healing of cuts and bruises
of diabetes. In Type 1, the immune                                               Centers for Disease Control. Most                                               implemented those plans to pre-
                                                                                 diabetics suffer nervous-system         • Any of the symptoms listed
system destroys the cells in the         At Riana’s visit to the doctor he                                               under TYPE I Diabetes                   vent the current situation.
pancreas that make insulin. In Type      took a simple blood and urine test      damage and poor circulation, which                                              Those people must realize that
2, which accounts for an estimated       to get a better reading of what was     can lead to amputations of toes,                                                they do not own the parade…it
                                                                                 feet and entire legs; even a tiny cut   By following the government’s Di-
90 percent to 95 percent of all cases,   casing this young lady to be so                                                 etary Guidelines you can promote        belongs to the people. When
the body’s cells are not sufficiently    tired. Riana recalled looking at a      on the foot can lead to gangrene                                                they die the parade must con-
                                                                                 because it will not be seen or felt.    your health and reduce your risk
receptive to insulin, or the pan-        bottle of insulin and a syringe and                                             for chronic diseases such as heart      tinue. They cannot take it with
creas makes too little of it, or both.   being told she had juvenile diabe-                                              disease, certain types of cancer,       them. By no means I am say-
                                                                                 Women with diabetes are at higher
                                         tes. She would now have to inject                                               diabetes, stroke, and osteoporosis.     ing that they should not be in-
Type 1 used to be called “juvenile                                               risk for complications in pregnancy
                                         herself each day with insulin to                                                                                        volved as senior advisors…they
diabetes” and Type 2 “adult-onset                                                including miscarriages and birth        AIM FOR FITNESS . . .
                                         keep her blood sugar low and to                                                                                         should as they have the “coop-
diabetes.”                                                                       defects. Men run a higher risk of
                                         stay alive. She went through a                                                                                          erate knowledge”. If they con-
                                                                                 impotence. Young adults have            Some people with diabetes use the
                                         sequence of phases beginning                                                                                            tinue the current trend, the pa-
For years I have watched the dis-                                                twice the chance of getting gum         Exchange Lists for Meal Planning.
                                         with depression, regression and                                                                                         rade will only become another
ease swept through families and                                                  disease and losing teeth.               This system, established by the
                                         suppression. Today she can hon-                                                                                         dinosaur. We need succession
friends. I even heard stories of                                                 TYPE I DIABETES MELLITUS:               American Dietetic and American
                                         estly say she is looking ahead with                                                                                     planning.
young kids being born with the                                                   These symptoms occur suddenly           Diabetes associations, separates
                                         a positive attitude. She believes                                                                                                I am appealing to both
disease. Many in the community                                                   and must receive immediate medi-        foods into six categories based on
                                         that once she takes care of herself                                                                                     sides to find common grounds
refer to diabetes as “sugar” or                                                  cal attention.                          their nutritional makeup. People fol-
                                         she will have control not the dis-                                                                                      and cooperate to find the best
“sweet blood”. Trust me there is                                                 •Frequent urination (in large quan-     lowing this plan choose a set num-
                                         ease.                                                                                                                   person for the position to lead
nothing sweet about this disease.                                                tities)                                 ber of servings from each category
                                                                                                                         daily, depending on their nutri-        the committee and both sides to
                                         New York, perhaps more than any         •Excessive thirst
I see diabetes as a sneaking and                                                                                         tional                       needs.     support that individual with their
                                         other big city, harbors all the in-     •Extreme hunger
silent disease that flows through                                                                                        undivided attention and unity to
                                         gredients for diabetes we see im-       •Rapid weight loss
the blood and slowly damages the                                                                                         fdpyrmid.html#dietary                   enrich and elevate the commu-
                                         migrants like ourselves in Rich-        •Fatigue (weak and tired)
organs its comes in contact with.                                                                                                                                nity at large. We need to set
                                         mond Hill beginning to consume          •Irritability and mood changes
To help us understand the true                                                                                           With any disease, diet or medica-       examples. Where are our vi-
                                         diets that we never had before. We      •Nausea and vomiting
symptoms of diabetes I met with                                                                                          tion questions it is strongly ad-       sionary leaders when we need
                                         begin to eat the fast food, the junk    •Nausea and vomiting
an 18-year-old young lady Riana                                                                                          vised to speak to your health care      them?
                                         food, the sweet food, and the           TYPE II DIABETES MELLITUS:
from Trinidad. Her story will give                                                                                       provider.

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                   Whitestone Bridge                                      At: Kissena Park, Queens                                                     Whitestone Bridge

                   Guyana                                                    Call Vinoo Beasmonie                                                    Guyana
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                                                                                    (718) 232-8614
      Call Ralph (718) 805-0948                                                                                                                     Caribbean
INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION                      May 2007                                             Page 5

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                                                           (President of West Indian Bar Association)

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      Congratulations to the Indo Caribbean          The following individuals will
  Federation on their 22nd Annual Indian Arrival
             Day Celebration and the                   be awarded at this year's
   169th Years of Indian Arrival to the Americas      Annual Indian Arrival Day
           Rita Dave P.C.                            Celebration at Smokey Park,
       Attorney at Law                                      Queens, NY on
    1981 Marcus Avenue                                      Sunday May 20, 2007:
         Suite C117                                         (1) Renu Lobo
   Lake Success, NY 11042                                   (2) James Permaul
                                                            (3) Rajdai Singh
               (516) 326-2866                               (4) Dr. Mahine Gosine
                (516) 326-2469
                                                            (5) The late Rudra Nath
       General Practice:                             Congratulations to this years
     .Contracts and Closings                        awardees for your tremendous
       .Immigration Cases                           support to our community and
            .Divorces                                    the Indo Caribbean
              .Wills                                         Federation.
       .Landlord & Tenants
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           Select & other brands               No-spill water coolers & more              technicians

                                                                                   Plus Soda, Juice Snacks,
                                                                                   Paper Goods & Vending

                           Since 1963

                   200 Broadway
             Garden City Park, NY 11040

          “How may we serve you?”                              
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    The Indo Caribbean Federation wishes to thank all our Sponsors, Media and contributors for their continuous support,
without your generous donation on this Annual Immigration Day Celebrations this event would not be possible. To all the artisties
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                            Health Plan
        is now offering Child Health Plus,
        Family Health Plus and Medicaid
     manage Care health insurance programs
                in our community.
       If you are interested in any of these
 FREE or very Low Cost programs,Representatives
                   will be taking
                  applications at:

        Indo Caribbean Federation
     22nd Annual Indian Arrival Day Celebrations
                 On: May 20, 2007
        AT: Smokey Park, Richmond Hill, NY
               Documentation Needed to Enroll
                  Proof of Household Income
                         Proof of Age
                       Proof of Address
                             Call :
                 Roger Singh - (917)968-1815
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                       Lots of Give-aways for the Kids!
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                ANOOP DHANPAT             LIC. REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON                        JASMATTIE CHETTANA                               RAJ PITAMBER
                Lic. Broker/Owner                OFFICE MANAGER                          LIC. REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON                  LIC. REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON

                                                                                           Brooklyn- 2 Family attached, 6 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, Finished Basement…Bus Stop
 Woodhaven-3 Family, Victorian…7 Bedrooms,4 Baths, Private Driveway, 2 Car
                                                                                          in front of house…1 Block to Public School. Call for more info…
 garage…Lot size 40x100…1 block to J train. In MINT condition

 Woodhaven- 2 Family, 3 Bedrooms / 3 Bedrooms. New floors and Kitchens…                  Woodhaven- 2 Family attached, 3 Full Baths, Private Driveway with Finished
 Can be shown anytime…Keys in office.                                                    Basement… Near transportation and shopping…Rooms are very spacious.

 Richmond Hill- 2 Family Detached…Private Driveway, 2 Buildings from 101 Avenue.          Wakefield- 1 Family detached, Private Driveway, 2 Car Garage, Finished Attic.
 3 Large Bedrooms / 3 Large Bedrooms…Finished Basement, House is in MINT                  Easy Access to shopping and Schools. Newly Renovated with new windows,
                                                                                          Boiler and Kitchen.

 Jamaica- 2 Family, 100% Brick, Suitable for church or Residence…Lot size 65 x 50        Brooklyn- 2 Family attached, Private Driveway, 7 Bedrooms…Finished Basement ,1
 Parking for trucks and cars...5 Bedrooms… Each floor has its own Boiler and Hot         Block to J Train and MTA…Owner is very motivated and will consider all reasonable
 Water tank…                                                                             offers.
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      A True Life, A Real Life, A Life Style To Follow
          Pandit Dr. Mahin Geer       the son of the late Pandit             when one leaves the United Com-      true life of a pandit. He has      devotion to God.
Gosine is a Professor of Sociol-      Shivlakhan Geer Gosine and             munity Mandir or wherever his        served the congregation at the               Panditji is also often
ogy and Anthropology in the De-       Molly Gosine. The Panditji was         performing service, one can take     United Community Mandir, and       called upon to sit in as a mod-
partment of Social Sciences at        one of the village pandits who         away a message that he or she        has been the resident Pandit of    erator and help resolve conflicts
Suffolk County Community Col-         made it on bicycle to his work-        will never forget and one that has   this institution since it was      in the community, and his sense
lege of the State University of       place at the then St. Patrick          some real meaning for him or her.    founded four years ago. He has     of balance and fairness has dis-
New York. Born in the Caribbean       County Council in Siparia. Dr.         If Sanatan Dharma teaches            given generously the Mandir but    tinguished him in this commu-
Island of Trinidad, Pandit Dr.        Mahin usually accompanied him          about the Law of Karma, then         also to the people whom he         nity. Panditji is a very humble
Gosine received his early educa-      on weekends and during school          Pandit Gosine’s Kathas are a true    serves. Many in our community      man but yet a stalwart in the
tion in the British system and        vacations whenever he officiated       reminder of the action that must     have reached out to Panditji Dr.   community. He is hard working,
later completed his college and       at poojas and kathas. It was way       e performed to cross the ocean       Gosine, and he is often sought     and a man of character we can
University studies in the United      back in those early childhood          of Maaya.                            for counseling and guidance. The   look up to. He is an asset to this
States. He earned his Bachelor’s      days that the Professor developed               Panditji completed a se-    Indian community sees him as a     community, and we pray that
degree in 1974; his MA in Soci-       a passion for the Hindu religion.      ries of CDs on the Ramayan,          role model for our young chil-     God continues to give him
ology and Social Psychology                     Panditji is one of the       with musical accompaniment by        dren today. He is highly accom-    strength and knowledge to live
from the Graduate Faculty of          resident Pandits of the United         the Amrit Kirtan Mandali of          plished but yet overwhelmingly     the life he is living and to serve
Political and Social Science of the   Community Mandir located at            Trinidad whose members are           humble, and has that rare but      all mankind.
New School for Social Research        135-06 Liberty Avenue, Rich-           mostly Trinidadians and              nevertheless important combina-
in 1976; and his M.Phil. and          mond Hill, Queens, NY. He is           Guyanese. Professor Gosine has       tion of service to the world and
Ph.D. in Sociology from St.           widely traveled and visited India      recorded five Ramayan Kathas.
John’s University in 1980 and         on several occasions to study          The first deals with Duty, the              Indo Caribbean Federation
1982 respectively.                    Hinduism and sit at the feet of        Guru and Right Action. The sec-
          Dr. Gosine has a rich
and diversified scholarly back-
                                      many of the saints and spiritual
                                      masters. Panditji is a specialist
                                                                             onds is Protocol and the Treat-
                                                                             ment of People. The third is about                            Raffle
ground. Since earning his Doc-        on the Bagwat Gita and the             Keeping Promises Amidst Adver-
torate, he has taught at Fordham      Ramayan and is a humble stu-           sity. The fourth concerns the                    On: May 20, 2007
University, New York Institute of
Technology and John Jay Col-
                                      dent of all of the sacred texts of
                                      Sanatan Dharma. His academic
                                                                             Purpose of Life. And the fifth
                                                                             deals with Good and Evil. In ad-
                                                                                                                         1st Prize - TV/DVD Combo
lege of Criminal Justice. He has      background, coupled with his           dition to his Ramayan CDs,               2nd Prize - Portable DVD Player
written and published nineteen        training as a Pandit, helps greatly    Panditji has recorded fourteen
books and well over one hundred       in his reading and interpretation      CDs of devotional songs and             3rd Prize - Dinner for 2 at a famous
scholarly articles, and is consid-    of the holy scriptures, and this       bhajans.
ered to be one of the foremost        is clearly visible in the presenta-             Panditji has a great
                                                                                                                           West Indian Restaurant
scholars on East Indians in the
                                      tion of his intellectually rich but
                                      nevertheless realistic Kathas. It
                                                                             amount of respect in this com-
                                                                             munity. In addition to his schol-
                                                                                                                      Cost $1.00 each; Book of 6 $5.00
          Professor Dr. Gosine is     is truly a joy to listen to him, for   arly achievement, he lives the         Call Frank (718) 845-1014, Ralph (718)805-0948
INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION                                                             May 2006                                                                             Page 11

                  Nutritional Facts                                  by Sharron Ghany
                                                                                                                  Indian Arrival Talk to
Some dried fruits are packed
with nutrients. Others are sim-
                                        is during spring we see the bud-
                                        ding of trees and of motherhood.
                                                                            discontinued their antidepressant
                                                                            medicine relapsed into depres-
                                                                                                                 Focus on Identity Crisis
                                                                                                                 FINDING a voice: The Indian           Nation” by UWI lecturer Dr
ply packed with calories. Here’s        But remove a layer of mother-       sion while they were pregnant,
what different dried fruits have        hood and birth and we begin to      but only 26 percent of those who     Experience in Trinidad and To-        Jerome Teelucksingh, and “Cor-
to offer. ADDED CALORIES                discover some hidden messages       continued their medicine through     bago, 2007 will be the theme of       porate Trinidad and State
Dried fruits are not necessarily        associated with pregnancy. We       at least 16 weeks of gestation had   this year’s Indian Arrival Semi-      Sector’s Sponsorship for Indian-
low-calorie; if you’re trying to        begin to see the signs of depres-   a relapse.                           nar.                                  oriented events, festivals, semi-
lose weight, you’ll want to             sion, which is so often the main              The Archives of Pediat-    Organised by the Indian Arrival       nars and group activities” by
watch your portion sizes, as with       focal point behind the mood         rics & Adolescent Medicine, re-      Day Committee headed by Deo           Deosaran Bisnath.
any snack. But you can at least         swings.                             ported that newborns exposed in      Bisnath, the seminar will be held     Rampersad will explore the vari-
avoid those fruits that have calo-               Studies done on preg-      the womb to Prozac and similar       on May 27 from 2 p.m. at the          ous influences on the identities
ries added. - Many dried fruits         nant women show that antide-        antidepressants, can develop neo-    Divali Nagar, Chaguanas.              of Indians, with emphasis on
are sweetened with sugar. - Ba-         pressants can have many effects     natal abstinence syndrome. This      Organisers said the seminar will      Indo-Caribbeans.
nana chips are not only sweet-          during pre and post pregnancy       condition creates a physically       explore the theme from the per-       In his paper, Ramlogan will ad-
ened-but also fried in oil (just like   to both mom and unborn.             uncomfortable withdrawal period      spectives of identity crisis, me-     dress the issue Indian-less adver-
potato chips). IMPRESSIVE               During pregnancy a woman’s          of about 48 hours and can bring      dia, integration, corporate cul-      tisements and the manner in
NUTRIENTS - Some fruits are             body begins to make changes         on crying, tremors, sleep prob-      ture and the issue of social jus-     which Indians are portrayed in
excellent sources of fiber: Rai-        both internally and externally.     lems and gastrointestinal distur-    tice and equal opportunity for all.   advertisements.
sins, apples, dates, prunes, figs,      Research shows that pregnancy       bances, among other symptoms.                                              Bisnath will address the issue of
                                                                                                                 The four papers to be presented
pineapples. These are also high         provides no protection against      We must understand that the en-                                            the disbursement of funds by
                                                                                                                 and discussed include “The In-
in potassium and practically fat-       emotional or psychiatric well       tire childbearing year including
                                                                                                                 dian Identity Crisis” by Pandita      both private and State agencies
free. - Dried apricots are loaded       being of a woman.                   pregnancy, childbirth and post-
                                                                                                                 Indrani Rampersad, “Media Con-        for Indian cultural, social and
with beta carotene. - Apricots                   Studies show that preg-    partum is a time of tremendous
                                                                                                                 struction of Identity: The Indian     religious events and activities in
and raisins contain a good              nant women who take antide-         changes, psychologically and
amount of iron.                         pressants have babies who may       physically. Women need support       Male and Female in the Print and      Trinidad and Tobago.
                                                                                                                 Broadcast Media” by attorney-at-      The seminar will commemorate the
Can pregnancy cause depression          exhibit symptoms of drug with-      to take care of themselves, emo-
                                                                                                                 law Anand Ramlogan; “Indians          162nd anniversary of the arrival of
         Soon we will be visited        drawal.                             tionally and physically, through
                                                                                                                 and Integration in the Political,     Indians to Trinidad.
by the crisp clean air of spring                 Researchers found that     this important life-changing
                                                                                                                 Economic, and Social Life of the      The seminar is free to the public.
followed by the birth of life. It       68 percent of 207 women who         event.

                                                                                                                                                           from page 17
                                                                                                                                          such as mangoes, guava, tamarind,
                                                                                                                                          ochro and seime thrived in the tropical
                                                                                                                                          conditions of the Caribbean. Third and
                                                                                                                                          fourth generation East Indians need to
                                                                                                                                          seriously ask themselves: what does
                                                                                                                                          Indian Arrival Day mean to me in a so-
          Sooroojenee (Lisa) Edoo                                                                                                         ciety as diverse as Trinidad and Tobago
              Owner/ Broker                                                                                                               and the Caribbean? Does it mean vot-
                                                                                                            ing for a political party, ethnic wear or
                                                                                                                                          listening to a > particular radio station?
                                                                                                                                          Obviously, attending a cultural
                                                                                                                                          program and eating particular foods are
                                                                                                                                          no longer hallmarks of identifying Indi-
                                                                                                                                          ans in the society. Today, many young
                                                                                                                                          Indians are unaware of the personal
                                                                                                                                          and financial sacrifices of the early im-
                                                                                                                                          migrants to ensure a better future for
                                                                                                                                          their offspring.
                                                                                                                                                             from page 1

                                                                                                                                          have lost the ability to communicate in
                                                                                                                                          Hindi. But efforts are afoot to teach the
                                                                                                                                          younger generations Hindi and Urdu.
                                                                                                                                          Hindi has become part of the curriculum
                                                                                                                                          in schools in Trinidad and there are calls
                                                                                                                                          for the introduction of Hindi in the curricu-
                                                                                                                                          lum in Guyana.
                                                                                                                                              Inspite of the many problems Indians
                                                                                                                                          faced from the British and the freed Blacks
                                                                                                                                          during colonialism, the Indians have main-
                                                                                                                                          tained their ancient cultural traditions.
                                                                                                                                          They continue to celebrate all the major
                                                                                                                                          religious holidays and festivals with pomp
                                                                                                                                          and ceremony — Eid, Divali, Holi, and the
                                                                                                                                          birth dates of the various Hindu Gods and
                                                                                                                                             The Indians also took a keen interest in
                                                                                                                                          developments in their mother country es-
                                                                                                                                          pecially with regards to home rule or
                                                                                                                                          swaraj. Singing the Indian National An-
                                                                                                                                          them and flag hoisting ceremonies were
                                                                                                                                          prevalent within the colonies. The inde-
                                                                                                                                          pendence of India in 1947 and the inaugu-
                                                                                                                                          ration of the Republic Day of India in 1950
                                                                                                                                          were celebrated with jubilation by Indians
                                                                                                                                          throughout the
                                                                                                                                          Caribbean. Today, being third generation
                                                                                                                                          Indians, they continue to take a keen in-
                                                                                                                                          terest in the affairs of Bharat Mata.
INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION                 May 2007                       Page 12

                                    Proudly Presents
     In Commemoration of the 169th Year of East Indian Arrival in the Americas

                            for the 22nd Consecutive years

              ON: Sunday May 20th 2007
                   Time: 1:00PM
                 At Smokey Oval Park, 127th Street & Atlantic Ave.,
                                  Richmond Hill, NY 11419
           BAND                                                       BAND
                                    CATEGORIES:                   Angels Band
          Led by
                            .Female Singing Competition                led
       Anoop Dhanpat
                              .Male Singing Competition           Vinod Bisram

                                 .Dancing Competition
                                & Cultural Presentation
                             ADMISSION IS                         ICF Winners
                       FREE!!!         FREE!!!       FREE!!!      are welcome
                 ARTISTES FROM:                                    participate.

                  .Guyana .Trinidad
            .Suriname .USA .Jamaica
                              Please call for more information:
                                Ralph Tamesh (718) 805-0948,
                                 Frank Singh (718) 845-1014
INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION                                                      May 2007                                                           Page 13

                               Queens Home Center Inc.
           Call Kevin K. Singh Lic. Broker/Owner
            Tel: 917-847-0123; Fax: 718-323-3540

          Canarsie - 2 fam, attached, brick, pvt drive, 3bdrs, 3bth in                     Jamaica Ave- store for rent, 1400 sq feet plus basement
                              diamond condition

     Liberty Ave, Richmond hill, ( yaya grill)- building plus store for sale   MORICHES, LONG ISLAND BRAND NEW CONSTRUCTION, 1 FAM , WATER-
                                                                                             FRONT PROPERTY, 4 BDRS, 2.5 BTHS

 ALBERTSON, LONG IISLAND, LARGE DET MOTHER / DAUGHTER, 5 BDRS ,                     south ozone park- mint 2 fam, semi detached, garage, close to all
               3BTHS, PVT DRIVE, GARAGE, 60X110

   Finance provided by Marine Funding Inc. 718-845-1014
  The Indo-Caribbean Federation we would like to wish all
      Mothers a Happy Mother's Day on May 13, 2007.
  The child experiences happiness and peace in its mother
   lap. During prayers we experience the peace of mind.A
     child in troubles screams fro his mother; similarly in
                    trouble, we turn to God.
INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION                                                                          May 2007                                                                           Page 14

                                                                  By: Robert H. Mahesh, MA, BA, Dip. Ed.
   This humble tribute is about the      Harry Prasad was an Arya Samajist,     in 1949, saw me as group leader of      sure did them well.
late Indo-Guyanese school teacher        who took religion more seriously       a batch of sugar estate children           Our trip to Saraswat was one of
Harry Prasad, from the Saraswat          in his life than the other three       from Enmore. I was going to an-         the highlights of my teaching ca-
Primary School, West Coast               teachers. Janet’s article has made     other sugar estate, to meet sugar       reer, with very vivid and personal
Demerara, Guyana. I have been            me learn a lot more about his exem-    workers’ children, near to the place    living historical memories of great
motivated to write this tribute by       plary Hindu religious side, and that   of my birth. I was the son of a sugar   significance, which I have been
Janet Naidu’s article, appearing in      of his family.                         worker and was returning to my          using to write my poems and prose
the Guyana Journal of February              I never forgot how I had missed     Alma Mater no more dejected, but        book-lets. It has been an activity
2007. Her wonderful article was          Saraswat so badly after my expul-      as a proud product of old Saraswat,     that has been keeping me profit-
captioned The Exemplary Pandita          sion. I approached teacher             and as a young qualified teacher        ably occupied in my retirement
Jasodra Prasad. Pandita Jasodra          Jainauth to enlist the support of      of some worth. By that time I was a     years in New York City. Nothing
Prasad is the beloved wife of the        the other young teachers, to get       trained teacher (1961-1962 twenty-      could have been more enjoyable
late teacher Harry Prasad.               the headteacher to re-admit me into    eighth batch) and as a graduate         and spectacular, but to see the joy-
           Janet specifically wrote      Saraswat. Teacher Jainauth got the     from the University of Guyana           ous interactions between students
about the religious background of        other three teachers and together      (1970s fourth batch).                   and teachers of the two schools.
the Hindu couple, in addition to         they approached the headteacher,            Teacher Harry Prasad did not       That was taking place in the bril-
their wonderful family life. Not         who refused to re-admit me into        welcome me and my party, but ap-        liant sunshine, in the large school
much was written about Harry             Saraswat. I lived with that disap-     propriately asked my old teacher        playground and in the school build-
Prasad as a school teacher. I bear       pointment as a lonely teenager, but    (from Standards one to four) Henry      ing at every turn. The great leader
living testimony, that he was at first   nonetheless pressed on with my         Khargie, to welcome us before the       of the moment who stood quietly              Robert H. Mahesh
my one-time teacher, and later a         education. I eventually became a       whole school. At that welcome           by, and observed with utter enjoy-
teaching colleague, in the teach-        school teacher like my role models     teacher Henry Khargie referred to       ment, was headmaster Harry             suffer the expulsion because my
ing profession in our Dear Guyana.       from Saraswat in 1954.                 me as one of the heroes from            Prasad. It was truly a moment of       father refused to allow me to at-
My interaction with him as a stu-              After a long and very hard       Saraswat, who has returned to           proven practice of living and valu-    tend the Hindi classes at the
dent and as a teacher has caused         search for a teaching job, I was       Saraswat as an accomplished             able education at Saraswat that glo-   school. My father supported the
me to always recall, some very spe-      eventually employed in the             teacher. He took pleasure to say        rious day, which I remember to this    Pandit of the Hindu temple, while
cial moments in my life.                 Pomeroon River, as a seventeen-        that I was a Class 1 Trained Teacher,   day.                                   the headteacher supported the
   I have been reminded of my stu-       year-old Pupil Teacher at the          and also a University of Guyana            The other great moment when I       other Pandit whom he had asked
dent days at the Saraswat Unde-          Marlborough R.C. School. Previ-        graduate with a BA and a Diploma        interacted with teacher Harry          to teach the Hindi classes. That
nominational Primary School, when        ously, I could not get a teaching      in Education. He went on to praise      Prasad, was at an Administrative       meeting with teacher Harry Prasad
it was first located at Pln. De-         job near home, because I was not a     me as a young and brilliant student,    Teachers’ Conference at Queen’s        at the teachers’ conference at
Kinderen, West Coast Demerara,           Christian. I was turned away by        as the whole school listened with       College in the early 1970s. The Edu-   Queen’s College was the last time I
Guyana in the 1940s. I attended          two Anglican priests, one being        rapt attention. It was indeed very      cation Officer had invited adminis-    was seeing him. We became sepa-
that wonderful school from 1942 to       from my own school at St. Simon’s      flattering. He then called on me to     trative teachers to share their ex-    rated with my migration to the
1949, when Hindu religious fac-          Anglican, although I had brought       address the school. It was one of       periences, particularly new ones       United States with my family. Now
tions in the community, caused me        first of four passes at the school.    the most touching moments in my         that they have been trying out in      I was learning that he had also
to be expelled from the school. My       The school had topped the              life. The very thought of being ex-     their schools, and which they          migrated to Canada from Janet’s ar-
father had refused to allow me to                   West Coast with its four    pelled from Saraswat as a teenage       found to be successful. The floor      ticle. I was truly moved to write this
attend Hindi classes at the school,      passes, and when only sixty            student, who was now returning          was open for contributions. My         special tribute about him.
because the teacher-Pandit was not       passes were allowed in the County      to my Saraswat in an elevated po-       Headmaster and Deputy Headmas-            Later in New York I was to learn
his Pandit. The headteacher sup-         of Demerara. You could not write       sition brought tears to my eyes,        ter from my Enmore-Hope Govern-        about the great tribute that was
ported this Pandit, while my father      the exam over the age of sixteen. I    and my voice nearly cracked.            ment School sat quietly but I stood    paid to teacher Harry Prasad by Dr.
supported the other Pandit in the        had one chance and I was success-           I told the whole school, that I    up. I talked about our novel           Satish Prakash (Hindu priest in
Hindu temple. I was the innocent         ful.                                   was proud to be at their and my         ‘Teachers’ Educational Tours,’         New York) in his book the ‘Atma
fourteen-year-old student, who                The goodly Catholic priest at     Saraswat, after a very long ab-         which were initiated and tried out     Geet.’ His book carried a short
paid a terrible price, when teacher      Charity who employed me in the         sence. I never forgot the school        in our school, and which turned out    write-up in the beginning and there
Harry Prasad served as a young           Pomeroon River, gave me the job        that was built by selp-help twice at    to be very successful. That inno-      was also a photograph of teacher
teacher at the school.                   without my being a Christian. It       De-Kinderen at first, then at De-       vation came out of problems that       Harry Prasad. He always wore a
    I had reached Standard Four at       was my outstanding performance         Willem. Although the building was       were encountered when teachers         beautiful smile on his face. Janet’s
the head of my class and was just        on his school’s stage in our scout     not a super structure, yet it has       took students on educational           article also shows the now historic
promoted to Standard Five. I sub-        concert in August 1953 that            given many of us, a very sound          tours. There was the tendency for      pictures of himself, his dear wife,
sequently had to attend the St.          truly impressed him. It was that       educational foundation during our       teachers to congregate and not to      and children. Thank you Janet for
Simon’s Anglican School at De-           performance that won me the            student days. That foundation was       supervise the students and did not     sharing such an historic revelation
Willem, West Coast Demerara, far-        teaching job, so far away from         guided by very wonderful young          make the tour as educational as        about my old teacher Harry Prasad
ther away from my home. There I          home. I unfortunately lost my dear     teachers. Among those young             possible, by pointing out places       from our Dear Saraswat. Thank you
passed the Primary School Leav-          small sister and dear immigrant fa-    teachers were dear headmaster           and other information during the       Guyana Journal for allowing Janet
ing Certificate Examination in 1951      ther by not being near to them in      teacher Harry Prasad and teacher        tour. This problem was observed        and I to share such golden pieces
and the Pupil Teachers’ Appoint-         their great hour of need. My self-     Henry Khargie my old teacher. I         by me on our tours. The matter was     on our unsung heroes, teacher
ment Examination in 1952, at the         published true-to-life story A Pil-    was living proof of that part of the    brought up in our report on the tour   Harry Prasad and his dear wife
age of sixteen.                          grimage to the Place of his Birth in   Saraswat story. I called upon the       at our staff meeting. To solve the     Pandita Jasodra Prasad. They have
       That unfortunate expulsion        Guyana, now tells that story. (New     students and teachers to love their     problem I suggested that we can        certainly done our Indo-Guyanese
from Saraswat never caused me to         York 1995).                            school, just as I have done in my       have Teachers’ Educational Tours       community proud.
dislike Saraswat, which had actu-              There were two very special      days, as an old student despite the     following the students’ tours. The         It is gratifying to note that the
ally laid a great educational foun-      occasions which I clearly remem-       difficulties.                           teachers supported the idea and we     late Dr. Cheddi Jagan had built a
dation in me. That foundation was        ber, that caused me to interact with      Teacher Harry Prasad again was       put it into practice, and it worked    new school building to replace the
to bear great dividends in my later      teacher Harry Prashad as teachers.     kind enough to leave me and my          well ever since. The Education Of-     old one at De-Willem. I had the glo-
years as a proud school teacher for      The first occasion was when he         teachers, in the caring hands of my     ficer hailed the practice and called   rious opportunity in 1997 to do
twenty-five years (1954-1979). I         was headmaster of Saraswat Pri-        old batchmate from the teachers’        upon teachers of the other schools     some voluntary teaching service in
never forgot the young Indo-             mary School at De-Willem, (the         college, teacher Mahadeo Singh (        to try it out.                         the new school. The school was
Guyanese teachers of Saraswat at         school had to be relocated from De-    also known as Ceily now deceased            That day teacher Harry Prasad      then under the headmastership of
that time. They were our heroes and      Kinderen to De-Willem when the         ). Teacher Singh arranged for sump-     was truly proud of me, and insisted    Mr. Parmanand Singh. Again I was
exceptional role models. The four        ‘logies’ were being replaced with      tuous refreshments and food pre-        that I have lunch at his house in      given a hero’s welcome and had
young teachers who stood out             housing schemes) in the late 1950s     pared in their home economics cen-      Murray Street. I was living in Kitty   the privilege to work with my
most to us as young students, were       and early 1960s. I was Senior Mas-     ter, even though our bags were well     not far from Queen’s College but       batchmate Mahadeo Singh who
Arjune        Lall     (deceased),       ter of Enmore-Hope Government          packed. We simply and joyously          he insisted that I go to his home. I   was serving as a retired teacher.
Chandradat Jainauth (deceased),          School in the 1960s, at Enmore,        shared and partook as a jolly group     drove him home and we had lunch.       That trip from New York saw me as
Harry Prasad (deceased), and             East Coast Demerara. Unforget-         of teachers of the two schools.         We shared a lot of our experiences     a sixty-one-year old returning to
Henry Khargie. These young               table was when, I had taken about      Teacher Harry Prasad in all humil-      since I left Saraswat as a student.    the school. For that occasion I had
teachers were always well dressed        80 to 100 Post Primary students to     ity during our visit, never stole the   He wanted to know how I had made       written a special poem as a special
and spoke almost immaculate En-          Saraswat on an educational tour in     thunder to be in the limelight, but     out after leaving Saraswat. He was     tribute to Saraswat. It reads as fol-
glish. Many of us tried to emulate       the 1970s.                             very accommodatingly sought out         happy to learn about my efforts to     lows:
them both in dress and language.            That glorious return to Saraswat    those teachers who were closer to       forge ahead despite my problem at
    I remembered too, that teacher       after my expulsion from the school     me, to do the honors. And they          Saraswat. He knew how I had to
INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION                                                                  May 2007                                                                  Page 15

                     All About Hindu Temple                                                                            By Sunhamoy Das                              Arya
Introduction: Unlike other orga-        progressed, temples became impor-      steeple of the dome is called            the temples usually has a big me-
nized religions, in Hinduism, it is     tant because they served as a sa-      ‘shikhara’ (summit) that represents      tallic bell that hangs from the ceil-
not mandatory for a person to visit     cred meeting place for the commu-      the mythological ‘Meru’ or the           ing. Devotees entering and leav-
a temple. Since all Hindu home usu-
ally have a small shrine or ‘puja
room’ for daily prayers, Hindus
                                        nity to congregate and revitalize
                                        their spiritual energies. Large
                                        temples were usually built at pic-
                                                                               highest mountain peak. The shape
                                                                               of the dome varies from region to
                                                                               region and the steeple is often in
                                                                                                                        ing the porch ring this bell to de-
                                                                                                                        clare their arrival and departure.
                                                                                                                        5. The Reservoir: If the temple is
generally go to temples only on         turesque places, especially on river   the form of the trident of Shiva.        not in the vicinity of a natural wa-          Offers
auspicious occasions or during          banks, on top of hills, and on the     2. The Inner Chamber: The inner          ter body, a reservoir of fresh water
religious festivals. Hindu temples      sea shore. Smaller temples or open-    chamber of the temple called             is built on the temple premises. The     Indian Classical
also do not play a crucial role in      air shrines can crop up just about     ‘garbhagriha’ or ‘womb-chamber’          water is used for rituals as well as
marriages and funerals, but it is       anywhere - by the roadside or even     is where the image or idol of the        to keep the temple floor clean or         Dance Classes
often the meeting place for reli-       under the tree.                        deity (‘murti’) is placed. In most       even for a ritual bath before enter-
gious discourses as well as             Temple Architecture: The architec-     temples, the visitors cannot enter       ing the holy abode.                     by Trained Indian
‘bhajans’ and ‘kirtans’ (devotional
songs and chants).
                                        ture of Hindu temples evolved over
                                        a period of more than 2,000 years
                                                                               the garbhagriha, and only the
                                                                               temple priests are allowed inside.
                                                                                                                        6. The Walkway: Most temples
                                                                                                                        have a walkway around the walls
History of Temples: In the Vedic        and there is a great variety in this   3. The Temple Hall: Most large           of the inner chamber for circumam-       Every Saturday
period there were no temples. The       architecture. Hindu temples are of     temples have a hall meant for the        bulation by devotees around the
main object of worship was fire that    different shapes and sizes – rect-     audience to sit. This is also called     deity as a mark of respect to the       3:30PM - 5:00PM
stood for God. This holy fire was       angular, octagonal, semicircular –     the ‘nata-mandira’ (hall for temple-     temples god or goddess.
lit on a platform in the open air un-   with different types of domes and      dancing) where, in days of yore,         Temple Priests: As opposed to the        110-17 101 Ave.
der the sky, and oblations were of-     gates. Temples in southern India       women dancers or ‘devadasis’             all-renouncing ‘swamis’, temple
fered to the fire. It is not certain    have a different style than those in   used to perform dance rituals.           priests, variously known as ‘pan-       Richmond Hill, NY
when exactly the Indo-Aryans first
started building temples for wor-
                                        northern India. Although the archi-
                                        tecture of Hindu temples is varied,
                                                                               Devotees use the hall to sit, medi-
                                                                               tate, pray, chant or watch the
                                                                                                                        das’, ‘pujaris’ or ‘purohits’, are
                                                                                                                        salaried workers, hired by the
ship. The scheme of building            they mainly have many things in        priests perform the rituals. The hall    temple authorities to perform daily     $25.00 per Month
temples was perhaps a concomi-          common.                                is usually decorated with paintings      rituals. Traditionally they come
tant of the idea of idol worship.       The 6 parts of a Hindu Temple:         of gods and goddesses.                   from the Brahmin or priestly caste,     Call Bahen Mayia
Locations of Temples: As the race       1. The Dome and Steeple: The           4. The Front Porch: This area of         but there are many priests who are
                                                                                                                        non-Brahmins                             (718) 849-9818
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                                                                                                                           CLEAN FUN IN THE SUN FOR
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                                                                                                                            YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE &
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                                                                                                                         **** FEELING THE EXCITEMENT
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                                                                                                                           TER OF FACT, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE
                                                                                                                            YOU’RE FROM, JUST BE AT OUR MEETING
                                                                                                                          PLACES) AND YOU STRIVE ON CHALLENGES,
                                                                                                                                     DROP ME AN EMAIL.

                                                                                                                               Contact Person: BINA MAHABIR

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The Indian Experience in St. Vincent                                                               The Indian Experience in Trinidad
                                  By James Rambally                                                                              By Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh

           Osley Baptiste, great grandson      ing on the estates they were christened         The annual observance of Indian Arrival Day        ated in the new host society. The occupa-
of Rambulock Singh, an Indian Hindu            and given Christian names. They were            needs to be re-examined by our society. Ev-        tions and levels of adaptation and assimila-
Pundit, rich in the knowledge of his an-       given the names of the overseers,” said         ery year, there is mention of the arrival of the   tion also varied among the indentured immi-
cestry, a Vincentian of East Indian de-        Baptiste, who mentioned that some of the        first batch of immigrants from the Asian con-      grants. Furthermore, during the early de-
scent, is proud to share some of that in-      names given were: Baptiste, Sutherland,         tinent to Trinidad. The Fatel Rozack de-           cades of indenturedship, not all the Indians
formation. The Villa resident, tracing his     Moore, Phils, Bacchus, Bullock, Woods,          parted the Calcutta harbor, in India, on 16th      in Trinidad originated from India. Some came
                                               Joseph, King,Thomas, Bowman, Gunsam             February 1845 with 231 Indians. The correct        from neighboring colonies of Grenada, Brit-
ancestry, said he is the great grandson of
                                               and Deane.                                      name of this ship is Fath Al Razak (Victory        ish Guiana and Martinique. Some Indians
Rambulock Singh who was brought to
                                               Giving an account of his family tree start-     of Allah the Provider) however, it is com-         after serving their contracts in other places
St.Vincent and the Grenadines as an in-
                                               ing with his mother’s line, Baptiste said       monly referred to as the “Fatel Rozack”. Af-       as South Africa, were re-indentured to the
dentured labourer from India.
                                                                                               ter 103 days on the seas, the ship arrived in      Caribbean. Indians worked on various sugar
Baptiste recalled meeting his great grand-     he is the grandson of Sinanan Singh who
                                                                                               Trinidad on 30th May 1845.                         estates. Among these estates were Water-
father or (Aja meaning grandfather) on         was renamed Ridley Bacchus, the son of
                                                                                               We need to realise that the entire Indo-           loo, Woodford Lodge, Picton, Union Hall,
the then Argyle Estate for the first time at   Eugina Bacchus (mother) and Simeon
                                                                                               Trinidadian population did not ‘arrive’ on         Bronte, Esperanza, Caroni and Canaan. An-
age four when he was brought down from         Baptiste (father), who was the son of Jhan      that historic trip in 1845. During 1845-1917,      other fallacy which should be removed is
the Orange Hill Estate to live at Argyle.      Archoo, who also originated from India          scores of ships transported thousands of           that all Indians worked on the sugar planta-
He remains adamant that his great grand-       like Rambulock Singh.                           Indians from India to the Caribbean. Among         tions. A significant percentage of Indians
father was not an Indian king (Rajah) as       Archoo was christened and given the             the ships which docked at Trinidad were:           were employed on the cocoa, coffee and
some                                           name John Baptiste. “I should have been         Alwrick Castle, Allanshaw, Grecian, Brenda,        coconut estates. Also, a considerable num-
people have claimed. “He was an Aja. “He       Archoo instead of Baptiste,” Baptiste           Avoca, Clyde, Mutla, Chenab, Rhone, Here-          ber of East Indians sought employment as
was praying to the sun,” Baptiste re-          proudly stated. He said his grandfather         ford, Jarawar and Wiltshire. These ships,          shop owners, petty traders and as primary
counted, speaking of a ritual his great        Archoo’s brothers were taken to other           which were mostly British, visited Trinidad        school teachers in the Canadian Mission-
grandfather performed that struck him.         Estates and given surnames like                 on more than one occasion. Thus, after 1845,       ary Indian (CMI) schools (established by
Baptiste said the ceremonies that were         Sutherland, Moore and Phils. This is one        the overwhelming majority of ancestors of          the Presbyterian missionaries from Nova
practised were called the Katha and            of the reasons given for some of the in-        Indians in Trinidad ‘arrived’ on ships other       Scotia). A glimpse of the population figures
Surajhpuran.                                   termarriages that took place between the        than the Rozack and at different times. Other      provides an idea of the extent of immigra-
“After Rambulock died there was a gentle-      descendants of the East Indians.                British colonies as Jamaica, British Guiana,       tion. In 1914, the colony’s Indian popula-
man by the name of Little John who used        Baptiste believes that the descendants of       Grenada and St. Lucia also received Indians        tion was 118,822 in a total population of
to carry on the Hindu prayers. He lived at     East Indians in St.Vincent and the Grena-       from these ships.                                  352,145 persons. By 1927, the East Indian
Calder, but when the Hindu religion went       dines are fast losing their culture. “I tried   Interestingly, the ‘arrival’ of Indians in         population in Trinidad had risen to 127, 326.
out, the people became Christians,” said       to organize an Indian Association but was       Trinidad was not a permanent status. Thou-         The trip across the kala pani was not merely
                                               told by legal people if we do that it would     sands returned to Trinidad after completing        a trade in human cargo but also had a wider,
Baptiste, who explained that the inden-
                                               be counted as being racial,” said Baptiste      their term of indentureship. During 1904-          more pronounced environmental impact.
tured labourers prayed to a God called
                                               who welcomes the idea of establishing           1908, between 670 to 827 persons returned          Products from India which were included on
                                               an East Indian Heritage Foundation.             to India.                                          the ships, heading for the West Indies, were
Rambulock said Baptiste died at the age
                                                                                               A common misconception is that Indians             cloves, ginger, saffron, dhall, peppers, mus-
of 112.                                        Highlighting some of the areas of
                                                                                               transported to Trinidad originated from the        tard, spices, ghee and the now infamous
Baptiste noted that his foreparents told him   St.Vincent and the Grenadines where the
                                                                                               same provinces in India and thus possessed         marijuana. Our landscape provides visible
Indian Bay (named after the Indians who        East Indians live, Baptiste referred to
                                                                                               a similar background. Nothing could be fur-        evidence of the items brought by the inden-
landed there) was one of the landing points    Calder, Akers, Richland Park,                   ther form the truth. Differences in caste, reli-   tured laborers. Fruits, originally from India,
for indentured labourers. “They were con-      Georgetown, Park Hill, Orange Hill and          gion (Hindus and Muslims), sects, age and
signed to different estates and while liv-     Rose Bank.                                      gender added to the milieu which was cre-                      Continued on page 11

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                                                             whose Father passed
                                                             away recently in NY.
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                                                              Expresses our deepest
                                                              sympathy to the relative
                                                              of Taijpaul Ramotar,
 The Indo-Caribbean Federation
Expresses our deepest sympathy to                             whose mother passed
the relatives of Frank Singh of Ma-                           away on recently in
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   Roy Fredericks’ performances were all the more worthy                                                                                                                            by Shan Razack
           Roy Fredericks, might          hit the ball so hard.”                    Berbice selected for the tour. The     In Australia, Fredericks quickly dis-     irregular bounce pitch at Port-of-
well have seen out his days as a                     From the mid-1950s and         gifted left-hander stroke player       played one of his leading qualities-      Spain in the second Test, a much
backroom clerk in some estate of-         stretching far into the early 2000,       should have been a prominent on        his grit and determination. How-          better performance.
fice-he worked as a plumber at one        Berbice produced an excellent             the national side since 1958 when      ever, bad luck stepped immediately.                  “The experience I gained
time-but cricket had made him a           crop of world class batsmen in            the touring Pakistan side under        In only the second match of the tour      playing on English county wick-
man who, throughout the Carib-            Rohan Kanhai, Basil Butcher, Joe          skipper Abdul Karder first came to     against a Combined Eleven,                ets the previous season helped me
bean and in many other parts of           Solomon, Roy Fredericks, Alvin            the West Indies. This unfortu-         Fredericks was struck on the head         tremendously,” says Fredericks. “I
the globe, too, was recognized as         Kallicharran, Leonard Baichan, Seu        nately affected his chances of play-   by Test fast bowler Graham                never really watched the ball until
one of the best, if not, the best left-   Shivnarine, Clayton Lambert and           ing many more first-class matches,     McKenzie. He had to retire hurt, but      I joined Glamorgan. Playing my
handed opening batsman the                the new kid on the block, the             and ultimately an entry into Test      typical of a brave warrior came back      entire cricket on flat West Indies
world had ever seen.                      young and sensational Narsingh            cricket, which the late Sir Conrad     later, and was never troubled men-        and Australia wicket offered me a
           This fine left-hander from     Deonarine.                                Hunte was advocating. Amsterdam        tally or physically by the blow           little slack. You don’t have to con-
Blairmont Estate displayed an ad-                    This was not by accident,      had a colorful career in the summer    throughout the remainder of the           centrate so hard at home, once you
venturous approach to opening             since due credit must be given to         game, and if he had only played in     tour.                                     are in and got the pace of the pitch
the batting and his cavalier stroke-      the Venn Commission which in              more first-class matches I would                  Again, in the final Test, he   and the bounce of the ball only
play delighted the crowds. He             1948 advised the British Guiana           have unhesitatingly gave him the       was hit on the head, this time by a       fatigue should get you out. In En-
loved to hook-a la Basil Butcher-         Sugar Producers’ Association              nod to open the Guyana X1 in-          ball from Allan Connelly, but he kept     gland, it is quite different. You can
the fast bowlers and was equally          (BGSPA), in its recommendations           nings with Roy Fredericks. Make        on batting as if nothing had hap-         get the ball bowled at you when
strong on the off-side with force-        to produce adequate grounds,              no bones about it if Amsterdam was     pened. Roy was quick to correct his       you are say 40 and set which is
ful cuts.                                 good facilities and suitable equip-       playing today he would have            fault of lashing outside the off-         totally unplayable. It’s made me a
           A small, courageous            ment to enhance sport and games           walked into the West Indies side,      stump, and as the tour progressed,        lot more selfish if you like. By that
opening batsman is probably re-           on the sugar estates where cricket        one-legged.                            he became one of the most reliable        I mean once I got over the initial
membered for two contrasting Test         had already taken root. The Asso-                   Roy Fredericks is worth      batsmen in the team and seemed            few overs, and survive, particu-
innings played within three years         ciation itself, interested in cricket,    his weight in precious gold on any     dead certain to gain selection for        larly in a Test match. I try to make
of each other. The first came in the      not only improved playing fields,         side, and to prove this, let us look   the first Test, when he scored 136        the most of my time at the crease
second Test against England at            built pavilions and made adequate         at some of his achievements over       against Queensland in the final first-    and not throw it away as I used to
Edgbaston in 1973, where his              cricket available, but first em-          the years, he had been engaged in      class before it. But this was not to      do.”
eight-and-a-half hour 150 was criti-      ployed Guyana and West Indies             the sunshine game. The little left-    be. Injury kept him out once more.                   When Australia visited
cized as one of the most tedious          star batsman Robert Christiani as         handed batsman featured promi-         But Fredericks did not have to wait       the West Indies the following
innings in modern cricket, but            Personnel Manager at Port                 nently in the Davson Cup-Berbice       too long for injury to step in on his     year, Fredericks scored 98 in the
which nonetheless secured the             Mourant, knowing his interest in          first-class cricket with outstanding   behalf. Omitted from the first Test,      second Test at Bridgetown, and
series for the tourists; and the sec-     cricket and later, Clyde Walcott,         success and made his debut for         he only gained inclusion for the          played well for 76, adding 102 for
ond came in 1975 in Australia             one of the three Ws as full time          Berbice in the 1962 Inter-county       second because of a hand injury to        the second wicket with diminutive
when West Indies were going               coach. Christiani found talent;           final against Demerara at Bourda. I    Clive Lloyd. Once more the gifted         Alvin Kallicharran, in the third
through a period of re-building.          Walcott developed and exposed it          recall when I saw him in the trial     left-handed opener made the most          match at Port-of-Spain. After West
Australia was the best team in the        to the full. Thus began the golden        games at Mental Hospital ground,       of the opportunity. On his debut at       Indies lost the match, Fredericks
world and Dennis Lillee and Jeff          era of cricket in Berbice!                I told his uncle, Charles Paul that    the Melbourne cricket ground, he          appeared to rethink his approach
Thompson, they had two of the                        One such estate to ben-        Fredericks had the potential to be-    fought vigorously, while his more         and become determined to trans-
fastest and most fearsome bowlers         efit from these arrangements was          come a Test player. He didn’t prove    illustrious colleagues fell. Out of a     form his occasional outstanding
ever to play Test cricket. It was         Blairmont, on the West Bank of            me wrong! Fredericks had been in       first innings total of 200, he scored     innings into regular high scores.
amazing that a man of his small stat-     Berbice. Although, it would not be        and out of the Guyana side since       76. In the team’s 280 in the second       At that time, the Guyanese was
ure could prove to be intimidating        in bad taste to say that Fredericks’s     1963, when he first appeared           innings he got 47.                        suffering from both his own in-
to bowlers who towered over him.          uncle, Charles Paul was the fore-         against Jamaica at Bourda. He was                 Fredericks had clearly         consistency and the lack of a regu-
Fredericks refused to bow to them.        runner. Paul was the first batsman        scheduled to be out against Bar-       come to stay and he finished the          lar opening partner. After his cen-
His pride in West Indies and his          to play inter-colonial cricket when       bados in the Shell Shield match in     twin-tour with over 1,000 runs. In        tury at Edgbaston in 1973,
belief in his own ability would not       he represented then British Guiana        1967 when injury forced the num-       addition, his safe catching hands         Fredericks score over fifty runs,
allow him to. For Roy Fredericks          against Trinidad at the Queen’s           ber one opener Steve Camacho to        brought him 15 victims in Austra-         six times in his next seven Tests. It
the cricket pitch was his battle field    Park Oval. He was in tremendous           stand down.                            lia, more than anyone else, except        is likely that the wiry left-hander’s
on it he waged war against some           form, and he gave the selectors but                 Yet had it been for a        the wicketkeeper on the team. His         performance were enhanced by
of the best bowlers in the world          one choice after his display in the       strange twist of fate, he may still    performance in Australia and New          the spell he had in English county
and more than often, he was vic-          inter-county trial. Paul was one of       be trying to catch the favor of the    Zealand made him an automatic             cricket, when he played for
torious. He made a blistering 169         four Berbicians (the other three,         selectors. At the ninth hour,          choice for the team to England            Glamorgan between 1971-73. He
off 145 balls, with a six and 27          Kanhai, Butcher and Madray), was          Camacho was declared unfit due         shortly afterwards, and there             scored a phenomenal 1,377 runs
fours, including a hurricane hun-         included on the national side to          to an injury and fellow Berbician,     Fredericks proved an even greater         in his first season and, in his sec-
dred before lunch in just 71 balls        oppose the first Australian side to       Romain Etwaroo who was out-            success than he had done in Aus-          ond, featured in a record opening
as he cut and hooked Lillee and           visit the Caribbean in 1955. Charles      standing in the trial match was the    tralia. He played in all three Tests,     stand of 330 with Alan Jones
Thompson with impudence. The              Paul was unable to take the field         man to fill the spot, but Etwaroo      hitting 64 in his second innings of       against Northamptonshire, finish-
former Australian skipper, Lindsay        for some time. And it is perhaps          had already left for Port Mourant,     the first being considered as one of      ing unbeaten on 228.
Hassett described the innings as          the first time ever when a player         and Fredericks who had remained        the outstanding knocks of the se-                    Reviewing that season,
the finest he had seen in Austra-         was allowed to leave the field to         in Georgetown was selected to          ries.                                     Wisden wrote: “There were some
lia.                                      be with his father. His ailing father     play. Fredericks grasped the oppor-               At Lord’s, he and Steve        who even believed that Fredericks’
           It is this quality above all   had died the previous day and he          tunity with both hands and a broad     Camacho broke a long standing             adventurous approach was an em-
others that endear and yet infuri-        had to make a speedy dash to              bat, scoring 127 and 115 in the        West Indies first-wicket record           barrassment. He was a law unto
ate both spectators and col-              Blairmont. He returned however, to        match against the powerful Barba-      score 63 versus England set by Jeff       himself, but let it be also admitted
leagues, for Fredericks had two           take his place on the field and the       dos bowling attack. He followed in     Stollmeyer and Allan Rae, adding          that Fredericks brought breezier
sides to his cricketing nature. The       sacrifice was greatly appreciated         the footsteps of the illustrious       106 in the first innings. Outside the     and fresher gut of gaiety to the
brilliant cavalier who either makes       by the crowd.                             Rohan Kanhai and Joe Solomon by        tests, Fredericks helped himself to       cricket grounds of South Wales.
a quick fifty or is caught on the                    Yet another left-handed        scoring a century in each innings      runs all over the English country-        His two innings at Swansea
boundary in the first over of the         genius came on the scene in the           of a match. That was the turning       side. For his contribution to the         against Northamptonshire will re-
match-he was part of the 1975             late Leslie Amsterdam, aptly re-          point of Fredericks’ cricket career    side, both on and off the field,          main in the memory of cricket cam-
World Cup winning team memora-            ferred to as the little man with the      as few had already put this fasci-     Fredericks received the R.K. Nunes        eos for all times, if only for the joy-
bly dismissal in the final when he        broad bat. Amsterdam was only 20-         nating batsman on the side-lines.      trophy from the West Indies Cricket       ous abandon of his batting.”
hooked Lillee only to dislodge a          years-old when he became the first        That performance brought               Board (WICB)-the second                              England suffered at the
bail, as he slipped. I wonder how         batsman in the Ancient County to          Fredericks right into reckoning and    Berbician to receive this honor-          hands of the Guyanese once more
many people also remember that            top 1,000 runs in the Davson Cup          before the 1967 Shell Shield series    Rohan Kanhai was the first. His           when they visited the Caribbean
the ball was actually hooked out          season-a record, which is yet to          was over, he had registered yet        greatest moment of glory came af-         in 1974, as he put on a record 206
of the ground and deposited into          be surpassed, and he had the              another century to his name-128        ter sixteen Test appearances, when        with Lawrence Rowe in the sec-
St. John’s Wood road, which runs          unique distinction of scoring a           N.0. against Jamaica.                  New Zealand visited the Caribbean         ond Test at Kingston, Fredericks
parallel to Lord’s, for a six that        century at Rose Hall “Oval” on five                 The following year The       in 1972. Fredericks returned to his       fell six short of his century then,
never was.                                consecutive seasons.                      MCC visited the West Indies and        earlier form, posting his maiden cen-     only to be dismissed in the
           Former team-mate Colin                    I can still see in my mind’s   Fredericks was chosen by the West      tury in the first match at Kingston.      naughty nervous nineties again in
Croft once said of Fredericks: “You       eyes, one of those belligerent in-        Indies Cricket Board (WICB), to        His 163 was an entertaining innings       the third game at Bourda. When
got the impression that he felt ev-       nings when he “murdered” the              play against the tourists. Batting     of original stoke-play, second only       West Indies visited India in 1974-
ery shot he played he could put           Rose Hall Welfare Centre bowlers          at number three, he made 22 and 64     to the masterly double century by         75, Fredericks was determined to
you away to the boundary. Even            for a swashbuckling 182. In 1956,         NO. It was not surprising that Roy     the prodigious debutant, Lawrence         make up for his early disappoint-
when you thought you had him              he made his debut for Guyana in           Fredericks was among those named       Rowe, as the pair entertain the           ments on the sub-continent. He hit
out he would play shots in the air        Antigua against the Small Islands,        in the West Indies side to tour Aus-   Sabina Park crowd with a stand of
and get away with it because he           being one of six players from             tralia and New Zealand in 1968-69.     269. He rates his 69 and 31 on an
                                                                                                                                                                               continued on page 22
INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION                                                                   May 2007                                                                                      Page 20

           Seu Etwaroo was the unlikeliest of marathon runners                            by Shan Razack
        Frail, Sew Etwaroo was the      Wales. Often referred to as the bare-     Wally and I would polish the floor       most of all will power. There were       be exemplified years later.” For that
unlikeliest of marathon runners.        footed contestant, Etwaroo started        with mansion polish. We would            no pre-favorites and every one had       amazing athlete he won the most
Coming from Port Mourant, home          off badly at first, and never             each take one half and try to see        an equal chance to become a win-         grueling of all events-the marathon
of a great number of our outstand-      seemed to recover fully. He suf-          who would outdo the other. No            ner. I still recall some of the ath-     26 miles, 385 yards. In the second
ing sportsmen, he spent all his life    fered from sore feet and jarred           matter how hard I tried, Wally’s         letes who were at the starting point     which was staged in December in
living and working on a sugar es-       shins, the result of the hard sur-        section always comes out on top.         on that bright sunny Sunday morn-        the same year, Etwaroo scored a
tate there.                             faces on which he was training. He                    Etwaroo had his daily        ing. There were Clem Fields and his      major upset when he defeated pre-
           When Mc Donald Bailey        had to ease off because of some           chores to perform. He had to run         brother Cliff, Sonny Ramnarine,          favorite and the first-ever mara-
went to British Guiana, as it was       trouble with his right leg. He was a      seven miles just before going to         Boyo          Changur,        Madre      thon winner Clem Fields, with
then called in 1954 as sports orga-     patient of the village hospital. He       school to tend to the cattles at the     Madramootoo, Jai “Copper”                Sonny Ramnarine, another out-
nizer with the then Sugar Produc-       developed leg muscle spasms and           back dams and return in the after-       Persaud, Vernon Batson and               standing runner from Port Mourant
ers’ Association (SPA), he discov-      the specialist advised complete           noon to pen them up. It was a daily      Stanley Tandacharry among oth-           in third position.
ered Etwaroo working happily on         best rest for three days. ‘Chippy’        ritual and obviously this was partly     ers. Interestingly, Tandacharry                     Etwaroo’s training would
the sugar estate with no thought        Dass, B.G’s other marathon runner         responsible for him developing into      from Skeldon Estate was only 16-         take the form of running 20, 40 and
of ever traveling abroad. Bailey im-    had soreness in the region of the         an athlete of some sort. It was fun      years-old when he finished his first     sometimes 100 laps around the
mediately recognized great poten-       Achilles tendon. Other footsore-          for him alright; not realizing that at   marathon. He was the youngest            Port Mourant Cricket ground.
tial in the young man, who, in his      ness runners were Ralph Gomes,            the same time he was building            runner in the Caribbean to cover         What is interesting is that while
own words “spent most of his time       the three miler, and George De            stamina and endurance which              the 26-mile distance and the follow-     Etwaroo was doing the laps around
cutting cane, and chasing mules.”       Peana (three and six mile) but their      would put him in good stead in           ing year he repeated that feat. He       the ground, players like Kanhai,
           He went on: “Now, the        training had not been interrupted.        years later. He carried forward this     subsequently left for England to         Butcher, Solomon, and Madray
amazing thing about this boy is his                Etwaroo’s problem in no        trend into his working life, where       improve his skills, but died a few       who were to enter the Test arena in
tremendous stamina, which he has        way deterred this do-or-die athlete,      he was employed as a cane-har-           years later. There was no Seu            later years were having their usual
built up simply by running across       who felt that it, would have been a       vester in the fields. In addition to     Etwaroo. Seu had gone there as a         practice sessions in the middle.
the vast estate day by day and it is    betrayal to this nation if he did not     cutting the sugar canes, Etwaroo         mere spectator, but some of his          Etwaroo cited Raymond Boodram,
this stamina which has probably         partake. He was given the ok by           would chase after the mules. This        colleagues spotted him and with-         son of cinema magnate Dennis
brought him as far as this.” But,       the team’s Doctor, Nazreen                spat of enthusiasm was spotted by        out his knowledge entered him into       Boodram for providing financial as-
Etwaroo had set Bailey an early         Rahaman, but fell out after 81/2          the overseers, former European ex-       the race. At first, Seu was reluctant    sistance-as he also provided help
problem; he was unaccustomed to         miles with leg trouble. His team-         patriates who decided to utilize his     to run; fearful of the fact that he      to Kanhai, Butcher, Solomon and
running with shoes, preferring in-      mate, ‘Chippy’ Dass, received a           talent. Etwaroo was withdrawn            had not done that type of running        Madray at the beginning-and en-
stead to get about with his bare        hero’s welcome at the stadium at          from the regular cane-cutting gang,      before, and he didn’t want to suf-       sure that he (Etwaroo) gets a regu-
feet as was the habit of the major-     the end of the grueling marathon.         and was given a new assignment.          fer the ignominy of a defeat. He         lar supply of marmite and ovaltine
ity of our distance runners in dear     The little distance runner finished                   In the 50s and 60s and       friends insisted, and as they say        to supplement his diet.
land of Guyana.                         the race in 3 hrs. 8 mins. 5.8 secs to    even later when there was hardly         the rest is ancient history. Etwaroo                Allow me at this stage to
           Bailey commented: “In        place 21st. The marathon was won          any form of communication at the         emerged the winner in convincing         digress at this stage to highlight
British Guiana, on the sugar es-        by Dave Powder, a 30-year-old             back dams. Just a reminder! Who          style and, that gave birth to a run-     the performances of our other ath-
tates, the ground surface is not as     Australian bank official in 2 hrs.        ever thought of cell phones or           ner who was to make an indelible         letes who participated in the 1958
hard as the roads elsewhere. Now        45.6 secs. (game- record) from J.H.       walkie talkie playing a key role in      mark in long-distance running in         British Empire and Commonwealth
I have got Etwaroo doing his daily      Barnard (SA) and in third       years later? It was customary for        the country. Thus BG’s Gordon            Games. Ralph Gomes was elimi-
training in running shoes. It is an     spot, P.A. Wilkinson (England)            one overseer to communicate with         Pirie burst upon the notice of sport     nated in the final heat of the one-
experience at the moment and he is Powder completed the           his counterpart who is stationed         fans and there was not an athletic       mile and Hazelwood in the final heat
slowly trying to accustom himself       double. Five days earlier he won          miles away. Etwaroo would more           event in which he took part for the      of the 120 hurdles. Lawrence Taitt
to them.                                the six-mile race.                        often than not get the message to        year that he was not in the lime-        was the best of the Guyanese on
           The question is: “Was                   For you sports statisti-       the respective overseer, and this        light and prominent among the            the day’s showing. He qualified in
Etwaroo ever comfortable in a pair      cians out there, this should inter-       would entail running sometimes 5,        leaders. There after, Etwaroo went       the hurdles in the first heat and lost
of running shoes, or for that mat-      est you. In the 50s, another              8, 10 miles as the case might be.        from strength to strength.               by a narrow margin in the second.
ter any of our long distance run-       Berbician Clem Fields did the mara-                  “At the time I had not the               Etwaroo also stamped his                 George DePeana put in
ners? We shall see! While Etwaroo       thon in 3 hrs 1 sec. and twelve           slightest idea this would build my       authority on the other half-mara-        another good performance in the
ruled the roost in his hometown         months later, Etwaroo reduced it to       stamina. I was only doing what was       thon, from Roopmahal Cinema to           three-miler. He did it in 20-seconds
and the Ancient County, it was not      2.51.21. Harry Prowell 2.39.11.           considered to be my job.”                Canje Swing Bridge. It was Canje         faster than his best W.I. perfor-
until after the much-looked-for-        (1968), Victor Hooper 2.34.06                        In 1954, Berbice held its     Swing Bridge then, until years later,    mance. But meeting with some of
ward-to August Olympiad in 1956         (1987), Pooran Kataballi 2.30.34          first ever half-marathon race which      it was replaced by a permanent con-      the world’s best, George finished
that the fans in Georgetown had         (1991), and up to when I was in           was organized by Mohamed                 crete structure which was built          in the rearguard. Sprinter Edwin
their first look at him, and he did     Guyana, Lennox Jacobs 2.24.0              I.Baksh, welfare officer at the Port     across the Canje Creek. The no-          Solomon, qualified in the first heat
not disappoint them. Etwaroo took       (1994).                                   Mourant Community Centre. The            table thing about that race was that     but lost in the second. It was a
the town by storm as another                       Seu Etwaroo’s athletic         race began at No.66 Village and          there were valuable prizes as you        good try.
Berbician, Clem Fields who had the      career unlike many others surpris-        ended with a lap of honor around         go along the route. If you are a                    The lone sprinter,
trade-mark patch of white hair on       ingly did not begin during his            the Port Mourant Community Cen-          good runner chances are that you         Claudette Masdammer, was beaten
his head did in the first-ever cross-   school days. Etwaroo attended             ter ground. The race attracted an        can cop all the prizes as Etwaroo        in the first heat of the 220, and col-
country race two years earlier. He      Letter Kenny Primary School,              entry of over fifty runners which        had done on numerous occasions.          lapsed near the finishing line. The
won the annual 15-mile road race        where he participated in most dis-        was something extra-ordinary and         The first prize was at Albion            team’s captain, Roy McArthur won
annual Sea Wall circuit with Walter     cipline, except athletic, the very        unprecedented-fine tribute to the        Bridge, then to Hicken. Interest-        a silver medal in the Middleweight
‘Chippy’ Dass and Clem Fields fol-      sport at which he was to excel. He        hard work and organizing ability of      ingly enough, everyone put in the        with 795 pounds. Seven ounces of
lowing him home.                        not only made a name for himself,         Welfare Officer Baksh and his com-       extra effort to get that special prize   body weight robbed Mike Swain
           Success begot success.       but also helped to give his coun-         mittee. This was something new to        of a sheep. The sheep was donated        of the B.E. Games medal-Swain
In December of that year, 18-year-      try the distinction of being recog-       the sporting public. They were ac-       by Mr. H. Fraser, a member of the        hoisted 605 pounds, the same as
old Etwaroo fractured the mara-         nized during the late 50s and early       customed to seeing the sprint            1963 Legislative Council who             Mariel Gosselyn of Canada but in
thon record in the new time of two      60s as the best middle and long           events and a seven-mile cross-           owned a big sheep farm along the         the weigh-in the Guyanese was
hours, 51 minutes, 21 seconds,          distance runner in the Caribbean.         country race. There was nothing          No.19 Highway, Corentyne.                just over half-a-pound heavier.
beating the mark of 3 hrs,1 secs set    Etwaroo’s first love was obviously        of this sort. Speculation was rife                  Etwaroo recounted how                    Malcolm Smith made 6th
by Clem Fields earlier in the year.     cricket. His friends said that he was     as to who would emerge winners           he was challenged by Cliff Fields        place with a total of 605 pounds in
Etwaroo who beat Fields in the          an aspiring pace bowler who could         of an event which all recognized         as they were near the line. Etwaroo      the Featherweight Class. Carlton
Remembrance Day Road Race per-          bat a little. Berbice, like the rest of   as the stiffest ever test in Berbice     held a few yards lead over Fields        Goring finished fifth in the Light-
formed the feat barefooted over         the country’s love for cricket is         athletes were to undergo, and con-       who was fast approaching him.            weight finals won by Singapore
rough going. Sonny Ramnarine of         cultivated early, with youngsters         sensus of opinion was that a num-        Fields eventually caught up with         lifter Hon Liand Tan, only 25
Whim was second and ‘Chippy’            playing “friendly” games on dirt          ber who would be small enough to         Etwaroo and from then on it was a        pounds separated their lifts-so
Dass third. Of 18 starters, only        roads, playgrounds and beaches-           be counted on the fingers on one         neck-to-neck struggle, until             close was the competition. Albert
seven finished. The year 1956 was       balls are of course wind balls as         hand and very likely would be            Etwaroo in a final burst of speed        Barker was eleventh with 752
unprecedented, in that it was the       opposed to the professional cork;         someone with military training with      barely pipped out Fields in what         pounds in the Light heavyweight.
first time that two such events were    bats may be crude pieces of wood,         the advantage of constant P.T., or       was a near photo-finish to claim the                B.G’s entrant in the Light-
staged in one year. Later, it was,      but the enthusiasm for the game           maybe some lightweight competi-          coveted prize. The runners went to       weight division, Vibert Fernandes,
decided that the marathon will          and the adrenaline it provides are        tor of Indian descent from one of        the next point at Bholam, then to        figured in two minor sensations. He
close the athletic season in Decem-     all the same. So how did Etwaroo          the sugar estates, accustomed to         Zee burgh and finally Etwaroo led        arrived only 10 minutes before the
ber of each year.                       take to athletic? While growing up        running long distances by virtue         the pack across the Canje Swing          official weighing-in. Officials
           In July 1958, he was se-     we were all allotted daily chores to      of occupation, either cane cutter        Bridge.                                  searched for his entry sheet, but
lected to represent British Guiana      do before and after school. I had         or to tending the mules .Compet-                    “This revealed the irre-      was unable to find it. Meanwhile,
in the Sixth British Empire and Com-    to water the garden and tend to the       ing in a 15-miler would certainly call   pressible spirit of the man- and the
monwealth games at Cardiff,             fowls. Once a month my brother            for a lot of endurance, stamina and      character of the man which was to                continued on page 21
INDO-CARIBBEAN FEDERATION                          May 2007                               Page 21
        from page 20
Fernandes jumped on the scales and
was six pounds over the lightweight
limit. A dejected and miserable
Fernandes stood aside while officials
discussed the dilemma. Good luck
for him, it was suggested that
Fernandes entered the Light Wel-
terweight class. Highly delighted,
Fernandes who had been living in
London for nine months, and had
been in the camp for two weeks,
easily made the higher weight. “My
only regret is that I now cannot meet
with Dick Mc Taggart (of Scotland),
the only Olympic Champion,” he
         Our late President, Dr.
Cheddi Jagan, was one of the no-
tables from the Caribbean group
who exchanged friendly greetings
with the team’s officials,
P.A.Cummings and B.L.Crombie- it
went all down the wire and good
things wrapped up in small packages
fame- along with team members
Claudette Masdammer and Roy
McArthur at the Garden Party at
Buckingham Palace. The former
British Olympic sprinter, Trinidad-
born McDonald Bailey talked about
the BG souvenir; a four-penny bit
mounted on a pin was very popular
and sought after. As a result, offi-
cials had to cable to Georgetown for
an additional supply.
         Etwaroo’s success story
outlined by Bailey is one of the
strangest to spring from the hundreds
of Commonwealth athletic competi-
tors in the 30-nation township.

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a hundred in the third Test at        by Fredericks for 82.                    first-class cricket as a player-man-      used to be.’ The criticism seems a
Calcutta, to help West Indies to a               Fredericks remains one of     ager for the victorious Guyana            bit harsh, especially for the squad
first innings lead while his 104 in   the few cricketers to be bowled off      Shell Shield team in 1983. He             that the then captain Jimmy Adams
the fifth and deciding match at       the first ball of a Test match against   showed that he had lost none of           leads. But Freddo is not an easy
Bombay was crucial in steering his    India. He suffered this fate in the      his flair by scoring 103 against          man to please. ‘What I would like
side to victory.                      second Test at Port-of-Spain when        Trinidad and Tobago and 217               to see more of from the youngsters,’
           But perhaps, one of the    he was out to Abid Ali in the 1971       against Jamaica in his only innings.      he says, ‘is the time they spend at
most important developments of        home series. The decision was first      Fredericks was called into the West       the wicket. They are not staying
the series was the blooding of        given out as leg before but was later    Indies side at a time of transition       long at the wicket! ‘I got the im-
Gordon Greenidge, whose part-         corrected as bowled. The ball            and, in his 59 Tests, shepherded          pression that they are not learning
nership with Fredericks became        brushed against his pad before go-       the team from the jubilant era un-        fast enough.’ ‘Practice is not all,’
the most solid West Indies had        ing on to hit his stumps. In the 1976    der the leadership of Frank Worrell       he continues, his voice straining.
known since that of Allan Rae and     series, Fredericks just missed the       and Garry Sobers to the splendidly        ‘You have to think about the
Jeff Stollmeyer. However, the part-   dubious honor of being bowled by         successful years under Clive              cricket! You have to think about the
nership was not without its prob-     the first ball of a Test match against   Lloyd.                                    way you get out. The fellows get         Ramnaresh Sarwan
lems, most notably when               India. The match, interestingly                    Like Conrade Hunte be-          out the same way all the time!’
Greenidge lost his form and then      enough, was the second Test at           fore him, Fredericks’ performances                   One could go on and on
his confidence on the tour of Aus-    Port-of-Spain. This time he was          were all the more worthy when one         recalling the many outstanding as-
tralia in 1975-76. During that se-    bowled by Madan Lall off the sec-        remembers that, for many years, he        pects of this modest cricketer’s ca-
ries, Fredericks found himself        ond ball of the game.                    was without a regular partner.            reer, but suffice to say all good
opening with Bernard Julian,                     Fredericks was Guyana’s                 A lot could be learned          things must come to an end, and it
Kallicharran, Richards and finally    most outstanding batsman in Shell        from the life and career of a man         is indeed a nice thing to see him
Rowe, as West Indies only once        Shield cricket with an aggregate of      who as uncompromising in his              leave the Test scene while he was
scored over fifty for the first-      3,565 runs, 10 centuries, and the        commitment to West Indies cricket.        undoubtedly at his peak, this is
wicket. When the Indians visited      only batsman to score two doubles        It pained him to see West Indies          something which few could claim
the Caribbean in 1976, Fredericks     at an average of 63.66. He was the       struggle and of the final interviews      to have done.
had yet another partner for the       only West Indian to score a cen-         he gave with Garth Whatley of the                    In a colorful career span-
fourth Test at Kingston, opening      tury in each innings of a first-class    Trinidad Express in May 2000              ning 20 years (1963-83), Roy
with Rowe again, as the two of        match on three or more occasions.        should serve as food for thought          Fredericks had scored 16, 384 first-       Darren Ganga
them shared in a stand of 105,        In 1967, he scored 127 and 115 for       for all West Indies players and           class runs at an average of 45.89,
which set up victory in the match     Guyana against Barbados at Bourda        fans. He focused not on himself           including 40 centuries. He had also     The Indo Caribbean Fed-
and the series. In1977, he got an     in a Shell Shield match. In 1973, he     but how to get West Indies back           taken 75 wickets (37.94). In his 59     eration would like to
unbeaten half-century in front of     struck 158 and 118 playing for           to its former level of greatness. In      Test matches he made 4,334 with         congratulate Ramnaresh
his home crowd in the third match     Guyana against Australia at Bourda       part of the story Whatley wrote:          eight centuries for an average of       Sarwan and Darren
at Bourda, and when Pakistan lev-     and in 1974 he blasted 112 and 105       “What has changed little is               42.49. After his retirement he fol-     Ganga on their recent
eled the series by winning the        not out playing for Guyana against       Fredericks’ passion for the game          lowed a career in politics, serving     appointment as Captain
fourth at Port-of-Spain, every-       M.C.C.                                   that can keep him talking for hours.      as Minister of Sports in Guyana, as     and Vice Captain of the
thing depended on the fifth game                 Freddo was also the first     He is certain about the problem           well as being a West Indian selec-
                                                                                                                                                                 West Indies Cricket
at Kingston. Fredericks had an-       West Indies batsman to score a cen-      with present-day West Indian              tor. Struck with throat cancer in
nounced his imminent retirement,      tury in a one-day International and      cricketers. ‘It’s just a matter of com-   1998, he sought treatment in the
                                                                                                                                                                 team. We do hope you
and, suitable, he and Greenidge       the second batsman after Dennis          mitment and pride,’ he says. ‘I think     United States, and despite fighting     two gentlemen can
shared in a match-winning stand       Amiss to perform the feat on the         that is one of our problems. That         the disease with the same courage       make us proud West In-
of 182, before they were dismissed    1973 tour of the West Indies to En-      players today don’t give me the           that characterized his cricket,         dians again.
in successive overs. Greenidge        gland. After his retirement,             impression that they are commit-          passed away in September, 2000, at      Good Luck and best
went first for 83, to be followed     Fredericks made a brief return to        ted to the game or the public as we       aged 57.                                wishes.

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                  FROM         MERE MORTALS, TO A PRINCE, TO A                                   “KING”,       THEY EXIT THE WORLD STAGE                             by Ray Sundar

     As though climbing a long winding          world, has decided to “rest” Tendulkar and                                                       the following records: highest test aggre-
road up the mountain, the 2007 Cricket          Ganguly for the upcoming ODI in                                                                  gate of 11953, highest test score of 401 not
World Cup mercifully reached its climax         Bangladesh. Rest or dropped? Talk about                                                          out, highest 1st class score of 500. His 34 test
as Australia, “the champs”, defeated a          exquisite use of semantics!                                                                      centuries is just behind Sachin’s 35. His test
gallant Sri Lanka. The victory again rein-           Dave Whatmore, 54 years old Sri                                                             average of 52.88 trails current players
forced Australia’s dominance and superi-        Lankan, coach of Bangladesh, decided not                                                         Ponting, Dravid and Tendulkar.
ority over the rest of the cricketing world.    to seek renewal of his contract, perhaps hav-                                                          On the flip side of the coin his captaincy
This brash, swash-buckling bunch is alone       ing his sights locked in on greener pastures                                                     was sub par, really among the worst. Allega-
atop the pantheon of stars, sneering deri-      – India to be precise. He engineered the                                                         tions of aloofness and selfishness abound.
sively at those below.                          shocking upsets of India, knocking them out                                                      Quite often one is left to wonder whether
     Among the myriad of causalities of         of the competition, and administering a swift                                                    Jekyl or Hyde will show up.
this World Cup are several “mere mortals,       kick to the behind of South Africa, bruis-                                                             Do you suppose a lesson could be
a prince, a “king”, and a demi-god.             ing their ego – ever mindful of the chokers                                                      learnt by USACA’s power that may be?
     Bob Woolmer, Pakistani coach, sadly        tag being thrust upon them. Now he will seek                                                           A resounding yes!
was the first to go, allegedly murdered in      to embellish his resume by engineering an-                                                             As the 2007 cricket season is about to
Kingston, Jamaica, after minnow Ireland         other decapitating blow to the Indians in                                                        unfold, one is left to wonder when will
unceremoniously dumped Pakistan in the          the upcoming test and ODI series in                                                              USACA get its house in order and be re-
first round. Thus effectively denying them      Bangladesh.                                                                                      admitted, again, into the international cricket
any chance of advancing. As of today the             Duncan Fletcher, England’s coach, has                                                       family. These folks are functioning as though
crime remains unsolved.                         decided enough is enough. Word out of                                                            they are leading a banana republic. What?
     A shell shocked Inzamam-ul-Haq re-         England suggests he has an open ended                                                            Is Zimbabwe’s Mugabe their sole role
linquished the captaincy and quit ODI’s         contract. Yet, within 24 hours of conveying                                                      model?
upon his return to Pakistan. At least his       his resignation, the ECB named Peter                                                                   For the good of US cricket these chaps
lacklustre and miserable run in the World       Moores as his successor. Speaking from                                                           should submerge their infinite ego, ratify a
Cup continued unabated. Burning his ef-         both sides of the mouth or just careful proper                                                   new, fair, meaningful constitution, have a
figy did not help.                              prior planning? I’ll let you decide.                                                             new, transparent election and be on their
     Australia’s Greg Chappel, India’s coach,        Trying to capitalize on the successful                                                      merry way. US cricket wins with this sce-
was next to go. When India’s demi-god, 34       Australian model (nothing wrong with that),                                                      nario. It’s a win, win situation, unless they
year old Sachin Tendulkar, in the twilight of   the West Indies decided to emulate the sys-                                                      thoroughly enjoy the ICC kicking them out.
an illustrious career countered Chappel’s       tem by importing Bennett King, an Aussie,                                                              US cricket is at an all important cross-
unflattering utterances, with an impassioned    and his band of troubadours to the tune of                                                       roads, at a low point for the past few years.
and scathing response, Chappel apparently       $1,000,000 annually (allegedly) to restore                                                       Do your part, as difficult as it may seem, to
decided it’s best to jump rather than being     West Indies’ fortune to its former glory days.                                                   reinvigorate it.
pushed. Maybe muttering to himself this         The task proved daunting and insurmount-                                                               It’s not as though the current adminis-
bloke is no Ganguly. The ferocious roar of      able as the West Indies continue to wallow                                                       tration has “ruled” with distinction. They
the scalphunters, the Bangladeshi’s, nuked      in the cellar. There was a systematic break-                                                     are the butt of jokes, national and interna-
his coaching pedigree (what has he won as       down across the board. Without the benefit                                                       tional. Funnier, it would seem, than the
a coach) when India succumbed meekly, af-       of much success, King decided to quit just                                                       trifecta of Bob Hope, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris
ter being outplayed in every facet of the       months before the expiration of his contract.                                                    Rock.
game. Chappel inherited a team from New              I know, I know King did not bat for         preemptive leap, jumping before being                 Please, please stop being albatrosses
Zealand’s John Wright which was on the          Samuels and Smith, nor bowl for anyone,          dumped – a la Greg Chappel. The hand writ-      on the shoulders of Poonoo, Dodson,
cusp of challenging Australia for numero uno    nor did he have anything to do with Gayle’s      ing was on the wall that he would be stripped   Kirton, Ajodi, Hussain etc., stunting their
status. His apparent divide and rule meth-      most inopportune meltdown (maybe lack of         of the captaincy and may not be selected to     growth and development in the process.
odology has managed to land India in the #      motivation and inspiration). But following       tour England – even though Ken “flash”          Stop suffocating US cricket! Massiah will
4 and # 6 spots in tests and ODI respec-        an American sporting axiom, “you can’t fire      Gordon is/was in his corner.                    probably retire before playing another mean-
tively. And how about the development of        all the players”.                                     No denying Lara was one of the best        ingful match for the US, primarily due to the
the young Turks? Heard from Irfan Pathan             Then the grand daddy of all exits. Ap-      and most exciting batsmen of his genera-        short sightedness, incompetence, and in-
lately?                                         parently Trinidad’s prince Lara, 38, took a      tion. Truly an icon! He is the proud owner of   transigence of these “rocket scientists”.
     BCCI, the richest cricket board in the

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     Congratulations to the Indo Caribbean Federation on their 22nd Annual Indian Arrival Day Celebration


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