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					DOCUMENT #:    GSC13-CL-03r1
FOR:           Presentation
AGENDA ITEM:   Closing Plenary; 3.2
CONTACT(S):    Jackie Voss (

               GRSC-6 Summary Report

                        Asok Chatterjee, GRSC-6 Chair

                               Jackie Voss, ATIS Staff

                                                         Submission Date:
                                                             July 17, 2008
Meeting Overview
• 35 attendees
• 30 input documents
• Five (5) High Interest Subject panel sessions

Meeting Overview (2)
• High Interest Subjects (Panel Sessions)
   –   Location Services (ATIS)
   –   Wireless access including RLANs & ad-hoc Networking (ISACC)
   –   Mobile Multimedia Broadcast & Multicast (TIA)
   –   Reconfigurable Radio Systems (RRS) (TIA)
   –   Ground-based Air Traffic Management Equipment (ETSI)
• Information Sharing Subjects
   – RF Exposure (ETSI)
   – Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) & RF Identification Devices
     (RFID) (ETSI)
   – Global Ultra Wide Band (ETSI)
   – Radio Microphones (ETSI)
   – Measurement Uncertainties (ETSI)
   – Communications onboard Aircraft (ETSI)

GRSC-5 Overview
• Presentations
   – Presentation of GRSC-5 Summary Report (GSC13-GRSC6-13)
• Summary
   – Kohei Satoh, ARIB, was thanked for his presentation of this report
   – It was noted that there were 11 output Resolutions from GSC-12
   – Two (2) new High Interest Subjects were recommended for GSC-13

Location Services (ATIS)
• Presentations
   – Contributions GSC13-GRSC6-20r1, -24
• Summary
   – TIA has undertaken work related to High Rate Data Packet (HRDP)
   – It appears that five (5) satellite systems could be utilized
   – OMA Location Working Group is doing core work specifying location
     enablers that can be used by 3GPP2
   – Continue to work with the regulatory bodies that mandate accuracy
   – Work to achieve robust specifications/standards for implementations
     that will handle the anticipated increase in demand for Location
• Resolution
   – No resolution exists for this HIS; GRSC recommends eliminating this
     as an HIS

Wireless access including RLANs &
ad-hoc Networking (ISACC)
• Presentations
   – Contributions GSC13-GRSC6-08, -15 (-14, -18 for information)
• Summary
   – There are many challenges in this area
      • Interference
      • Need to maintain and synchronize standards ensuring national and
        regional standards do not conflict
      • Need to standardize ad-hoc networks
      • Title of HIS should be narrowed to provide clarification
• Resolution
   – A drafting group was charged with reviewing the Resolution regarding
     Broadband Services in Rural and Remote Areas starting with the
     baseline text contained in GSC13-GRSC6-10. Following review, the
     revisions were approved for submission to the closing plenary.

Mobile Multimedia Broadcast &
Multicast (TIA)
• Presentations
   – Contributions GSC13-GRSC6-16r1, -19, -25 (-17 for information)
• Summary
   – Collaboration with this HIS is moving away from the physical layer
     and is moving up to the level of interaction of applications and content
   – This HIS is very important to GSC
• Resolution
   – Resolution GSC12/13, Mobile Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast,
     was reviewed, reaffirmed without changes and will be submitted to
     the closing plenary.

Reconfigurable Radio Systems (RRS)
• Presentations
   – Contributions GSC13-GRSC6-22, -26
• Summary
   – Several PSOs appear to be interested in this topic
   – Two (2) significant reports are being worked by the ITU
   – Digital RF for global frequency flexibility will be a challenge to
• Resolution
   – A drafting group was charged with reviewing the Resolution regarding
     Software Defined Radios (SDR) starting with the baseline text
     contained in GSC13-GRSC6-09. Following review, the revisions
     were approved for submission to the closing plenary.

Ground-based Air Traffic
Management Equipment (ETSI)
• Presentations
   – Contributions GSC13-GRSC6-21r1, -23r1
• Summary
   – ETSI reported the key challenge is that the work in the aeronautical
     sector requires significant co-operation efforts inside and outside of
   – In the USA, this area is being addressed by ARINC and the FCC and
     does not require additional involvement
   – Consideration could be given to passenger-to-ground
• Resolution
   – No resolution exists for this HIS; GRSC recommends eliminating this
     as an HIS

GRSC Discussion and Output on
IMT issues
• At the 13th Global Standard Collaboration meeting in Boston, July 14-17,
  2008, the Participating Standards Organizations (PSO) discussed the
  development of IMT within ITU-R Study Group 5 in Circular Letter
  5/LCCE/3 for contributions to the next Study Group 5 Working Party
  Structure. The PSOs understand that SG5 includes the work of all
  aspects of IMT (IMT-2000 maintenance, IMT-Advanced evolution and
  documentation, spectrum sharing studies, etc.). The group also
  understands the significant role the ITU has played in the success of the
  3rd generation mobile radio networks being defined under ITU-R
  Resolution 57 (RA-07). Realizing that Study Group 5 has eliminated all
  overlapping work between IMT and other dissimilar radio systems, the
  PSOs agreed:
   – That a dedicated working structure for IMT (currently WP5D) is
      desirable to continue its work with speed and expertise
   – To encourage to recommend to their members to respond to
      5/LCCE/3, the circular letter of ITU

Task Force Reports (1)
• Presentations
  – Contributions GSC13-GRSC6-02, GSC13-PLEN-64r1
• Summary of IMT Task Force
  – The PSOs have met during the 2nd meeting of ITU-R WP 5D in Dubai
    and exchanged emails
  – The Task Force proposes that GSC endorses the continuation of the
    IMT Task Force to exchange information and views on candidate
    radio interface technologies for IMT-Advanced
  – The Task Force also proposes that GSC requests its PSOs to review
    their national/regional activities and to report on their progress at the
    next GSC meeting

Task Force Reports (2)
•   Summary of Radio Microphone Task Force
    – The PSOs have met via phone and exchanged emails
    – Many changes in standardization have been made by ETSI
    – All Task Force members contacted have expressed concern with the
      changes from analogue to digital television and the effects on the
      current sharing of this spectrum by radio microphones
    – There is interest in learning more about ATIS’ work related to
      Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)
•   GRSC-6 recommends maintaining both Task Forces

World Radiocommunication
Conference (WRC) Update
• Presentations
   – Contributions GSC13-GRSC6-11, -12
• Summary
   – Some objectives of RA-07 include: reviewing methods and procedures
     related to ITU-R Study Groups, establishing SG work programme and
     structure, approval of ITU-R Recommendations on IMT-2000
   – Five (5) new or revised ITU-R Resolutions were highlighted as of particular
     interest to GSC
   – Key statistics relating WRC-07 were reviewed as well as results and
   – Expected timetable in preparation for WRC-11 is as follows:
       •   November 2007: Agenda for WRC-11 adopted in Resolution 805 (WRC-07)
       •   November 2007: Preparatory studies started by CPM11-1
       •   Third quarter of 2008: Council approves WRC-11 Agenda
       •   Third quarter of 2010: End of preparatory studies
       •   First quarter of 2011: CPM11-2
       •   Fourth quarter of 2011: WRC-11

• Output Resolutions
   – GSC-12/09, /14, /15, /16 were reaffirmed without discussion since
     they were related to Information Sharing Subjects (ISS)
   – GSC12/13 (MMBM) was discussed and reaffirmed without changes
   – As a result of revising the proposed Resolution in GSC13-PLEN-05,
     GSC12/08 (PPDR) has been withdrawn
   – Resolution GSC12/10 was reviewed, revised and approved by
     GRSC-6 as the Resolution to be submitted to the closing plenary for
     GSC approval. In its consideration to establish general coordination
     mechanisms within the ITS Task Force, the GRSC agreed that
     implementation of such recommendations would be needed prior to
     the next GSC in view of the high level of ITS standardization activities
   – Resolution GSC12/12 was reviewed, revised and approved as the
     Resolution to be submitted to the closing plenary
   – GSC12/11 (SDR) and /17 (Broadband Services in Rural and Remote
     Areas) were reviewed and revised

Resolution Summary
• GSC12/08, Public Protection and Disaster Relief (Withdrawn)
• GSC13/13, Global UWB Standardization including UWB Radar and
  Sensor/Imaging Applications (Reaffirmed)
• GSC13/14, GSC ITS Task Force (Revised)
• GSC13/15, Software Defined Radio (SDR) (Revised)
• GSC13/16, Support for WSC Workshop on ICT in Motor Vehicles –
  Geneva 2007 (Revised) [Note: Subsequently withdrawn by GSC Plenary]
• GSC13/17, Mobile Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast (Reaffirmed)
• GSC13/18, Facilitating Liaison in Relation to Measurement
  Methodologies for Assessing Human Exposure to RF Energy
• GSC13/19, Facilitating Liaison in Relation to Measurement
  Methodologies, associated Measurement Uncertainty and Calibration
• GSC13/20, Radio Microphones and Cordless Audio Standardization
• GSC13/21, Broadband Services in Rural and Remote Areas (Revised)
• Chair Asok Chatterjee thanked the Vice Chairs for their assistance
  and the audience for their input to the discussion topics
• The participants thanked Dr. Chatterjee for his facilitation and
  effective leadership


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