“Google Talk” Talks Stocks by iupon13


									?Sounds Crazy. Doesn't it. How can it happen? How can ‘Google Talk‘ talk about
Stocks? But it's true and it's happening in Indian Stock Market for the first time.
Sounds amazing. Isn't it. Google is talking and talking about stocks. After reading this
first line surely you would have been scratching your head. But it's very simple to
understand that indeed Google is talking of stocks and it has happened first time in
India. Still didn't get it. I will explain to you. CapitalVia Global Research Limited - A
Leading investment advisory in India has launched a totally new service in terms of
technology and advantages. This service will do wonders for Indian Stock Market and
Commodity Market Traders.

The name of this service us KYS which is the abbreviation for Know Your Stock.
KYS is a FREE service which combines the internet technology, magic of computer
programming and the brilliant mind of CapitalVia team and comes to the traders as a
New Year gift from CapitalVia. It is a very beneficial service first of its own kind
which will give you the exact levels of the stock and the commodity chosen by you
through Google Talk. What you need to do is just add cvlevels@gmail.com to your
Google Talk list and once approved start getting all the important levels of the stock
you want to know. KYS will give you details of all the important technical levels like
Moving Averages, Important Breakout levels, Bollinger Bands etc. Good na.

KYS will help a trader to plan his trading as per the technical levels provided by the
expert analysts of CapitalVia. These experts have more than 5 years of experience and
the levels provided by them are the fruit of intensive research using the best Technical
Analysis softwares. And this service is available to the users FREE of cost. So
CapitalVia Global Research Limited now doesn't only provide a FREE trial of Stock
Tips and Commodity Tips for two days but also give all the important levels of Stocks
and Commodities which in a form are Free Stock Tips and Commodity Tips from

Along with Stock and Commodity levels using CapitalVia also provides the best
Stock Tips and Commodity Tips for the Indian Stock Market (NSE, BSE) and
Commodity Market (MCX, NCDEX). For Getting a Free trial of Stock Tips and
Commodity Tips you can visit their website .

Venika Sharma
e-Marketing Executive
CapitalVia Global Research Limited

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