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What is Network Attached Storage _NAS_-


									?A network-attached storage (NAS) device is a server that is dedicated to not anything
more than file sharing. NAS does not provide any of the activities that a server in a
server-centric system typically provides, such as e-mail, authentication or file
management. NAS allows more hard disk storage space to be added to a network that
already utilizes servers without shutting them down for continuance and upgrades.
With a NAS device, storage is not an essential part of the server. Instead, in this
storage-centric design, the server still handles all of the processing of data but a NAS
device delivers the data to the user. A NAS device does not need to be located within
the server but can exist anywhere in a LAN and can be made up of multiple
networked NAS devices.

Network Attached Storage is designed to part storage resources from network and
application servers in order to simplify storage management and improve the
steadfastness, performance and competence of the network, thus increasing the overall
efficiency of the organization.

Streamlined Architecture

Network Attached Storage Appliances have a streamlined architecture designed for
one function - to serve data files to clients in varied network environments.

Reduced Server I/O Bottlenecks

The largest source of network and application server filth is file service. Separating
storage from the server reduces the file serving activity and I/O bottlenecks and
increases server bandwidth.

Increased Reliability and Data Availability

Separating storage resources from the server decreases both the number of
components and the amount of file I/O activity, reducing the chance of server
downtime and increasing the reliability of the network and application servers.

Efficient Allocation and Use of Resources

Network Attached Storage provides a common pool of storage that can be shared by
multiple servers and clients, regardless of their file system or operating system.


Network Attached Storage enables you to add storage anywhere on your network in
minutes simply by plugging in a network cable, applying power and configuring a few
settings. There is no server re-configuration and no network downtime.
Increased Productivity

Network Attached Storage provides increased productivity for your whole
organization. Network clients benefit from the ability to share storage resources with
clients from another network environment.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Although disk drive costs have dropped drastically in the last year, the average
company spends roughly $7.00 per megabyte each year in administrative and lost
productivity costs to manage its current storage.

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