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Professional IT networking and cloud computing


									LAN/WAN services and fully
hosted solutions

Professional IT networking
and cloud computing
Net Support UK (NSUK) is no ordinary IT company.
                                                                  the call can deal with or escalate any issue you may have.
With our own data centre in Cardiff, we are a true system         We call this Advantage and it gives our customers peace of
integrator that enables your business to do what it is does       mind.
best whilst we ensure your technology is reliable and fit for
purpose.                                                          • Infrastructure Audits
                                                                  Our partial audits are good for businesses of all sizes to
As far as we are concerned there are no standard solutions        ensure they have the most effective and efficient equipment
for business. We work with organisations in a variety of          and architecture to perform everyday tasks. We can also
industries and every one of them requires something a little      offer consultation to see if the IT in place is robust enough to
different so we tailor our services to fit your needs - not the   cope with future demands that will be placed upon it.
other way around.
                                                                  • LAN/WAN management
Whether you require expertise in a particular area to support     Network infrastructure can be demanding and an inefficient
your IT manager or completely out-sourced IT, NSUK delivers       use of IT staff’s time. As this is one of our key areas, we have
excellent service backed by its ISO9001 quality accreditation.    enterprise level 24 hour monitoring and strong SLA’s. We
                                                                  provide a proactive approach to network management and
Our Prince2 qualified project managers are dedicated to a         information security allowing clients to lessen the burden or
specific project throughout the process and are supported by      completely outsource to our specialist and qualified team.
the teams of engineers who have the necessary qualifications
in the specialisms in which they work including Microsoft and     • Private cloud/MPLS
                                                                  If you are looking for additional security to your internal data
                                                                  traffic, our project managers can design and manage private
                                                                  circuits linking multiple offices.
We are always adding new services to challenge current
thinking within the IT industry but most solutions fall into
                                                                  • Remote/homeworking solutions
the following categories:
                                                                  On top of your corporate IT network, the need for secure but
                                                                  flexible solutions for SO/HO workers requires consideration.
                                                                  We can ensure all solutions meet security policies but
• Fully managed hosting
                                                                  provide staff ‘on the road’ with the tool they need to remain
From our secure, 24 hour monitored data centre in Cardiff,
we offer a number of fully outsourced solutions such as
dedicated hosted servers, back up services and storage
                                                                  • Co-location
solutions. It provides organisations with greater flexibility
                                                                  Designed to your business’ needs, co-location in our secure
and moves vital CapEx into OpEx. We mostly work within
                                                                  data centre enables off-site strategies with helping hands
a virtualised environment offering many benefits for DR
                                                                  support should require it. We have resiliency built into our
strategies too.
                                                                  operations for both power and Internet contingency plans.
• Managed services and sever estate management
                                                                  • DR options
If you prefer to host the hardware themselves but require our
                                                                  High availability is essential to minimise the disruption to
expertise to ensure they perform efficiently, our managed
                                                                  your business in the event of a disaster. We can offer tailored
services include same day hardware swap out. We also offer
                                                                  packages to ensure your critical services are live in our data
proactive patch management and software upgrades as part
                                                                  centre within minutes.
of our hosted and managed hardware packages.
                                                                  • Voice & video
• 365 Support
                                                                  As more products link into the network, we work with
We only have 2 levels of support – complete 24/7 or office
                                                                  our sister company Communic8, to supply, install and
hours (8am -6pm). And when you call, we have a first contact
                                                                  maintain integrated solutions such as VoIP telephony, video
resolutions policy – the technician or engineer who answers
                                                                  conferencing and digital signage.

    Net Support UK
    T: 029 200 23 300

    Data Centre                             Administration Office
    Unit N1                                 Riverside Court
    Cardiff Bay Business Centre             Beaufort Park
    Lewis Road                              Chepstow                               Net Support UK Limited registered in England and Wales. All
    Cardiff CF24 5EL                        NP16 6UH                               rights reserved. Company number 03625793
                                                                                   Registered office Old Court House, Mathern, Chepstow NP16 6JH

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