The best wood for outdoor furniture is TEAK WOOD by iupon13


When most people think of teak wood furniture, what comes to mind is usually
information that's not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there's a lot more to
teak wood furniture than just the basics information. If you base what you do on
inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences.
Make sure you get the whole story from informed sources and here is informed by CV.
Java Mebel Indonesia.

When home owners have to encounter with severe changes of weather from extreme
hot to cold temperature of even rainy season, they always busy with moving their
outdoor furniture into the house to protect furniture from bad weather or they have to
choose to leave the furniture outside the house but put some waterproof coating on
them. However, for people who use teak outdoor furniture is not the case, because the
home owners do not have to be busy or worry about moving them inside the house, on
the other hand, they just have to leave them there outside the house all year long and
provide constantly easy care.

As we all know that among home owners that teak furniture has become more popular
and many more of designers are discovering the benefit of them in terms of durable
and long lasting. Teak is grown in tropical zone countries such as in Burma, Indonesia
and Thailand. The most distinct benefits of teak are durable (about 10 to 20 years at
least), light and convenient and easy to maintenance.

In the past time, there were some kinds of wood that popular for making furniture that
need to be placed in the area that has extreme changes conditions. Woven wicker and
white wood are two kind of popular wood for making furniture. However, after many
of designers and home owners have discovered that teak is more durable and easy
care as well as its charming of colour. Teak has been remarkably recognized widely
throughout the world even for furniture manufacturers, especially ones who made
patio or outdoor furniture.

Apart form it uniqueness of colour and usage, teak is only one type of wood that has
magnificent resistant of other condition, which they never be found in any kind of
wood, which is they are free from pests, especially termites. Termites are the enemy
of almost all kind of wood but not for teak. Teak has very hard texture and also some
kind of moisture and oil that termites do not like, so we could not find that teak are
destroy by termites and this is also one of the most unique advantage of teak wood
furniture. Apart from being a kind of popular wood for home furniture, teak also be
used in other function such as marine construction which can guarantee that your
outdoor teak furniture will resist to all other kind of weather and climate changes.

However, even though teak is unique and be able to resist many kinds of threads, you
still have to be careful of using them and give proper maintenance. You should not
avoid spilling food or drinks on the wood surface. In case if there are unavoidable
situation and you have left some spills on them, make sure that you clean it
immediately before the spill have become permanent and they will be very difficult to
clean. Other disadvantage of teak is only the price, due to teak requires about 30-40
years to grow before they are ready to be harvest so this effect to low supply and this
cause the price of teak so expensive, but if you have some money, I suggest you go
for it.

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