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Fixing Your Credit Report Is Easy


									?Repair your credit reportfix your credit report.Get your credit report guide & bad
credit help.At, you'll discover the step by step process needed to
start building a new credit profile or to clean up one that's been around for a while.
The law is on your side.

Step 1
You will want to get copies of your current credit files from the three Credit Bureaus:
Experian, Trans Union and Equifax.

Step 2
You will then begin the process of removing negative credit from your file. Removing
negative information from your three credit files is actually quite simple when done
correctly with the Credit Builders Guide! We have found several ways that can help
you erase Late Pays, Collection Accounts, Charge Offs, Repossessions, Foreclosures
and Inquiries.Note in some cases, such as recent Bankruptcy, unpaid Federal Tax
Liens, unpaid judgments, or unpaid Child Support, the courts may be able to show all
the written proof and documentation you ask for. If this happens they will still be
allowed to keep the bad credit on your file. For these cases there is still hope. We'll
walk you through the process online.

Step 3
While the negative information is being removed from your credit files, you will then
begin adding positive information to your files. This is a new way of adding real
accounts to your credit files to have an Excellent Credit Rating in less than 30 days.
As you know, the more positive information on your credit files the more money
banks will lend you.

Step 4
When you are finished you will receive new copies of your credit files showing that
you have great credit. This will take less than 90 days. You will now be able to qualify
for credit as long as you have a source of income.

Most of our clients were placed in a situation where they were unable to pay their
creditors. This leads to a credit file showing bankruptcy, liens, judgments etc. Even
though things have changed now, no-one will offer them their past credit history.
Here's your chance to change that with the help of the Credit Builders Guide. More
details and information regarding credit repair are available online in "The Way to
Good Credit" Guide.
We also include charts and graphs to help you create the budget that meets your

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