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JULY 9, 10 & 11, 2010
          please post this booklet
  where your crew and boothmates will see it
                                   Who We Are
The Oregon Country Fair creates events and                  oregon country fair
                                                            board of directors
experiences that nourish the spirit, explore
living artfully and authentically on Earth                  Diane Albino          Jack Makarchek
and transform culture in magical, joyous and                John Burgess          Deane Morrow
healthy ways.                                               Katie Cousins         Indigo Ronlov
                                                            Paxton Hoag           Anna Scott
The OCF is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation             Lara Howe             Lawrence Taylor
overseen by a twelve-member Board of Directors              alternates
elected by the membership. The OCF depends on               Jon Silvermoon        Jon Pincus
hundreds of dedicated volunteers whose work
is supported by seven employees.
                                                            Jack Makarchek, President
You are welcome to attend meetings of the                   Steve Gorham & Hilary Anthony, Co-Treasurers
Board of Directors. Please check the calendar               Bill Ganser, Recording Secretary
for the schedule. We encourage you to read the              Heidi Doscher, Membership Secretary
monthly Fair Family News which includes the                 employees
Board minutes. The Fair Family News is available            Robin Bernardi, Office Assistant
on our website at oregoncountryfair.net or it               Marc Hinz, Executive Director
can be mailed to you by request.                            Jeff Johnson, Groundskeeper
                                                            Charlie Ruff, Operations Manager
                                                            Norma Sax, Administrative Assistant
                                                            Andy Strickland, Caretaker
                                                            Steve Wisnovsky, Site Manager

              Our Code of Conduct
We are an association of equals. Each and                   As Bill Wooten, one of our founders, wrote:
every member of our community is entitled to                This is a community of choice of reason rather
respectful and equitable treatment by all other             than by the chance of birth. Reason is found
participants. We should all act responsibly                 more each day on the side of cooperation,
towards one another wherever we gather.                     conservation, and community. Reason stands
                                                            with those who reduce their wants and simplify
The OCF is committed to the principles
                                                            their needs, which lessen demands upon the
of non-violence. Mental, verbal, physical,
                                                            world’s resources. Reason stands with those
or sexual abuse will not be tolerated.
                                                            who do not ask the world to do for them what
We share reverence for the land. Stewardship                they can do for themselves. Reason stands with
is everyone’s responsibility. Please help                   those who treat neighbors as friends, friends
protect the plant and animal life whose                     as brothers and sisters, and this earth, as our
space we share, and work to extend this                     one and only home. Let us so stand together.
practice beyond the OCF and into daily life.                It stands to reason, to endure is to prevail.

i–   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
    Thank You for Participating
The Fair brings us together from all over the        protection, security, public health care,
world in a reunion that affirms our sense of         childcare, and governance. We have rules by
community. It assembles artists, crafters, and       which order is maintained and peace is kept in
entertainers for a celebration of the arts and       our village. This is a drug-free event. Alcohol
a marketplace where the value of our labor           consumption is not allowed in public places.
is appreciated.                                      We must remember that we are not isolated.
                                                     We affect the lives of many people who have
The Fair is a small, temporary village with roads,
                                                     no direct connection with the Fair. Be courteous;
bridges, traffic control and water. We provide
                                                     be fair; be cooperative – for the sake of a joyous
recycling and a waste disposal system, fire
                                                     and memorable Fair.

      Community Agreement
All of us at the OCF want to have a safe and         Failure to abide by the Oregon Country Fair
wonderful experience at the Fair. As the Fair has    Code of Conduct, the Guidelines, Federal,
grown we no longer all know each other, and          Oregon, or Lane County laws may result in
unfortunately, there are people who come to the      expulsion from the Fair, booth penalties,
Fair who take advantage of our open and loving       removal from staff position, termination of
community. Even though the Fair tries hard to        membership, or being turned over to the proper
prevent problems, inappropriate behaviors some-      authorities, as the situation requires. If you
times occur. These behaviors can include crimes      are involved in a confrontation please remember
such as theft and physical and sexual assault.       the following: 1.) all parties must identify them-
                                                     selves when asked; 2.) although decisions by
The OCF Guidelines exist to help us protect the
                                                     authorized staff must be followed at the time,
health and safety of all. By signing for your
                                                     disagreements may be reviewed through proper
wristband you acknowledge that you have read,
                                                     procedure. Reports of situations that cannot
and agreed to abide by, the OCF Guidelines, Code
                                                     be fully resolved during the Fair should empha-
of Conduct and the following statement:
                                                     size verifiable facts rather than assumptions
1.) I agree to be responsible for insuring the       or hearsay.
safety of all minors in my care. I will not leave
                                                     If you need support or guidance in resolving
children unattended at any time while at the Fair.
                                                     some unrest, please check with Quartermaster
2.) I agree not to sneak people into the Fair, or    pre- and post-Fair or White Bird Medical station
allow people who do not have wristbands to stay      or an Information Booth during the Fair for a
after public hours, as doing so strains our ca-      process appropriate to your situation. Feedback
pacity to take care of one another and our land.     forms are available at the Information Booths.

3.) I agree to cooperate fully with the volun-       Working together we will constantly rediscover
teers who “sweep” the Fair of visitors without       the imagination, creativity, and magic that are
overnight credentials at closing time, including     the essence of the Oregon Country Fair.
permitting my tent, vehicle, or other camping
facility to be swept if requested.
                                                                    j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – ii
                   The deadline to submit articles and letters to the Fair Family News
                               is always the same day as Board meetings.

                                                               1 no dogs allowed on property
                                                               1 Peach Pit article final deadline
                                                               5 Main Camp opens
                                                               5 Booth registration on-site office
                                                               opens (See Booth Registration
                      april                                    section for hours)
 1 Deadline for craft jury application                         7 Board of Directors Meeting, 7 p.m.,
 submissions, including logo items                             EWEB Community Room, Eugene
 1 Deadline for new food booth                                 12 Charter Member booth claim
 applications                                                  begins
 3 Registration, Saturday Market,                              13 Returning booth claim begins
 10 a.m.–5 p.m.                                                13 Deadline for complete booth
 5 Board of Directors Meeting, 7 p.m.,                         fee payment (failure to complete
 EWEB Community Room, Eugene                                   payment risks forfeiture of booth)
 10 Registration, Saturday Market,                             14 Mandatory food vendors’
 10 a.m.–5 p.m.                                                meeting, 6:30 p.m., Harris Hall,
 17 Registration, Saturday Market,                             125 E. 8th, Eugene
 10 a.m.–5 p.m.                                                14 Proof of insurance for food
 24 Registration, Saturday Market,                             booths must be received by OCF
 10 a.m.–5 p.m.                                                office. Bring to food booth meeting.
 30 All new craft applicants notified                          19 One-year-only Booth Claim Day
 of approval status                                            20 Last day for total refund of
                                                               booth fees
                                                               26 Last day to submit plans for
                                                               major booth work
                      may                                      27 Human Intervention training
 1 spring fling. Informational                                 at Fair site
 meeting, 2010 poster unveiling                                27 Board of Directors Meeting,
 and dance. 7:30 p.m., WOW Hall,                               (July meeting) 4 p.m., OCF Site
 8th and Lincoln, Eugene                                       28 Camping passes increase to $80
 1 Deadline to submit craft/food                               30 Deadline for Booth Registration
 booth registration packet                                     outgoing mail
 1 Admission tickets go on sale
 3 Board of Directors Meeting, 7 p.m.,
 EWEB Training Room, Eugene

iii –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
              July                                 October
5 + 6 Booth registration on-site        4 Board of Directors Meeting, 7 p.m.,
office open, 10 a.m.–8 p.m.             EWEB Community Room, Eugene
6 Last day for partial refund of        16 Annual Meeting, 6:30 p.m.–
booth fees                              midnight, Knights of Pythias Hall,
7 + 8 Pick up passes at Registration    Eugene
7 All construction requiring
inspection must be completed!
8 All construction completed
(tools down!)                                    November
8 Annual meeting of vendors,            1 2010 Budget process starts
7–9 p.m. at Shady Grove                 1 Board of Directors Meeting, 7 p.m.,
9, 10 + 11 OregOn COuntry Fair          EWEB Training Room, Eugene
13 no camping on ocf property.
No one on property after 6 p.m.
except post-Fair work crews.
19 Main Camp closes                              December
31 Food voucher redemption expires      6 Board of Directors Meeting, 7 p.m.,
                                        EWEB Community Room, Eugene
31 Last day to request refund of
booth payments

                                               January 2011
            August                      3 Board of Directors Meeting, 7 p.m.
2 Board of Directors Meeting, 7 p.m.,   15 Applications to sell a new craft
EWEB Training Room, Eugene              or food item at 2010 Fair available
6–14 Culture Jam
15 Booth refunds mailed
21 Picnic at the Fair site, 3 p.m.                February
22 Evaluation meeting at Fair site      10 Applications to perform at 2010
31 Last day to remove all temporary     Fair available
booth/loft structures, personal
property, ground covers
31 Deadline to submit Board
candidate statements for publication                 March
in the Fair Family News and the         1 Teen Crew applications available
Voters Pamphlet
                                        15 Entertainer applications due
                                        30 Registration packets mailed to
                                        booth representatives
13 Board of Directors Meeting,
7 p.m., OCF Site
16 Last day to register as a Fair
member to vote in the 2010 election
for Board of Directors

                                                  j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – iv
                                                               who we are         –i
                                                               thank you for participating                 – ii
                                                               calendar       – iii
                                                               general information             –1
                                                               membership + publications   – 10
                                                               transportation at the fair    – 11
                                                               stewardship of the land – 13

                                                               camping at the fair site – 15

                                                               booth information – 18

                                                               booth construction – 22

                                                               craft jurying – 25

                                                               craft booths – 27

                                                               food booth guidelines – 29

                                                               index – 33

                            in case of
                          an emergency
                    Go to the nearest Information booth, White Bird medical station,
                             or person with a radio, and follow instructions.
                               If evacuation of the site becomes necessary,
                    staff will guide you to marked exits located throughout the Fair.
                             If you have become separated from a small child,
                            follow the instructions in Section 25, Lost Children.

           photos : front cover – dom defazio ; pages 2, 7, 13, 21, 23, 27 32 & back cover – norma sax ;
                               page 11 – steve hager ; page 29 – darlene clevenger .

v–   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
          General Information
1. Preamble These Guidelines are              3. Overnight Credentials
to ensure the smooth operation of our         Everyone over age 10 who will be at the
event and the safety and protection of        Fair before 6 a.m. or after 7 p.m. must
our Fair Family, the public and our site.     wear a 2010 OCF-issued wristband or
Adherence to the Guidelines is essential.     photo ID.
They apply to everyone, regardless of             In order to receive your wristband
age, affiliation, or seniority. Please read   you must present a valid form of ID that
and know your Guidelines and help us          confirms your legal name and date of
insure everyone follows them.                 birth upon check-in.
    The Oregon Country Fair hosts a               Wristbands cost $30 each for teens
three-day event and a week-long summer        age 13 through 18 and $10 each for
camp for teens. The rest of the year the      youth 11 and 12. All persons under the
land is natural habitat. Please treat the     age of 18, whether on Teen Crew or not,
land with respect and practice the “Leave     must have a parent or responsible adult
No Trace” ethic. Minimize your impact         on site during the Fair. Their wristbands
and restore the land to its original con-     must be purchased through the crew or
dition when you leave. Adherence to the       booth of their responsible adult. Any
Guidelines helps us all be responsible        teen or youth (not on Teen Crew) who
stewards of our land, our family and our      comes to the sticker booth for their
event. This is our time to play and to        wristband needs photo ID. If they do
work together as a family; cooperation        not have photo ID, the crew person who
will enhance the experience for everyone.     purchased that teen/youth pass may
                                              vouch for that teen/youth’s identification.
2. Daily Admission The Fair                       Everyone with overnight credentials
is open to the public from 11 a.m. to         is obligated to abide by the Code of
7 p.m., July 9, 10, and 11, 2010. Tickets     Conduct and Guidelines of the OCF
purchased in advance cost $18 for             community.
Friday, $21 for Saturday, and $18 for             Overnight credentials for significant
Sunday. Tickets sold the days of the          others of crewmembers are available
event will cost $21 for Friday, $26 for       for purchase by the volunteer through
Saturday, and $21 for Sunday. There           his or her coordinator. The price for
is also a ticket good for all three days      an S.O. pass for the 2010 Fair is $60
that costs $48. No tickets will be sold       through June 28; as of June 29 this fee
on site. Discount tickets are available       will increase to $80. No person may be
for folks who are alter-abled and/or age      charged more than the actual cost of a
60 or better. All tickets are subject to a    teen, youth or S.O. pass.
ticket agency handling fee. Children 10           Trade passes are available to coordi-
years old and younger are admitted free       nators to use in exchange for goods or
with a paying adult. Tickets to the 2010      services, as per the crew budget. Trade
Fair go on sale by May 1. Look for flyers     passes and crew passes are not to be
denoting ticket sales locations or call       sold. People receiving trade passes are
TicketsWest at 1-800-992-8499.                not eligible to buy S.O. passes.

                                                            j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 1
   No one who will be under the age of                      or member about joining a crew.
18 during the three-day event is eligible                   Each crew selects its own volunteer staff.
to purchase or receive an S.O. pass.                        The office does not have a process or
                                                            applications for placing volunteers.
4. Alter-Abled Access                                           teen crew . The OCF has a volun-
Wheelchairs, helpers, sign language                         teer program for Fair Family teens aged
interpreters, folding chairs, rest areas,                   14 to 18. All persons under the age
maps, and information are available at                      of 18, whether on Teen Crew or not,
the Alter-Abled Access Advocates (4A)                       must have a parent or responsible adult
Center located near Admissions, as well                     on site during the Fair. If the minor
as at the Bus Stop, Community Village,                      is deemed by Fair management to be
Solutions, and Information booths.                          in violation of the OCF Guidelines,
There is a battery recharging station for                   the responsible adult will be subject to
electric wheelchairs at the WareHouse.                      disciplinary action, up to and including
    Alter-abled staff and booth members                     suspension from the Fair for one year.
will be directed to a designated parking                    Further incidents may result in perma-
area starting Wednesday, July 7. People                     nent expulsion from the OCF. If you or
who need handicapped parking should                         someone you know would like to apply
have a DMV placard on their vehicles.                       for the Teen Crew, please get an applica-
Vehicle camping for alter-abled staff and                   tion from our website in mid-March or
booth members will be available in the                      send a self-addressed, stamped business-
Crafts Lot beginning Wednesday, July 7.                     size envelope to the office, Attention:
                                                            Teen Crew. It is the policy of the OCF to
                                                            give graduating teens priority consider-
                                                            ation in filling vacant staff positions.
                                                                No one who will be under the age of
                                                            18 during the three-day event is eligible
                                                            to purchase or receive an S.O. pass.
                                                                t - shirts . Staff members get crew
                                                            t-shirts from crew coordinators. Wear
                                                            your t-shirt visibly when on shift. You
                                                            may wear your t-shirt at other times as
                                                            well, but you are considered to be work-
                                                            ing if your t-shirt is visible, so people
                                                            may ask you Fair-related questions or ask
                                                            for help. A staff t-shirt is not considered
                                                            camping credentials. All those wearing
                                                            staff t-shirts during public hours must
                                                            attend Human Intervention training
5. Volunteer Staff Most staff                               offered at the Fair site on June 27. Talk
positions are filled with returning volun-                  with your coordinator or crew leader
teers; however, we do take on a few new                     about attending the training.
people each year. If you know someone
interested in volunteering, please ask
him or her to talk to a crew coordinator

2–   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
    services available to volunteers.              Please report to QM immediately
Crew Services facilitates the well-being       in the event of lost children or any
of OCF volunteers during the Fair by           other emergencies.
providing a variety of services, including         See Section 48 for booth registration
hospitality and showers. A hospitality         hours at Main Camp.
center is located in the Flowin’ Notes             The Staff Kitchen serves meals for
shower area by the WareHouse (Friday           working crews only. It does not provide
to Sunday nights from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.)       snacks nor does it provide meals for crew-
serving warm drinks and small nibbles.         members that are on site for meetings,
Hospitality is also located in Main            trainings or personal walk-arounds or
Camp (noon to 5 p.m., Friday through           for those working on their booths.
Sunday; access is from the gate to the             Talk to the folks at the Construction
left of the Youth Stage) serving cool          desk before doing repairs or any new
drinks, fresh baked goodies and a light        construction on your booth.
buffet. Free showers for staff and per-
formers are located at dahinda’s Acres,        7. Food Vouchers Food vouch-
Flowin’ Notes, and on the Far Side.            ers are one way we feed our volunteers
Hours vary, but most are open early and        during the event. Food vouchers are
stay open until around 10 p.m. Bring           non-transferable and are valid only at
your own towel and shower supplies.            all food booths and at the Ritz Sauna
                                               showers and only during the Fair. Food
6. Main Camp The term Main                     vouchers cannot be used at craft booths,
Camp denotes the time period that runs         nor can they be redeemed for cash by
from the month before the three-day            individuals at any booth at any time.
event through the week after the event.        Food vouchers may not be used at
It is also the central staging area during     Eugene or Portland Saturday Market.
our annual put-up and take-down of the         Only food booths and the Ritz may
Fair’s infrastructure. Most essential sys-     redeem food vouchers and only with
tems of this operation, including Booth        the OCF organization. The Oregon
Registration, VegManECs (vegetation            Country Fair will redeem food vouchers
management), Quartermaster, Archaeol-          from food booths and the Ritz by
ogy and Construction, are located in           issuing checks payable to the business
Main Camp. Camping and access to               or Booth Representative only. The last
the site at this time are facilitated at the   day for food vendors and the Ritz Sauna
greeter stations on Aero Road. When            to redeem food vouchers is July 31.
you arrive on site during Main Camp                Food voucher recipients are invited
check in with the greeter at the gates         to donate their vouchers to the Jill
and either Quartermaster (crew mem-            Heiman Vision Fund. The OCF will
bers) or Registration (booth members).         exchange the vouchers for money to be
During Main Camp the entire site is            donated to non-profit groups focusing
considered a work zone and as such,            on an issue chosen by the membership.
please exercise caution. All youth under       The amount of donations by Fair Family
age 18 need to be accompanied by a             will be matched by the OCF up to an
legal guardian or be a member of an            amount designated by the Board via the
authorized crew while on site.                 budget process.

                                                            j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 3
8. No Dogs The prohibition of dogs                          11. Alcohol Selling alcohol at the
on site, except service dogs, is in effect                  Fair is illegal. Such sales risk closing the
from June 1 through August 31. Anyone                       Fair, as well as criminal charges. Please
who refuses to comply will be told to                       notify the nearest Information booth if
leave. You may be placed on probation                       you see anyone engaged in this activity.
for violating this guideline.                               Alcohol consumption is not allowed
                                                            in public places during public hours.
9. Video Cameras Due to                                     Please ask others to cooperate.
our agreement with performers, no
video cameras are allowed on site from                      12. Cigarettes          smoking is
Wednesday, July 7, through Monday,                          allowed in designated areas only .
July 12, except those belonging to                          No-smoking areas include, but are not
credentialed media representatives or                       limited to, dining, stage, audience, and
people who have made prior arrange-                         childcare areas, anywhere there is hay or
ments with the Video Crew through                           straw, as well as all paths. If there is no
the office.                                                 butt can nearby, you are in a no-smoking
   All other video cameras must be                          area. Please help enforce this guideline
checked in at the Backpack Check Inn                        by directing smokers to the nearest
near Dragon Admissions gate or must                         designated smoking area. Please see the
leave the Fair.                                             map in these Guidelines.

10. Entertaining at the Fair                                13. Controlled Substances
Entertainment is scheduled throughout                       & Drug Paraphernalia
the Fair. No battery-powered amplifiers,                    This is a drug-free event. No controlled
radios, tape recorders, or recorded                         substances may be sold at the Fair.
music are allowed on paths, on stages,                      No pipes, bongs, or other tools to ingest
or in stage areas unless provided or                        illegal drugs, nor any other drug para-
approved by the OCF entertainment                           phernalia, may be displayed or sold on
coordinators or management. Unsched-                        Fair property at any time. We must
uled performers are expected to comply                      adhere to Oregon and Federal law.
with the Wandering Performer Guide-                         Please stop anyone violating this rule.
lines, available at the Entertainment                       If they refuse to stop, please contact
Window in the Check Inn booth. Staff                        Fair Security. Individuals or booths
should contact the nearest Information                      selling controlled substances will be
booth if a performer is blocking a path.                    immediately expelled from the Fair and
   Friday through Sunday of the Fair,                       their passes will be revoked.
battery carts devoted to stages will be used
only for acts coordinated and scheduled                     14. Information, Health,
by entertainment coordinators. With                         and Safety Pre- or post-Fair, go
the exception of Main Stage on Saturday                     to the Quartermaster (QM) at Main
night no OCF stage under the supervi-                       Camp for information and emergencies.
sion of an OCF entertainment crew, will                     During the Fair, there are six Informa-
have amplification after midnight.                          tion booths (some open 24 hours)
                                                            located throughout the Loops. Each
                                                            Information booth, as well as White

4–   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
Bird Medical, has a radio and telephone.       15. Public Facilities Toilets
All staff should know the locations and        and hand washing stands are located
services provided at each Information          throughout the Fair. See map for loca-
booth and direct requests for informa-         tions. Showers are available at Energy
tion or assistance to the nearest one (see     Park and the Ritz Sauna. Private showers
map for Information booth locations).          and pit toilets are not permitted. Private
    Fair Central, located above Odyssey        and open-air showers at the Ritz are
Information, coordinates all communi-          available 24 hours a day from Wednes-
cations from the Wednesday before the          day at 6 p.m. to Monday at noon. The
Fair through the Monday after the Fair.        facility has alter-abled accessible showers
Quartermaster at Main Camp coordi-             (both private and open-air) and an
nates communications outside these             alter-abled accessible toilet.
times. Report all emergencies to Fair              Use of Ritz shower facilities is half-
Central or the Quartermaster.                  price to Fair children 12 years of age and
    The Long Tom River runs through            under who are accompanied by a paying
the Fair site. It may be very polluted         adult from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.
(mill wastes, sewage effluent, and beaver      The Ritz is located at 334 Sesame Street,
and other animal wastes). Please do not        beyond Childcare.
drink the water or swim in it.                     Public telephones are located near the
    Pit toilets (holes dug in the ground       tree line of Alter-Abled Parking, which is
for disposal of human or animal waste)         across Indian Creek from Main Camp.
and personal camp toilets are not                  ATMs are located in front of the Fair
allowed on the OCF site.                       at the Dragon and at Main Stage.
   first aid and intervention
services are provided to the Fair by           16. Fire In case of fire, send some-
White Bird Clinic, located across the          one with knowledge about the fire to
path from Main Stage Information               the nearest Information booth or radio
booth, (#253). Doctors, nurses, EMTs,          to contact Fair Central or Quarter-
and ambulances are available. Hours            master to give clear directions to the
are noon Wednesday through 6 p.m.              fire’s location.
Monday, staffed continuously. A second,            Open flames from candles and
smaller station is at Odyssey Information      torches are the leading cause of fires at
during the hours the Fair is open to           the Fair. No unattended open flames
the public. Each Information booth             (candles, tiki torches, etc.) are allowed
has minor first-aid supplies (band-aids,       anytime, anywhere, including inside
aspirin, etc.).                                tents. Extinguish cigarettes before
   If you are allergic to bee stings, please   depositing them in the butt cans located
inform the Quartermaster when you              at recycling stations and in designated
are on site pre- or post-Fair. Please carry    smoking areas throughout the Fair.
your own Epi kit.                                  Camps and booths with cooking
   Human Intervention training is              and/or permitted campfires must have a
required for all shirted volunteers. It will   5-pound ABC fire extinguisher, a shovel
be held Sunday, June 27 at the Fair site.      and two five-gallon containers full of
                                               water with one burlap bag submerged
                                               in each.

                                                            j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 5
    Be extremely careful with gas and                       storage without consulting with a
kerosene stoves. The Oregon Country                         Construction Coordinator. Fair system
Fair Site Manager, Fire Marshal or Fire                     water outlets are to be accessed only
Crew coordinators may prohibit or limit                     by the appropriate crews (Water, Fire,
campfires as they see fit. Campfires (if                    and Main Camp). If there is a problem
permitted) must be kept small. Camps                        with a water outlet, report it to the
and booths with cooking and/or permit-                      nearest Information booth or to Fair
ted campfires are required to have a new                    Central immediately.
inspection and permit each year. Only
Fire Crew and the Site Manager can                          18. Grid Electricity Grid
issue permits.                                              power delivered to the Fair by Emerald
    A five-pound ABC fire extinguisher                      People’s Utility District is for designated
is required at every booth and camp.                        uses only. Unauthorized connections to
This rule applies to camping at any                         booths, camps and RVs are not permitted.
time on the Fair site, by anyone. Please
be prepared to show your fire-fighting                      19. Security The Fair keeps order
equipment to the staff volunteer that                       through its own security staff. These are
will stop by each booth to verify compli-                   your sisters and brothers, here to keep
ance with this rule.                                        peace in our village. The first responsi-
    Fireworks are prohibited at all times.                  bility of the Security Crew is safety. Our
    Burning painted or treated wood                         Security staff is on duty from Tuesday
is prohibited at all times anywhere on                      before the Fair through Monday after
OCF property.                                               the Fair. Report security-related prob-
                                                            lems to the nearest Information booth
17. Water The Fair provides an                              or staff person with a radio. Outside
ample potable water supply. We have an                      these times, contact the Quartermaster
underground pipe system for water deliv-                    if you observe or are involved in a
ery throughout the Fair. Public patrons                     troublesome situation. It is Fair policy
are served from drinking fountains.                         not to interfere with county sheriffs
Water for booths is delivered twice daily:                  if they are present. Any situation that
between 7 and 11 a.m. and 7 and 11 p.m.,                    requires attention from the sheriffs
with the exception of Sunday evening.                       will already involve Security and the
    We strongly suggest you plan your                       management team.
storage capacity to last until the next                         All Security outposts with lanterns
scheduled delivery. The same guidelines                     will have fire extinguishers and radios.
will be applied to the entire Fair:
non-public water containers must be                         20. Nudity In accordance with
accessible and adequately braced, with                      Oregon law, people are required to cover
the platform base no higher than six feet.                  their genitals in public areas during the
Portable containers must have two-inch                      hours the Fair is open to the public.
or larger openings. If you miss your
delivery, please go to the nearest Infor-
mation booth for instructions. Water
containers left behind after the Fair are
likely to float away; do not build water

6–   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
21. No Glass Containers
Glass containers are not allowed
through public Admissions gates.

22. Recycling The OCF Board
of Directors has set the goal of a waste-
free Fair. Our mission: To reduce the
amount of waste generated by our event,
minimize our impact upon the land by
removing all extraneous materials from
it, and to set an example that future
generations will be proud to follow.
    For the convenience of our family
and guests, recycling kiosks are provided
and maintained from Thursday of pre-
Fair to Monday, 6 p.m. of post-Fair. We
ask that all adhere to the “Pack It In,
Pack It Out” policy outlined in Section 39
of this handbook and to “Leave No
Trace” of your visit upon your departure.    will be subject to disciplinary action,
    The following items may be left at       up to and including suspension from
recycling kiosks provided throughout the     the Fair for one year. Further incidents
Fair: cans, glass and aluminum (flatten      may result in permanent expulsion
cans, ball up aluminum and co-mingle         from the OCF.
for space); cardboard (flatten and stack);       Main Camp does not operate pre-
compost (co-mingle food and bio-             or post-Fair childcare services. Please
degradable food service ware or soiled       instruct your children and non-working
paper products); newsprint (contain in a     teens not to rely on Main Camp kitchen
sack); mixed paper (any paper that isn’t     as a resource. Bring adequate food and
cardboard or newsprint, contain in a         water for kids.
sack); plastic containers and bottles            To prevent safety hazards, scooters,
#1–5 and #7 (no #6 plastic cups of any       bikes, tricycles, or other riding toys
kind or plastic utensils, as these things    are not allowed from June 1 through
are not readily recyclable); clear plastic   August 31. Only service bikes are
bags and sheeting (leave clean, folded or    allowed on paths, conditions permitting.
bagged); waste (none of the above).              Youth under age 18, found by Fair
    Please bring recycling out every         management to be under-supervised and
morning to avoid build-up or overflow.       in unsafe situations will result in a one-
                                             year suspension for the responsible adult
23. Youth On Site All persons                listed with the youth’s pass. Further
under the age of 18 must have a parent       incidents involving youth and the same
or responsible adult on site during the      adult will result in permanent expulsion
Fair. If the minor is deemed by Fair         of the adult from the OCF.
management to be in violation of the
OCF Guidelines, the responsible adult

                                                          j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 7
24. Childcare During the Fair                               for time-outs and naps. Everyone who
childcare facilities are available                          uses this facility must stay with his/her
during the Fair to the Fair Family (staff,                  children at all times. This is a bring-
booth members, and entertainers) at                         your-own diapers area.
no charge, and to visitors for $2.00 per                       diapers . BRING Recycling will
hour. The childcare facility is located at                  provide diaper service from its booth in
Booth #333 Sesame Street, by the back                       Energy Park. Cloth diapers will be avail-
gate, across from the Sauna and not far                     able for $4.00 per dozen and a $10.00
from Main Stage.                                            refundable deposit. Plastic storage bags
    Please observe the protocol for the                     and pins are available, but diaper cov-
Childcare facility:                                         ers are not. Diapers can be rented and
    sorry , no diapers . We cannot                          returned during Fair hours. This greatly
change diapers or care for children                         helps reduce waste and protects health
who are not toilet-trained. Sanitation                      and safety conditions for the sanitation
facilities are extremely limited.                           and recycling crews.
    time limits . There is a limit of
two hours per visit. We ask people to                       25. Lost Children Pre- or post-
observe that time limit and to check                        Fair, lost children are to be reported
on their children at least once an hour.                    and/or taken to Quartermaster at Main
The time limit is flexible if we are not                    Camp. During the Fair, between the
too busy. We ask everyone to consider                       hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., all found
the comfort of the children and the                         children are to be taken to Mellowplace
demands made on the Childcare staff.                        at the back of Kid’s Loop. After 10 p.m.
    parental responsibility . Child-                        all found children are to be taken to
care is not a surrogate parent. We are                      Childcare. During the Sweep, parents
here to give you a break from parenting.                    who become separated from their
We reserve the right to ask those who                       children should be directed to the Odys-
do not honor our protocol not to bring                      sey Information booth. From Odyssey,
their children back to Childcare for the                    Information staff can call Childcare staff
duration of the Fair.                                       at either location and arrange reuniting
    registration . We ask parents to                        parents with children. Childcare, Secu-
register their children and to fill out the                 rity, and Fair Central work in concert to
registration forms completely. Give your                    reunite parents and children as quickly
full name, home address, booth number                       as possible.
and location, or crew and shifts.
    childcare ’ s chief goal . The                          26. Lost and Found The Fair
Childcare staff is dedicated to making                      will not be liable for damaged, lost or
Childcare a safe and pleasant place for                     stolen property anywhere on site, includ-
your children to play. We appreciate                        ing the parking lots. Lost and Found
your cooperation.                                           is located in the Odyssey Information
    mellowplace . Adjacent to the Kid’s                     booth. Found items can be turned in at
Loop is an area called Mellowplace.                         Information booths, and from there will
It offers people the opportunity to rest                    be transferred to Odyssey Information.
with their little ones. There is a diaper-                  Lost items may also be reported after
changing table, a sink, and a cushy place                   the Fair by calling (541) 343-4298, or

8–   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
e-mailing office@oregoncountryfair.org.      our organization and event. Written
If we have your item, we will return it to   suggestions, compliments, complaints,
you at your expense. Please contact the      recounting of specific incidents, and
office if you wish to put an ad in the       philosophical ramblings are accepted
Fair Family News. Please consider putting    throughout the year. These are reviewed
an identification label on your valuables    by the Feedback Coordinator and the
so they can be returned to you promptly.     staff, forwarded to relevant coordinators
We will keep found items until Sep-          and committees, and compiled for an
tember 1, then all unclaimed, usable         annual report each fall. (Send a long
property will go to charity.                 SASE for your own copy.) You are
                                             encouraged to attend monthly Board
27. Personal Property All                    meetings, (usually the first Monday of
personal property left anywhere on the       the month at EWEB in Eugene), Board
Fair site, including in or behind booths,    work sessions, the Spring Fling, the an-
must be removed by August 31 each            nual Evaluation Meeting, the Employee
year unless prior written permission is      Evaluation meeting and the Annual
obtained from the Site Manager. Copies       Meeting. (Please see the Calendar for the
of the permission will be given to the       dates of these events.) Feedback forms
property owner and to the OCF office.        are included in all booth registration
The original will remain with the Site       packets — please use them to share your
Manager. Remaining “unpermitted”             Fair experiences with us. During the
personal property will be deemed aban-       Fair, feedback forms may be obtained
doned and may be removed by the OCF.         and left at any Information booth.
                                             After the Fair, mail your comments to:
28. Package Storage                          Feedback, Oregon Country Fair,
To limit camping, backpacks and sleep-       442 Lawrence Street, Eugene, OR 97401.
ing gear brought in by visitors without
wristbands are checked in the Backpack       31. Grievance Process From
Check Inn near Dragon Admissions,            time to time, disputes and disagree-
which will be staffed by Security from       ments in the flow of interactions within
10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. A package check      the Fair Family may arise that require
is available for visitors at the WOW Hall    settlement. The grievance process is
booth located near Main Stage.               one method for settling disputes, and it
                                             strives to be completely fair to everyone
29. Bulletin Boards Posting                  while supporting the expression of our
of flyers and notices is allowed only at     alternative ideals. You may obtain a
areas marked as bulletin boards located      full copy of the Grievance Process and
near the small dragon at Admissions,         the necessary filing form from the Fair
by the Community Village six-pack, or        office. All grievance processes and time
Upper River Loop near Pike Place. Post-      limits at any step of this procedure are
ings outside these areas will be removed     suspended by a moratorium period
immediately.                                 from June 1 through July 31. During
                                             this period, contact Quartermaster or
30. Feedback The OCF appreci-                Fair Central for assistance from people
ates your input regarding all aspects of     trained in conflict resolution.

                                                          j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 9
   Membership + Publications
32. Membership In order to be                                 and will be covered by their own set of
considered a voting member, one must                          terms and conditions.
submit a signed membership applica-
tion and have participated in one of the                      34. Publications
two previous years as a recognized and                            fair family news . The Fair Family
verified volunteer, employee, performer,                      News is published eleven times a year by
booth participant, or Elder. Contact                          and for Fair staff, entertainers, booth
the Fair office or an Information booth                       members and Fairgoers. The FFN wel-
if you would like to register as a voting                     comes your Fair-related contributions of
member of the Fair. The same form is                          articles, letters, photos, camera-ready art
also a way to sign up to get the Fair Family                  and/or poetry. All Fair participants are
News mailed to you if you do not have                         encouraged to receive the FFN. The FFN
access to the internet, but please read the                   is published on-line through the OCF
form carefully and notice that you must                       website (oregoncountryfair.net). It can
check two different boxes on the form in                      also be mailed to you if you prefer.
order to become a voting member and                               peach pit . The Peach Pit is pub-
to receive the FFN. Crew Leaders: turn                        lished once a year for the three-day
in a crew list after the Fair to guarantee                    event. It contains essential information
that your staff will remain members.                          for Fairgoers regarding on-site services
                                                              and entertainment schedules for all the
33. Privacy Policy The Oregon                                 stages. The paper is distributed at ticket
Country Fair collects information only                        outlets and other locations in the greater
for its own use. The OCF will not                             Eugene/Springfield area prior to the
require that you provide any information                      Fair and on site during Fair days. The
that is not necessary for either member-                      Peach Pit does not accept advertising.
ship in the organization or participation                         website . The OCF maintains two web
in an event put on by the organization.                       sites. www.oregoncountryfair.org holds
If you are a Fair member, information                         information about tickets, accommoda-
you provide will be used to verify                            tions, entertainment schedules and other
membership and to track eligibility for                       information for the general public. OCF
member benefits. The Fair may also use                        staff, booth folks and entertainers are also
membership information to contact                             invited to visit www.oregoncountryfair.net
you for Fair-related purposes. We will                        for information of interest to the Fair
also disclose any information that we                         community. This includes the Fair Family
are required to by law. The Fair will                         News, Board minutes, these guidelines
not intentionally disclose nor will we                        and a calendar of events.
sell any information that you provide                             land use management plan . The
to third-party marketers, vendors or                          Land Use Management Plan, available
other parties. In the future there will                       at the Fair site office and on the .net
be additional opportunities to sign up                        website, includes Board-adopted land
for information, notifications and other                      use policies, implementation guidelines,
mailing lists. These will be opt-in lists                     and zone maps and descriptions.

10 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
   Transportation at the Fair
35. Transportation and                       other than human-powered (including
Parking Please, take the bus                 motorcycles) will be charged for parking.
or carpool.                                  Parking tickets may be purchased in ad-
    ocf - chartered lane transit             vance ($7 per vehicle) or on site ($8 per
district ( ltd ) buses leave regularly       vehicle). Each patron must have an ad-
from Eugene starting about 9:30 a.m.         mission ticket to come on site no matter
and continuing until about 5:30 p.m.         what form of transportation is chosen.
each day of the Fair. The last bus returns   Visitors’ cars are not allowed onto the
to town at 8:30 p.m.                         Fair site after 6 p.m. on Fair days.
                                                 traffic flow . Traffic crews work in
                                             the hot sun and eat dust all day. Please
                                             say “Hi” and be cooperative. They know
                                             how to squeeze a lot of cars into limited
                                             space and they know areas that need
                                             protecting. The public will use both the
                                             Maple Gate and Bus Road entrances
                                             on days of the event. Beginning Tuesday
                                             pre-Fair, staff, performers, and booth
                                             members will use the Bus Road entrance
                                             on Suttle Road. No vehicles, except
                                             those with emergency stickers,
                                             can enter any gate between 6 p.m. and
                                             8 p.m. on event days.
                                                 The OCF is not responsible for theft
                                             of or damage to vehicles, motorcycles,
                                             bikes or their contents while on OCF
                                             property or damage caused by tow
                                             companies while moving vehicles parked
                                             illegally on OCF property.
    worker shuttle buses leave                   fair - owned vehicles . Every year,
Eugene daily at 7 a.m. during the event      the OCF insures a limited number
from the Valley River Center shuttle         of volunteers and staff as drivers for
site. There is absolutely no overnight       Fair-owned vehicles. Only those on the
parking at the shuttle site. You must        insured drivers list may operate such
have a wristband, worker pass or dragon      vehicles. The OCF’s insurance carrier
voucher to board any LTD bus to the          must approve drivers. Coordinators
Fair site during the event, including        need to talk to office staff about getting
the Worker Shuttle Bus. Please see your      drivers on the insured list.
Booth Representative or crew coordina-          alternative forms of motorized
tor for any of these credentials.            transportation .   All alternative
    public parking at the fair .             forms of motorized transport intended
Fair-going public arriving in any vehicle    to operate at the OCF site any time

                                                         j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 11
during the period from the open-                                 No Fair Family vehicles can park in
ing of Main Camp through the                                        areas designated as public parking.
Sunday after post-Fair must be                                       Public parking includes Kermit’s,
registered at Quartermaster                                           Trotter’s, the Dead Lot and North
prior to use. These include,                                            Miss Piggy’s Lot (with the
but are not limited to,                                                  exception of Medallion Row).
gators, golf carts, go-carts,                                             Absolutely no camping is
ATVs, minibikes, scooters                                                 allowed in the public lots or
and mopeds. All registered                                               the off-site parking lot.
parties must agree to terms                                                 outta site parking .
of use on site and adhere to                                           Vehicle stickers for parking in the
operations in approved areas                                          Outta Site parking lot are available
and at approved rates of speed.                                    to eligible participants on a first-
No one under 16 may operate                                       come, first-served basis for $10 each.
these devices on site at any time.                                    towing . All vehicles of Fair
Failure to follow the terms of this                               participants (crews, booth members,
agreement will result in the OCF                                 entertainers) must have a vehicle
requiring removal of the device from                           sticker on the windshield to be parked
OCF property.                                                 on site after 9 p.m. Vehicle-stickered
                                                              cars that are parked in such a way as to
36. Vehicle Stickers By                                       block traffic, fire roads, any Red
Wednesday, July 7 each vehicle on the                         Vehicle Sticker Zone, or in areas desig-
premises after 9 p.m. must have a vehicle                     nated as public parking, will be towed
sticker affixed to the lower-left front                       to an out-of-the-way area on Fair prop-
windshield — no exceptions. All staff                         erty and identified via their vehicle
and crew vehicle stickers (including Far                      sticker number. The registered owner
Side and Outta Site) cost $10. Vehicle                        will be assessed a towing fee. Those who
stickers are not transferable. People                         fail to pay and/or repeat offenders may
with Day Worker and Significant Other                         lose the privilege of purchasing a vehicle
passes are not eligible to receive vehicle                    sticker at subsequent Fairs. Vehicles
stickers. Cars without stickers will likely                   belonging to Fair participants parked
be towed. All vehicles parked in the                          in alter-abled spots must have a DMV-
public lots after hours are subject to tow-                   issued permit and an OCF vehicle
ing whether or not they have a vehicle                        sticker. Vehicles that do not have a
sticker (see Towing below).                                   vehicle sticker displayed after 9 p.m. may
    Vehicles are not allowed in path                          be towed by a private towing company
and meadow areas from 6 a.m. Friday,                          to its impound lot off Fair property. The
July 9 until 6 a.m. Monday, July 12.                          OCF is not responsible for damage to
    Staff and booth members must park                         vehicles caused during towing. Contact
in designated staff and Crafts Lot only.                      the towing company.
Booth members’ parking is located                                towing and citations by lane
at, and limited to, Crafts Lot, Staff/                        county sheriffs .   All vehicles parked
Craft Overflow, South Miss Piggy’s                            along the shoulder of the highways or
and off-site parking, which is just west                      side roads may be cited and/or towed by
of the Dead Lot through the tree line.                        the Lane County Sheriffs.

12 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
   Stewardship of the Land
37. Environment                             unsure about whether a plant is native.
no cutting of any vegetation,                   ground cover . Hay, straw and
living or dead , is permitted .             wood shavings are detrimental to native
See the Main Camp Quartermaster if          ground cover and are a fire hazard. They
you have any questions. Violations may      are also large contributors to dust and
result in disciplinary action that may      are allergenic for some people. Cedar
include probation, suspension, or expul-    shavings and boughs, coconut fiber mats
sion. Much of the natural ground cover      and burlap are not allowed because they
of the Fair has been removed in recent      inhibit growth and are difficult to com-
years; no additional clearing is permit-    post. If used as ground cover in booths
ted. Consult with the Main Camp             or camps, the “Pack It In, Pack It Out”
Quartermaster before you plant any-         rule applies. Because all commercially
thing in the ground or if you need help     available lawn sod is now grown with
tying up any vegetation in your booth.      plastic netting that is not compostable
Please be sure to remove your tiebacks      and is difficult to remove, grass sod is
by July 31. Use of all gas-powered tools    not an appropriate ground cover. Use of
is prohibited except during Main Camp       this material in campsites or on paths
when they must be checked in with the       is prohibited. If you wish to use sod in
Quartermaster and receive a permit tag      your booth, you must sign a site steward-
and fire extinguisher.                      ship agreement form that is available at
    green zones . These are the land        the Registration Booth, Quartermaster
parcels or islands within or surrounding    or through your coordinator. All hay,
camping spaces and booth spaces as          straw, and wood shavings must be re-
well as the river and creek banks. Green    moved from the Fair site or taken to an
zones are habitats that need to be undis-   OCF-designated compost pile by July 31.
turbed. The OCF is actively involved        Any carpet, cardboard, plastic, plywood,
in wetland and riparian restoration         or sod used as ground cover must be
projects. Do not cross or camp in these     removed from the Fair site by July 31.
designated areas. Use existing campsites        duff . This is the native ground
and encourage the growth of natural         covering composed of the organic
barriers between camps and elsewhere.       materials and seeds that are necessary
    native plants . In order to preserve    to the regeneration of the ecosystem.
the natural setting of the Fair environ-    Moving of this duff should be kept to
ment, native plants are the preferred       a minimum and you must replace it
choice for planting on OCF property.        before you leave. More detailed informa-
The Site Manager must approve any           tion can be found in the “OCF Land
planting of non-natives directly into       Use Management Plan.”
non-confined areas. The Site Manager
or his designees will do any removal of     38. Archaeology The OCF
non-natives. Non-native invasive species    property is the home of many important
must never be brought on site. Please       archaeological sites protected by state
check with the Site Manager if you are      law. Ground disturbance on these

                                                       j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 13
sites requires a state-issued permit. All                     at least four feet off the ground to
ground disturbing activities, including                       a booth or other existing structure
replacement of existing in-ground                             (not to trees!) or taken off-site.
structures, must be approved by                                   The Site Manager and/or the
archaeology and construction crews.                           Caretaker have been authorized by the
Violations of this policy will result in                      Board to be available on site to facilitate
disciplinary action up to and including                       interpretation of, and compliance with,
probation, suspension and expulsion                           OCF cleanup guidelines.
from OCF property.
                                                              40. Paths Because of reseeding
39. Cleanup pack it in, pack it out.                          and compaction problems associated
    The Oregon Country Fair strictly                          with vehicle traffic, we ask that you keep
adheres to a “Pack It In, Pack It Out”                        vehicle use on Fair paths to an absolute
policy.                                                       minimum. Carts will be available for
    All plastic sheeting, tarps, carpets,                     your use, so please be prepared to cart
bedding, buckets, milk crates, coolers,                       and carry your stuff in. Handcarts are
removable signage, furniture, cinder                          available on weekends for free at Cart
blocks, wire spools, building materi-                         Central beginning three weeks before
als, or any other bulky items must be                         the Fair. Check with your coordinator
removed from the Fair site by the owner                       or Cart Central before Friday, July 9
of said items. The garbage and recycling                      if you need a cart during the Fair. All
kiosks throughout the Fair do not have                        paths will be closed to vehicle access for
the capacity for bulky waste. You must                        the season effective July 31. To facilitate
pack out the gear you brought to the                          post-Fair path rehabilitation, call the site
site. Clean your camp and booth site to                       office for access if needed.
remove all evidence of human activity.                            Do not put straw or hay on the
Leave no trace.                                               paths. It is an extreme fire hazard, for
    In order to meet the Fair’s waste free                    some folks it is highly allergenic, and
goals, all participants are required to use                   it inhibits the growth of ground cover.
compostable or reusable food service                          Straw is one of the biggest contributors
containers whether at gatherings before,                      of dust. There will be no straw available
during, or after our event. The use of                        for camping areas. Thank you for your
disposable plastic cups, plates or bowls                      cooperation.
is strictly prohibited.                                           Only service bikes are allowed on
    The deadline to have your campsite                        paths, conditions permitting.
cleaned up is August 31. After such                               Cover all open holes in the path.
time, any items on site will be consid-                           Fair policy states, “All Fair Family
ered abandoned and will be removed                            members shall work together to do what-
at the expense of the booth or campsite                       ever possible to insure a grass covered,
occupant. The entire Fair site is often                       barefoot-safe path during the Fair.”
flooded during the winter and the flow-
ing water moves our debris downstream.
All moveable benches, tables, dimen-
sional lumber, firewood, pallets, and
other loose materials must be secured

14 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
   Camping at the Fair Site
41. Camping Before and                        with limited availability. Photo ID hours
After the Fair Camping before                 of operation are also limited. Please
and after the Fair is limited to working      check hours Wednesday and Thursday
Main Camp crews. Booth people setting         prior to the Fair. The Board has requested
up for the Fair with authorization from       voluntary wristbanding of children 10
their Booth Representative may camp           and under for identification purposes.
for $2 per night per person from July 4       The OCF will provide wristbands for
through July 7. You must sign in with         children at the wristband booths in
Registration at Main Camp. The Fair           the parking lot. Wristbands are not
does not provide meals for booth work-        transferable; violators will be expelled
ers. You can camp at the Fair for the         and wristbands will be confiscated. See
event starting Wednesday, July 7, only        also Section 3 (Overnight Credentials).
with possession of a wristband. Crafts        Wristbands or photo IDs must be worn
Lot camping will be open at 9 a.m.            from Wednesday, July 7, 9 a.m. through
Wednesday, July 7, for those who must         Monday, July 12, 9 p.m.
be on-site and have traditionally camped
there. Vehicles in the Crafts Lot are for     43. Camping Neighborhoods
camping only and may not be removed           and Camp Hosts The OCF
from 7 a.m. Friday to 9 p.m. Sunday.          site is divided into camping neighbor-
    All campers and their belongings          hoods with a camp host for each. Camp
must be packed up, packed out and off         hosts work with the Fair Family in their
site no later than 6 p.m., Monday, July 12.   neighborhoods to facilitate a fun, safe,
    All campers must observe the              mutually respectful camping experience
fire regulations in Section 16 (Fire).        at the Fair. Camp hosts are available to
Campfires require a new inspection and        help prevent and help mediate disputes
permit each year. Only the Site Manager       over campsites and to promote respect
and the Fire Crew can issue permits.          for the OCF Code of Conduct and
                                              Guidelines. They also serve as stewards
42. Camping During the                        to help enhance the beauty and creative
Fair Public camping is not permitted          design of their camping neighborhoods.
anywhere on site. Everyone over 10            Check with your coordinator, Main
years of age must wear a wristband or         Camp Quartermaster or camp host
OCF issued photo ID to be on site after       before setting up camp.
public hours. Anyone on the grounds
before 11 a.m. and after 7 p.m. without       44. Tent Tags An OCF-approved
overnight credentials must leave.             tent tag must be affixed to each tent or
Everyone with overnight credentials           other sleeping structure on the OCF site
is obligated to abide by the Code of          during Main Camp in June until closing
Conduct and Guidelines of the OCF             post-Fair. We use tent tags to ensure that
community. Wristbands must be worn            only OCF booth members, entertainers,
on the wrist. Should you need an alter-       volunteers, and other Fair Family
native, photo ID is available for a fee       members are camping on the Fair site.

                                                          j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 15
Tent tags are available from the Main                         creates problems for other Fair Family.
Camp Quartermaster pre-Fair. They                             Think before you crank it up; please be
are also available starting Wednesday,                        respectful to the surrounding impacts
July 7, from camp hosts, or other                             on acoustic musicians, exhausted
volunteers designated by the Tent Tag                         kids and parent, and Fair family with
Camping Elves.                                                early morning shifts. Camp hosts,
                                                              coordinators, booth reps and campers
45. Campsites Everyone must                                   are encouraged to develop and negotiate
camp in designated areas. Please check                        neighborhood agreements before the
with your coordinator, camp host, Booth                       Fair regarding sound levels and noise
Representative or the Main Camp                               guidelines. If conflicts develop, the Man-
Quartermaster before setting up a new                         agement Team will intervene if needed.
camp. Campsites must not be claimed                           Conflict resolution decisions made by
or altered without an OK from Main                            the Management Team at that time
Camp Quartermaster. No brush cutting                          must be honored by all parties involved,
or digging is allowed. Please do not                          and will be reviewed post-Fair.
use rope or flagging tape to claim your                           If you are planning an event involving
campsites. Do not alter the land or the                       amplified sound at any time of year on
natural surroundings. All camps must be                       the Fair site, you must obtain a permit
cleaned up when you leave: no benches,                        from the Site Manager or the Operations
tables, camp furniture, etc. may be left or                   Manager for your event. During the
stored. All OCF camping areas are Pack                        OCF event week, all permit requests will
It In, Pack It Out, leave no trace areas.                     be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    Personal camp toilets and pit toilets                     Sound Amplification Permits may be
(holes dug in the ground for disposal                         determined, in part, with consideration
of human and/or animal waste) are not                         of some or all of the following criteria:
allowed on the OCF site!                                      sound sheds, decibel levels, respectful
    In order to meet the Fair’s waste-free                    interactions, and other permitted ampli-
goals, all participants are required to use                   fied events which are in close proximity
compostable or reusable food service                          or on consecutive nights in the same
containers whether at gatherings before,                      location. During the event week, the
during, or after our event on the Fair                        guideline for sound amplification is
site. The use of disposable plastic cups,                     12 a.m. Monday–Thursday, and 2 a.m.
plates or bowls is strictly prohibited.                       Friday through Sunday. The rest of the
    Campfires require a new inspection                        year, subject to management approval,
and permit each year. Only the Fire Crew                      all amplified sound will end no later
and the Site Manager can issue permits.                       than 11 p.m. weekdays and no later than
    no visible campsites . Camping                            midnight on Friday and Saturday.
within the Fair must not be visible                               This guideline is an evolving process,
to the general public and must be in                          as the OCF family evolves, and will
designated camping areas only.                                therefore be subject to annual review
    sound amplification . Because                             by the Board of Directors.
we camp so closely together, amplified                            far side camping . The Far Side
sound, whether live or recorded, pro-                         campground is primarily for volunteer
jected beyond the intended audience                           staff camping. All OCF camping and

16 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
environmental guidelines apply. The          the Crafts Lot. To camp in South Miss
Site Manager or the Far Side Coordina-       Piggy’s you must have a wristband,
tor must approve all camp locations.         vehicle sticker and South Miss Piggy’s
Campsites cannot be visible from the         sticker before you will be able to enter.
Fair side. Please identify your camp with        Each vendor will be charged up to
a name and sign. All individuals must        $75 according to the size of his or her
have wristbands and all vehicles must        space. All health, safety and environ-
have Far Side vehicle stickers affixed to    mental guidelines must be followed
the lower left hand side of their front      (see Sections 11, 13 and 78) as well as
windshield. Vehicle access is through        all state and county laws.
a leased road entrance off Territorial           No pipes, bongs or other tools for
Highway, which opens at noon on              ingesting illegal drugs, nor any other
Wednesday before the Fair. Our access        drug paraphernalia, may be displayed
permit with the Oregon Department            or sold on OCF property at any time,
of Transportation requires us to close       including during the Barter Fair.
the gate Friday, Saturday and Sunday         (See Section 62 of these Guidelines.)
until 6 p.m., when we can open to exit-
ing traffic. Exiting vehicles will not be    46. Sweep Each night we ask our
permitted to re-enter. Incoming traffic      guests to leave. All staff who are not
will be limited to service and emergency     already on duty during this time, as
vehicles If you camp on the Far Side and     well as significant others, are asked to
need to use your vehicle during the Fair     help with the sweep. We need your
days, you’ll need to have a regular Fair     understanding and cooperation in this
vehicle sticker and park in an approved      process. People in the interior of the
staff parking lot on the Fair side.          Fair at night without credentials pose
    zenn acres , marshall ’ s landing        myriad potential problems, as well as
and alice ’ s wonderland camping .           constitute an unwarranted and unex-
All OCF camping and environmental            pected drain of limited resources (water,
guidelines apply. No parking is available.   toilets, patience, etc.). From Wednesday,
Zenn Acres and Alice’s Wonderland            July 7, through Monday, July 12, no one
campers must register with their Camp        may stay after closing without a 2010
host or the Site Manager by Monday,          wristband or official OCF photo pass.
July 5, at the office on site.               See Section 3 (Overnight Credentials).
    barter fair . You must park and              We are particularly concerned
camp in South Piggy’s if you plan to         with unauthorized overnight guests in
participate in the Barter Fair. You must     booths and camping areas. Their pres-
have a Fair wristband or photo ID to         ence at the Fair after it has officially
enter the Barter Fair area from Wednes-      closed for the day is a breach of con-
day, July 7 at 9 a.m. through Monday,        tract. Failure to cooperate may result
July 12 at 9 p.m. No vehicles will be        in probation, suspension, or expulsion
allowed to enter South Miss Piggy’s on       from future Fairs.
Sunday night or Monday. To camp in
the Crafts Lot you must have a wrist-
band, vehicle sticker, and Crafts Lot
sticker before you will be able to enter

                                                         j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 17
               Booth Information
47. Booth Representatives                                     tative near the first of April each year.
The Oregon Country Fair owns the                              The deadline for registration is May 1.
booth spaces at the Fair. Fair Registra-                      Any outstanding debts to the Fair must
tion requires that each craft and food                        be paid before a booth registration will
booth has a Booth Representative. Each                        be accepted. You may register by mail
Booth Representative must be an ap-                           by sending your registration form to:
proved vendor at the Fair. Booth spaces                       Registration, Oregon Country Fair,
and Booth Representative status may                           442 Lawrence Street, Eugene, OR 97401.
be transferred according to the Guide-                        Registration staff will also be at Saturday
lines, but cannot be sold or traded for                       Market in Eugene from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
compensation. The OCF reserves the                            every Saturday in April to accept
right, when necessary, to appoint Booth                       registration forms, fee payments, and
Representatives, to reject the transfer of                    to answer questions. It is the Booth
Booth Representative status or to revoke                      Representative’s responsibility to keep
Booth Representative status.                                  Registration informed of any address
    The Booth Representative may                              changes by March 15 each year.
delegate specific responsibilities to other
booth members by providing Registra-                                   Registration
tion with a letter indicating which booth                            Main Camp Hours
members are authorized to do which                                       June 5 — June 27

tasks. If there is not sufficient time to                         saturday + sunday      10 am–6 pm
send a letter to Registration in advance,                            monday + tuesday      Closed
the Booth Representative should provide                           Wednesday, thursday, Friday
the delegated booth member with a note                                       10 am–6 pm
of authorization.
                                                                         June 28 — July 6
    The Booth Representative is the
contact person between the booth and                                     daily 10 am – 8 pm

the rest of the Fair organization. It is                                  open July 4th!

the Booth Representative’s responsibil-
ity to see that all booth members read
                                                                Wristband Booth Hours
and comply with these Guidelines. The
                                                                          July 7 – July 11
Oregon Country Fair can revoke Booth
Representative status and/or approved                           Wednesday, July 7    8 am – 9:30 pm
vendor status for violations of the Guide-                       thursday, July 8   9 am – 9:30 pm
lines. Please feel free to make copies to                          Friday, July 9 9 am – 9:00 pm
distribute to booth members. Additional                          saturday, July 10 9 am – 9:00 pm
copies of the Guidelines are also avail-                           sunday, July 11 10 am – 2 pm
able from the OCF office, on site and on
the web at oregoncountryfair.net.                             49. Booth Fees Booth fees
                                                              must be paid in full by June 13. If not
48. Registration A registration                               paid, the booth is forfeited. No post-
packet is sent to each Booth Represen-                        dated checks will be accepted. Only the
18 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
Booth Representative’s check or money       the May 1 registration deadline.)
order will be accepted. No other booth          food cart vendors pay a booth fee
member may submit fees. Checks              of $250, which includes a $60 flat fee,
returned because of insufficient funds      plus three wristbands and one vehicle
will be assessed a $25 fee. Please send     sticker. Three additional wristbands may
one check for both the initial booth fee    be purchased for $60 each on or before
and included passes. All supplemental       June 27. On or after June 28, additional
passes can be paid for after approval.      wristbands will cost $80 each.
    No booth member can be charged              nonprofit organizations . These
more than the actual cost of a wrist-       may register with reduced fees. To be
band, which for adults is $60 on or         eligible submit copies of 501(c)(3) status
before June 27, and $80 on or after         or nonprofit papers with your packet
June 28.                                    or by 30 days prior to the Fair. The
    crafts booths pay $380, which           nonprofit craft booth fee is $190 (all
includes a flat fee of $100, plus four      guidelines regarding eligibility of crafts
wristbands and two vehicle stickers.        still apply); the nonprofit food booth fee
Up to four additional wristbands may        is $260. Nonprofit organizations may
be purchased for $60 each on or before      also participate through Community
June 27. On or after June 28, additional    Village (although no sales are allowed).
wristbands will cost $80.                   Call (541) 343-4298 Community Village
    strolling craft vendors pay             for contact information.
$190, which includes a flat fee of $50,
plus two wristbands and one vehicle         50. Booth Fee Refunds
sticker. Two additional wristbands may      If an emergency arises preventing your
be purchased for $60 each on or before      participation in the Fair, a total refund
June 27. On or after June 28, additional    of the booth fee may be made if Fair
wristbands will cost $80.                   Registration is notified by June 20. A
    food booths pay a booth fee of          partial refund of the booth fee may be
$520, which includes a $100 booth fee,      made with a cancellation before June 28.
plus six wristbands and three vehicle       Vendor fees are nonrefundable if the
stickers. Up to six additional wristbands   Fair is cancelled because of events be-
may be purchased for $60 each on or         yond the control of the Fair. Requests
before June 27. On or after June 28,        for refunds must be submitted in writing
additional wristbands will cost $80. Any    to Registration by July 31.
requests for more than 12 total wrist-
bands will be considered based on the       51. Passes Only a Booth Rep-
following criteria approved by the Board    resentative or a delegate with written
of Directors: on-site food preparation      authorization from the Booth Represen-
and the booth must be open at least         tative may order or purchase wristbands,
15 hours a day; or any booth, including     worker day passes, or vehicle stickers.
drinks-only booths, that are open 20 or         Everyone with overnight credentials
more hours per day, (including Sunday).     is obligated to abide by the Code of
Be sure to request your wristbands by       Conduct and Guidelines of the OCF
the May 1 deadline. (This is extended       community.
for any new food booth accepted after

                                                        j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 19
   overnight credentials                                      with the registration fee, and which
(wristbands or ocf-issued photo id)                           booth members’ vehicles will receive the
are required for everyone over 10 years                       additional purchased stickers. Additional
old who will be at the Fair before 6 a.m.                     vehicle stickers are available for $20 each
or after 7 p.m. Overnight credentials                         to booth members. The total number
are not to be transferred or sold. If your                    of vehicle stickers sold to a booth can-
credential is lost, report immediately to                     not exceed half the number of passes.
your Booth Representative. Please indi-                       Because of limited parking, we strongly
cate on the registration form the names                       urge carpooling. Outta Site vehicle
of booth members who will receive cre-                        stickers are available to designated par-
dentials. Additional adult credentials are                    ticipants for $10 each.
$60 each, or $30 for teens 13–18 years                            Please see Transportation and Parking
old and $10 for youth 11 and 12 years                         (Section 35) and Vehicle Stickers
old. When requesting Youth credentials,                       (Section 36) for information on parking
please indicate the name, date of birth,                      for booth members.
and person at the Fair responsible for                            dragon vouchers . Dragon vouch-
the youth. All persons under the age of                       ers facilitate site access in order to pick
18 must have a parent or responsible                          up your credentials during the event.
adult on site during the Fair. If the                         You will need a dragon voucher to
minor is deemed by Fair management to                         get on the bus and/or to the check-in
be in violation of the OCF Guidelines,                        booths at the Fair site without your
the responsible adult will be subject to                      wristband. They will get you on the bus
disciplinary action, up to and including                      or to the check-in booths only. Please see
suspension from the Fair for one year.                        your Booth Rep to get a dragon voucher.
Further incidents may result in perma-
nent expulsion from the OCF                                   52. Booth Changes Booth
    The number of youth overnight cre-                        Representatives are required to notify
dentials requested cannot exceed half the                     Registration of all booth changes.
number of approved adult credentials.                             contact information . Registration
    worker day passes . These are                             will collect the names, addresses (e-mail
available to daytime booth workers                            and postal), and phone numbers of folks
for $10 each, including those for                             in each booth. Booth Representatives
Wednesday and Thursday. These passes                          should provide this information in
allow persons working in booths to be                         the Registration packet and update
on the property between 7 a.m. and                            this information if it changes after the
7 p.m. only. Unused worker day passes                         Booth Registration crew has received
are not refundable.                                           the packet.
    vehicle stickers . Each vehicle on                            booth sharing . Booths may share
the Fair property after 9 p.m. must have                      space with any successfully juried crafts-
a vehicle sticker affixed to the lower-left                   person. Booth Representatives must
front windshield by Wednesday, July 7.                        notify Registration as soon as possible
There are no exceptions and vehicle                           to insure that the added craftsperson
stickers are non-transferable. When reg-                      gets credit for vending.
istering, please indicate who is to receive                       leave of absence . A booth,
the vehicle stickers included                                 craftsperson, or Booth Representative

20 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
may take a leave of absence for no more      or of space requirements if a booth is
than two consecutive years with written      to be built on site. We also need to
notification to Registration before the      know your camping requirements, if any.
May 1 deadline.                                  If you are coming out to the Fair to
   new booth representatives .               claim your site, please bring your own
Booth Representatives may appoint a          supplies of food and water. There are
temporary, one-year-only Booth Rep-          maps and staff members available to
resentative or a new permanent Booth         answer your questions. If you plan to
Representative. A new crafts Booth Rep-      stay overnight, register at the Registra-
resentative must have been an approved       tion booth in Main Camp. Please see
craftsperson in that booth for the two       Section 41 (Camping Before and After
previous consecutive Fairs.                  the Fair).
   Contact Booth Registration by calling         charter members have the option
(541) 343-4298, writing to Booth             of moving from their traditional site to a
Registration, Oregon Country Fair,           site left vacant by a non-returning booth
442 Lawrence Street, Eugene, OR 97401,       beginning Saturday, June 12. This is also
or e-mailing to                              the first day for construction on booths.
boothreg@oregoncountryfair.org.                 returning booth representatives
                                             (or their delegates with written authori-
                                                  zation) may claim their traditional
                                                  booth site beginning Sunday, June 13.
                                                  Returning Booth Representatives
                                                  have the option of moving from
                                                  their traditional booth site to a site
                                                  left vacant by a non-returning booth
53. Booth Site Selection                          as of this date.
Booth fees must be fully paid before a
booth site may be claimed.                   54. Opening and Closing
    Please check with Booth Registra-        All booths must be closed by Monday,
tion at Main Camp before physically          July 12, 1 p.m. There is no camping
claiming a booth space. Let Registra-        Monday night. Everyone must vacate
tion know if you are considering a           by 6 p.m.
move from your traditional space. Any
decision to reallocate booth space will      55. Barter Fair Sales
be made by experienced Fair staff in the     Each vendor will be charged up to
best interests of the Fair. You may re-      $75 according to the size of the space.
quest that Registration claim your booth     All health, safety and environmental
site for you. Any booth (old or new) is      guidelines must be followed (see Sec-
guaranteed a space approximately 10 ft.      tions 11, 13 and 77) as well as all state
by 10 ft. Existing booths larger than this   and county laws.
may be cut back if the space is needed.         No pipes, bongs or other tools to
    New vendors wishing to have us           ingest illegal drugs, nor any other drug
claim a space for them should supply us      paraphernalia, may be displayed or sold
with a description of any portable booth     on OCF property at any time, including
(including measurements and a picture),      during the Barter Fair.

                                                         j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 21
             Booth Construction
56. Construction Calendar                                     — both substances are highly toxic.
See Calendar on page iii for booth                            We suggest the use of cedar or redwood
claim dates.                                                  where rot might be a problem.
June 5     Main Camp opens                                        Be careful to avoid starting forest
                                                              fires. Generators and chain saws must
June 5     No work permitted prior
                                                              have U.S. Forest Service-approved spark
           to this date
                                                              arrestors. You must have a fire extin-
June 26    Last day to submit plans to                        guisher more than three feet but not
           Construction for repairs                           less than ten feet from any gasoline-
July 7     All construction requiring                         powered equipment and in plain sight to
           inspection must be done!                           any person in the booth or on the path.
July 8     All construction completed                             Stack all excess construction material
           (tools down!)                                      in front of your booth for recycling.
                                                              Materials inside a booth belong to the
57. General Construction                                      booth. Anything placed in front of a
Requirements All booths will                                  booth will be removed, recycled, or
be inspected. Unsafe booths must be re-                       scrounged.
paired before use. Lane County building                           No nailing into trees.
permits may be required — see Section 61                          No brush cutting. Violations may
(Permits). Absolutely no booth demoli-                        result in disciplinary action that may
tion or construction prior to June 5 is                       include probation, suspension or expul-
allowed without permission of the Site                        sion. The explanation for this policy is
Manager and the Construction Coordi-                          given in Section 37 (Environment).
nator. Booth construction requiring                               During Main Camp, call Quarter-
inspection must be completed by                               master before you dig any holes in the
Wednesday, July 7. All booths must be                         ground. Do not cut any wiring! The
completed by Thursday, July 8. Booths                         Quartermaster has maps that identify
not completed by that date may lose                           where underground wiring and water
the right to participate and their booth                      systems are located. All open holes must
fees will not be refunded.                                    be covered at all times.
    Booths must be built with adequate                            All booth dismantling, storage and
structural support but must be tempo-                         removal must be done on or before the
rary in character. No poured concrete                         weekend of the annual picnic, August 21.
is permitted. Foundation blocks may                           Staff may remove hazardous or aban-
be used under posts to hold them off                          doned booths, lumber, and materials.
the ground.                                                   The OCF will not accept responsibility
    Wood used for booth construction                          for materials left at the Fair site. All
may not be painted, stained or sealed.                        booths and lofts must have floors and
However, decorative painting, including                       walls dismantled, properly stored (see
signs, is allowed if removed after the                        the Booth Construction Manual) and
Fair. Do not use pressure-treated lumber                      tied down for the flood season per
or lumber treated with penta or creosote                      FEMA floodplain codes. All ground

22 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
platforms in temporary structures must        master for instruction on how to protect
be taken up and stored at least four          your booth and the environment.
feet off the ground. The OCF may
remove structures left on site and a fee      58. General Considerations
may be charged.                               for Wheelchairs The minimum
    The Fair site floods most winters;        width for one wheelchair is 36" of clear
please consider this important reality in     space. Clear floor space needed for a
your booth construction. Fences, walls        single wheelchair is 30" by 48". A high
and booth fronts impede and channel           forward reach of a maximum 48" from
flood waters and cause path erosion.          the floor, and a side reach of a maximum
Remove and secure, or hinge and fold          54" from the floor are also needed.
up, these vertical surfaces. Converting       Turning space necessary for a wheelchair
your booth to a temporary structure and       is 60" in diameter. Two wheelchairs
removing it from the flood plain each         passing each other need a minimum 60"
year is the most site-friendly alternative.   width. The proper incline for a wheel-
    NO BRUSH CUTTING.                         chair ramp is 1" x 12" rise.
    car batteries for booth lighting.
All car batteries used for booth power        59. Aesthetics Booth construc-
should be properly fused to prevent           tion should be simple yet imaginative
fires. Shorted wiring connected to car        and attractive. Organic, asymmetrical,
batteries can start a fire that cannot be     and non-rectangular designs are encour-
easily extinguished. Contact Quarter-         aged. Please strive to maintain the Fair
                                              ambience of a small, temporary village.
                                              Booths that are fully removable are
                                              strongly encouraged as they impact the
                                              land the least. Whether fully removable
                                              or not, booth walls, roofs, counter skirts
                                              and such must be substantially remov-
                                              able to allow light and rain to reach the
                                              ground. Materials should include wood
                                              (poles and old weathered wood are best)
                                              or fabric (canvas, parachutes, tie dyes).
                                                  The OCF does not permit visible
                                              pressure-treated materials, plywood,
                                              lattice, chipboard, or pallets as building
                                              materials for new or rebuilt con-
                                              struction. However, covered plywood
                                              countertops in booths, removable
                                              plywood signs, and removable 4A ramps
                                              are acceptable. Plastic, including woven
                                              plastic, must be covered and out of
                                              sight during the Fair unless it is actively
                                              raining. Automobiles, trailers, camping
                                              tents, or converted trucks may not be
                                              used as booths. Personal camping tents

                                                         j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 23
must be kept well hidden from public
view. The OCF has the right to reject a
booth not in keeping with the aesthetic
standards of the Fair.
    signs . Signs must follow the same
aesthetic guidelines as booths. Signs may
be no larger than 16 square feet, but not
necessarily square in shape. No signs
are allowed in the paths. Signs may not
be made of plastic or vinyl signboard or
laminated material. Excessive signage is                         All posts for lofts shall be on pier
not permitted.                                                pads with straps. All posts must be of
    Booth signage must be on the booth                        an approved species: redwood, cedar,
itself. Signs in other areas directing folks                  yew, locust. Do not use creosote-
to your booth are not permissible, other                      treated posts. Loft structures must have
than in cases where a booth has moved.                        adequate diagonal bracing. No tree
The Fair will then provide a small sign at                    structures are allowed.
the old location for the first Fair of the
move.                                                         61. Permits Lane County Building
                                                              Permits may be required for any struc-
60. Lofts Lofts may not be used as                            tural alterations, additions, and/or new
commercial selling space and may not                          construction of booths with lofts, struc-
be used by the public. Lane County                            tures higher than 10 feet, and public
Building Department and OCF policy                            structures and facilities. Permits are not
require that no new lofts larger than 100                     required for non-structural work such
square feet may be built. Lane County                         as shelves, counters, and storage bins.
and OCF Construction strongly urge                            Permit applications should be given to
that new booths be built without lofts                        OCF Construction Coordinators, who
to reduce hazards, simplify construction,                     will be your liaison with the County.
and avoid the potential for commercial                        Information on fees and permit require-
building permits.                                             ments will be available at the Construc-
    The County and the OCF also                               tion Crew office in Main Camp. Checks
require that all lofts have safety rails and                  for fees should be made out to Lane
removable ladders. Stairs are discour-                        County Building Department.
aged but if used must also be removable.                          Whether or not permits are required,
All loft areas shall have approved                            please inform the Construction Coor-
guardrails at least 42 inches high,                           dinators of your plans before you begin.
with openings and ladder access areas                         Permit information and design advice
similarly protected, before occupancy                         will be provided by the Construction
approval will be granted. Ladders should                      Coordinators. Further information
be securely mounted, but removable to                         may be obtained by writing to:
inhibit loft access during the off-season.                    OCF Construction, 442 Lawrence
All ladders or stairs must be removed                         Street, Eugene, OR 97401, or e-mail
from the site or fastened to the loft                         office@oregoncountryfair.org. When in
floor after the Fair.                                         doubt, ask.

24 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
                      Craft Jurying
the oregon country fair features              a crafter is approved as of the 2010 Fair
handmade , handcrafted or                     will remain on his or her list of approved
significantly hand - altered items            crafts for as long as that crafter remains
for sale by the artisan .                     active at the Fair. Returning crafters who
                                              wish to have new crafts approved for sale
62. Prohibited Items                          at the Fair must submit three slides with
Imported or manufactured items are            a craft jury application and the non-
inappropriate for the Oregon Country          refundable application fee of $5 by the
Fair. No pipes, bongs, or other tools to      April 1 deadline.
ingest illegal drugs, nor any other drug
paraphernalia, may be displayed or sold       65. New Craft Vendors
on OCF property at any time. Crafters         Each year a few new applicants are
who believe that any of their items may       approved through the jury process to
be interpreted by staff to be in violation    sell their crafts at the Fair. Applicants
of this guideline should contact the          with the highest jury scores for that year
Craft Committee at the Fair office be-        will be placed in one-year-only booths
fore the April 1 craft jury deadline each     and required to share these booths with
year to resolve questions about what          other approved crafters.
they may exhibit at the Fair.                     For purposes of jurying a craft, a new
                                              craftsperson is defined as a craftsperson
63. Grandfathered Crafts                      that has not been at any of the three pre-
In 1989, the Board of Directors con-          vious years’ Fairs selling their approved
firmed that crafters/crafts that were list-   craft. New crafters who wish to have
ed in Craft Inventory records as being        crafts approved for sale at the Fair must
at the Fair of 1982 are grandfathered.        submit three digital images with a craft
As long as the craftsperson is present        jury application and a non-refundable
selling that craft and complies with the      application fee of $5 by the April 1
provisions of Section 64 (Returning           deadline. Applications for the following
Crafters), the craftsperson/craft retains     Fair are available in January of each year.
a grandfathered status.                       You can find applications on our web
                                              site starting in January of each year or
64. Returning Crafters For                    you can call our office at (541) 343-4298
purposes of jurying a craft, a returning      to request one be sent to you. All Craft
craftsperson is defined as a craftsperson     Jury applications must be received at
that has been at one of the two previous      the Fair Office by April 1. If you have
years’ Fairs selling their approved craft.    questions, you may send an e-mail or
A craftsperson may be absent from the         call the Fair office at (541) 343-4298
Fair (on Leave of Absence) for up to          and leave a message for Craft Inventory.
two consecutive years. A craftsperson             Sales space is not guaranteed to all
absent from the Fair for three years or       approved crafters; there is simply not
more will be dropped from the records         enough booth space available for all
of approved crafters. Any craft for which     the crafters who want to participate.

                                                         j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 25
Crafters who are approved by the jury                         at the Fair. A crafter who is awarded a
but whose scores do not guarantee them                        one-year-only booth for two consecutive
placement in one-year-only booths,                            years will not be eligible for a one-year-
as well as any crafters who have been                         only booth in the third year but will be
displaced from a booth at the Fair, are                       eligible again the following year. Regis-
encouraged to do the following:                               tration will maintain at least 10 booths
    1.) Network with Booth Representa-                        as one-year-only booths.
tives to find available sales space; this
can be done during the Fair or during                         68. Awarding of Booth Space
the off-season.                                               on a Permanent Basis
    2.) Contact Registration in the spring                    Each year the Fair will determine if
to request that their name be placed on                       there are booth spaces available to award
the Wait/Share list. Booth representa-                        to returning crafter(s) on a permanent
tives are encouraged to use this list to                      basis, rather than for one year only.
contact crafters if space becomes avail-                      If space is available, it will be awarded
able in their booths. The Wait/Share                          to the top-ranked crafter(s) from the
list is published in the Fair Family News                     current Wait/Share list who have:
for greater exposure.                                             a.) five years verifiable presence at
    3.) Place an individual ad in the                         the Fair as an active crafter; and
Fair Family News stating needs and                                b.) presence at the Fair as an active
requesting sales space. Ads are limited                       crafter in at least one of the previous
to 30 words maximum and cost $5                               three Fairs.
per ad, per month.                                                Booth availability will not be known
                                                              before the April 1 jury deadline. Because
66. Wait/Share List Each year,                                of this, returning crafters who are inter-
crafters are ranked by jury score in the                      ested in (and eligible for) being awarded
current year to create the Wait/Share                         booth space on a permanent basis must
list of crafters looking for space. Crafters                  submit a new application (with slides
with the same jury score are ranked                           and fee) by the April 1 deadline.
randomly within their range. Top-
ranked crafters on the Wait/Share list                        69. Logo Items Each year, a few
are awarded one-year-only booths. Any                         returning crafters are awarded the privi-
other approved crafter looking for space                      lege of using the Oregon Country Fair
may be included on the Wait/Share list.                       logo on their craft, for that year only.
Crafters who want to be on the Wait/                          April 1 is the deadline for applying for
Share list should notify Registration in                      this privilege. Unlike regular new craft
April or May.                                                 applications for which only slides are
                                                              accepted, a sample of the proposed logo
67. One-Year-Only Booths                                      item is required. Please contact the Fair
One-year-only booths are awarded to the                       office for more specific information.
top-ranked crafters (by jury score in the                     The Board of Directors must approve
current year) on the Wait/Share list. A                       use of the logo (the Peach and/or the
crafter who is awarded a one-year-only                        words Oregon Country Fair) for sale,
booth must share that booth with at                           trade, or display during public hours.
least one other crafter looking for space

26 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
                       Craft Booths
70. Craft Inventory A copy                    the craftsperson that juried that craft.
of the Craft Inventory records for your       If the approved craftsperson cannot be
booth is included in your registration        present at the Fair, their crafts may not
packet (the pink sheet). Look over this             be displayed.
information, verify it for accuracy                           A craftsperson may be
and completeness, and                                          absent from the Fair (on
return it with your                                             Leave of Absence) for up
registration materials.                                         to two consecutive years.
    The Booth Represen-                                        A craftsperson absent from
tative is the contact person                                the Fair for three years or
between the booth and the rest of                     more will be dropped from the
the Fair organization. It is the Booth        record of approved craftspersons.
Representative’s responsibility to see            Sale of unapproved crafts is not
that all the members of the booth are         allowed. Imported or manufactured
aware of, and comply with, the                         items are explicitly prohibited.
OCF Guidelines. Booth Rep-                                   Craft Inventory staff will
resentatives must be active                                    stop by each booth daily
in their booths at the Fair                                     to ensure that the crafts
for the three days of the                                       in the booth are the
event. In an emergency,                                      approved crafts for that
the Booth Representative                                 booth. There is absolutely
may supply written authorization                   no on-site jurying.
to Registration to empower a temporary            Recently approved craftspersons:
Booth Representative. New permanent           To avoid disputes, please have a copy
Booth Representatives must be approved        of your craft jury acceptance letter with
craftspersons that have sold their                           you at the Fair. A Craft
craft in that booth for the                                   Inventory coordinator will
previous two years.                                           be available in the evenings
    All crafts sold at the                                  after the Fair closes to try to
Fair must be handcrafted,                                 resolve disputes. If you observe
handmade, homegrown,                                     any violations of these guide-
hand-gathered, or signifi-                               lines, please contact the nearest
cantly altered by the person(s)                         Information booth. Be aware
who had that craft approved                           of blanket vendors as well, and
by the OCF. What are approved                       report them to the nearest Infor-
(juried) are the craft and the                   mation booth. See Section 69 (Logo
craftsperson. Approved craftspersons          Items). Before or after the hours the Fair
are those who were grandfathered by           is open to the public, sale of handmade
being present in 1982, or who have            or handcrafted items is allowed inside of
successfully juried since then and sold       booths so long as the person or persons
regularly at the Fair thereafter. The craft   who made them are present at the Fair
must be made, displayed and sold by           with a valid wristband or pass.

                                                          j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 27
   After-hours sales at the Main Stage                        71. Strolling Craft Vendors
area or outside of established booths,                        Strolling craft vendor assignments are
are limited to approved strolling ven-                        meant to provide the Fair with a continu-
dors displaying a valid strolling permit.                     ally changing atmosphere on the paths.
                                                              Strolling craft vendors are expected to
                                                              stroll. Strolling vendors who do not reg-
                                                              ularly move may face sanctions. Strolling
                                                              vendors are required to check in with
                                                              the Craft Inventory Crew at Odyssey at
                                                              least once a day during the Fair, between
                                                              10 a.m. and 5 p.m., with their complete
                                                              path display.

                                                              72. Youth Crafts Youth age 18
                                                              and younger may sell unjuried articles
    If staff believes that an unapproved                      (kid’s crafts) in their registered booth
craft is being sold, the Booth Repre-                         only. All items must be handcrafted,
sentative will be asked, in writing, to                       handmade, homegrown, hand-gathered,
remove that craft from display. Failure                       or significantly altered by the child
to comply with the request to pull a craft                    selling the craft. We encourage you to
immediately will put the booth at risk                        list kid crafters on your Craft Inventory
of being put on probation. In extreme                         record. Youth who will be 19 at the
cases of continued offenses, you may be                       time of the Fair must jury their crafts.
expelled from the Fair. If there is doubt                     They will jury as returning craftspersons
about a craft being approved for sale at                      if they were listed on Craft Inventory
this year’s Fair, check with Craft Inven-                     records in the previous two years.
tory or submit a craft jury application
with three slides and the non-refundable
application fee of $5 by April 1. Success-
ful jurying will guarantee approved
status of the craft for subsequent years.
    All booths are expected to be set up
and open for business during the hours
the Fair is open to the public. Please
have sufficient product available for sale
for the three days of the Fair. Remember
that the Oregon Country Fair is a juried
arts and crafts fair. If you do not have                      73. Craft-related Customer
sufficient goods for sale for the whole                       Complaints The Fair may deny
Fair, please consider taking craftspersons                    crafter status to vendors about whom
from the Wait/Share list into your                            the Fair has received substantial un-
booth. Registration crew will facilitate                      resolved customer complaints. Written
contact with craftspersons from the                           complaints will be forwarded to the
Wait/Share list.                                              Craft Committee for consideration.

28 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
      Food Booth Guidelines
74. Food Committee The                      Sanitarian on Monday, June 14, 6:30 p.m.
Oregon Country Fair has a Food              at Harris Hall, 125 E. 8th Avenue,
Committee, which is responsible for         Eugene. No exceptions! A working
the selection of new food booths and        member from each booth must attend
coordination of food policies. The          this meeting. All booth fees must be paid
committee aspires to maintain quality       by June 14; however, Registration staff
food service to the public while serving    will be available to do other business at
as a representative body for the food       the end of the meeting.
booths by making recommendations
and proposals to the OCF Board con-         78. County Regulations
cerning food booth policies. The Food       The rules for the preparation and han-
Committee appreciates your feedback         dling of food are those established by
and is available for problem solving.       Lane County and the Food Committee.
                                            There will be no exceptions to these.
75. Menu Registration materials for         On the first day of the Fair, a County
food booths include a menu form that        Sanitarian will inspect your Food Booth
must be completed each year. Returning      before issuing a temporary restaurant
vendors who are planning a change of        license. The OCF will not permit
menu are subject to re-evaluation by the    booths that fail this inspection to open.
Food Committee.                             Booths in violation of these regulations
                                            during the Fair will be closed down.
76. Insurance The Oregon                    The County Sanitarian will be making
Country Fair requires that each food        random inspections throughout the
vendor carry a liability insurance policy   duration of the Fair.
that names the Oregon Country Fair              At least one week before the Fair each
as an additional insured. A copy of the     food booth must apply for a temporary
liability certificate must be provided to   restaurant license from the Environmen-
the Fair by June 14.                        tal Health Division, located in the base-
    Vendors may purchase this insurance     ment of the Lane County Courthouse.
from their carrier of choice. You may       (Not necessary for food carts.)
also go online to www.galescreek.com, a         At least one person with a Food
Portland insurance agency that special-     Handler’s card must be in each booth
izes in event coverage. You may phone       or cart at all times. These cards can be
Gales Creek at (503) 227-0491.              obtained at the Environmental Health
    Food Vendors who have not pro-          Office as well.
vided an insurance certificate will not         The Health Division requires each
be allowed to open their booth.             food booth to have a specific “name” to
                                            be used at the time of application, and
77. Mandatory Food Booth                    to be used on the booth during the Fair.
Meeting All food vendors are                    Keep your menu simple and do not
required to attend a meeting with           add any menu items during the Fair.
the Food Committee and the County           Remove all unused food from the site.

                                                       j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 29
Main Camp Kitchen accepts donations                           No home-canned or home-prepared
of certain foodstuffs at the Kitchen                          items are permitted. Custom Meat Co.
Crew’s discretion.                                            is not an approved source of processed
    Food sales can begin Thursday, July 8                     meat.
at noon, and must end by Monday,                                  All foods must be prepared on the
July 12 at 1 p.m. As of Monday, July 12,                      Fair site. Limit menus accordingly.
at 1 p.m., food booths will not sell or                       Exceptions are baked goods or dairy
give away food. All County regulations                        products prepared in a licensed facility,
regarding food handling and food ser-                         licensed in the booth name.
vice apply to pre- and post-Fair kitchens,                        Raw foods must be properly protected
OCF hospitality, and the Barter Fair.                         in transport to the Fair, i.e., dust-tight
Absolutely no food sales are permitted                        containers, refrigerated, etc.
at the Barter Fair.                                               Perishable foods must be kept refrig-
                                                              erated at 40 degrees F. All cooling units
79. Refrigeration The OCF                                     must have thermometers. All cooling
provides food vendors with refrigeration                      units must be sanitized and must not
facilities for the storage of perishable                      have any interior damage such as rust
food products. The refrigeration crew                         or exposed insulation.
will not accept items for storage that do                         Food must be stored above ground
not need to be refrigerated to maintain                       in covered containers, protected from
quality or healthfulness. All food must                       dust, flies, etc. All foods must be kept
be stored in stackable containers that                        covered, including pastries. Plastic bags,
will not collapse from weight stacked                         plastic wrap, and plastic boxes with lids
on them. Examples of good, strong,                            are fine. Oil used for deep-frying must
durable containers include milk crates                        be changed or filtered daily. Do not
(either size) and plastic or metal buckets                    dump oil on the ground.
with lids. Containers that are not food                           No strolling food vendor is permit-
grade must be lined with plastic bags to                      ted to show up after the Fair has begun.
maintain sanitation standards.                                    No electrically powered appliances,
    Ice will be available at the refer site                   please. Blenders, if used, are to be pow-
in 50-pound bags and 7.5-pound blocks.                        ered by bicycle or some other form of
Ice sales will occur during the refer truck                   appropriate technology. No generators
operating hours. Hours for the refer                          or amplified music are allowed.
truck will be announced at the manda-
tory food meeting.                                            81. Sanitation Provide adequate,
    All refrigerators must be removed                         cleanable, nonabsorbent, fly-tight gar-
from the property no later than July 31.                      bage and refuse containers for use inside
Those not removed by vendors will be                          each booth. Garbage containers outside
removed by the OCF and booths will be                         the booth must comply with the recycling
assessed $100 per unit.                                       guidelines outlined in Section 83.
                                                                  water containers must be acces-
80. Food Issues All food must                                 sible, adequately braced, and the storage
be from an approved source of supply.                         platform base must be no higher than
For example, government-inspected                             six feet. Safe access must be provided
meat, approved ice, approved milk, etc.                       to any storage platforms. Do not build

30 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
water storage platforms without consult-     guards where needed to protect food
ing with a Construction Coordinator.         preparation and serving areas from
Water delivery will be faster and more       the public.
efficient if containers have at least a          Each booth must be equipped with
five-gallon capacity, with an opening of     a hand washing system that provides
two inches or more in diameter. Small        warm, flowing water at all times. This
containers slow down the delivery            system must, at a minimum, provide a
service and waste water. Place all water     5-gallon food grade container for water
containers that you cannot carry no fur-     storage. The container must have a
ther than five feet from the front of your   dispensing valve that provides a constant
booth. Cooperating with these requests       flow of water when opened. A catch
will enable water delivery to be faster      basin must be provided to collect waste-
and easier on everyone. Water will be        water from the hand washing system
delivered twice daily: 7 to 11 a.m., and     in a sanitary manner. There must be
7 to 11 p.m. (except Sunday evening).        two separate containers: one with soapy
If you miss your delivery, please go to      wash water and the other with a sanitiz-
the nearest Information booth for in-        ing rinse of at least 100 ppm chlorine
structions. Water containers left behind     (1 tablespoon per gallon of water). Use
after the Fair are likely to float away.     only paper towels to dry hands.
Private showers are not permitted.               All food handlers must wash their
    An approved method of wastewater         hands after handling any nonfood items
disposal must be provided. Please check      and before rehandling food.
the condition of the dry well in your            Each booth must be equipped with
booth. Inadequate or failed dry wells        adequate dishwashing facilities, separate
create unpleasant and unsanitary condi-      from hand washing. The required three-
tions. The Construction desk at Main         step dishwashing procedure consists of
Camp has several designs for approved        1.) soapy wash, 2.) clean rinse, 3.) sanitiz-
gray-water disposal and an approved          ing rinse (100 ppm chlorine again).
methodology for renewal of disposal          Make sure your dishwashing containers
sumps. Approved gravel fill for sumps        are large enough to accommodate your
will be provided by the OCF. Check           largest utensil.
with Archaeology and Quartermaster               Personnel are required to wear aprons
before you dig or renew a gray-water well.   over their street clothes. Hair coverings
    All food booths must be constructed      are strongly suggested, and long hair must
so as to allow as little dust as possible    be pulled back or braided. No nudity in
into the booth. The booths must be           food booths, please.
enclosed except as necessary for safe            No person affected with a communi-
ventilation and serving, and have            cable disease or open sores on the hands
limited access to the serving/prepara-       shall work in any food booth.
tion area. Roofs are required on all food        No smoking in food preparation
booths. All booth countertops must           or serving area. Tobacco in any form
be constructed of hard, nonabsorbent,        shall not be used where food is prepared
cleanable, smooth material. Wooden           or served.
counters must be covered with vinyl,             No animals are allowed in food booths.
contact paper, oilcloth, etc. Use sneeze

                                                         j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 31
                                                              delivered directly to booths on Wednes-
                                                              day and Thursday of pre-Fair. Please
                                                              let the Food Committee’s Chairperson
                                                              know before April 15 if you are renting
                                                              durables from the Fair.
                                                                  Bring recycling and waste out every
                                                              morning to avoid build up and over-
                                                              flowing on any given day. The following
                                                              items may be left in front of your booth
                                                              for pick up, Friday–Tuesday morning of
                                                              the Fair beginning at 6 a.m. and ending
                                                              by 10 a.m.; cans, glass, and aluminum
82. Food Vouchers Food vouch-                                 (flatten cans, ball up aluminum and
ers are one way we feed our volunteers                        co-mingle for space); cardboard (flatten
during the event. Food vouchers for                           and stack); compost (co-mingle food
staff are non-transferable and are valid                      and biodegradable food service ware
at all food booths and at the Ritz Sauna                      or soiled paper products); newsprint
showers only during the Fair. Food                            (contain in a sack); mixed paper (any
vouchers cannot be used at craft booths,                      paper that isn’t cardboard or newsprint,
nor can they be redeemed for cash by                          contain in a sack); plastic containers and
individuals at any booth at any time.                         bottles #1–5 and #7 (no #6 or plastic
Food vouchers may not be used at Satur-                       cups of any kind or plastic utensils, as
day Market. Only food booths and the                          these things are not readily recyclable);
Ritz may redeem food vouchers and                             clear plastic bags and sheeting (leave
only with the OCF organization. The                           clean, folded or bagged); waste (none of
Oregon Country Fair will redeem food                          the above). Please do not provide “stand
vouchers from food booths and the Ritz                        alone” cans in front of your booths as
by issuing checks payable to the business                     these accumulate a co-mingled assortment
or Booth Representative only. The last                        of compost and recyclables that, due
day for food vendors or the Ritz Sauna                        to contamination, must become waste.
to redeem food vouchers is July 31.
                                                              84. Fire extinguishers are
83. Food Booth Recycling                                      required for all booths
In order to meet the Fair’s waste-free                        and camps. A 5-pound ABC fire
goals, the use of plastic disposable service                  extinguisher is required for ALL booths
ware and utensils is strictly prohibited                      and camps. Camps and booths with
(excluding coffee lids, plastic straws and                    cooking and/or permitted campfires
stirrers which should be provided only                        (a new permit is required each year)
upon request).                                                must also have a shovel and two five-
    Durable cutlery may be rented from                        gallon containers full of water with one
the OCF via the Food Committee for                            burlap bag submerged in each.
a small fee that covers cleaning and
replacement costs. Orders may be picked
up at scheduled times (to be announced
at the June 14 mandatory meeting), or
32 –   o r e g o n c o u n t r y fa i r g u i d e l i n e s
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                                                             j u ly 9, 10 a n d 11, 2010   – 33
Oregon Country Fair

       442 Lawrence Street; Eugene, OR 97401
                Office: (541) 343-4298
       Site: (541) 935-3247 (June 5 to July 17)
   (541) 935-7846 or 935-6933 the rest of the year

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