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									?3 Easy Steps to Windows Registry Recovery

First things first. Let's define the registry. The Windows registry is a database of
information about all the hardware, software, and users on that computer. This
database is always growing, and as it gets bigger, it slows your computer down. Like
a library of all resources. It does occasionally get screwed up, and corrupted, and
that's when your computer start behaving in a strange way. Your PC's operating
system needs to access this information all the time to know what is installed, where.
Who had access to what documents and so on.

"Registry Easy" is a very popular software package which has won many awards for
its services.
It works very well in cleaning, and speeding up your computer performance.

1. You can edit the registry:

An experienced user with technical knowledge can edit the registry, and correct
certain problems within it. But this not recommended for those without the I.T. skills
and knowledge, as the outcome could be disastrous.

2. You can restore the registry:

This step is only available and recommended to the more experienced users with
technical know-how, and of course only available to those who had the foresight to
backup the registry in the first place. The more techie users will make it a normal
process to backup their registry at regular intervals. But very few take the step in
preventing this from happening.

3. Use a third-party software:

There are numerous highly professional packages out there which take the headache
from you, but maintaining, monitoring, and trouble shooting your computer's registry.
Mostly at a minimal charge.
Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of not taking the preventative steps, and only look
for solutions when the problem occurs. Nevertheless, the top software solutions are
very reliable and available to download immediately, and work on most of the
operating systems (including your latest operating system). Please checkout our
review pages and decide for yourself.

One such software is Registry Easy. It has grown in popularity recently, and offers a
very professional, easy-to-use interface. This software scans your complete computer
and identifies all anomalies by highlighting any references that need attention. Once
that these errors are identified, the software will attempt to rectify the problems. I can
highly recommend this package to all computer users, both technically minded, and
those that are not very comfortable such as beginners.

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