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					?Microsoft produced Windows XP, which is today, a widely used operating system
amongst the home and corporate users. Windows XP has been a choice of millions of
computer users around the globe regardless of a tough competition from its newer and
older Windows operating system counterparts. Windows XP is available with online
tutorials on the Internet as its users are all over the world contribute their experiences
a lot on common discussion forums. In addition to this, Windows XP is a powerful
operating system that focuses more on performance.

In addition to this, the drivers for particular hardware used for Windows XP are easily
available over the Internet. But no matter how robust the operating system is, it
sometimes poses problems that often make you feel irritated. These issues might
occur due to power outages, malicious virus, human errors, corruption caused to
system corruption etc. When you encounter such situations, you often feel that the
issue has screwed you big time. However, if you are unable to resolve the problem
with the corrective solutions available by Microsoft, we suggest you to use a third

Consider a real time situation, where you come across the following error message
when you start your Windows XP based computer system:

"File is missing or corrupt: C:WINDOWSSystem32DriversPci.sys"

A quite possible reason behind the occurrence of this error message can be that pci.sys
file either missing or has gone corrupt. Due to this issue, you find it difficult to boot
Windows system. Even if you try to access the system, it might freeze repeatedly. In
order to resolve this issue and get access to the Windows system, you must perform
either of the below mentioned corrective measure:

Restore the file with the help of Windows Recovery Console. Use the Recovery
Console to expand pci.sy_ from the i386 folder on the provided CD to
the %SystemRoot%System32Drivers folder on your hard disk

Utilize in-place upgrade to retrieve the file and to do so, replace all missing and
corrupt files using Window Installation CD. The process takes the same time as taken
during the installation process. Additionally, you might just lose some of the
customized settings for the system files.

In case, you are not able to recover your Windows system even after using the above
mentioned methods, then we suggest you to make use of a professional NTFS data
recovery software to recover your important Windows files. Kernel for Windows
partition recovery is an eminent and powerful NTFS data recovery software that is
used to recover Windows files. This windows partition recovery software is able to
recover important data which was lost or deleted due to corruption or damage caused
to the hard disk drive.