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					?Database damage can occur for a variety of reasons. As database files are among the
most accessed and writable files on the disk, they are the first to fail in an event of a
system crash, power outage or disk corruption. While it is easy to recover the entire
database from a backup, why losing day's worth of data when you can fix the entire
database in just minutes?

DBF Repair Tool can fix DBF files completely automatically. Even if you are not an
experienced database administrator, you can still fix the damage and restore the
original database to full working condition.

Using DBF Recovery to fix a DBF file could not be simpler. All you need to do is
opening the damaged database from DBF Recovery, and the DBF repair tool will do
the rest completely automatically. But don't be fooled by the seemingly simple
operation of DBF Recovery! The DBF repair product features sophisticated
algorithms designed to fix DBF databases no matter how badly corrupted they might

Under the hood, DBF Recovery features advanced technology based on years of
research in DBF repair business. While there are plenty DBF repair products based on
the popular ODBC and BDE interfaces, such products fail miserably when it comes to
repairing a DBF database that's damaged beyond a certain point. Unlike these DBF
repair products, DBF Recovery always repairs DBF databases directly without using
any third-party interfaces or plug-ins.

Unlike competing DBF repair products that only repair the headers of the damaged
database, DBF Recovery restores both headers and actual data. The advanced DBF
repair engine analyzes the entire database record by record, repairs damaged headers
and recovers corrupted records with perfect accuracy.

Users of DBF databases will appreciate the ability to drag and drop DBF databases
from Windows Explorer for fully automated recovery, while advanced users and
experienced database administrators will find advanced command-line support handy
when fixing several DBF databases at once.

DBF Recovery is highly compatible, and can be used to recover DBF databases
produced by DBase III/IV, FoxPro, and Visual FoxPro. Download your free trial from