Five Tips to Nail the Interview in the First Five Minutes by hkksew3563rd


									?It's happened to all of us. You finally get an interview for the job you want. You
spend the drive over anticipating questions and rehearsing answers. You give the
interviewer your best handshake and then before you can answer the second question,
you know. you are not getting this job. Despite the lengthy conversation ahead, most
interviews either succeed or fail in the first five minutes. Just like any other first
meeting, first impressions are huge and yours needs to be right.

During a talent search, hiring managers are involved in a process a lot like speed
dating: they advertise a need for someone with specific characteristics and are then
inundated with responses. Their goal is to weed out as many people as possible so
they can narrow it down to a few final candidates. Having your resume selected from
the stack is a great first step, but then you have to close the deal. How can you make
sure you are a success story?

Keep the following in mind:
1) Show up 15 minutes early. If you're much earlier than that, you can appear
desperate and make the interviewer uncomfortable. Later than that, you'll leave a bad
impression and start the interview frazzled.

2) Dress appropriately. Research the company culture. Your best bet will be if you can
talk to an employee who works there. Try the assistant scheduling the interview or the
receptionist. While you always need to look professional, it's also important that you
look as if you belong. Your formal suit will stick out in a casual office filled with
jeans and khakis just as much as a t-shirt would in a corporate office.

3) Be polite to EVERYONE you meet. This includes security guards, receptionists,
and the people you pass in the hall. Not only is it the right thing to do, but everyone
talks. Your interviewer will be aware if someone is not impressed.

4) Follow directions. If you've been asked to bring your resume, bring it. If you were
told to fill out an application online, make sure it's been done. Pre-interview work is
important and gives the interviewer some insight into how you will complete tasks on
the job.

5) Wow them by going above and beyond. People love seeing their name in print and
you will score major bonus points by bringing a resume and cover letter packet
addressed to the interviewer. Call ahead to find out who you will be meeting with and
make sure that you have one addressed to each person in the interview. Your attention
to detail will impress immediately and show that you are excited about the
These tips will help you put your best foot forward and differentiate yourself from the
rest of the pack. Once you have their attention, make sure to be friendly and positive
regardless of how the interviewer behaves; you want them to only be able to say good
things about you. If you do realize during the interview that this company is not the
right fit for you, don't let it show. Even interviews for the wrong jobs are a great
opportunity to practice and build relationships with people in your industry.

Job searches can be grueling, and interviews nerve-wracking, but these few simple
tricks will give you the confidence and skills to nail the interview in the first five

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their careers.

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