Five Things to Consider When Buying a Pouch Laminator

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					?There are a lot of different laminating machines out there on the market, and with so
many options, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the machine that is just right for
you and your needs. If you have already decided to go with a pouch laminator rather
than a roll laminator, here are five things you will want to consider before you buy.

 What size? Laminators come          in many shapes, sizes, and abilities. If you are just
going to be laminating small items such as business cards, I.D. badges, and the
     like, you can find a lot of machines out there with four inch throats that are
small, portable, and that store away easily. If you are going to be laminating larger
documents, such as letter size       sheets, you'll need to find a machine that has a
throat of at least nine inches. If your plan is to process legal, menu or double letter
     sized sheets, you will have to purchase a laminator with a twelve or thirteen
inch throat. And, of course, if you are going to be working with poster sized items
(such as you might find in many schools, churches, etc.) you will have to look into
the largest of the bunch with throats of eighteen or twenty four inches.

 Pouches. The plastic      laminate sleeves into which you insert your documents
before laminating them are called pouches. These pouches come in various
     thicknesses, from 3 to 5 to 7 to 10 mil. There are a lot of machines out   there
that can only work with pouches of 3 or 5mil, and this is        fine for a lot of
applications. Heavier pouches offer more durability, however, and you can find
many machines out on the        market that can laminate using 7 and 10mil pouches, if
that's what you think you will need.

 What are you going to laminate?        Just about any laminator at any price point is
capable of processing card stock and the like. If your plan is to mount documents,
or you are going to want to process thicker materials      and/or photos, you'll want to
make sure that you purchase a machine        that is capable of doing so. One thing you
may want to ask is if the laminator you are considering uses rollers and plates that
are heated. Those machines that do have that feature are usually the best bets when
you are going to be laminating photographs.

 What are the other features?      For such a simple machine, there are a lot of other
options to consider when you are looking into purchasing a laminator. One of the
most important, headache-saving features to look for is some      sort of either reverse
function, or jam release. Another great     feature to have is speed and temperature
controls that allow you to     adjust for pouch thicknesses and document type.

  Carrier or no carrier? We     vote carrier. Whether or not you choose a machine that
offers carrier free operation, there are many advantages to using one. First of all,
it helps keep adhesive from collecting on the rollers      and ruining your machine.
Second, the carrier will help to ensure a     cleaner, more imperfection-free document.
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