QuickBooks Enterprise 2009 Hosting - Quick Guide to Chose QuickBooks Hosting Service Provider

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QuickBooks enterprise hosting on third party service provider means placing entire
QuickBooks application with the third party QuickBooks hosting service provider.
This means the QuickBooks Enterprise is installed and run on the third party terminal
servers and the users (or multi-users) access the application locally as a mere desktop
interface or in other terminology, a virtual copy. Advantages are innumerable, but
speed of access is the direct spinoff from this. Before getting on to the benefits of
QuickBooks enterprise hosting with a third party ASP, the strong features of
QuickBooks enterprise 2009 in brief to better comprehend what the QuickBooks
hosting service provider offers to your business and also selecting the right ASP.
QuickBooks enterprise prove to be a one point solution for specific business needs
such as management of finance , tracking inventory, payroll processing , sales
tracking and employees record maintenance. But the application has the uniqueness of
modifying itself as the client's business grows and that prove to be its strongest point.
To put it in perspective.
  For business managers
? They can extrapolate to know their business strength at present and later
? Use the software as per the specific business needs
? Up to 30 simultaneous users
? Tracking more than .1million customers
? Quick daily snapshot of clients business
These features are further strengthened by the easy way the application help financial
professionals such as CPAs and it personnel. Besides core accounting functions
financial managers can run automatic financial statements as well as automatically
track expenses and bills. For IT managers two most comprehensive features are
ability to run enterprise database on Linux servers and secondly to connect remote
workers and locations.
Why go for QuickBooks enterprise 2009 hosting?
? The case for QuickBooks enterprise hosting is strongest if the user wants to run
the application without willing to invest in local IT network due to factors such as IT
infrastructure cost and relatively insecure nature of local IT environment. Added to
this are expenses involved in managing them. Most importantly these do not form the
core focus of clients business. So better option is always to have a QuickBooks
hosting ASP which can manage all these with more proficiency and with better
? It need not be overstressed that financial data are most valuable and to backup
them in most secure locations and preferably multiple locations, fortified with latest
security tools such as firewalls and antivirus software is top priority. QuickBooks
hosting service does exactly that for their customers.
? Multiuser and remote access feature of QuickBooks Enterprise 2009 can be
further exploited with QuickBooks remote hosting. Not only are the users able to
access their applications from anywhere in an always on mode, managing
simultaneous users is more easy with QuickBooks remote access service. This
simultaneous access capability is in real time. Clients can gave their customized user
preference set uniformly for all users as well as define the degree of access for each
individual users.
? Money matters: All benefits of Hosting QuickBooks Enterprise 2009 finally
filters down to the savings one can have, by migrating local network to the hosted one.
Since no investment in local infrastructure is required and clients incur only monthly
charges, no upfront IT investment needed. Also no investment in IT infrastructure
maintenance as 24x7 technical supports and troubleshooting is included with the
QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting package. And finally no investment in backup and
data recovery infrastructure. Transportation cost and time saving from multiuser
feature are other spinoff from a QuickBooks remote hosting service.
Finally the ultimate Question: How to choose Right QuickBooks hosting service
Here is a Quick list of the things that one consider for choosing the right QuickBooks
Hosting ASP
? Always look for the prices. Anything around $30-35 is a good option. Do not be
lured into the thinking procedure that high prices mean high Quality service. Some
charge as high as $49 /user/month. And this when the user is providing the licensed
copy from Intuit. Intuit do not recommend any third party QuickBooks hosting
service provider and do not give guarantee for the services provided by even those
that are certified by Intuit. Being certified do not translates into high inflated prices.
Users should pay right prices and not certification and brand prices.
? Setup costs : there should not be any setup cost involved for the users and most
QuickBooks hosting service providers does free of cost . If they charge for it just
ignore that service provider.
? Support: 24x7 x365 support is must. That is the standard practice for most
QuickBooks hosting service provider. No odd man out there. If there is one just ignore
that service provider.
? Migration help: This should come free in the case when the client is migrating
from a competitor or from their local network.
? Free trial: who does not like free trial! On a serious note, Free trials is a good tool
to judge how the QuickBooks Hosting Service provider performs or to know more
about the benefits or QuickBooks enterprise hosting.

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