Five Simple Strategies for Successful Customer Service

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					?Is your company looking for new customers? Do you have a sales team that is
putting on new clients, and then you are losing them on the backside of your business?
How do you rate your Customer Service Department? Do you have on-going training
in customer service skills?

I want to tell you a story about an extraordinary sales person I met at an Office Depot
store in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, and then share with you Five Simple
Strategies for Successful Customer Service.

I first met Chris Babcock at Office Depot a few months ago, when I was looking for a
lap top computer. Upon observing him, I noticed that he paid close attention to what
the customers were asking him. He treated them with respect and patience, even if
they could not understand what he was trying to explain to them. He also helped them
to articulate what they needed. He was always trying to be a problem-solver and not a
problem-creator. I watched him as he told a customer "Thank You," showing them
appreciation for their business. A few weeks later, I was in the store to purchase a pen.
At the same time, I took along my digital camera that was not working, to see if they
carried the same brand. As I was preparing to check out, I asked if they had ever
carried this brand of camera, when the cashier called for Chris to help. He did not
remember me from the last time I was in the store, but he did not hesitate to offer his
assistance. He took a quick look at the camera, and with a small tool, he fixed the
problem right there on the spot, saving me repair costs. Then he thanked me for
coming to the store, even though he is the one who helped me! If you are a business in
the Myrtle Beach, SC area, you need to go and hire this person. He would add a lot of
value to your business.

Chris understood the Five Simple Strategies for Successful Customer Service that he
practiced naturally. I don't believe that Chris was a people-centered person. In fact, he
told me that he was a "technical support" person. However, it was apparent that he
had great customer service skills, because he is a service-centered customer service

Here are the Five Simple Strategies for Successful Customer Service to implement in
our competitive market today.

1. Help the customer communicate with you, without making them feel like they are

2. Be professional in your treatment of the customer.

3. Make a 100% effort to communicate with the customer.

4. Be a problem-solver and not a problem-creator.
5. Show appreciation for the customer's business, and always say those magic words,
"Thank You."

These days, we really have to be honest as we look at our companies, to analyze what
are we really doing to give our customers the best customer service that they so richly